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Chad Concelmo avatar 12:46 PM on 01.17.2008  (server time)
Answers to The Great Retro Quiz! .18: ActRaiser

According to my post yesterday, the winner of this quiz will be my best friend. So, who is it going to be? Do you think you got all the answers correct? Why are you so nervous? It’s not like we’re going to have slumber parties every night or anything. We will be getting half-heart necklaces and bracelets that say “BFF!” on them, but that’s it. Oh, and I will call you all the time to talk about, ya’ know, stuff. It’s going to be great.

Thanks to everyone for participating in the quiz. I <3 you all.

You can check all the correct answers below (in bold) and to see how you did:

1. Who published ActRaiser?
a. SquareSoft
b. Capcom
c. Enix
d. Konami

World map memories! Name the territory:
[picture of ActRaiser world map]
2. Bloodpool (b.)
3. Fillmore (c.)
4. Marahna (d.)
5. Aitos (a.)

6. What is the name of the temple your character resides in?
a. The Cloud Palace
b. The Sun Palace
c. The Palace of Light
d. The Sky Palace

7. Which of the below God powers helps you clear away pesky rocks?
a. [picture of rain]
b. [picture of lightning]
c. [picture of earthquake]
d. [picture of wind]
You can also burn away bushes and defeat enemies with the versatile power.

8. How many villagers seal a monster lair?
a. 6
b. 7
c. 8
d. 10

9. You just gained a level in ActRaiser! Yay! What did you do?
a. Killed a certain amount of enemies
b. Collected a hidden power-up
c. Increased the population in your village
d. Defeated two bosses in a row
As your villages grow, so do your levels.

10. Which of the below is not a magic spell?
a. [picture of spell #1]
b. [picture of angel power-up]
c. [picture of spell #2]
d. [picture of spell #3]

11. What is the name of the unlucky young boy who (after getting lost for days) draws the unfortunate lot and is sent by his village to be sacrificed?
a. William
b. Franklin
c. Alexander
d. Teddy
Poor, Teddy.

12. After depleting half of the below boss’s energy, what kind of creature does he turn into?
[picture of ActRaiser boss]
a. Werewolf
b. Minotaur
c. Chimera
d. Gorgon

13. What item is used to stifle the war in Bloodpool?
a. A white flag
b. A harp
c. A cannon
d. An ancient tablet
The harp, received from the people of Kasandora, helps soothe the territory’s strife with its beautiful music.

Oh noes! All of the ActRaiser enemies just got arrested! Match the enemy with the crime committed:
a. [picture of Bat]
b. [picture of Blue Dragon]
c. [picture of Red Demon]
d. [picture of Skull Head]
14. Destroyed his family’s corn field (c.)
15. Electrocuted his boss (b.)
16. Demolished an entire city (d.)
17. Kidnapped an old woman (a.)

18. Which of the below is not an end-of-the-level boss?
a. [picture of enemy]
b. [picture of boss #1]
c. [picture of boss #2]
d. [picture of boss #3]

19. Your significant other really wants a Magical Aura as an anniversary gift. Where should you go to find one?
a. [picture of phoenix-shaped island]
b. [picture of Bloodpool castle]
c. [picture of volcano]
d. [picture of Death Heim]
The magic spell Magical Aura can be found hidden in one specific spot on the phoenix-shaped island of Marahna.

20. Who is “The Evil One?”
a. Kalia
b. Dagoba
c. Death Heim
d. Tanzra
Tanzra is the main villain in the game, the source of all evil.

Check back next week for quiz #19.

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