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3:36 PM on 10.08.2007

Evangelion, pretentious justification to make blue haired girl hentai

It's not like anyone needed justification to make hentai in the first place, but someone somewhere down the line decided that there needed to be an anime that combined all the pretentious pseudo religious symbolism in japanese anime at the time, and all the stupid romance comedy fan service garbage that could be sold on the side. Gainax, an animation company that made its early monies by peddling as much hentai as they could, was now beginning to come into its own as an animation company, decided that they would turn Yoshiyuki Sadamoto's somewhat interesting manga Neon Genesis Evangelion, into a full blown animated series with about 1000000 (thats ten million) times more obtuse ham fisted religious symbolism, and easily 40 million times more pretentious philosophy in what I understand is a personal attack on me.

So Neon Genesis Evangelion was spawned, in all its pretentious, German psychological theory loving Japanese glory. It limped on for 26 episodes (the first 3 or 4 being watchable before descending into pointless trash), the last 2 episodes, of course, are impossible to understand, obviously meant to spark "deep philosophical discussion" because anything people can't make any god damn sense of is obviously just deep and interesting. And maybe it wouldn't have been SO bad, had it never been translated into English. But no, eventually due to the popularity of the movies (really the part of the franchise that did well financially, the animated series was not exceptionally successful) someone decided to bring this bloated piece of trash over to America... and we ate it up. All of a sudden people were throwing around terms like "greatest anime ever" and "deep philosophical themes" and I was so excited to see it... then I actually watched it and basically vomitted.

Never before had I been exposed to so much misinterpretation of Western Religion (basically making stuff up as you go along and then putting names from the bible into it) and just a complete mind dump of philosophical garbage. None of the characters are even marginally likable, and its not even a story about realism. It's a story about giant robots fighting alien monsters in Tokyo.

So I suppose the bottom line is, I don't get it, it's pointless, its barely watchable, and yet people flock to this show like its the absolute best thing ever. Just because its hard to understand doesn't make it good, or even interesting. I mean, you have an Anime like Akira, which goes completely underestimated in America, and people just eat this garbage up. and now there is going to be 4 new movies, basically shilling the original series out for another run. no new content here... just nice endless rehashing.

"Many different desires are motivating us to create the new "Evangelion" film....The desire to fight the continuing trend of stagnation in anime.
The desire to support the strength of heart that exists in the world....
Many times we wondered, "It's a title that's more than 10 years old. Why now?"
"Eva is too old", we felt.
However, over the past 12 years, there has been no anime newer than Eva.

- Hideaki Anno, Director of Evangelion, Basically Hitler

Hideaki Anno has done basically nothing since Eva came out (he directed His and her cirumstances). There is only one motivation for making 4 new Evangelion movies that are complete retellings of the same damn story, Money. Evangelion is a cash cow, its popularity can be milked for every penny its worth. There is so much Evangelion crap out there ( ESPECIALLY HENTAI) that it makes me wonder if there was ever any sincere artistic desire inherant in the project in the first place (I never saw any Catcher in the Rye lunch boxes and pencil boxes after all).

Now I have no problem with something that is what it is and makes no appologies about it. I can appreciate Ultimate Muscle, an anime that is literally about super powered professional wrestlers fighting for the future of the planet earth. It makes no sense, it doesn't even attempt to. The problem with Eva is, its a pretentious mind dump that tries to be far more than what it is, it tries to force you into this intellectual drivel, when in reality it has no substance at all.   read

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