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8:04 PM on 09.11.2007

OMG1!! Mother 3 mega deal at

To anyone who never played Earthbound on the SNES and never dared to buy the damn thing even if it's one of the sweetest japanese RPGs EVER... you suck!! but hey, now is the time to redeem yourselves cause is selling the sequel, Mother 3, for 14.50$ US. That's a 34.00$ drop folks! Yeah yeah it's japanese and all but who cares?? As for myself, I just bought the game. Can't wait to receive it even though I can't read japanese. At least I'll own the REAL thing! Hehehe!! I think it may be worth the money.. Besides, maybe if everyone here in north america buys all their copies, just maybe, Nintendo will finally bring some sort of translation for Mother 3 over here. WiiWare anyone?? DS compilation??? Anything Nintendo COME ON!! DO IT DAMMIT!!

God I forgot to check if I was doing a repost and I did, so sorry for that!   read

11:15 AM on 08.17.2007

I soooooooo wanna get layd with Samus Aran!!!

With that said, I must add that Metroid Prime 3 is becoming the main reason I'm starting to really hurt badly for not owning a Wii yet... God damn, the latest trailers really got me pumped!! With multiple planets to explore, a more fleshed out experience with real voice acting and all, this game can't be anything else than an absolute must buy.

Anyway all those remotely interested in beating the crap out of Space Pirates again should go check out all the latest trailers on gametrailers here, here, here and here.

Let's hope that Mother Brain really gets to be a boss in the game!! :)   read

10:52 AM on 08.16.2007

Migrate Pokémon from GBA to DS like there's no tomorrow

This may be old news to some but I had to share this cool little glitch I tried out last night.

I'm pretty much on a pokémon craze these days.. since I bought Pokémon Diamond, I bought Fire Red and Emerald just to be abble to transfer more pokémon to my DS version. The DS version wont let you transfer more than 6 pokémon through Pal Park per day though and this stinks a little.. and changing the DS' clock didn't work either so I checked teh internets to find a way of solving the "problem". That's when I found this glitch that you can exploit when using two different GBA games with the DS version.

This trick is pretty neat! Check it out if you're interested!   read

7:53 PM on 08.15.2007

And so caltonovell disappeared in the sunset...

This post is a followup to my previous one.. I just checked up on my ebay account to see if the mighty seller of my worthless pirated copy of Pokémon Emerald answered my latest e-mail and poof!! Ebay says that caltonovell is no longer a registered user! Talk about a coincidence!!

See you in hell, loser!!   read

12:28 PM on 08.15.2007

Pirated copy of Pokémon Emerald on Ebay... No really!!

Hey first post here! Hi everyone, btw!

Anyway, on the 31th of July, I made a complete fool of myself and dared buy a video game from a seller located in honk kong via Ebay.. The guy had 100% positive feedback so I said to myself: "Well... The guy must be clean..". What a sad, sad mistake I made.

Yesterday, I finally received my copy of the game, opened my package and witnessed that the box had been completely crushed in the mail.. On top of that, the box was apparently not the original box cause the quality of the printing wasn't the usual thing you normally get from original games... That's when I started to realize my mistake.. I opened the box and guess what? the manual was apparently fake, too. The cartridge seemed almost legit. I proceeded to boot up the game and a message appeared saying that the save game was deleted. Hacked game, too.. Since I have an EZ-Writer USB device to backup GBA roms, I tried it on the game so I could analyze the ROM with GBATA.. Patched!! That's what the program said in regard to the game's file system. Oh joy!!

I mailed the guy this :

I received the game today only to see that this game is pirated. Save games always get corrupted + the game isn't recognized by a legit Pokémon Diamond game. On top of that dumping the rom off the gba cartridge and cheking it through GBATA reveals that the game is patched.. Now, will you take your item back and refund my purchase or am I giving you negative feedback? Thx

The guy responded this :

Hi, Please use the digital camera to take to photo and then send to me, I will refund the money to you. Yor personal information will save to my BLACK LIST and will not business in the future. Thanks,

Ok now.. because YOU tried to fool ME, I get to be "saved" in your BLACK LIST of DEATH??

Anyway the guy payed me back so all's well... but what does "Please use the digital camera to take to photo and then send to me" mean exactly???

I think that I'll be putting this guy (and this location) in MY black list! ;)   read

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