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Hello everyone! I've had a pretty uneventful couple of weeks as far as video gaming goes. I got super burnt out on the internet recently (*cough*gamergate*cough*), so I've been trying to do other things rather than browsing Twitter and Cblogs and stuff, which basically resulted in watching a lot more video game streams and shows on Netflix than I normally do.

Scarritt introduced me to the Red Letter Media guys, who usually produce funny videos about terrible movies. Two of the guys from Red Letter Media, Rich Evans and Jack Packard, recently started doing some video reviews of games, as well as streaming games, on a channel called Previously Recorded. I've really been enjoying their streams! They're really entertaining to listen to; Jack is always very enthusiastic and high-spirited, while Rich often becomes super focused and quick to anger while still having a lot of fun. Plus they've been streaming a lot of really great games (Risk of Rain, FTL, XCOM, Dark Souls, Binding of Isaac, etc). I don't watch too many streamers, but these guys are always fun to watch.

Aside from watching other people play games, I didn't actually play too many myself. There was one game that I wanted to talk about though. One of the fan-made Mega Man Legends 3 games that have been going around has finally been released; the 2D demake of the demo that was supposed to come out, titled Mega Man Legends 3: The Prologue. It's really short, and I played through the whole thing in about 30 minutes (would have been way shorter, but I died a lot!).

I enjoyed it so much, though! It really was a joy just to see those characters again in a video game. The whole Legends universe is just fantastic, I really can't get enough of it. Seeing the Bonnes again, and the Servbots, and Roll, and even minor characters like Denise Marmalade, really brought a smile to my face! They even nailed the characters' personalities in their dialogue, like Teisel shouting, "H'alright!" (god I loved his voice actor). And the Reaverbots! I'd forgotten how much I love the designs for the Reaverbot enemies, they just look so cool. Plus they made chiptunes versions of some of the music from Legends, and it sounded awesome!

It makes me so happy that there are fans dedicated enough to make something like this. And they were able to display so much knowledge and appreciation of the series, so that other fans of the series would be sure to enjoy themselves. I really hope the other teams working on MML3 fan games end up finishing their projects as well. I'm still looking forward to the Unity version that one team is working on, that one looks very promising! At this point, we probably won't ever see an official Mega Man Legends 3 game, which is a shame, as it was something I'd always hoped would exist ever since I played the first two games. But at the very least, there are fans out there who are dedicated to seeing the series live on. Fan-made games are better than no games at all, in my opinion :)

* - RushJet1 taught his nieces how to play Super Mario Bros. on the NES! Watching someone learn to play video games for the first time is a really neat experience.

* - Paul McCartney may have graced Destiny with his music, but TitusGroan offers some better suggestions of pop songs that could be used in video games.

* - It's the third round of El Dango's Boss Fight Appreciation Zone series! Go share your favorite boss moments!

M - Gray Times' favorite game is Star Fox 64! A fine choice.

M - ponderingsloth's favorite game is his childhood favorite, Phantasy Star!

P - TheDustinThomas shares his podcast, where he talks about video games, food, and one-of-a-kind grocery stores with his friends!

P - Number8Axel also has some podcasts for you, if you're into that sort of thing.

P - PStoid episode 7! So many podcasts you guys!

E - Dtoid New England is hosting a NARP at Funspot! You know you wanna go!

F - Friday Night Fights on Xbox + Destiny!

$ - September 12th UK releases and bargains!

V - More videos from this UnPro guy. My question is, what exactly is an UnPro?

? - Didn't read this because of the title. I'm the patient type who doesn't need to seek out spoilers. I'll see all this stuff when I play it.

No fails today! Huzzah!

- bbain


Photo Photo Photo

I feel like every time I'm writing my Shadeisms, something comes up. That is to say, I've been wanting to talk about Bravely Default for weeks now, but every week something happens that messes things up. A couple of weeks ago I was just busy, last week I wasn't feeling too great, you know how it is.

This week I've got a great reason to skip on Bravely Default though: I got codes for the Smash Bros. demo for 3DS! As you can read here Nintendo of America is handing out special demo codes, but only to Platinum Club Nintendo users. The thing is though, even though I'm currently in the US, I'm still subscribed to the European Club Nintendo. NoE doesn't have this whole Platinum status thing, so it seems like every registered member is eligible. You know, like me!

So I checked my e-mail a second ago, and it had a Nintendo e-mail in it, with 4 codes for Smash Bros. 4! Obviously I've already used one of them for myself, but I've got 3 codes still sitting here with no one to give them to. Well, no one but you lovely Dtoiders!

I'm giving these codes away on a first-come first-serve basis, with two conditions: I have to know who you are (just a formality really, I most likely do), and you have to promise to play some online games with me once the full game comes out! Simple enough, right? So come and claim those fuckers!

(One other thing though: since these are codes for the European eShop, I cannot confirm that they will actually work on the US eShop as of yet. I would think they do, but you never know. If it turns out that they don't I'll be incredibly sorry for getting your hopes up, but I'll play some Smash Bros. in your honor.
EDIT: KeiththeGeek has confirmed that these codes will NOT work on the US eShop. Europeans the world over may still apply. Sorry guys.)

It's been great so far. There are five playable characters, those being Mario, Link, Pikachu, Villager and Mega Man. I wish I could play as people like Wii Fit Trainer, Shulk or Zero Suit Samus, but no such luck. At any rate, the veterans all feels familiar, although the 3DS control scheme takes some getting used to and the demo doesn't have Options available, and the newcomers are truly new. Both Villager and Mega Man are a blast to play (also dat Mega Man Final Smash) although neither of them seem like they're going to be my mains anytime soon. In my mind Mega Man in particular suffers a lot from not having a standard A combo, but maybe I just need some more practice. We'll see, won't we?

Join me, and we'll find out together!

* - As tough as most video games let you be, there will always be a couple of things that remind you of your virtual mortality. Redheadpeak lists the most blatant ones!

* - Uncle Terror has collected some great old (and not so old) video game commercials, ranging from WTF?! to Fuck yeah!

A - Totalbiscuit made segastardust love Doom again, plus shooters in general. Waddaguy.

A - "There is room in this industry for diversity. There is room in this industry for fun." should be plastered all over the walls of the games industry.

S - LIMBO was a haunting game, not least of all thanks to its music. Oscarno shows us why.

F - PS FNF + Destiny!

R - King Zelos reviews Tales of Xillia 2 and it's....not that great.

T - steodosic found a MOBA naval combat game. Sounds promising enough.

R - Gamingnerd reviews NHL 15 for Playstation 4, and it's pretty decent.

T - Xeo doesn't get the negative backlash over Destiny that came about all of a sudden. It's a weird cycle we see for pretty much every hyped game ever. (Except Smash Bros, which will be awesome)

L - Just some funny videos? Yep, just some funny videos. I am totally okay with this.

- And now we wait.

- ShadeOfLight
May you always find water and shade


In today's most recent news, three more Pokemon have been revealed for Mega Evolution and the reactions were just as expectedly split as I thought. Half were excited on some seriously underpowered Pokemon getting a second chance and they were Pokemon with great initial design who deserved a second shot.

The other half was all lol wut?

lol mega sharpedo amirite?

Just so you know, until Greninja came along, Sharpedo was the only Pokemon who was uniquely water/dark. It had good offensive push but mediocre speed and a shallow movepool. How could a shark Pokemon go so bad? Now Mega Sharpedo gets boosts yes, but it also gets Strong Jaws as an ability, a 50% boost to biting type attacks. Crunch is a biting type attack and Sharpedo also gets STAB. That means Mega Sharpedo can carve a niche having the strongest dark-type attack in the game at a 160 BP Crunch.

Mega Camerupt loses speed (because who cares) and will boost everywhere else, hopefully in bulk because that's how the universe should work. Mega Camerupt is the only mega with access to Sheer Force. While the usual combo is to pair it up with Life Orb for a massive combined 66% boost without Life Orb recoil, 33% should still do well depending on just how much Mega Camerupt's boosts are.

Mega Gallade was also announced along with confirmation of new abilities and moves for Primal Kyogre/Groudon. Not much is known for Gallade but it was confirmed that the Primal beasts get new abilities that bring back permanent weather (Hello Gen V metagame! And hello instant ubers).

Now asides from that, satellite television has returned to my household and I now have access to many good shows I ordinarily can't watch. It's not within the realm of actually paying for TV myself. Stephen Universe, Gravity Falls, King of the Hill, and Adventure Time. Also, Legend of Korra but that can be watched online.

Now, I know OpiumHerz once knocked Legend of Korra and he can be entitled to his wrong opinion. But Gravity Falls is the best show Disney has to offer that they love to ignore. But I'm pretty sure you won't find any merch of this show (much to OpiumHerz's dismay) is because it's the creator's show first, a Disney show second. No matter how amazing we find that this amazingly mature show is marketed to kids, and despite the Disney Animation logo popping up at the end of each episode before a cryptic clue. He did work on The Marvelous Misadventure of Flapjack before and the material in Gravity Falls is kind of heavy. Sure Disney has Marvel now but what should we say about this?


Something else to consider is that the show is pretty much Alex Hirsch's baby and pet project. Who's to say that all that time he spend weaving the complex mystery of Gravity Falls is time that can't be reallocated to approving merchandise? It's barely in its second season and there's still big mysteries hanging over Dipper and Mabel's heads. And thanks to going back to selling souls to Directv, my biggest problem in catching this hit is no more. You see, Gravity Falls is the only reason I'd switch to the Disney Channel. So with no other reason to watch, I had no idea when the damn show came on. But now Directv gave us a DVR, so I can set to record all episodes of GF and watch whenever I want at any time I want. I've already seen some great episodes already like Into the Bunker Scaryoke, and the Time Traveller's Pig. Mabel is definitely my favorite followed closely by Mabel's sweaters.

Stephen Universe is a more lighthearted and whimsical cartoon by comparison. I mean, sure Gravity Falls has awkward gnomes and one of the main characters is bubbly and constantly changes sweaters but there are also paranormal monsters and eerie occurrences. Stephen Universe on the other hand, made by Adventure Time alums, is decidedly less serious in overall tone even when shit goes down. Even in the face of danger, Stephen doesn't hesitate to compare a cosmic death trap to the one disastrous outing with the teacups.

And really, all these top shelf TV shows is really appreciated because we're still three weeks away from Smash. The Smash demo has been burning up the blogosphere with the Japanese demo and rumor has it an English one is on the way on the 19th. Between last minute leaks of a confirmed Ness and Falco to people already figuring out combos for the first five demo characters, Smash hype is starting to get super infectious. I mean, someone's already got video of Villager's insane hypothetical item redirection power. Grab an opposing Villager's bowling ball and throw it back for a near guaranteed instant KO on a 0% Villager. And I hear that person's pretty heavy too. And its coming out the day before a date day with my girlfriend so I'll be able to bring her copy with me when I see her.

Speaking of my girlfriend though, she's been busting my chops for four days straight. I was glad to finally have a normal conversation with her and see her smile tonight because for the past three nights, she'd bust my chops about how much I don't love her and how she'll never get married and how sad everything is. She just started school again, so I try supporting her by sending her cute texts like a newly discovered mascot in the form of Molang. And I know she's busting my chops, just getting a jab at me because its her way of venting. But goddamn did it drive me crazy for me to wait until evening when she gets home to talk for the past three nights only to get ragged on.

I just wanted to hear about her day and listen to how she was doing and she just goes on being self-conscious and having nothing to talk about when I simply ask her what she did, respond about teaching 3rd graders, and goddamn I wanted to hear about that rather then her busting my chops like like Lyle in Animal Crossing going on about how the HHA ain't nothing but hot shit when it comes to judging my interior decorating.

Usually she misses me a ton while I'm preoccupied with work. I'd like to hope I delivered on giving her a daily dose of Marcel. Now I'm missing her as she's preoccupied and whenever I think I can get a dose of much needed Adriana, she just wants to bust my goddamn chops. Goddammit.

* - Stryker is ok if shooting a gun is considered a supernatural power


* - Call out shitty reviews for bringing too much of their personal opinions into it

* - Help donate to Phil to help put his departed step-father into the ground

M - Kyoryu sounds young to me to be talking about Symphony of the Night like that

New Smash is looking great

S - Scholls misses us but is super busy doing government stuff and correcting foot arches

V - Knock back some vodka and suck it down for some Tetris acknowledgement

T - Titannel played some sketch retro games than Destiny because of course

R - Game breaking bugs aren't good in a review for Sims 4

N - More King of Fighters! More King of Fighters!

F - A good review of High School DxD? I hear its pretty much ecchi but a good opinion on ecchi?

C - Terry didn't like Pokemon Ranger

This new text editor is hard

~ Striderhoang



It's a special feature DOUBLE CAP DAY! I'm covering for Smurf while he's being ravaged by real life hassles, so don't feel left out if you posted on Monday! You guys were monsters and wrote about a billion blogs the last few days, so this recap is full right up to the brim with written goodness.

As much as I love drinking in your brain juice, I'm about ready for a break myself after reading all of these, so I'll keep the -isms short. If you're really dying to read some of my stuff today (you aren't), I did write up a blog about Payday 2 and how it's never been a better time to become a career criminal.

Destiny was released at last, and I'm hearing a lot of mixed things about it. Some people are ecstatic, it's the best thing since sliced Halo. My Twitter feed is full of comments from people who have lost sleep, called in sick, or otherwise fallen into a deep space-wizard rabbit hole. But I'm also hearing some other murmurs. Aside from the expected internet snark about the lack of day 1 reviews (which I have to admit kind of set me on edge as well), I'm already hearing a lot of people say they're burning out, that the missions are too repetitive, the lore uninteresting, and the multiplayer oddly unsatisfying.

I've had big hopes for Destiny since it was announced. Big co-op action games with RPG elements are my jam, and it being one of the big name titles for the new generation of consoles added a little extra spice. But man, looking at it, I just don't know. I watched the Giantbomb quicklook of it, and by the end of the hour, it seemed like they demonstrated a lot of what the game had to offer, and it wasn't particularly exciting. Lovely graphics and that legendary Bungee polish, but not of lot of meat on those bones.

I'll be looking forward to what other Dtoiders have to say about it in the coming weeks. Maybe the game only STARTS at the level cap and goes much deeper than it seems. Or maybe this will be an unfortunate miss-step at the start of Bungee's newest IP.

* - Super Mario World is fucking fantastic. I forgot about all the one-shot enemies and sprites in that game, what an amazing commitment to surprise and whimsy.

* - Gajknight remembers Kingdom Hearts 2 and Streets of Rage. Now that is a cross-over I'd pay to see.

* - Super cute story about the Ashamasha Bros taking on Contra 2 after they couldn't get the game they really wanted. Gunstar Heroes would have been amazing, but it sounds like these two did okay!

* - TitusGroan brings the hate with his UNfavorite game, Morrowind. This blog might look like a wall of text (and could stand some pictures) but it's a hilarious read.

* - Knock off memory cards were a public health hazard. Let's just be thankful SpaghettiOReilly survived a sever case of DATA CORRUPTION and lived to tell about it.

* - Fallout 3 is one of the best games of all time, not surprised to see it shouted out as a favorite.

* - Fire Emblem getting the love. I still need to play through Fire Emblem 8 myself!

* - I would save the world with Magic Freddie Mercury at my side.


M - Hoffmann sets off a wave of nostaglia by invoking the Cardigans and name dropping a stack of great games.

M - “Air pirate” certainly has an appeal to it.

M - Terry might be spoiling the hell out of Star Ocean, but his heart belongs to Pokemon.

M - Garret, the man with the Swiss army bow.

P - PStoid wants you soul. Or questions. I don't know, I just skimmed the thing, send them whatever.

M - I can't imagine Halo 2 has a transformative experience, but it's super cool that WillsShadow does. We all come to this hobby from different places, reasons, and times.

A - It's totally fine to not get hyped over a big release like Destiny, you don't have to like the same things everyone else does! Oddly, the comment section quickly turns to taking the piss out of Titanfall again, am I the only person who actually liked that game?

S - Drop what you're doing and TEST YOUR MIGHT in honor of Mortal Kombat 2's 20th anniversary (in Japan).

A - The Devil has an advocate, and his name is Fenriff.

M - Who doesn't love Super Mario 64? Monsters, that's who.

A - I never played Kingdom Hearts, but some of these areas from the series look incredible.

C - Luckrequired is holding another caption contest! Prove you're worth as a human being by making us giggle (also win some stuff).

D - Tony Ponce will now accept your calls, have your visa card ready, 18 years old and up only.

R - Don't listen to this guy, Skate is awesome. He's just not radical enough to gleam the cube like a dogtown pro.

R - Sims 4 sounds like a colossal bummer! Shay Jade Anne is a fan of the series and has some mixed feelings about this latest entry that introduces some nice new features, but is also missing basic fundamentals.

T - Some quick impressions about Destiny. I'll be interested to see what the story is on this game in a few weeks. People seem impressed for the first few hours, but I'm already hearing about fatigue and boredom creeping in from people who have played it the past few days.

D - This C64 inspired adventure looks promising! But are they low-balling the cost to a dangerous degree?

A - I adore art books and Capcom fighting games, so this blog was pure sunshine for me. Would love to see more art book reviews around here, I know there are some serious collectors among us.

R - Corgis are cute, even when they've been petrified by a New Zealand cockatrice. I tell you, they need to get their crytozoological animal population under control.

L - Oh, oh my. Oh my lord. The internet is a wonderful, terrible place.

R - An anime review! If you're an anime fan and love to talk about it, be aware that Japanator is hiring again.

-no fail, woot!




You know that feeling when you shoved your nose in a book first thing in the morning, then the next time you come up for air, it's already nighttime and you're wondering when the hell did you turn on the lamp? Yeah, me neither, since I was never the type of person to ever crack open a book (with very few exceptions)... but the closest I've ever gotten were the Phoenix Wright games: I used to play the Ace Attorney series constantly, to the point that my batteries would probably give out before my eyes did. I mean, the game has charming characters, quirky humor, excellent suspense... and with the tension of finding out who committed the crime coursing through my veins, it's no wonder why I couldn't put it down until the case is closed and filed appropriately. It's been a while since I've played one (Apollo Justice was the latest, as I haven't had the chance to play Dual Destinies yet), but that changed when Professor Layton vs Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney finally dropped in North America... and boy, am I happy that it did.

Stepping back into a courtroom to listen to witness testimonies and trying to discern fact from fabricated fiction while shouting out "Objection!" at the top of my lungs (this game doesn't have voice commands, but old habits die hard, I guess) with evidence hasn't gotten old one bit: it feels like old territory to me, and when the game asks if I need a refresher, I scoffed and said "no, thanks; I got this"... which is stupid, because the game couldn't hear me anyway. However, not only is the tale worth reading through, as it is a clever twist to the whimsical-like fantasy that I adore (very little setting spoiler: it involves witch trials where things like forensic science doesn't exist)... but this game also introduces me to the friendly gentleman Professor Hershel Layton, who is now easily one of my favorite Brit in all of videogaming history: the dude has swagger, and he is such an absolute delight that I want to pick up all the games and marathon them! I won't, because money and time won't permit... but damn it, I'll at least check out the anime movie!

Now, I want to mention that I am still playing Tales of Xillia 2, and I'm actually quite the end of it, I believe. Normally, I don't like to juggle too many games at once, as I even rushed a second playthrough of Akiba's Trip: Undead and Undressed just in time to check it off the list before Tales of Xillia 2's release date... but since I'm a sucker for crossovers, and I've been playing Professor Layton vs Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney for almost 20 hours already in the meantime, I'm just going to go ahead and say that it was worth the special warrant. Besides, I've had a little extra time to game since I decided to give my personal projects and blogs a rest to refuel my creativity, and so far, I couldn't think of any finer games to play during my break. I'm actually quite digging Tales of Xillia 2, and I really thought I might not have: I despise both Tales of Symphonia: Dawn of the New World and Final Fantasy XIII-2, which are unnecessary sequels in my opinion, just like I think this game is, considering how I felt how nicely the first game was resolved, especially with giving each party member their own short epilogue...

However, I quite enjoy the story between Ludger and Elle, the little girl of whom he has met in a chance encounter, and is now taking care of her. Sure, the concept and premise is nothing new, considering that it's following recent memories of TellTale's The Walking Dead's Lee and Clementine, and The Last of Us' Joel and Ellie... but I personally enjoy these "father-daughter" type relationships, and I welcomed Ludger acting as Elle's overprotective guardian. The real treat is seeing the first game's party member's though, as Elize is still my favorite, and I just love having her around: her Teepo Drain helps build the Over Limit meter, and the subtle hints that she might be developing a crush on Ludger is just icing on the cake! Seriously though, any fans of the original game should really pick this up, as I believe that this is a sequel done pretty damn well: I'm not too keen on reusing assets and the debt system, but the story is the best part of any JRPG, and I think this is a fine one... so far. I hope the ending doesn't suck because if there's one thing I find most disappointing in a game, it's a lackluster ending (Tales of Vesperia...)

* - Uncle Terror tells us a wonderful tale about how he became obsessed with a couple of kooky videogames such as the ever-so-talked-about Deadly Premonitions upon wondering why his friend is so engrossed with Guild Wars 2. Why did I give this a Top Sauce? "Because that's how I like it."

* - You probably have seen her in the front page of many sites including G4TV, Kotaku, and best of all Destructoid; you probably stalk her on Twitter and Facebook; and you probably shared a love of guro hentai together... but now's your chance to really get to know her! Brittany Vincent drops by the Cblogs to do a little AMA (ask me anything... which took me an embarassing amount of time to realize): what will you ask her?

F - Agnostic Pope would like to show us an image of a post written by "Xbox Guy" showing how much "Xbox Guy" believes game journalism is dead... or is showing off that exclusive "I Made This" edition of his Xbox One: I can't tell which. Either way, I like my articles of golden dicks and corgis, thank you very much!



Photo Photo Photo

A lot of blogs on Thursday and Friday, but I don't have a lot of Shadeisms for you. I could talk about the whole Gamersgate thing, but there are few things out there that I hate more than internet drama, let alone internet vigilantism.

Beyond wanting to keep my distance from as much of the currently ongoing "discussion" as I possibly can, I have a lot of other things on my mind too. I'm a chronic overthinker so in all likelihood I'm making a big fuss over nothing, but the moment you can get my brain to accept that fact I'm giving you the biggest fucking trophy made of Nutella and bacon.

* - Gajknight does the smart thing and ignores any and all controversy to give us a neat retrospective of Michael Jackon's Moonwalker instead.

* -<3

* -There's really something amazing about video games that they can make you feel bad about decisions that only affect polygons and AI.

* - eDiZZtr0ya (do me a favor and choose a username that's easier to type?) lists all the goods that come of video games.

* - Nekrosys must be a certified carpenter, what with all those nails he's hitting square on the head. Seriously though, as much as I dislike getting into internet drama, this is probably the best opinion piece on the whole thing.

* - serchinnho discusses his intricate relationship to fighting games.

* - I'm always sad to see people go, and the circumstances in this case certainly don't make it any better.

P -This is the first I've seen of the You've Been Played Podcast on Dtoid, but apparently they're up to episode 32 already.

A - Sometimes the simplest metaphores are all you need to get a point across.

A - And sometimes this happens, I don't really get the point mangledenglish is making.

A - Meanwhile Fengor wants to go full Switzerland and not choose any sides.

A - Noir Trilby wonders whatever happened to us.

P - The only thing you need to know about Radio Dtoid episode 44 is that it features "exploding cum murder".

A - Again, what are you even trying to say here?

A - mrplow8 argues that we should not take literally that which might as well be hyperbole.

A - Ambrose Karella takes us all the way back to the beginning of First Person Shooters.

C - Nanashi is taking a leave of absense for what sounds like personal reasons. All the best to ya man.

F - Xbox FNF + Scields wants to STFUAJPD(estiny).

C - Hoffman taking the new Cblog editor for a spin.

F - PS FNF + Disillusioned KymikoLoco

T - Tonich shows that Papers Please makes a terrible person out of all of us.

$ - New releases and UK games for cheap.

V - Chi-Guy thinks Bayonetta 2 may be a pretty big milestone. Personally I just think it looks fucking awesome.

T - Much like most anyone else, sonic429 isn't happy with current Sonic games. He's got a wishlist though.

? - Is ctrain crawling back to Nintendo? Honestly I have no clue.

L - Retrofraction knows his priorities. Video games aren't the biggest problem we're facing today. Green energy is.

V - The Fatal Frame LP continues.

F - Since this is about GamersGate I'm promptly ignoring it. Not much substance here either.

- ShadeOfLight
May you always find water and shade