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Charedj avatar 6:33 AM on 06.28.2008  (server time)
Good evening, beer is awesome and so is Morrowind. And Oscuros Oblivion Overhaul.

Hello to the masses, I hope your evening/morning/day is goning well, and full of much beer and boobs. I do apologize for any spelling mistakes I make, its rather hard to concentrate right now.

So the other day I bought Oblivion for pc. This is quite normal, apart from the fact I already own it for the 360. You see, I spent money on this game purely for the availability of player constructed mods, of which there are a large amount. Especially nude mods, which I found kind of odd since there are no anime characters but thats ok, pixils shall suffice.

Anyway, I have begun playing Oscuros Oblivion Overhaul(what a mouthful of astoundingly amazing aleteration that is, blooming fantastic I say) and I must admit, I am impressed. Oscuro is one crazy mofo. Spending so much time ripping apart the guts of one game, just to have it work the way you want, and then giving people your work for free? That has to be the definition of instable. Or nice. The amount of index-finger breaking hours this has taken, with most of the work going unnoticed, is simply beautiful. It is rare for a game to come along and suck 3-4 HUNDRED hours out of me, and then someone has to go along and make it bigger, and better?

Not fair! I say that is a seemingly impossible task, why spend this eterity of time on little old me? Because I say hi to you at the coffee shop in the morning? Because I bought you leemings on psp for christmas? Because if you don't, your off to Iraq to feed sandmen bullets? What then?

Because, you can.



In this world of ever expanding universes' and boobs, the only true expansion is the expansion of oneself. Obscuro, in redifining one of the most iconic games of this generation, has expanded his self, his calling, and his being, upon us. And its frikkin sweet.
A whole new library to explore, full of new creatures and amazing swords that are shiny and cut things.

I wholey and proundly recommend player constructed mods, with this being one of the best. If you have Oblivion, check out some of the mods availible, an enjoy them. They are some of the best games out there.

Morrowind is totally sweet too.

Nords FTW.

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