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Cheeburga avatar 9:55 PM on 04.06.2008  (server time)
My Turning Point Gaming Rant. (cereal business)

Alright, I've had enough of this shit. All these people posting their "not my turning point gaming rig." Well, actually, i'm sorry for saying "all". This post is directed to the people who do NOT need that new computer. I'm sorry, but it is ridiculous when you greedy assholes with Nvidia 8800GTS's feel the need to enter this damn contest, honestly. Personally, any computer that can run Turning Point: Fall of Liberty, should not fucking count, because that computer is in fact, YOUR TURNING POINT GAMING RIG

Anyone with a 8800GTS or some shit that they know damn well can run Call of Duty 4 on medium with 60fps, does not need a new damn computer, maybe a new graphics card, if you want to run crysis, but a whole new computer overall? I've seen posts with people who really need this damn thing, me included, and it really just is a dick move for you assholes to lessen the chances of a more needing member to win the computer.

Really, you guys are just being greedy dicks. Seriously, for us gamers who want to enjoy the finer sides of PC gaming, but are unable to due to money or other situations, it's really just a slap to the face to us to see you post your computer that we would absofuckinglutely love to have, and then want to win another one. If one of you internet super heroes wins, you better make damn sure you sell that old one.

Also, I could get started on the somehow instant perfect timing of the influx of new users when there's a damn contest, but I think this subject would be way to easy to pick on. "Oh wow, I can win a new computer so easily while pretending to be a member, then I win, and leave." I know this is not all of your mindsets, but to the new users who have not posted anything before, except for the contest entry, fuck you. You know who you are.

Love, Chee.

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