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Char Aznable avatar 7:34 AM on 06.17.2008  (server time)
Y0j1mb0, I'm Calling You Out

That precious beard won't save you now

As some of you may recall, Y0j1mb0 challenged the Destructoid community to some Street Fighter II last week with the bold and grammatically incorrect claim that "I am the greatest Street Fighter II player in this here parts of Destructoid."

After the gauntlet was thrown down and a couple days of buildup, a few people couldn't connect and a few others were busy, so we ended up with about 6 people in the quarter matches over the course of the night. These included the mighty Y0j1mb0, casualweaponry, NotAZombie, Usedtabe, Elitechief27, and myself (sorry if I left anyone out - I suck with associating Gamer Tags to names).

I jumped on Xbox Live 15 minutes early, because I was all too eager to begin challenging my Destructoid comrades and make Y0j1mb0 eat his words, so he and I started it off. After four quick matches, the score stood at 4-0 in my favor, with nobody around to witness my dominance over the Bearded One. All I have to verify my skills is the following message:

Your tears make me strong

At this point, I was regretting the fact that his headset was broken, because I really wanted to hear the trash talk now. Maybe it was the illness, but his game was off. After others joined in and he had a chance to warm up, though, Y0j1mb0 stepped it up and put a serious hurting on us for a stretch of 5-6 matches. We switched in and out, with NotAZombie and Usedtabe fighting valiantly and providing many laughs during the night, and Elitechief27 arrived toward the end to kick some ass (and ignored my friend request *cough*).

For all that trash talking, though, I expected better. These are the skills of a man with 600+ ranked victories? Not only that, but you stuck with Ken the entire time, despite my repeated pleas to switch it up with another character. Because, ya know, Ryu/Ken all night gets boring.

Sir, I dare say that you are not the greatest Street Fighter II player in these here parts of Destructoid.

I am.

Also, this:

I think I went a little too "Billy Mays" with the beard


Seriously, though, I'm not as big of a douchebag as this blog would lead you to believe. I'm just joking around. Y0j1mb0 is a very cool dude, and he has some serious skills in Street Fighter. I'm sure he appreciates a good bit of trash talking as much as the next man, so I just couldn't resist.

I had a really fun time playing Street Fighter with you guys, and I'd love to do it again. How about this Wednesday or Thursday night? I'll take any challengers.

GT: ShinigamiBV. Bring it.

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