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Cblogs of 08/21/14 + Shadeisms
10:27 AM on 08.23.2014
Cblogs of 08/22/14 and bbainisms
6:45 AM on 08.23.2014
Cblog Recaps of 08/21/14 and Striderisms
2:53 AM on 08.21.2014
C Blogs of 08/19/14 + Wrenchisms
12:02 PM on 08.20.2014
Cblogs of 08/15/14 + 08/16/14 and bbainisms
5:47 PM on 08.17.2014
Cblogs of 08/14/14 + United States, I am in you
10:11 AM on 08.16.2014

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Sorry for the late caps, guys. I'm still busy getting all nice and settled in DC, which is progressing slowly but surely.

I have my own place now and it's very nearly set up, I went to my first couple of classes here and they seem pretty intense compare to the laid-back European teaching methods I'm used to, and I finally had time to go out at night over the last week. DC is definitely starting to become my home away from home at an amazing pace; I'm already getting worried that five months here won't be nearly enough time to see everything, do everything and meet everyone.

Oh well, I can always come back, right?

* - OpiumHerz has another wake-up call for Destructoid. We seem to be needing a lot of those these days.

* - Games must install certain limits to their worlds; you can't go everywhere. Redheadpeak takes a look at how to do that without breaking immersion.

* - Perfidious Sinn sucks at Ultra Street Fighter IV, and the game's not about to help him get better.

* - Put another coin in bbain's jukebox and you get some of the greatest Final Boss themes in video games.

* - Whatever you may think of Sonic games nowadays, there's some amazing music to be found throughout the series.

A - Terry 309 has some major problems with the directions the Warcraft plotline is going.

A - Video games can be emotional if they try; gajknight has some excellent examples.

A - Might 4Chan maybe NOT be this amazing shithole of a place?

S - In today's Easter Egg hunt, Adam Jensen is Forever Alone.

- Somewhere among those buildings is a room with my name on 3DS in it.

I - Get added to this Dtoid meet-up App, so you'll always know what the guys are up to!

N - The upcoming deals in a PSN sale may have been leaked.

V - Star Wars has had a huge presence in video games over the years. So much so that JordanLloyd is already up to part 4 of his retrospective.

T - Steering wheels in Grand Theft Auto are serious business.

F - CarbonRevenge is up to something machinima-y.

- IRL Fennekin at the Museum of Natural History

- ShadeOfLight
May you always find water and shade

Photo Photo Photo

Well this week was super shitty for the video game industry. I don't even know what to say about it. I hate that I share this hobby with some of the most terrible, selfish people. But at least there are plenty of cool people playing games too. I'm thankful for that, at least. I just wish I could tune out the bad seeds.


Anyway, I'm back to covering just Fridays for the recaps. Expect to see a new face tomorrow, and be sure to give him a warm welcome! :)

* - Luckrequired compiled this awesome blog explaining how to properly utilize Dtoid's blog editor! Check it out if you're having trouble formatting your blogs!

* - Do the memories of the electric seaweed from the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles game on NES still haunt you to this day? If so, then you might enjoy this blog!

* - El Dango recounts some of his favorite boss fights! I'm sure everyone has their favorite boss fight memories to share!

E - taterchimp wants to know what game you'd like to see him stream next on Streamtoid!

F - Friday Night Fights on Xbox + Back to school!

F - Friday Night Fights on Playstation + Nothing...

T - KirkCameronCrowe thinks P.T. is the scariest thing he's ever seen!

T - Alphoyson enjoys Kerbal Space Program but has a fear of open space. An interesting conundrum.

T - GoldenGamerXero gives his thoughts on Skullgirls while the game is currently on sale.

$ - August 22nd UK releases and bargains!

C - Pretty nice article about the Final Fantasy XIII trilogy, but it could use a lot of editing.

C - The Nintendette shares an easter egg from Fire Emblem: Awakening, but apparently forgot something important at the end of her blog.

F - This guy is painfully formal. Maybe there's more personality in his videos, but I'm kind of afraid to check them out.

F - This guy seems to think it's a good thing that Phil Fish got hacked, because it finally made him leave the industry. It makes me so incredibly sad that some people think this way...

- bbain


I decided to hop back into Mass Effect 3 and no, it's not to try to vaporize on Gold with my min-max'd Flamer Geth Soldier who pretty much scorewhores the scoreboard, but I do miss that. Believe it or not, I left its DLC unplayed for years until now. I bought all its DLC on sale except for Omega, which promptly never went on sale. But hey, the most important parts were still available to me so I gave them a go and boy did I realize how much I missed this universe. Citadel alone was exactly what reviews said it was: one big cheesy goodbye to all your favorite characters in a festive party. My quarian girlfriend got drunk, I found two war addicted aliens sprawled on separate floors with massive hangovers, everyone made fun of the only dance animation Sheperd has, and I got one last picture to remember the party by before I inevitably go back to war with giant robotic cuttlefish.

Other than that, I've found myself getting sucked back into the fighter's mindset. Under Night In-Verse Exe Late is out on Japanese Playstations so I've been getting drip fed YouTube videos of prominent pro fighters playing import copies online and it makes me wish French Bread could bring it to PC so I don't have to get a PS3 for it. KOFXIII is available on the Humble Jumbo Bundle so of course I got it to try something that's not Ultra Street Fighter IV (though I might go back to try Honda). And I've been seeing Atlus release tutorial guide videos on some returning characters. Kanji for example sacrifices defense in favor of a stabler gameplan. Kanji is terrible at neutral, not having very good options at opening up his opponent and starting momentum, so in Ultimax Ultimate he's getting a better autocombo and better air approach, but in return, his reversals are now guaranteed fatal counterhit (ouch). It still sounds like theygave Kanji much needed juice in exchange in other places, while they just gave Akihiko more tools without strictly changing him besides from giving him more options. Remember being able to do Cyclone Upper three times in Awakening mode? Well Shadow Akihiko, after shadow berserk, can do it five times (five uppercut commands, technically eight if you count his actual uppercuts because SP Cyclone Upper is an automatic triple uppercut).

But fuck it, who am I kidding. I just want French Bread to bring UNIEL over to PC sooner than later because check this shit out.

Seth isn't played often because he has the lowest health in the game. He has like, Strider levels of health. But he's also dependent on vortex like Ibuki,the key difference being his vortex looks cool as hot balls in action. Look at this Seth player go. He doesn't care at all. He just presses buttons and presses his advantage with the speediest little motherfucker in the game. And vortex is more fun to watch in games like UNIEL because of OTG and the various quick standing mechanics. Stay on the ground and attempt to throw off vortex timing and you can just get OTG'd. Quick stand to put yourself on defense but that also plays into Seth's hands of doing a quick and dirty vortex that leaves no time for you think about a good defense. I love watching this game in action and want a peace of it. It makes Blazblue look like Mortal Kombat.

Well hey, at least Smash is out in October.

Also, catch me on Streamtoid on Monday at 2pm PST. It's called Scrubtoid and I think I'll try Delver, Eldtrich, or Super House of Dead Ninja to get my piece warmed up. I still need to prepare some cut card pictures to use in case I need to stop playing suddenly but of course this is assuming I finish some important homework in time.


* - My thought: Samus' tankini is canon so deal with it [dealwithit.gif]

* - Scholes got a slump. NOT DR. SLUMP THOUGH. IT'S NEVER ABOUT GODDAMN DR. SLUMP *pout*

* - BENNY DISCO IS OUTRAGEOUS. Actually, its about outrage, but Benny Disco is not OUTRAGE

A - Riobux tries disseminating how to portray mental health well

A - The fine art of the grindhouse game with Terrible Uncle

P - PStoid is recording in the past!

A - Big old nope towards progressive change in the industry but at least we know we're in a shit bag, right?

S - Zuckerhunder suffers from depression

D - Magic Miguel update for August. Still magical and still pumping along

N - Yokai Watch is finally on its way to us gross Americans

V - I'm not saying it was aliens, but Metal Gear Solid IV aliens

V - Spoilers: this video talks about announcing spoilers

V - Video quality faq user guide copy and paste el gato hoss delgato



Photo Photo

Took a dip into the weird end of Steam lately. Goat Simulator, Five Nights at Freddy's, Jazzpunk. I can feel my brains sliding out of my ears as we speak.

Goat Simulator is ridiculous and it knows it. Mixing parts of Tony Hawk's Pro Skater with dada-ists sense of humour and a distinctly “Euro-dev” look and feel, they created something weird and wonderful and bizarre. Everything feels like it's held together with shoestrings and hope, with bouncy physics and simple AI. Things “break” constantly. Leave your spastic rocket-pack on a little too long and your goat will get a stretched out Slenderman look. Fire enough softballs at the townsfolk from the automatic pitcher you got stuck in your back and the game sputters and slows to a crawl. Cause a big enough explosion and the whole damn thing goes haywire. I'm not even sure if “breaking” is the right way to describe it. The game basically exists in a constant state of “mildly broken” and it's genuinely hard to tell sometimes if something is “broken” broken, or “broken as intended”. 

It's fantastic and delightful. A playpen filled with small distractions, dumb goofs, and one-off oddities. It's a pure play experience like you don't often see in today's big budget, heavily scripted, theme-park attraction type games. I'm not saying Goat Simulator is a “good” game, but I will say it's a “fun” one, and that might matter more in the long run.

I bought Five Nights at Freddy's at the request of my girlfriend after she saw a few minutes of it on a Let's Play. I guess it's true, sometimes you hurt the ones you love.

Freddy's is weird. Like really weird. The basic premise is that you're the new Night Watchman of essentially a haunted (?) Chucky Cheese knock-off restaurant. Only you're not really worried about buglers or vandals, you're there to keep an eye on the attractions, the animatronic cast that has the peculiar habit of roaming the halls of the restaurant late and night and attacking anyone they come across. 

It almost seems safer to NOT have a Night Watchman at a certain point and just let them prance about.

From the entirely unsafe haven of the security room, it is your job to monitor the multiple poorly placed, and wholly unreliable, security cameras placed around the joint and make sure Freddy and friends aren't creeping up on you or getting into any other kind of mischief. They don't like to be watched and won't move if they know you're looking (how they know is a spoooooooky mystery naturally) so you're basically staring down these creepy mother fuckers as they lurk just outside your door. Did I mention you have limited battery power? The more you use the cameras, lights, and electronically locked doors, the faster you burn down the juice. Run out before 6:00 am and you're mascot-chow. 

Freddy's is super crazy. Kind of annoying to play to be honest, but what a killer idea. Probably worth the $5 I threw at it, and definitely worth it come the inevitable Steam sale where it will probably move for 99 cents. Keep it in the back of your mind next to all the other skeletons and centipedes and remember it when your looking for a spooking. 

Lastly, I've finally played a little bit of Jazzpunk.

Hey everyone? GO BUY JAZZPUNK.

I almost don't want to talk about it very much right now, I feel like I probably have a blog in me about it. I will say this though, I've never been more delighted by an aesthetic or opening movie. Five minutes in and I was already declaring Jazzpunk GOTY. 

* - In the great legacy of worthy Batman games, it's pretty much Batman for the NES, a huge long drought of terrible games you should never touch, and then Arkham Asylum. It took a long time for video games to do THE BAT right.

* - Glowbear shares her experience with depression and some advice. It can be educating and even helpful to play some of these empathy games, but be careful not to wallow in the depression miasma. After a certain point, you might be doing more harm than good.

S - Mark your calenders, its the anniversary of Too Human! Celebrate by treating yourself to a unskippable two minute long cinematic.

A - I love how nobody really seemed to care all that much about the Tomb Raider reboot until it became an Xbox exclusive, now there is a huge outcry. I remember the last TR coming out to modest fan reception and respectable, but not mind-blowing, sales. But hey, it's something to be upset about.

A - Fenriff looks back at the Breath of Fire series and sees which ones have held up, and which are best left to sweet, sweet memory.

A - This is kind of a wall of text, but the gist is “be excellent to one another.”

T - I will always check out cool free indie games. A sprite based modern Wing Commander rip-off seems like just the right ticket.

R - It's true that every story has two sides and you shouldn't believe everything you hear. That said, I think it gets hard to justify some of the shit going on in Ferguson. The whole “wait till you hear both sides of the story, btw, we won't produce the autopsy report for over a week and we're kicking out reporters, so just trust whatever we say when it's all over” seems real crazy to me. Whatever, this isn't the place to get into this kind of thing, but I didn't want to just recap this without commenting.

L - Oh Nintendo, such rascals.

- Recorded footage of me playing Freddy's

Photo Photo

Hello everyone! I've still been playing Digital Devil Saga this week. Being a JRPG and all, it's hella long. I'm not really sure how far into the game I am. It feels like maybe things are starting to come to a climax, but I know there's still a direct sequel which continues the story, so I'm really not sure what's gonna happen. It's pretty clear that there's gonna be some huge plot twist, I just hope it's not as predictable as it currently seems to be. 

It's a pretty good game, although the enemies in the last dungeon I went through were starting to get a bit cheap. There's starting to be a lot of trial and error battles, where you're pretty much going to lose no matter what, but you'll learn the enemy's tactics and can try a new strategy when you reload the game. I don't hate that type of gameplay, but it could have been a lot less painful if it was quicker to get back to playing after a game over. Why do some games make you go through all the load up screens again after a game over? I hate that I have to mash buttons to get through all the developer logos and title screens again. It's such a waste of time, especially in a game with a lot of trial and error like this one. I wish gaming had figured out that was a bad design choice a lot sooner than it did.

I'm still having fun with the game though, and I'll most likely pick up the sequel once I beat this one. 

Aside from Digital Devil Saga, I also played Hohokum this week. I really enjoyed it! It's a very relaxing game, with often obscure goals, but I kinda like that about it. It relies heavily on exploration. In some levels, you'll need to search every nook and cranny before you find what you need, and for some others levels, you'll have to come back to them to try new things. If you're trying to beat the game quickly, you'll probably become frustrated. But if you play slowly, just exploring and enjoying the world, then you'll definitely have fun, and eventually you're bound to figure out how to beat it. 

So pretty...

My favorite levels were the kite-flying festival, with the serene, floating islands, and the mermaid level, with underwater planetoids, rising tides, and a giant squid-thing (obviously I enjoyed that one!). There weren't any levels that I disliked though, they were all interesting in their own way. Also, I'm gonna have to find the soundtrack, because it was really great!

* - Psycho Punch wrote a really great blog detailing the many ways in which Microsoft have gone out of their way to try and shut out all competition and inconvenience consumers.

* - Let's get some bears up in these Cblogs!

A - What do you do when your kids want to play Call of Duty? Take them on a trip to an actual warzone, of course! What could go wrong?

A - siddartha would rather see more games like P.T. than another Silent Hill game.

A - RushJet1 wrote a super in-depth guide on creating chiptunes music. I'm not sure what he's talking about half the time, but I'm sure composers could learn a thing or two from this!

S - Dreamweaver continues his series on videogame doujinshi with some Idolm@ster comics.

S - The Nintendette thinks the flying whale seen in Kirby Air Ride might in fact be the Wind Fish from Link's Awakening.

S - The Nintendette shares an easter egg from Pokemon Colosseum. Yikes, those character models are creepy!

S - 10 things about Fenriff. He's not a hater!

S - Some jerk stole Retrofraction's trombone and Mega Man collection... :(

S - R. Hoffmann wants your input for the Mortal Kombat art tribute he's been working on!

F - Friday Night Fights on Playstation + Michigan dogs!

F - Friday Night Fights on Xbox + Gamescom news!

F - Friday Night Fights on Nintendo + Bananas!

N - A bunch of PS2 Atlus games are currently on sale on PSN!

T - Retrofraction is very excited for Crawl after watching a trailer!

T - Gamingnerd gives his impressions of P.T., the teaser for the upcoming Silent Hills by Guillermo del Toro and Hideo Kojima.

T - ThatMan kept playing Luftrauser until he hated the game and its developers... woah.

R - Lord Spencer reviews Lufia & the Fortress of Doom.

$ - August 15th UK releases and bargains!

C - Be sure to tell us a bit about yourself before posting just videos here!

No fails today! Huzzah!

- bbain

Photo Photo

Another batch of quick US-related Shadeisms.

The past week has certainly been something else. I flew 6,500 miles for the first time, I landed in a country I've never been before, I played Bravely Default for like 75% of that time and it's great, I checked into a hostel full of equally excited people from all over the world doing all sorts of different things in DC, I drank a bottle of Heineken of all things on my first day in the States, I had a week of orientation and registering for GWU which included meeting about 130 of my peers and making friends with people from a huge variety of different countries, I beat my jetlag (at least sleep-wise, my appetite is still all out of whack) I looked for housing and finally found some up in Arlington Virginia, I walked to school past the White House of all places, and I did lots and lots of other things.

DC is a fucking blast.

I've been here for a little over a week now, and I'm already starting to feel at home. The city is super easy to navigate so you can just go out and go wherever until you end up where you need to be (taking all of the sights in as you go). Perhaps more importantly is that all of the people here have been amazing so far. Americans are very helpful, energetic and friendly, so it's a joy to meet you guys and gals. The same goes for all of the internationals both at my hostel and at school. It has gotten to the point that the person I like the least (which is to say that I like him fine but he wouldn't be my friend) here in DC is a fellow Dutchman. It's quite strange. I've met a bunch of Germans, people from India, British and Irish, Australians, even more Americans obviously, Chinese, Taiwanese, French, an Italian, and lots and lots more. It's quite amazing when you think about it.

I will say though that while I like everyone here so far, my best friends both in the hostel and at school are all Canadian. Make of that what you will.

* - Once upon a midnight dreary, while I pondered weak and weary, over SeymourDuncan's poetic blog on Silent Hill P.T.....I realized that I should just leave poetry to the poets.  

* - Murdered Soul Suspect didn't do too many things right it would seem. Kenneth Cummings explains how there's not much mystery to this murder mystery.

* - touchofkiel writes a great blog on Final Fantasy X, which actually managed to hit him in the feels.

A - I have a dream, that one day Reinhold Hoffmann's dreams will come true. Except the creepy ones.

S - A little easter-eggy snippet from Donkey Kong 64.

A - Borderline depression and social anxiety plus MOBAs are not a healthy mix.

P - PStoid soldiers on, with a new host!

- A little bit The best bit of home

T - Good survival horror is hard to come by these days, that doesn't mean there haven't been good ones over the years. Here's three of them.

T - Oculin found an underappreciated gem in Yumi's Odd Odyssey.

- Pictured: my 8-hour flight.

C - Gamingnerd played some games a lot. Which is fine, but isn't there more to say about them?

Now please excuse me, I'm going out to go read the Declaration of Independence. Because I can!

- ShadeOfLight
May you always find water and shade

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