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Chainsawface avatar 9:50 PM on 05.01.2010  (server time)
Why New Podtoid Will be Blatantly Better than Old Podtoid

It's time to stop crying over Anthony's departure from Dtoid and realize the truth; the New Podtoid is going to be awesome and here's why

Brad is the New Host
I think we all remember when Brad hosted that one episode. Shit was awesome. Not only is Brad incredibly fast ( but not in that way, ladies) but he is also the king of non-sequiter stories. Having games of the week interrupted by a story about this one time Brad chased a pigeon is gonna be awesome. Plus, no more stupid tunes to be hummed by Anthony while he looks for a good listener question.

Samit's Going to Shut Up
The days of Anthony defending Samit are over, and the new era of quick hits will reign; no longer will we have to hear 'let him talk' several times a podcast, and instead Brad will cut Sports Sarkar off when his time is up.

Broseph Leray Is The New Linde.
A good dose of hilarity and sometimes intelligence, Joseph Leray will be replacing Linde in the podcast. However, he adds some much needed awesomeness that Linde never had, and is not quite as cynical. We've had him on before as well, and if I remember correctly, he was in 'Dogsuit' one of the funniest episode's ever. Also, 'Sup Boners' is the greatest catchphrase ever.

Jim is the New Smart Guy
With Anthony gone, Jim is the new boss of intellectual game analysis, and the next guy to be able to talk down to Brad, yet also fear him. However, unlike Anthony, we won't have any awkward pauses, and will instead have hilarious british metaphors.

We'll Get Some New Cast Members
This is a great time to get to know some other Dtoiders who haven't been on podtoid yet. We might even get another girl for Jim to traumatize, which is always fun.

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