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ChaosTheSniper avatar 6:25 PM on 02.01.2012  (server time)
YouTube Growth

If you're like me and have a YouTube channel that you strive to maintain and grow, then you know the struggles of actually doing that. I have a channel that has all kinds of gaming videos and not too long ago I deleted all of my previous videos in order to restart what I was doing. Now I sit at 44 subscribers and 12 videos. It's not bad considering that only half of those subscribers subscribed for my previous playthrough-focused videos, and I gained the other half doing what I'm doing now.

I've stuck with a PC gaming focus all throughout, which is difficult sometimes. A lot of what the "YouTube gaming community" is is Call of Duty fans. I'm not against the game, in fact I have fond memories of watching Call of Duty 4 videos during my freshman year of high school instead of doing school work. I had incredible fun in Call of Duty 4. In fact I still believe that 2007 through 2008 was a great year of gaming because of the amazing experiences I had in Halo 3 and Call of Duty 4. Both campaigns were fun, I played them through about six times each. And the multiplayer for both had added things that had never been done before, and have since influenced many other games.

The thing that upsets me with the modern YouTube gaming community is that there is a direct relationship between the amount of focus towards hating Call of Duty and making videos for it. The result for me is to either slowly grow with just PC games or to throw myself into console gameplays as well, the latter of which I'm doing. So I bought a HD-PVR and it arrives tomorrow, shocker.

I honestly spent 48 dollars on it after trading it games to Gamestop, so I got quite a deal. Plus I have had Gamefly for six years, which helps me to be able to record any Xbox 360 game. So the end result is pretty good, I can feature Halo gameplays I've wanted to show for a long time as well as a bunch of other games that I never had the ability to show. It will be interesting to see how well this helps in the long run.

I hope that as my channel grows I can spread the wealth with other smaller channels, despite how cliche that is. So if you have a gaming channel that you want to spread around then post it in the comments. Make videos that you find funny and eventually others will laugh at them too. That's just how it is.

<3 Chaos

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