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Century fl0w avatar 9:57 PM on 08.01.2007  (server time)
Playing With Yourself in Public is a Great Way to Kill Time

The cost of fixing a cracked engine block these days is a bitch.

It's so bad, in fact, I have taken to getting lifts in with my girlfriend to get to work.

The main problem is, women being women (sorry to all the ladies who happen to be reading this!), it takes them that LITTLE bit longer for them to get ready to leave work.

Coupled with the extra travel time it takes to get to my work from hers, I spend the better part of an hour trying to form swear words from the number plates of passing cars.

This had continued for quite some time before the hamster wheel I call a brain piped up with, "What about that Game Boy Advance SP you have collecting dust in your cupboard?"

Now, I have never been much of a handheld gamer. The only handheld I have ever owned was the first black and white gameboy when I was 9 years old. Any situation most people would use a handheld, I have always had my mp3 player or equivalent belting out ragga/drum and bass mixsets. It provides entertainment while still allowing you to navigate life's little pitfalls, like speeding motorists and old people.

Anyway, when a friend of mine bought a DS phat about the time of release, he palmed his Game Boy Advance off on me. From that exact point, it has been collecting dust under a box of old junk I promised to sort through and throw out "one of these days".

I figured it was time to dust it off and use it to fill that little void in my life in between finishing work and going home.

I have since discovered Metroid Fusion. Its quite an entertaining little game, a bit of old school platform shooter action coupled with a passable storyline and enough variation in theme to stop you getting bored.

Metroid Fusion - Better than forming swear words out of numberplates?

While I am enjoying my time with Metroid Fusion, it is fast drawing to a close. A friend of mine is trying to find his copy of Golden Sun, and I still have Aria of Sorrow, but that's it.

In light of this quasi-retro renaissance of gaming I am currently going through, does anyone have any recommendations for some Game Boy Advance games I should be keeping an eye out for?

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