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Charles Cox's blog

5:16 PM on 04.05.2012

Strange Things are Happening in the Realm of Grand Admiral Plinkett

What the fuck is a Game Station 2.0? Red Letter Media, the folks who brought you the fantastic 1.5 hour review of The Phantom Menace, have apparently lost their minds. After a few years of putting out brilliant Plinkett revi...   read

12:56 PM on 04.05.2012

Retrospective: L.A. Noire is the Future, And the Future Looks Bright

*SPOLIERS Abound in this in-depth critical analysis of why L.A. Noire is just plain awesome.* Way back in 2004 Rockstar Games, producers of ultra-violent fun-fests like Grand Theft Auto, announced they were working on a real...   read

7:22 PM on 04.03.2012

Dreaming: Persistence

As I stumble down a barren trail I see the sight I have longed for since my narrow escape. Before me, set between two mountains standing as a gateway to a secluded valley, lies evidence of civilization. It is the guild hall, ...   read

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