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Changston avatar 3:23 PM on 03.29.2011  (server time)
I'm going to try SCIENCE!

Hi everyone. I don't post a lot in the c-blogs because I find that I don't really have a lot to say about video games. I did a monthly musing once, and it was a fun exercise, but it still wasn't directly about video games. I've always been a science nerd, and I'm now starting to go towards my goal of making other people science nerds too. Or at least appeal to the inner science nerd in everyone.

Back at Pax Prime, when Niero announced his plans for expanding Dtoid, I thought about creating a science community. N33t launched, and needless to say, there were problems. I did start a group at the time, but because of said problems, it didn't really amount to anything. I'm still kind of hung up on wanting to start that community, but that's a long way from now. So I'm starting small and I set up a science blog. It's really bare bones right now, with me posting random science news I find interesting, but I figure it's good practice for me if I want to break into science journalism and media. I'm trying to reach people who aren't familiar with current scientific research but want to know more about it. Also, I think it'd be useful for actual scientists, since when I worked in a lab, I was incredibly tunnel visioned and didn't see what was going on in other fields.

The majority of posts are going to be biology oriented, but I'll definitely try and get some posts in other fields as well. I'm hoping to update the blog three times a week (two posts and a news roundup). I would love constructive feedback (beyond getting a better blog layout, as I have no idea how to make my own Wordpress themes and paying someone else to do it isn't feasible right now), and readers. Let me know what you think either through the forums, PMs, or e-mailing me at the blog. Thanks for checking it out!

And uh..sorry if promoting my blog is uncool here. I just figured that it's best to get the word out with as many people as possible. I'm a real community member, I swear.

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