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Chainsawface avatar 6:59 PM on 04.27.2010  (server time)
Goodbye Anthony, Hello Destructoid

I don't usually write cblogs, but this is something I really felt I needed to say. I first came in contact with Anthony through HAWP; a saw a link to an episode on a website, and it was funny, so I kept watching each new episode; I loved it, and I first came to destructoid looking for more Anthony Burch goodness; I just wanted to see what othe rsort of stuff he did. I didn't care about the site, but I kept reading nevertheless, just to see more about Anthony.

Then came podtoid. It started simple enough; it was something that Anthony was on, so I listened to it. At first I couldn't even tell the difference between Anthony and Aaron, and i knew nobody's name. I listened for Anthony. ( Not gay.) However, I soon ran into a bump; an Anthony-less episode. I had nothing else to listen to, and I began my first real encounters with the rest of the the cast. Months passed, and I was a hardcore podtoid fan. However, right as I was about to delve further into the community which a simple podcast had brought me to, Anthony announced his leave, along with Topher and Aaron.

I was too late. My source for Anthony Burch related goodness was over.

But you know what?

I'm glad it is.

Anthony introduced me to Dtoid, and while at first I only followed it for him, I gradually got to know and love the other quirky members of podtoid, as well as the dtoid community. Comparably, Anthony is actually a lot more boring than people like Jim, Brad, and even many of the forum members. ( Hey Avalon-brofist for gettng Anthony to watch Gurren Lagaan).

Nevertheless, my sense of familiarity was over. Anthony is leaving, and it kind of scared me. I didn't know if I wanted to stay on Dtoid. But that was stupid. Of course I do. You guys are the coolest, most funny, awesome, people I know. Add that to video games, on of my passions, and boom.

So, despite Anthony's leaving, I'm glad. Now that he's gone, I'm going to try to take an active role in the community that was brought to me, and hopefully the podtoid changes will let me get to like some new Dtoid members. Dtoid is small enough to be personal, an big enough to be, well, big. No other sort of group of community is like it; I have friends and people to talk to, but never have I been in a group like this that I really like; Clubs and sports were never my thing, nor were most other internet communities.

I welcome the new Nicholson era of podtoid, and am a bit nervous about the changes, but have come to love the people here so much that I still feel at home.

Thanks, Anthony.

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