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Chad Almasy avatar 11:58 AM on 03.24.2010  (server time)
"It Gets Better!"

I can't take it anymore.

Everywhere I look, anyone who has had anything positive to say in regards to Final Fantasy XIII is quick to tell you "Oh, don't worry, the game opens up/adds more variety around the 30 hour mark :D" Um...what? I haven't even played the game, but that argument alone has made this a budget-purchase for me.

Seriously, do you have any idea what that statement boils down to? You're telling someone that the game will become fun for them after torturing themselves needlessly for 30 hours.

If someone is tired of a game a few hours into it, what makes you think they'd want to continue that for another 20+ hours? Have we suddently been warped into some Twilight Zone-esque alternate reality where games have to be boring before revealing to us the good stuff? Have good games been so few and far between that we've allowed ourselves to except this kind of mediocrity?

Let's use simple logic here: THIS IS A GAME. Games are meant to be a form of entertainment. Once the entertainment stops, we enter work territory. That's right, Final Fantasy XIII becomes a chore to those who are bored by it. The same goes for any title that just doesn't grab the individual.

This is why "it get's better 30 hours in" is quite possibly the most pathetic defense for a game I've ever heard. Games are meant to be -fun- to the person playing it. Fun is a relative term; it's an opinion, not a fact. What's fun for you might not be fun for someone else. They're not missing out on an experience when that experience isn't there for them, so stop feeling bad for/hating them for it. MojoJojo, etc etc.

Also, lmao at people who argue over stuff like a game being good or bad. They'll never change the other's experience-based opinion. Both parties will be wasting their breath going head-to-head when they could be doing something...oh, I don't Unless, of course, they enjoy pointlessly arguing. If that's the case, carry on!

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