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Cheeburga avatar 1:45 PM on 01.20.2010  (server time)
It's Official.

When I joined up here back in 2007, Destructoid never really entered my eyes as being a place that I could sit down, and become a part of something bigger than myself in little time. This community, which is full of fantastic people, trolls or not, was very tight-knit although welcoming. And you know, it was heart warming to be a part of it. Within months, this..I don't want to call it a "site" because it's really more than that now, and then. This congregational portal became sort of what you would call an addiction. A place where I could write my heart out, read people's sometimes (but mostly well written) blatantly biased opinions on Video Games and it's industry, but most of all, enjoy myself on the internet with other people without them actually being by my side. It's a silly cliche, and "Second Home" doesn't really make sense since I never used the bathroom here. Well, that's a lie. I guess you could call dumping "shitty" posts into the Community Blogs using the restroom.

Anyways, I digress. The point I'm trying to get to, which is already well known so I don't know why I have to repeat it, is that Destructoid, for a lot of people including myself, was and still is, more than just a place to come read articles. Because really, we all know that that can be done just about anywhere these days.

So before I get to my main point here, a quick thank you to everyone involved for making Destructoid stand out, and above the others. You've earned it.

Now, you might be asking yourself whilst reading "What is 'ol Cheeburga up to? What is this feminine male getting to? Just what, exactly, is. his. point?" To those people I have to say, just wait one moment.

You see, about a week ago a man most of you know as Niero (and others "Big Mama") decided to shoot me an email. I was of course, you know, kind of surprised. I mean, it's Niero, a guy I hardly knew outside of being the proprietor of such a fantastic website. Anyways, I won't post the email here because it contains some secrets of the 'Toid that no one would be happy with me sharing. But, what I can tell you is that this special email, this key to locked doors, is bringing your good friend Cheeburga to the front page of Destructoid.

Yeah, you read that last line right (I hope). Cheeburga, is now, an official part of the Destructoid Staff. Needless to say, I'm excited guys. Super excited. We still have some things to work out, such as an exact starting date, but I cannot wait to bring you all who've known me since I joined, and those who don't, a fresh take on Vidya Gaem writing. Really, I'm pumped, and I hope you all are as friendly* and accepting to me all over again. See you soon, Destructoid.

*(See: Assholes.)^
^(Just kidding.)`
`(Sort of. <3)
Also, cocks.
And my puppy.

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