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ChaosWing avatar 12:28 PM on 08.15.2007  (server time)
Pirated copy of Pokémon Emerald on Ebay... No really!!

Hey first post here! Hi everyone, btw!

Anyway, on the 31th of July, I made a complete fool of myself and dared buy a video game from a seller located in honk kong via Ebay.. The guy had 100% positive feedback so I said to myself: "Well... The guy must be clean..". What a sad, sad mistake I made.

Yesterday, I finally received my copy of the game, opened my package and witnessed that the box had been completely crushed in the mail.. On top of that, the box was apparently not the original box cause the quality of the printing wasn't the usual thing you normally get from original games... That's when I started to realize my mistake.. I opened the box and guess what? the manual was apparently fake, too. The cartridge seemed almost legit. I proceeded to boot up the game and a message appeared saying that the save game was deleted. Hacked game, too.. Since I have an EZ-Writer USB device to backup GBA roms, I tried it on the game so I could analyze the ROM with GBATA.. Patched!! That's what the program said in regard to the game's file system. Oh joy!!

I mailed the guy this :

I received the game today only to see that this game is pirated. Save games always get corrupted + the game isn't recognized by a legit Pokémon Diamond game. On top of that dumping the rom off the gba cartridge and cheking it through GBATA reveals that the game is patched.. Now, will you take your item back and refund my purchase or am I giving you negative feedback? Thx

The guy responded this :

Hi, Please use the digital camera to take to photo and then send to me, I will refund the money to you. Yor personal information will save to my BLACK LIST and will not business in the future. Thanks,

Ok now.. because YOU tried to fool ME, I get to be "saved" in your BLACK LIST of DEATH??

Anyway the guy payed me back so all's well... but what does "Please use the digital camera to take to photo and then send to me" mean exactly???

I think that I'll be putting this guy (and this location) in MY black list! ;)

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