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I'm Jon. I've been reading Destructoid since at least August '08, but only decided just recently (as of May '09) to start being an active community member. If you want to know more about me, feel free to read my intro forum post.

Long story short: I'm a grad student who enjoys video games and video game related news, but doesn't get around to actually play them that often. That's probably why puzzle and rhythm/music games are my bread and butter, since they're pretty easy to pick up and play. JRPGs used to be #1, until it dawned on me that I no longer have time to hunker down for hours at a time.

To anyone with a PS3 and a love of puzzle games: I bet you I could kick your ass in Puzzle Fighter and Critter Crunch with a probability of 50%. Game on!

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Unfortunately, I got very few pictures of last night's events, and this recap is by no means a complete record of what happened.

- During the breakfast ingredient run, Cataract died a little inside because the supermarket horsie was out of order. They should just shoot him and make cyber glue out of what remains.
- It was like Saturday Morning cartoons when we came back, if the cartoon were Grandma's Boy and the breakfast was pancakes. From scratch, because that's how I roll.
-."I'm looking for a Jaggi, but I have no idea what they look like." "YOU KILLED SIX OF THEM!"
- Anyone who gets the fire wand in Four Swords automatically gets to be an asshole for the remainder of the stage.
- Surgery is tough work, but when you get into a groove, it's nothing but beautiful and must be accompanied by a brosplosion.
- A squad left the party in search of Double Downs. 4 people acquired and consumed them. Two people thought they weren't that bad, and the other two kept complaining, "BLAHBLAHBLAH THAT'S LIKE SOOOOOO SALTY I CAN'T BELIEVE I DID THAT AAAGGGHHH." Not saying where I was in that group of four, but you can take a guess.
- Hearing Mario do the play by play in Pacman Versus. "Green has GOT IT!"
- "Upper left, go to the upper left. Now lower, lower, lower. Go to the right. RIGHT RIGHT RIGHT GOT IT YESSSSSSS" [paraphrased]
- Double Dragon: The Movie (the game) is a game you can play. Windjammers is too.
- "I think Raul Julia died because they made this game." "Yeah, the stroke was really more a side effect."
- Matt Razak: epitome of dedication. "Can we do car bombs in half an hour? I need to upload this video for dtoid."
- carbombs x 10, and a toast to Niero for making the site we know and love.
- All six ladies of Sexy Poker were conquered in 2 hours and 22 minutes by the lovely Adam Dork.
- Everyone would be perfect for "In the Movies" if we were all disembodied heads. Tino may upload our results later.

Sunday Morning Shenanigans:

- Frosty's dog bed is very comfortable.
- "Who pooped on the ceiling?!"
- I may finally have found some Critter Crunch converts. Also, "WHAT THE HELL OH MAN I'M TRIPPING BALLS."
- Procyon also lives in Silent Hill, as evidenced by the neverending waves of fog.
- "From this angle, it just looks like the beard is pre-chewing his food for him."
- Adam Dork is incapable of eating oranges.
- Awkward man hugs all around to round it out.

I'll upload Hibachi pictures to flickr later just so people can see that the NARP consisted more of me wandering around the woods. I'm sure them movie trailers are going to surface at some point too.

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