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ChaosTeaCup avatar 6:41 AM on 02.09.2010  (server time)
Why all the Molyneux hate? Real reasons, not fanboy smack-talk.

I've noticed on this site (and perhaps everywhere else, but I don't bother with other gamesites too much) that whenever a blog is posted involving Peter Molyneux, lots of posters queue up to put the boot in. It doesn't matter what he's saying, he gets trashed, and I for one, want to know the real reasons. I know he's guilty of hyperbole, but he is one of gaming's visionaries, and as such it is vital that he continues to think outside of the box a little. I suspect that there are fanboy related reasons for a lot of the hate, and that's a real shame, but to be expected, sadly. As someone who has spent the majority of the last 20 years as a PC gamer, I find the vitriol aimed at Peter quite surprising. Bullfrog games rarely put a foot wrong over the course of their entire output, and I defy any serious PC gamer to pick out an absolute Turkey game from the Bullfrog stable. I also think that Lionhead studios have been pretty much great with their output, too. They are guilty of not living up to the lofty expectations that Peter is guilty of creating at times, but they're never guilty of being crap games. I find it depressing when I read shit like "Peter Molyneux = fail", and it makes me wonder, do you really think that, or are you pissed off with him because you're a PS3 fanboy, and Molyneux is in collusion with the devil? That is not a genuine reason to dislike him, more a tribal reaction, and while I can understand where it's coming from, I can have nothing but contempt for its motive. It's like whenever I see someone state that Fable 2 is crap, I'm just thinking 'whatever - PS3 owner by any chance?" But what I realise with that stance is that I'm being presumptious, and maybe there are genuine reasons for hating it. I personally think that Fable 2 is a great game, and is bursting at the seams with something that I've really begun to miss in video games this generation: British humour. Is it maybe that there are a lot of Americans that just don't get it? Is that why you think it's crap? Because for me, the only reason to hate on this game would be because you don't like action games, or RPG-lite games, or cartoony games. Why is the game crap? It clearly isn't, and I remain highly suspicious of the motives behind the hate. So again, I'm being presumptious.

So I write this blog so that anybody who can be arsed can reply with real, valid reasons, even if you're honest about your tribalism and just state, I hate Molyneux becuase he's at Microsoft - at least it is a reason, even if it is retarded. As a British man myself, I feel proud of Peter Molyneux - we need more like him, even his over-the-top ideas, so what if they usually watered down by realities/limitations/budgets, at least he tries to put his dreams into action, while we in the blogosphere, take a perverse pride in pissing on anything and everything. I feel the same sort of pointless vitriol is aimed at David Cage, too. Why though?

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