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Chad Concelmo avatar 2:26 PM on 02.02.2009  (server time)
Puppy Bowl recap!

I am happy to report that last night’s Puppy Bowl V was the best Puppy Bowl of all time.

I was a little nervous on Saturday when I set my TiVO to record the show and noticed that is was only 2 hours rather than the traditional 4 (to mirror the length of the simultaneous airing of the Super Bowl).

But, honestly, the shorter runtime actually helped the show.

Things started off nicely with the classic Tail Gate party -- a group of dogs hanging out on lawn chairs and watching the Puppy Bowl on T.V.

After that, for the first time ever, a bird named Pepper the Parrot came out and “sang” the National Anthem. This was a little odd since the bird wasn’t really singing and just more or less opening its mouth in front of a prop microphone. The song that was playing did sound like a parrot singing, so who knows? Maybe Pepper just got stage fright and they had to use a taped track. Regardless, it was amazing.

The big event itself was, of course, the most incredible (and incredibly cute) thing ever. The puppies were adorable and it seemed like the writers had an extra fun time with the proceedings.

Here are some highlights:

-Since this was the Puppy Bowl’s 5th anniversary, multiple “Hall of Fame Moments” were shown throughout the event. They mostly focused on past MVPs (most valuable puppies) and great plays from the past. I loved how they were shown in muted color and mostly slow motion. It was a great addition and I loved each and every one.

-During the first half one puppy started biting the goal post and wouldn’t stop. It was amazing.

-The world-famous Kitty Half-Time show was, of course, awesome. I was a little disappointed with it last year, if only for the strange choice in music (it was something akin to easy listening). This year, though, the sassy techno-y music was back. As was the pink stage and colorful lights.

To make this Kitty Half-Time show even better, confetti fell down halfway through and most of the kittens freaked out. God, it was so funny.

-The referee (same guy they use every year) was, again, great. His delivery of each foul call was extra over-the-top, which was perfect. Honestly, though, that guy has my dream job and I hope the stars are aligned and I get to take his gig next year. Let’s hope my (multiple) letters to Animal Planet actually get read this year.

-Speaking of the referee, he made quite the scandalous call in the second half of the game. One of my favorite puppies Griffey (SO CUTE!) was wrestling with another puppy. When it got a little too rambunctious the ref gave Griffey an “Unnecessary Roughness” foul call. I was fine with that, but then seconds later the ref called the same foul and actually kicked him out of the game!

If I was there I would have been one of those fans that yelled and threw things at the referee. Griffey was being rough, but he shouldn’t have been kicked out of the game.


-In one of the most inspired, hilarious segments I have ever seen, near the end of the Puppy Bowl a “streaker” ran out and interrupted the game. The “streaker” was one of those crazy, shaved, skinny dogs with only some small tufts of fur on its head and tail. The producers of the show actually added a black bar near the “private region” of the streaker as he ran around the field causing mischief.

Before all the puppies got too riled up, the ref ran out, wrapped the nude offender in a t-shirt, and escorted him out of the stadium. It was so amazing.

-The MVP of the game was Madeline the Beagle.

Now, Madeline was cute, but I voted for the incredible Eli. Not only was Eli super cute, he seemed to perform the best in all the various plays. He also scored a few touchdowns!

Here are a few pics of Eli and his brother Moose:

While I was happy for Madeline, I felt Eli was robbed!

-By far the cutest thing of the entire show was anything involving puppy Schroeder. I really don’t think I can describe how jaw-droppingly cute Schroeder was.

Basically, Schroeder slept through everything.

I’m not kidding.

While all the puppies were playing with toys, Schroeder was sleeping. While the pups were tackling each other and wrestling, Schroeder was sleeping.

Here are a bunch of pictures of Schroeder at different points during the event:

It really was the cutest thing of all time.

All in all, the Puppy Bowl V delivered. It was the most entertaining, enjoyable, cutest Puppy Bowl yet. I am a little disappointed Eli or Schroeder didn’t take the MVP crown, but I was still happy with all the results.

I already can’t wait for Puppy Bowl VI.


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