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8:14 PM on 02.14.2011

How Valentine's Day was different for me at 2011...

I've lived 25 Valentine's Days since the day I was born... Of course I've been conscious of such date like 19 of them.

Many iterations of such date I hated it, mostly because I think it's a Holiday invented by plushies and greeting cards big evil companies. 'It's just another way to take money out of out normal citizen's wallets' I usually think.

I'm already 25 (tomorrow I'll be 26) years old and I still think the same. Whenever I have or not a girlfriend by this date I never, ever spend a single penny in pink teddy bears or heart-shaped ballons. It's just crap for me.

Recently I started working at HP here in Mexico, and I've met a lot of wonderful people. Not only workaholics, but also geek ones, all of them awesome guys.

From all of them there's a girl (you know where this is going, right?), an awesome girl: gamer, geeky and a little to eccentric. Hard to get in the first instance.

I was thinking how could I win her heart. My mind was quite busy creating a formula, an algorithm, a way that would let me get close to her. Unfortunately, I didn't reach such goal and I'm still looking for ways to win her.

Valentine's Day was a great start for that mission, so I started crafting a little present, a way to show her my feelings in a cute, moderate way, so she wouldn't run away. It didn't take too much to get the answer: A Greeting Card.

But not ANY card, one that reflexes my personality and also be original, unique.

So, as the huge nerd I am, I started a brainstorm between myself and Internet. A heart, yes, a simple, cute heart. 3D? Foam-made? The result:

The general idea was there, and like this, I completed 50% of all the project.

The second task was to 'fill' her heart. Again, I needed an original and cute idea. Also, it required some text, a few lines that would tell her my feelings in a cretive way, without being rude. Valentine's Day style.

This was the part that took more time. Soon I decided to follow the Legend of Zelda way, although I found myself creating several phrases and rejecting one after another. It sure was hard to find some words that not also would fit in the geekness and in Zelda universe, but also that I would love.

Last night dinner gave me the break to clear my mind and find THAT phrase. then it was just a matter of time and a little work to complete the half missing.

This was the final touch for the geekiest greeting card I've ever made myself:

I left the card in her workspace today at morning and she discovered the author so easily (I wonder how did she find it out) and about one hour ago, sent me a PM thanking me for it.

It's a nice start and I hope the Gods of Love will help me in my long adventure to win this girl's heart.   read

4:11 PM on 04.15.2009

Inedit Rhythm Heaven boxset

Since the day of the US release of Rhythm Tengoku Gold news, a friend of mine and I have several thoughts.

First, we were happy that one of the greatest musical (and DS) games was going to make it to the US (and Mexico). But on the other side, an English translation might be a terrible idea. I mean, we loved the first RT japanese voices and songs, what if they wanted to apply the Elite Beat Agens philosophy?

Before we start a flame war, let me clarify this: I love EBA, it's just that I played Ouendan and I loved the japanese style of the whole game.

My friend and I went to import the game from Japan (the most expensive DS game I have bought so far) and we were incredibly happy since then. Of course, the fear of an English version of the game was still present in our lifes. But that went out of our minds for a good time.

The problem started when we watched the Rhythm Heaven commercial starring... Beyonce! That was too awful to watch. Hopefully, the singer was only starring the TV commercials, but if she had taken control of the whole game marketing in the US?

I guess It'd have been somethingl ike this:

Creepy, isn't it? Thank heaven (RHYTHM heaven) this didin't happen.

[thought] God, this'd have been a great April's fool joke. [/thought]   read

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