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Chad Concelmo avatar 2:14 PM on 02.01.2010  (server time)
Countdown to Puppy Bowl VI! Six more days ...

F*** the Super Bowl.

As most of you probably already know, I am obsessed with the Puppy Bowl. So obsessed, in fact, that starting next week I am going to start a letter-writing campaign to try to be the referee for next yearís show. Sure, I will probably be the only one writing letters, but, hey, if I write enough, maybe it will happen!

For anyone that doesnít know (gasp!), the Puppy Bowl is Animal Planetís counter-programming to the annual Super Bowl. Basically it is a bunch of adorable puppies playing in a stadium-themed pen for two hours.

Not only is it far superior to the stupid Super Bowl (sorry, Samit!), it is one of the most ingenious pieces of television programming ever. I have never missed a year!

To celebrate this amazing, once-a-year event, all this week I will be counting down the days to the Puppy Bowl (2/7 on Animal Planet) by offering three compelling reasons to watch! One new reason today, Wednesday, and Friday!

Obviously, watching puppies play is reason enough to watch, but letís get into some of the specifics that will make this yearís Puppy Bowl one of the best ever!

Reason #1 Ė The starting line-up

This yearís crop of puppies is one of the best ever!

Take a look of these, my early picks for potential MVPs (most valuable puppy):








You can check out the whole line-up by clicking here.

So, what do you think? Cutest line-up ever? Who is your favorite (I have dibs on Kiva and Mason!)? Are you going to tune in? Itís my personal life goal to see the Puppy Bowl get higher ratings than the Super Bowl, so every new viewer helps!

Check back Wednesday for Reason #2!

6 more days ...

[UPDATE: In order to not spam the cblogs and make people annoyed with the Puppy Bowl before it even begins, I am only going to post three of these this week (today, Wednesday, and Friday). I blame my over-eagerness on how excited I get about this every year. Haha. PUPPY BOWL!]

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