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Charedj's blog

11:24 PM on 09.27.2008

Keep It Clean:A New Halo 3 Campain Bungies Secret?

Go turn on your 360, pop to Halo 3 downloads, and check out the new "Keep It Clean" video. Its a lot like the superintendent info, but we actually get told what we're getting. Looks like Halo 3 is getting a new campain.   read

9:15 PM on 08.02.2008

Mr. Destructiod will be our master after he gets a paint job.

Just look at the size of his chest. He must have a big weapon of gaming love in there I think.

Originally seen on:
and the pics are here:   read

5:07 PM on 07.29.2008

Hae Guyz, Anyone gots info on teh new 9800GTX+?

This card has been a little bit of a ninja, to say the least.

I've seen some lovely reveiws of this little beauty, but for the life of me I can't find a thing from XFX about it. I was going to get one next week(once they release in good old NZ) but I'm not sure what is going on with the whole "+" side of things.

Its cheaper, and better, but theres no ads or promos and that makes me wonder... is something wrong, with either the chipset or the card itself?
Some light shed on this subject would be much appreciated.   read

6:33 AM on 06.28.2008

Good evening, beer is awesome and so is Morrowind. And Oscuros Oblivion Overhaul.

Hello to the masses, I hope your evening/morning/day is goning well, and full of much beer and boobs. I do apologize for any spelling mistakes I make, its rather hard to concentrate right now.

So the other day I bought Oblivion for pc. This is quite normal, apart from the fact I already own it for the 360. You see, I spent money on this game purely for the availability of player constructed mods, of which there are a large amount. Especially nude mods, which I found kind of odd since there are no anime characters but thats ok, pixils shall suffice.

Anyway, I have begun playing Oscuros Oblivion Overhaul(what a mouthful of astoundingly amazing aleteration that is, blooming fantastic I say) and I must admit, I am impressed. Oscuro is one crazy mofo. Spending so much time ripping apart the guts of one game, just to have it work the way you want, and then giving people your work for free? That has to be the definition of instable. Or nice. The amount of index-finger breaking hours this has taken, with most of the work going unnoticed, is simply beautiful. It is rare for a game to come along and suck 3-4 HUNDRED hours out of me, and then someone has to go along and make it bigger, and better?

Not fair! I say that is a seemingly impossible task, why spend this eterity of time on little old me? Because I say hi to you at the coffee shop in the morning? Because I bought you leemings on psp for christmas? Because if you don't, your off to Iraq to feed sandmen bullets? What then?

Because, you can.



In this world of ever expanding universes' and boobs, the only true expansion is the expansion of oneself. Obscuro, in redifining one of the most iconic games of this generation, has expanded his self, his calling, and his being, upon us. And its frikkin sweet.
A whole new library to explore, full of new creatures and amazing swords that are shiny and cut things.

I wholey and proundly recommend player constructed mods, with this being one of the best. If you have Oblivion, check out some of the mods availible, an enjoy them. They are some of the best games out there.

Morrowind is totally sweet too.

Nords FTW.


6:36 AM on 06.27.2008

EB Games Takes Over The Gamesman NZ... Yes I Know No One Cares

In the days of the '64, I was introduced to gaming by a store that let us rollarblade around inside, had under-paid enthusiasts that actually knew what a game was, and enjoyed these games too. So, you know, an awesome place. It was called 'The Gamesman', the 'G' was pacman, all the writing in yellow, and the backround in black.

Every second Friday was game night, and what a night the boys(and girls, suprisingly enough) put on. Myself and the few of my friends interested in gaming used to beg our parents for a ride down, just so we could spend a few hours getting our butts kicked in DOA, kicking some arse in Smash Bros, and generally boasting and eating pizza. I even went down for the midnight release of the gamecube when I was fifteen, and on a school night I remember being up 'til the wee hours squinting at the mind-blowing visuals of Luigi's Mansion, sucking those ghosts up kinda like The Ghostbusters.

Eventually, I hung around so much, they offered to pay me for it, as long as I sold some shiny stuff when I could. I remember it being so quiet the first day I managed to get through about half the GBA draw and ran the battery dead. I was stoked.

Fast-foward four years, and here I am, upstanding member of society with an opinion on just about everything etc, etc, and I found out the other day that the only New Zealand game retailer left has been taken over by EB Games. You probly know the movie Empire Records, well its kinda like that. Sure, The Gamesman had it's faults, yet it was an awesome place to hang out, and I'm really gonna miss it. Does anyone else remember what really got them into the wide world of games? For me, it was this store, and the people working and buying there.

Maybe one day I'll have myself a sweet game store to show my shiny wares to the world.
Until then, I think I may resort to internet purchases, and will shake my fist at global retailers.

Plus the black slate and yellow colour sceme is so much better than that damn salmon pink.

P.S:This is the first time I've ever managed to log in and post, so hi all!   read

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