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ChadPersonalTrainer's blog

8:45 PM on 01.19.2010

is this legit game melodrama.html   read

7:17 PM on 12.30.2009

Why Dicks Are Gross And Vaginas Are GOOD

Hello, As you know Im chad and Im personal trainer. But I am just a man and I love videos games too like Call of duty 6 and Halo. But sometimes when I'm on xbox hear people swearing and there saying all these bad words like ...   read

3:47 PM on 12.30.2009

Break The Ice

Hey, My name is Chad . As you can most likely figure it out I'm a personal trainer. I'm a winner and have blasted past my peers. I worked out alot and took tons of classes I now got my personal trainer certificate. Pretty mu...   read

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