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  • is this legit game

      8:45 PM on 01.19.2010
    downloading html engine

    ahah wow i cant believe jay leno hasnt gotten his job back yet still on th e show he is so funny in that clip

    Why Dicks Are Gross And Vaginas Are GOOD

      7:17 PM on 12.30.2009

    As you know Im chad and Im personal trainer. But I am just a man and I love videos games too like Call of duty 6 and Halo. But sometimes when I'm on xbox hear people swearing and there saying all these bad words like cunt, ass, bitch , fuck , shit but the one I hate the most is DICKS
    I mean what the fuck man I mean atleast we like to talk about bitches and cunts and fucking but we dont want to talk about DICKS you know what because Im not a homosexual. Look its okay if your not gay just dont come near me or ill beat you up

    fucking vaginas for life man

    here is some fucking funny Dane cook man you can thank me later.

    Break The Ice

      3:47 PM on 12.30.2009

    My name is Chad . As you can most likely figure it out I'm a personal trainer.
    I'm a winner and have blasted past my peers. I worked out alot and took tons of classes
    I now got my personal trainer certificate. Pretty much I got two 18 year old hot girl friends.
    I know I know doesn't sound too special but you gotta see the rack on these girls and the asses
    here ill post em

    there is my other one Chelsea in-front of my car.

    Anyway alot of people challenge me for fucking video games Im the king of halo

    You know why Im better than everyone.
    Its because I take the game seriously. If I die In game I treat it as if I die IRL
    Look thats perfect for a bad * like me. It immerses me to the point were
    that gun is my Gun.
    that grenade is my Grenade
    I become the game

    Scorpion tank coming at me?
    no problem
    Ill Just toss a grenade
    and FUCK it up.
    If i dont have a grenade
    Ill let it pass me
    When I sneak into bases
    I take advantage of all my vantage points
    no sniper can snipe me
    Im the guy who you see right before you die.
    you know when your pointing your crosshairs right at me
    and your about to shoot. but then its all over
    Game Over.
    I played over 40 hours of tank simulation so I can become the ultimate
    Scorpion driver. I set it so the controls were the same as halo3
    I can feel the steering and the throttle whenever i get into a Ghost or Jeep

    You know the helicopters whatever there called .
    I played google earth fligh simulator for 70 hours
    and halo2 for 80 hours

    You know that.
    Im virtually impossible to kill I AM THE BEST
    add me on xbox live and mabey we can play together
    if you got the guts

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