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Chad Concelmo avatar 6:36 PM on 09.24.2008
"I see you got the memo!"

If any of you have 9 to 5 office jobs you will probably relate (almost too well) to what I am about to tell you.

There are some ... er ... "jokes" that like to circulate the cubicle-filled hallways of office buildings every once and a while. (You will understand why I put "jokes" in quotation marks in one sec.) These "jokes", I guess, are supposed to be hilarious, help you forget about your daily duties, and make you chuckle with a whimsical glee as you clench your coffee mug and try to forget about the fight you just had with your wife last night over Dancing With the Stars.

I am here to say these "jokes" need to stop. They are not funny. At all.

The culprit today (one that I have heard many times over the years) was this:

I walk in and sit down in my office. A coworker walks by and peeks in at what I am doing. I happen to have the same colored shirt on as this coworker. Coworker says: “Oh, hey, I see you got the memo!” Coworker then laughs uncontrollably and walks away (assumedly to use the same line on someone else unlucky enough to have worn a yellow shirt).

Now, what part of that "joke" is funny? Is there an actual memo that goes out to people telling them what to wear to work that I mistakenly didn’t receive? If not, is it supposed to be funny to even think about a wacky memo like that existing? Wow, that is hilarious.

I know, I sound like a jerk saying this, but someone has to stand up for what is funny in this world. At least if said coworker told me a Knock Knock joke or recited a funny limerick I would have been impressed by the originality.

I love everyone I work with, but, man, these "jokes" are getting old.

How about you? Are you the daily victim of office "jokes"? If so, what are they? I have a morbid curiosity about these things.

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