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I'm Tyler, and I liek Cheeburgas.

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<3 Dtoid.
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Look, I drink.. and I've got a wicked hangover. I noticed every time I stop back in here to read some stuff about flower farts and catch up on everyone's lives that..the site changes. I dig it, those community pictures up there? I'm in like three of them looking like a girl. Totally rad. And it makes me really really really really miss you guys. Almost enough to where I want to blog about it early, and get in trouble for discussing shit that ain't out yet. But Dtoid, I'm happy for ya, and I'mma let you finish, but here is some words about games that you play on game devices.

So here is the deal. Assassins Creed II? Shit's "Okay" That ending though, seriously what's going on? SPOILERS* There are aliens. Give Ubi some applause for trying to put a super cereal storyline in there.

UFC 2009 is game of the year, along with Tony Hawk: Riding, and Guitar Hero 8.

Demons Souls is too much neckbeard for me.

What else came out recently? Well, I'm sure it's an 11/10 for sure.

So what have I been up to? I mean, I know someone's curious. I've been indulging in a thing called love. (just listen to the rhythm of the heart, there's a chance we can make it now.) You see, I met a girl game- FEMALE VIDYA PLAYER. And you know, that shits awesome, and it's all great, and don't be too surprised if you see Cheeburga inviting you to the wedding. (Seriously, you're all invited.) Been playing a lot of Final Fantasy 7 with her, we're actually trying to do runs of the series starting with 7, and I just left Cosmo Canyon, does Red XIII come running back to my ass, or what? Anyone else find that lover yet? I want to know, really. It's interesting. i'm a huge faggot.

That's about it for now, I miss you guys. and girls. and animals. and animal lovers. <3

Here's a picture.

There's me bossing the only way I know how. The only problem with this picture is...there's no fistpumpan.

Here's us.

Hot damn. I talked so much about you guys, that she actually went out to get me a MAGIC. CHEEBURGA. (like, magic 8 ball.) from Icanhazcheeseburger. Awesome.


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