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Chad Concelmo avatar 1:13 PM on 02.11.2009  (server time)
February 21st will be the greatest day of my life

Back in September, a group of Destructoid community members (a.k.a. the greatest human beings that have ever lived) pooled their hard-earned money to buy me a present. That present turned out to be a dolphin interaction program at Sea World. Basically, I was given the opportunity to study and swim with a bunch of dolphins for a few hours.

It goes without saying that I was eternally grateful for the incredibly nice gift (if I ever have forty children, they will all be named after you guys).

Unfortunately, due to a combination of a ridiculously busy schedule and the end of the dolphin swimming season, I never had a chance to redeem the amazing gift last year.

Well ... the new season is just starting ... and I just reserved a spot to -- man, I canít believe I am actually typing this -- swim with dolphins.

So, itís official: On February 21, 2009 I will finally get to experience something I have wanted to do my entire life.

I know this sounds so dramatic, but for people that know me this is obviously a huge deal. Like, I-may-die-of-a-heart-attack-once-I-get-to-touch-one-of-these majestic-beasts huge.

I will try to take as many pictures as possible once I make the drive down to San Diego in (OMG!) less than two weeks.

Thanks again to the people that contributed to the gift. I am so excited I donít think I can even type anymore.

:D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D

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