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Chad Concelmo says:

Disney's next animated classic

// Submitted @ 2:04 PM on 07.31.2009

Although I am the biggest Pixar fan of all time, I don’t consider Toy Story, WALL-E, and Up to be Disney movies. I know they technically are, but I will always look at them as straight-up Pixar movies that happen to have a fancy, CG Cinderella’s castle logo at the beginning.

But when Disney bought Pixar, my hero John Lasseter made a vow that he would bring back the classic 2D animated movies that made Walt Disney famous in the first place.

Even better, he rehired the same filmmaking teams that made the The Little Mermaid/Beauty & the Beast/Aladdin string of hits.

As much I am looking forward to the first of these “classic 2D animated movies” -- the gorgeous Princess and the Frog coming out this fall -- Disney just released some additional concept footage for its next piece of feature animation, Rapunzel.

Check out a few of my favorite images:

Seriously. I am not ready for this movie. It looks absolutely breathtaking.

If rumors are true, and Alan Menken -- the musical genius who composed the songs for The Little Mermaid and Aladdin (among many others) -- is writing the music for Rapunzel, I actually may have a heart attack and die from happiness.

You can check out all the jaw-dropping concept images right here (click on the “more” button to scroll through them all).

I am not ready for this. Is classic Disney back? Only time (and a princess and a frog) will tell. :)

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Chad Concelmo

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