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I've been gaming since C64 days, and will be till the day I die most likely.
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Random Marketing Goon: "Hey, I just had a killer idea for the new console!"

Billy Gates: "Go away, i'm busy!" <grumbles>

Random Marketing Goon: "How about we release interchangeable faceplates for the front of the console, allowing consumers to customise their 360 like they can already do with their mobile phone?"

Billy Gates: "ZOMG THATS BRILLIANT!1!!one!1 When you go home tonight, there will be a new storey on your house."

Well, sounds good in theory, doesn't it? Somewhere along the line, however, this idea just fell apart.

Currently, at least in Australia, I have only ever seen a grand total of FOUR (that's 4) Faceplates for sale at regular retail outlets.

Camo Faceplates - coz it's a jungle out there?

Don't get me wrong - I don't really care one way or the other, but with all the hooplah surrounding the release of Bioshock, including the 50k odd faceplates released to retailers, you would think that someone could make a tidy bit of moolah selling these babies off? I know I am getting sick of seeing the same generic white faceplate staring at me like some sort of giant Apple product every time I change games.

That in turn got me thinking about faceplates in general, and how little are actually out there. I have seen a limited edition GRAW2 and Splinter Cell: Double Agent faceplate, along with the previously mentioned 4 faceplates - 2 different kinds of camo, an orange swirly pattern, and a standard dark blue.

Because when I think customisable faceplates, I think "Orange" and "Swirly"

Sure, go on the 'net and you may see a few more, but that doesn't help the myriad of casual gamers out there that seem to be this generation's target demographic, does it?

How are things in the 'States? Is there a wider selection, or is this half baked effort pretty typical worldwide?

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