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Char Aznable avatar 9:28 AM on 05.09.2014  (server time)
State of the Dtoid Address

Dear Niero, Hamza, and Dale,

The community needs to be better informed and more involved with what is going on around the site. There have been 13 different shit storms going on in the last week or two across all parts of Dtoid (and beyond), and something has to change from the top down. We need to hear from you.

About six months ago, I wrote a cblog called "Dtoid Sucks Now" that garnered a lot of attention from both community and staff members alike. One of my main gripes was that the community has to find out major news through secondary sources like Twitter and forum hearsay, rather than straight from the corgi's and/or shark's mouth. Whether intentional or not, this made many people feel left out, as if the community were an afterthought instead of a central pillar of the site.

When the dust settled after 80+ faps and 260+ comments, there were some promising leads. Hamza and Dale said to trust them, and that they would make a bigger effort to open up communication between us and them. Hamza soon did an AMA in the cblogs that was extremely popular, and things were looking good. And then, things were looking the same as usual. It's been half a year since then and now history is repeating itself. Check out the forums if you don't believe me.

What I propose is this: a regular "State of the Union"-type post in the cblogs or on the front page that speaks directly to us, the people that keep this thing going. Nothing fancy. Every two weeks, or every month, Hamza and Dale shoot the shit and let us know what is going on with the site, or hell, just their lives. Give us a glimpse behind the curtain. Kick around a few ideas and see what people think.

I think that this would be a simple fix to help rebuild the strong editor/community ties that have been a staple of Dtoid since its inception. This type of transparency is desperately needed, guys. There is a lot of ill will brewing within the community at the moment, and opening up a safety valve and letting off some of this steam would be a good thing. Problems would be addressed more quickly before they fester. Community members would have a sense of where things are headed. Staff members would have a direct feed of what is on our minds and what we'd like to see most.

It's easy, free PR, and I think that every member of the community would appreciate the gesture. So, how about it?

-Char Aznable

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