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Charles Cox avatar 5:16 PM on 04.05.2012  (server time)
Strange Things are Happening in the Realm of Grand Admiral Plinkett

What the fuck is a Game Station 2.0?

Red Letter Media, the folks who brought you the fantastic 1.5 hour review of The Phantom Menace, have apparently lost their minds. After a few years of putting out brilliant Plinkett reviews on everything from Star Trek TNG movies to Avatar, and producing the insightfully hillarious Half in the Bag, RLM has decided to review video games.

Things first got weird on March 22nd, when Game Station 2.0 - Batman: Arkham City was realised. In the pilot episode, some chick in space welcomes us to the show. After some generic intro music, we are shown the premise of the series - Rich Evans (the original Mr. Plinkett, now the imposter Plinkett) has been locked in something called a “Game Pod Station” where he is being forced(?) to play and review video games.

This doesn’t appear to be anything too unusual for RLM, but the series is marred by a mediocre review, bizarre “humor,” and bad writing and production. Not to mention the fact the game being reviewed had been around for quite a while.

Now I may sound like a hypocrite seeing as I just posted an excrutiatingly long review of L.A. Noire yesterday. But I am not opposed to delayed reviews if added depth is included as a result, or somethings needs to be said that hasn’t yet.

In this case, however, the review was average at best, and didn’t include any special insight.

Many RLM fans figured the whole thing was just a joke, but yesterday we were dumbfounded to see a second episode about Skyward Sword.

Look, I don’t know what the hell is going on at Red Letter Media, and neither do any of the other fans that are complaining. I’m just hoping that this doesn’t become a trend with the group and lead a degradation of the quality of their work.

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