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12:11 AM on 02.24.2009

Why you should sit down and play Mother 3

.Mother 3 was and is the long awaited sequel to Earthbound/Mother 2 for the Super Nintendo, and what a sequel it is! Mother 3 definitely takes a step up in the seriousness part of the Mother series, now that doesn't mean there isn't a ton of jokes, and awful puns thrown in to the game. What's a Mother game without the quirky humor?

The many fans of Earthbound had been awaiting a sequel for nearly twelve years. While we were hoping for a Nintendo 64, the didn't quiet have their priorities in line, and the game was canceled after several years of development. Several years later, the sequel had resurfaced, with a brand new face, a Gameboy Advance game titled Mother 3. Awaiting in anticipation, Mother 3 was released in Japan, with no plans to leave Japan. But hope was not lost, petitions, call-ins, fans were not going to give up, not after waiting all this time for the long awaited sequel. Try after try, it seemed obvious that the Mother series had no real interest to Nintendo.

So what happened? Well a couple of folks from got to workin'. On what you ask? Oh, just a complete translation for the game they waited so long for, Mother 3. So they got hard to work on translating this beautiful game, not for themselves, but for the many fans, old and new. So they could enjoy the game in a language they could actually understand.

After all the hardship, the translation was finally released last year, sometime in October. A fully translated Mother 3 in English.

Now Mother 3 is a beautiful game, with great music, quirky humor, and a dark and sadistic storyline. Mother 3 is loosely related to Earthbound, some familiar faces do return to Mother 3, from both Earthbound/Mother 2 and Mother. If you have played all three, you will be surprised that a lot of familiar enemies from the previous games, return to Mother 3, not to mention several items as well.

I highly recommend checking this game, or even the whole series out. You won't be disappointed, I promise you.   read

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