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ChaosInTheSnow's blog

9:18 AM on 08.14.2012

My game!!!

So hot on the heels of solving the mystery of Dr. BOA back in 2008 (and let's face it, after my blog post on the matter he basically disappeared. Sorry about that Dr. BOA), I'm proud to present my second ever Dtoid post. Basically to pimp my game, Red Green Blue AMP, which I just put out on the Google Play store for Android.

Briefly described as a cross between a space shooter, Guitar Hero (without music or sound though cos I'm cheap. But in fairness sound doesn't carry in the vacuum of space so in many ways my game is a more accurate representation of space than most space shooters) and Puzzle Bobble, it involves a lot of fast-paced finger tapping, space fireballs and building up combos. I have a free demo out for anyone who's interested (searching Red Green Blue AMP on the play store will bring both versions up).

Story trailer:

Gameplay trailer:

So feel to check if out if you're excited by the thoughts of space fireballs (yep, that's a fireball in a vacuum. Mind = blown), bored or don't feel like doing some work related issue that you really should be doing or whatever. Also as Dtoid is generally frequented by adept gamers I'd point out that there are three difficultly levels available and A* rankings for doing super good on each levels in both the demo and the full game if you're looking for more of a challenge.   read

6:00 PM on 05.22.2008

Boagate: The truth starts here

The continuing Boagate scandal has forced me to drastic measures. Today I did two things
I never thought I'd do. The first was creating a blog entry (this very one). The second was
internet matlocking to find out the hidden identity of one Dr. BOA. Well actually I did them
the other way round cos obviously I started writing this blog only after I felt I was
successful with my matlocking. But that's hardly the point. Look, I was bored at work. What
more can I say? After no less than minutes of scouring the internet I believe I found the
secret identity of Dr BOA. And it isn't pretty. Well maybe it's pretty but I'm a guy and I just
can't go around calling other guys pretty. Unless they're Richard Simmons. So without
further ado I give you a first glimpse of the man behind the BOA:

Yes that is a picture of Dr BOA beside a very guilty looking Ron Workman. I was as
shocked as you are. Dr. BOAs real name is Joel Breton. Former Hudson employee, Joel
Breton, no less. From Joel Breton's page on

"With more than 15 years of interactive entertainment experience, Joel has helped produce
games for both console systems and mobile devices with leading companies including
SEGA, 2K Sports, Bethesda Softworks and InfoSpace Mobile"


It also states that his first job was QA for Sega of America. Yeah I know, not as cool as
Sega of Japan, but I guess back then he wasn't picky.

What do we know about Dr. BOA? Well he also has 15 plus years of experience of
"interactive entertainment". And he more than likely started off in QA too. It says so in his

"Dr. Boa may sound like someone who starred in some porn with Dirk Diggler, but his true
passion is interactive entertainment. He's notched +15 years in the gaming industry from
QA to launching several big hits, so he's got a healthy perspective on what goes on from
the flipside. It's amazing he's not a jaded cynic yet. He's finally glad to see more drug filled
parties with playboy bunnies and B level celebs like all other entertainment fields. Yes,
gaming has finally made it"

Very very similar. A little too similar, in fact. Now in fairness, Gynecologist Cobra was the
one that got me thinking when he guessed there was a Hudson link to it all. And after a little
searching I came across Joel Breton and all the pieces of the puzzle started falling into
place. Of course it was finding pictures of him hanging out with Ron Workman that
cemented the deal in my mind. Anyway, my job here is done. Unless I'm wrong. But even
in that case I couldn't be arsed investigating further. Don't let them bury the truth!   read

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