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6:12 PM on 03.06.2008

Lagann Papercraft!

Lately I've been watching Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann, and I really really like it! So far I'm only on episode like 14 or 15 or something.

Anyway, I saw this post that Zac Bentz made on Japanator, simple cube papercrafts! And they had a Lagann one! Whooooo!

So I printed it out on some nice thick glossy photo paper and got started.

Folding photo paper is pretty hard... meh.

Anyway, here it is!

(yes, that's a D.A.R.E. ruler, got it in 4th grade or something hehe)

And a few more with Yotsuba!

The full gallery   read

8:14 PM on 02.26.2008

[WARNING: lots of pictures!] Show us your Room 360! (Update!)

I am soooo impressed by all the submissions so far! It's turning out really great!
But MORE is always better! I'm actually thinking about maybe even putting these all together into a little booklet called "Where Destructoid Lives" or something (any suggestions for a catchy title?).

If you missed it the first time, just head over to THIS POST for the details on how to do it, it's super simple! Even Namelessted can do it!

Still got a wave of more coming in, lots of our very own staff is joining in on it too!


Once you have yours done you can either leave a link to it in the comments or send it to my email: [email protected]

Have fun!

And here's what we got so far, SOO AWESOME!'
(go here to see the full sizes in the flickr gallery:










Qais Fulton





Lark Ohiya



Electro Lemon






9:08 PM on 02.25.2008

Show us your ROOM 360!

So this weekend Ceark showed me this awesome program that basically automatically stitches a series of photos together into a panoramic! It's AMAZING! All you need to do is stand in one spot, take a bunch of pictures all around (try to get everything in there) and then load it up on this program: autostitch.
If you don't have a good camera don't worry! You can even do it with a shitty cell phone camera like Ceark! I'm not being sarcastic either, they will still turn out great! Make sure you cover everything, we wanna see all four walls!

Get going, show us all how awesome/ugly/scary your room is! (if you feel like your room is too messy and don't want to show everyone, just look at CannibalCalvin's room, you'll feel better about your own:

Here's mine! (41 photos stitched together)

Full Size

(btw, my room normally isn't this clean, I spent a few hours cleaning it just to take this picture!)

Btw, I'll post a picture heavy post on the crazy SF Narp tomorrow!

Also, if you're having some trouble, here's the way I took the pictures...

I'm planning on saving all of these and making a huge compilation of Dtoider's rooms! So even if you think your room is "boring" or whatever, DO IT!!! The more the better!

Here's who I have saved so far:   read

3:43 PM on 01.28.2008

A New Comic Appears! Yotsuba & Petie!

Hey everyone! I've been planning on doing my own Yotsuba& comic (might even be a feature on the new Tomopop when it launches), who knows. But Here's the first of (hopefully) many to come!

I've been toying around (good one huh? :/ ) with my new Yotsuba figure a lot lately and this time she encounters my good and faithful Petie Pirahna!

Criticism?   read

9:26 PM on 01.24.2008

Yotsuba& Unboxing! (WARNING!: Buttload of pics...)

So my Yotsuba&! Revoltech figure arrived just yesterday! Only 2 days after I ordered it!
I don't have much to say about it other than it's amazing and I think I might be obsessed.
Anyway, on with the pictures...


6:01 PM on 01.22.2008

Yotsuba&! Revoltech Wins! ( I like toys)

So when I first saw this figure I completely fell in love! It's so cute! And just the fact that it's a Revoltech figure makes it a million times better! Call me new to the scene, but I just started becoming obsessed with Revoltech, their figures are really amazing. The posability of them is just nuts! This Yotsuba figure is one of the more simple figures by Revoltech, not as many joints as their others. However, it is still very very posable and extremely cute. I ordered mine off ebay and it should be here in a day or two! As soon as I get it you could expect tons of pictures of it!

I also went and checked out the manga of this series (with Yotsuba being the chosen mascot of they have every chapter up for download or for online viewing). It's quite good. Nothing action heavy or drama heavy though, just simple chapters. Each chapter is about Yotsuba and something; Yotusuba & the TV, Yotsuba & Shopping, etc. Her character is really hilarious!

Revoltech has this other amazing figure that I really need to have, I'll probably order it sometime later. Not doing too good on the money side right now. But it's the Helldiver from the show Patlabor. Anyone watch this anime before? I've never seen it before but this figure looks damn great too!

Oh yea, and new banner.   read

5:55 PM on 12.27.2007

Plushies are the WIN!

I got my headcrab plushie in the mail today!!! Finally! I've wanted one of these ever since first seeing them in the Valve store YEARS ago! They sold out super fast and never restocked 'em! So when I saw them in stock a few weeks ago I jumped on it without hesitation.

And now he's here! Here to invade every pet/toy/thing I have!

Hmm... what would happen if a headcrab jumped onto a mushroom? Would it grow super big? or would the mushroom turn into a zombieshroom?!

Good idea CJP... maybe.....

(also, Calvin likes shoes)   read

9:15 PM on 12.23.2007

I Got A New Friend! (Week 1)

Meet Petey! (Named after Petey Pirahna, our lovely Colette helped me name him!)

A friend of mine got me this Venus Flytrap for Christmas, gave it to me a little early.
But it's soooo Cool! I have no idea why she got me a Venus Flytrap, completely random but it is pretty awesome. However I am kind of scared of it but it's my responsibility now so I need to learn to love and care for him.

Has anyone had a Venus Flytrap before and know how to care for it? I've been looking around online for tips and stuff but you can never completely trust the internet. I need your help community! Yes! YOU! ::points finger::

Anyway, I hope he doesn't go dormant during this winter season, I'm going to try to keep it kinda warm and give it plenty of sunlight or fluorescent light.


6:39 PM on 12.09.2007

Spike TV VGA Trip!

I'm sure most of you already know that this weekend we went to Las Vegas to attend the Spike TV Video Game Awards. The team was Niero, Ron, Colette, Nick, and myself. As usually, I'm lazy and I don't feel like writing too much, go read Nick Chester's post if you want the full load. So here are some pictures! Yay!

We stayed at the Wynn hotel which was super fancy! They had our names printed on our room cards!:

Casted Audience enter here...

An awesome big daddy suit! Not just a statue, there was actually a guy in there walking around the red carpet! This costume might just be as good as Angelsdontburn's big daddy!

Hm... there aren't any other pictures that I feel like posting right now... I'll make another post later with all the celebrities we ran into on the red carpet! Keep a look out!   read

8:12 PM on 12.05.2007


because I'm in love with them...

I just felt like making this stupid blog post because I am in a very hard love/hate relationship with Nintendo.

This is a screenshot from the newest installment of one of their biggest franchises.

It looks like n64 graphics! Now I am one of the last people you could call a graphics whore, I understand that graphics aren't very important, but come on! It's presentation at least! At least make it look nice if you aren't working with a million polygons. Also if you look at the pictures they posted for Hyrule Castle, the stage from Melee that is making a return, it's the exact same thing! A direct port! yet this is what they write "We’ve tried to create an exact replica, but there may be a few areas that differ from the last game. I hope you understand."
They didn't try to make an exact replica, it's the same damn thing! Update the textures at least, come on now.

I am totally bitching like a child. So I am going to stfu and go play Geometry Wars Galaxies on my DS. Then Vegas tomorrow for the Spike TV VGA's!

If anyone else feels my pain, it's safe to share it here. ::patpat::

Oh and btw, this song is damn amazing!   read

12:49 AM on 11.13.2007

You're never too young...

So I picked this game up today... nevermind, forget the story, I'll just do what I do in every one of my blogs, just let the pictures do the talking.

yes... it does really say that on the back.

That's just tasteless.   read

12:55 AM on 11.03.2007

Long Overdue Picture Post: Disney! VGL! E4?

I totally forgot that I never made a picture post from our E4 trip.
As the Dtoid photographer I guess from now on I'll promise that I'll make a long picture post from every event I go to from now on! Yay for pictures!

So anyway, hmm.. how long ago was E4? A year ago? Meh, late is better than never. But the thing about this trip was that E4 was the most uncool part about the E4 weekend! Yay for Disneyland!

There are lots of pictures from that weekend that I'm sure lots of you have already seen, like the popular booth babe pics, and the Disneyland pyramid, so I'll try to stick to ones that you haven't seen... I think...

On with the pictures...

Here's Mr. Destructoid getting it down with the Screw Attack dudes!


And the Female Destructoid?

Anyway, E4 was overall not that exciting. Moving on to VGL! (Video Games Live)

On our way to VGL! JEANS!

VGL was pretty damn awesome, I am such a band nerd...

RAVE PARTY! (Fem Gay Rave?)

Chillin' with Dan and Chad..POSTAL NIG!

We <3 Disney!

Straight up G...

Where dreams come true...

Mario Kart Arcade GP!

Gotta end the day in a jumping shot

Hm.. now that I think about it, this was a kind of boring post. More to come later...maybe   read

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