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Century fl0w avatar 9:54 PM on 10.11.2007  (server time)
This is NOT an opinion, this is FACT - Best. Game. Ever.

As an older, more experienced gamer, I feel sometimes that it is my job to give back to the community. Much like Tribal Elders of old, it is our responsibility to impart wisdom to young, eager would-be warriors, eager to earn their stripes in the treacherous savannah of gaming.

Up until now, I have sat back reading various comments on blogs, with your "Halo" this and your "Orange Box" that, miserly holding back the true secret of gaming bliss, sharing with my fellow "initiated" gaming's one true paragon in whispers, watching the youth floundering around blindly in pursuit of this holy grail of games.

Now, m'lads (and m'ladettes...erm), flounder no more, for the holy grail that you seek is the game Deus Ex, developed by Ion Storm.

"Why bring this up now?", you may ask. Well, various gaming sites and blogs have released the news that Ubisoft have refused to put a bid in for Eidos, publisher of Deus Ex.

Ubisoft, while having made many classics in their time, could only hope to purchase what people (those that count, anyway) have termed, "The Perfect IP".

Hah! Only in your wildest dreams, Ubisoft!

I put it to the gaming community that there are only two possible reasons Ubisoft would not purchase Eidos -

1) They felt that they would not be worthy to hold such responsibility, and knew that no matter how hard they tried, they could never live up to expectations


2) They were afraid that weilding such massive power would perpetually place all other Ubisoft IPs in the shadow of this one, purchased IP.

The cyberpunk dystopian nightmare setting, intelligent philosophy, meaningful and freeform gameplay, rich and full world, jarring plot twists, all combine to craft the finest single player experience known to gaming.

The only true form of educational entertainment ever created

I don't have to elaborate on what makes this game so good, words cannot do it justice. You owe it to yourselves to research this game yourselves, and then by logical extension, purchase 7 copies.

I would be remiss if I did not mention the few miniscule flaws in the game to you first, in the interest of remaining objective. After all, I wouldn't want you guys to think that I wasn't being objective, would I? <ahem>

The only true faults with this game are as follows -

1) you haven't played it, and
2) there isn't a new one (yet)

Go. Now. Remember to mark this day in your calendars as the day you heard about Deus Ex, so you may carry on the memory for yourselves and for all posterity.

Oh, and the sequel, while not as good, wasn't bad either. Let's hope that whoever eventually purchases Eidos can resurrect the series and take it back to its roots, eh?

You may thank me for revealing this to you in the comments section below. That is all.


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