At 23 years old, freshly out of college, I moved to a suburb of Portland Oregon. I am an avid gamer and I got into streaming not that long ago. I have a Twitch account along with Twitter and Youtube which you should check out.

My friends and I, aka The Pork Truck (yes it is a weird name) play games together almost every day. We play MMORPGs, FPS, RTS, TBS, regular RPGs, and almost anything other type except racing....well one of our friends is really into it. We are all very chill and a fun bunch.

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It is one thing to expect a developer to come into games after release and fix bugs that were in games. It is another thing completely to expect them to continue generating content for the game continuously after release (Minecraft). At some point they have to decide if the new material is generating new sales, or if it is time for people to just deal with the game that they are given.

Now the title says PC Elitism because it is not often you see this on the consoles, primarily only on the PC. This whole thing was sparked when I was talking to my younger brother earlier about the oncoming release of Terraria on the Xbox and the 1.2 update for the PC version. Minecraft has spoiled us into wanting all of the games we play that are non-MMO's to continue pushing out new content again and again for FREE. Is this really fair to the developer of the game? Hell no. Is it wonderful when it happens? Oh yes, yes it is. Also the added on content can start to dramatically change the game entirely, into something completely different. This could potentially ruin a game, or in others, make a previously unplayable game better. As the time keeps ticking it is looking like this trend is going to continue. For I play Guns of Icarus all of the time with my friends, and I thought it was great from the start, but they are continuing development and advancement of the game day in and day out. So it all really boils down to these questions.

- Is this mainly a thing Indie games can do because of their size?

- If it continues, will it make it harder for developers to move onto another game?

- Could any of the big studios and publishers learn from this?

- Should the developers just sell these updates as a form of DLC?

The gaming world is a quickly changing place, what with the upcoming next gen for consoles, the rise of the Indie gaming community, and the MMO market changing almost entirely to a free-to-play model. Food for thought people, food for thought.

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