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Chack avatar 4:11 PM on 04.15.2009  (server time)
Inedit Rhythm Heaven boxset

Since the day of the US release of Rhythm Tengoku Gold news, a friend of mine and I have several thoughts.

First, we were happy that one of the greatest musical (and DS) games was going to make it to the US (and Mexico). But on the other side, an English translation might be a terrible idea. I mean, we loved the first RT japanese voices and songs, what if they wanted to apply the Elite Beat Agens philosophy?

Before we start a flame war, let me clarify this: I love EBA, it's just that I played Ouendan and I loved the japanese style of the whole game.

My friend and I went to import the game from Japan (the most expensive DS game I have bought so far) and we were incredibly happy since then. Of course, the fear of an English version of the game was still present in our lifes. But that went out of our minds for a good time.

The problem started when we watched the Rhythm Heaven commercial starring... Beyonce! That was too awful to watch. Hopefully, the singer was only starring the TV commercials, but if she had taken control of the whole game marketing in the US?

I guess It'd have been somethingl ike this:

Creepy, isn't it? Thank heaven (RHYTHM heaven) this didin't happen.

[thought] God, this'd have been a great April's fool joke. [/thought]

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