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Well, that was an interesting dream I had last night. I haven't watched professional wrestling in forever, but I had a dream about being hired by Vince McMahon to be a WWE tag team manager and also a WWE Diva - it was more management than wrestling, though. I was more of a face than a heel, too.

The tag team I managed was called the Prismatic Rainbow Brigade and consisted of two fellows named Leprechuan Steve and Prism McKay and I had taken on the persona I called Fae Augustine.

Leprechaun Steve was a gentleman that wore a green suit, had lots of good luck and was incredibly polite. Prism McKay was a hothead that could refract light, cast rainbows on things and also turn invisble at will. McKay would sometimes just turn heel and do bad things, even when Steve and I asked him not to. As Fae, I was a fairy, flew carried a bag of fairy dust (just glitter, really), wore rainbow-themed outfits and had a really nice rack because a boob job was part of my WWE contract deal, I guess. We spoke with obnoxiously fake Irish accents and our entrance theme was "Paddy McCarthy"

Before each match, I’d kiss a girl and she would become a fairy! Apparently, being a fairy is contagious to women in this dream, but no one complained. After that moment we’d all put on a short play in the ring, then our opponents entered.

If things went well during the match I’d throw fairy dust into the air to signal Steve and Prism’s signature move – The Double Rainbow Elbow Drop – then I’d fly around the ring as they hopped from the turnbuckles to drop elbows on their fallen foes. After we got the pin, I'd fly above the ring and glitterbomb the losers.

If we were losing, Prism would turn invisible and find steel chairs, brass knuckles or other means of cheating. I might also throw fairy dust in an opponent’s face while the ref wasn’t looking.

Either way, we’d win and then Riverdance our way out of the arena. We always won and The Prismatic Rainbow Brigade became Intercontinental Tag Team Champions forever. I also ended up turning all the Divas into fairies and became Women’s World Champion. Vince had no problems with this, even after I turned Stephanie into a fairy.

The End.

Just looked up pro wrestling and fairies, apparently this happened.

This week has been a pretty good week for me as games go. Got my Vita back, downloaded six games for it, four of which I bought back during the February PSN Flash Sale and 10% discount. Snagged Metal Gear Solid 2 HD, MGS Peace Walker, Resogun and Fez. Well, okay, I later saw Sony was just giving away Resogun when I got my Vita, so they owe me three bucks, but I'm still happy to just have my Vita back.

On top of those, I grabbed Shadow Tower and Vagrant Story. I think Shadow Tower is relic of the pre-Dual Shock days of PSOne, because I had to fiddle with customizing the controls for a half hour to get it all to function like traditional dual analog controls and it is a little laggy, but it works. 

And of course, like any dungeon crawler from From Software, they drop you into into a miserable, dark, dank world and don't tell you anything. I'm okay with that, really. I'm rather interested to play through it because of that.  I also had never played Vagrant Story before, though I knew of its connections to Invalice. Amazingly cinematic for such a small file size, I love the comic book style it has. I may give these two priority over the other stuff for now, though I really want to play Freedom Wars and Peace Walker, too. 

Also eyeballing Deception IV because I keep hearing good things, Gamestop dropped it to $20 recently, but Wal-Mart dropped Borderlands 2 to $20 and Sly CooperTrilogy to $15 for clearance. Then Oreshika: Cursed Bloodlines on PSN is also $20. Can't really decide.

On 3DS I picked up Etrian Mystery Dungeon, used my remaining coins for Punch-Out and also downloaded Flipnote Studio 3D. I wish I had the cash for a New 3DS because I'd totally be about some Xenoblade Chronicles right now, but I can wait another month or two, I think. I haven't gotten around to Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate yet and Devil Survivor 2 Break Record is right around the corner, then Etrian Odyssey Untold 2: The Fafnir Knight is in July. I'm sure June is as good a Reyn Time as any.

I've only scratched the surface of Etrian Mystery Dungeon, but I decided since Hoffmann and GajKnight got sidelined in Untold (which I need to get back to, like I need to get back to Persona Q as well). I've put them on active duty as their appointed classes from that game - Hexer and Landsneckt respectively.  I am a Gunner and Elsa reprises her role as Protector - and we all die horribly in this game.

Hoffman is surprisingly the biggest asset in the party so far, nuking stuff from the back of the party. I did't use Hexer at all in EOU because Grimorie Stones let you borrow  and mix up skills from other jobs to customize existing ones. Since I have more debuffs than I need, Hexer is kind of redundant there, but here they are more useful. 

I really need to finish all my EO-style games. I'm gonna get Etrian Odyssey Untold, Mystery Dungeon and Persona Q done in the next few months, I think. I'm mostly done with two of them as is, I just trailed off after a bit.  Then I can be ready for EOU2 and Lost Dimension. At least, assuming I don't get too sidetracked, which I probably will. 


Let's recap.

* - Jawnuthan looks Hover's mixed priorities between its kickstarted backers and Steam Early Access.

* - Comments of the week - Crazy Creations.

S - Bardley continues his series of looking at ads from the past. This time he focuses on Pokémon. Not really a "Wordtoid" per se, but it is a series and this is where the "series" tag is.

C - Retrofraction starts an art contest.

T - tenaciousdave looks forward to Mortal Kombat X and digital rereleases of King Crimson.

T -Gears of Easter Eggs.

R - Kodu reviews Claire. The game, not the community member that's a luminescent  bear.

S - 90% of this "blog" is just someone else’s content. You know where the forums are, right? Consolation Prize: You are an excellent Hexer.



Woot, this week is mostly free from me talking about television, so now I can talk about From Software's Bloodborne! First of all, I recently bought a PS4 (PSN's TraitortoHeaven in case anyone wants another name on their friend's list). I had to do a lot of trading to get it in, and abused a bunch of $5 gift cards I had stored up like a squirrel as well as a "Free 1-Year PSN+ membership with the purchase of a PS4" coupon, but I finally stepped into current gen. I just got the standard version, but hey, it works and I'm good with that!

Except... it didn't. Well, the console did, but the Xbox 360 became a casuality when I was testing the included PS4 HDMI cable. See, what had happened was, the HDMI cable that came with the PS4 didn't "fit" so I was worried that it might've been the PS4 itself. I chose to use the HDMI cable I was using for my Xbox 360 instead, and it turned out the console worked fine. However, in my stupidity, I tried to plug the included PS4 HDMI cable into my Xbox 360 (which is the real reason why it didn't work with my PS4), and ended up busting that console's HDMI port so now it can't work with any HDMI cable. There's a console war joke to be made, but I can't think of anything.

I know I'll probably be playing on my PS4 a LOT more than my Xbox 360, but considering the lot of the games I have are on the 360, a good chunk of my library is rendered temporarily unusable. Furthermore, I can't find a way for me or someone else to fix it (it's REALLY old), and even the cheapest 360s are a bit out of my price range, so I'm sad to see it go. :(

Anyway, speaking of deaths, Bloodborne is pretty damn delicious. I knew this game would be dope just by the name and prestige of From Software alone, but man is it so good. The atmosphere, the music, the art style, the enemy design, the level design, and most importantly the gameplay design, are so top-notch. I love the feeling of dread I get walking down the streets at night, fighting against crazed mad men. Everything looks so cool, and the graphics are definitely not too shabby. The whole Demon's Souls approach of having to unlock shortcuts to make traversal easier is pretty swell. The Regain mechanic (where any health you lost to damage can be earned back by striking enemies) gives the game a "risk-reward" factor, and using guns to parry enemies and open them up to Visceral attacks (Critical/ Riposte) is so addicting. As you can tell, I am in love with this game, and I'm so glad I got a PS4 so early to get it (I planned to get it when either MGSV or FFVX comes out). That's also like the 5th time I said "so", but so what? It deserves praise!

I'm not too far in the game (I'm just outside the Shadows of Yharnam fight) but overall, I'm really enjoying helping people with their boss fights or doing them on my own. Right now, I'm still using the early game Hunter garb you can buy, but I have a +5 Thread Cane that's pretty nice, a Hunter's Pistol for parrying, and a frickin' +5 Cannon that might as well be an RPG. I had to grind a bunch to level up for the 30 Strength it needs to wield it (there's no "two handing" to reduce the stat requirements) and level it up to +5, but man is it worth it to blow enemies up! Unfortunately, it eats up ammo (it uses 10 bullets, with the max 20 you can hold at once, coupled with temporary +5 Blood Bullets, you only get four shots total) but it feels powerful to shoot it... and pretty crummy when you miss. Doesn't happen a lot, but it makes me sad when I miss because I'd have to farm for the bullets back.

Well, My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic had a Season Premiere last week, and for the most part I enjoyed it. I stopped being a big a fan of the series around Season 3 (which was weak, though Season 4 was better), but Season 5 started out good enough. The whole premise of the two-part episode is that Twilight and her friends need to go to some town to spread the power of friendship, but the place is full of these "cult-minded" people that think being the same as everyone else is the key to happiness. The inhabitants even go as far as to give up their Cutie Marks (a symbol that represents who you are individually) to this notion, something that many characters are puzzled by. For me, it was a little odd to watch because apparently, losing your Cutie Mark is losing your "special talent", and it feels weird to think that there's where a person's "creativity" or "strength" comes from. It doesn't make sense for Twilight to lose her magic, and it's stupid for a character like Applejack, who works on a frickin' farm with her own hooves, to suddenly be rendered powerless due to her missing her mark! I did like how the ancillary characters had to save the day due to the main ponies being powerless, and how the antagonist gets away. I'm curious if she will play an even bigger role this season since she escaped at the very end, or if she'll just be a minor, recurring villain like Trixie (Twilight's magical rival).

I got some other thoughts for other PS4 games, but I'll save them for another time. I will say that one of the "pushing" reasons why I opted to get a PS4 now is because of the Final Fantasy XV demo. I don't know about you, but I've been drooling over that game since it's E3 2012 (or 2013?) gameplay trailer, and I've been eager to play it ever since. In essence, I DID buy Type-0 for the demo, as I haven't even played it yet. I even played Assassin's Creed: Unity first. I'll talk about that another week. Overall, the FFXV is pretty good once you get the hang of it.

Short tidbit about my life status: you may noticed that I'm barely around lately, and that's because I've been feeling way less than 50%. In addition to schoolwork and other things going on in my life, I've haven't had the time to really make a presence here. It's like I'm spreading myself thin trying to do everything I want to do, with several things taking priority. It also doesn't help that my mood and manic episodes are becoming so constant that it's actively affecting me. I can understand why Andy Dixon, who has done so much for the community, eventually decided to step down. I wonder who will be next to handle the mantle, and I imagine it's a lot of labor, even if it's full of love.

Final comment, I'm going to ask because I really, REALLY, REALLY want to know, but is there a way to save gifs AND be able to view the animation without needing to be on the internet? I thought it'd be as easy as simply saving it as a gif file and then opening it up with the Windows Photo Viewer, but silly me, it's a lot more complicated than it seems.

* - For National Siblings Day (wait, that's a THING?), The Nintendette reminisce about playing videogames with her brother and about how the medium made them closer.

* - ShadeOfLight hopes you notice his version of Bbain's Jukebox series as much as you would these memorable songs from videogames that were placed in very forgettable or looked over places!

* - Titannel just came back from Megacon 2015 and has a bunch of blurry pictures to show you! If you've wanted to see some of what you missed out on, check here for a gallery of what was being sold, cosplayers, and other stuff!

A - El Dango conjures a list of games that a lot of players who didn't like it are vocal about... that he enjoys anyway! Check out the list and see if any of these games are ones that you enjoy!

A - With all the instant negativity surrounding mobile/ F2P games, OverlordZetta steps in like the hero he is and defends it with a couple of points people may not consider. Feel free to agree or disagree here.

M - Not entirely related to From Software With Love, but n0signal writes about the anime/ manga series Berserk and its influences on the media.

C - Just a reminder: Agent9's Easter Egg blog contest, where you write about your favorite videogame Easter Eggs, will be ending soon. Don't miss your chance to win a copy of Hotline Miami 2: Wrong Number!

C - While not being hosted on Destructoid itself, RH666, otherwise known as Reinhold Hoffmann, invites you to participate with an art contest on his Game-Art-HQ site. The rules are to use traditional tools like markers and pencils!

C - If you've been wondering what Alphadeus, creator of music, has been up to, you can find out here. You can also support him via Patreon to help heal up with his medical bills.

T - RadicalYoseph watched the Xenoblade Chronicles X presentation yesterday, and has some thoughts and concerns about the Dolls (the name of the giant mechs) mechanic and online functionality.

T - Tenaciousdave wonders how tenacious CD Project Red is about making The Witcher 3 one of the best looking games to come out.

T - If you're interested in hearing what a fellow gamer has to say about the new Dark Souls II: Scholar of the First Sin PS4/ Xbox One port, Kooram gives his thoughts here!

T - Forgotten Bastion hasn't forgotten about how serious the storytelling can get in Life is Strange, especially during Episode 2! HEAVY SPOILERS INBOUND so click at your own discretion.

V - Gobun returns with part 1 of his Let's Play of Octodad: Dadliest Catch, and you can read some of his impressions of the short but sweet title right here.

V - Lightning apparently strikes twice: Rico the Penguin gets lucky enough to get a very rare mount in World of Warcraft after someone he knows gets one, and here's video proof! With odds like that, he should go to Vegas.

? - Wutangclam talks about not having furniture, watching X-Files, and this one videogame that reminds him of X-Files, before being reminded that he has no furniture.

- Dreamweaver


Photo Photo Photo

I'll be honest with you guys. My church had a 24 hour prayer event, so over the past 36 hours, only about 3 of those have been spent sleeping, so I'm running on fumes. I've also had about 6 cups of coffee and, even though I always say I'm going to stop drinking them, 3 energy drinks. I'm pretty sure I've stopped blinking at this point, because the moment I close my eyes, I'll be crashing hard. So please excuse me for what will probably be the shortest Theisms since I start doing this.

I listen to a lot of podcasts. I do a lot of driving, I do a lot of working out, and I typically work by myself, so it's no problem for me to listen to 3 or 4 podcasts a day. They're mostly videogame related, however I do also delve into sports talk with the Dan Patrick Show and professional wrestling with Colt Cabana's "Art of Wrestling" podcast. If you're into pro wrestling and have an interest in the behind the scenes stuff with top independent stars and legends, it's always a great listen. But I just started listening to Chris Jericho's "Talk is Jericho" podcast, and I've been mainlining it all week. I love hearing road stories and backstage anecdotes from the huge stars I watched growing up, and it feels a lot more like two buddies just reminiscing rather than an interview because Jericho was on the road with a lot of these guys.

Jericho also talks to a lot of other celebrities outside of wrestling, and I've listened to his talk with Vinnie Paul (drummer for the all-time greatest metal band, Pantera), but it's the wrestling talks that really suck me in. His talk with Chavo Guerrero is probably my favorite so far, because it covers the events around the death of his uncle and wrestling legend Eddie Guerrero, as well as the last days of Chris Benoit. Really fascinating stuff, and I suggest the show to anyone who is a fan of wrestling.

He's also one of the best promo guys the business has ever seen, so enjoy this one.

Gamewise, a lot more Axiom Verge, which I'm still enjoying immensely, and as of right now is an early "Game of the Year" pick for me. But I also managed to get my hands on Professor Layton and the Azran Legacy. Being such a big fan of the Layton series, I'm a little saddened that a) it took me this long to finally buy it, and b) that I'm not as in love with it as I am the rest of the series. I honestly think it's just series fatigue, since I just recently played Professor Layton vs. Phoenix Wright, and that game was very taxing on me.

I'm still enjoying it, and I'll definitely finish it, I just find myself playing it in shorter chunks than I did in previous Layton games, where I would basically marathon them in several hour sessions.

I found some good stuff at the flea markets today, so expect a new flea market finds video this week.

That managed to be a bit longer than I expected, so yay.

Recap time!

* - Our bonerific leader, Mr. Andy Dixon, has stepped down from his post atop the community, for good reasons, and on good terms. Pour one out for the Dix(on).

* - Sometimes, the internet doesn't suck. But normally, yes, it does.

* - Riobux ponders the risk/reward system, citing Payday 2 as a fantastic example.

S - OpiumHerz says the Japanese got the SHAFT when The Order: 1886 got censored in their country. Hehe, penis jokes.

S - My weekly top 5 blog counts down games that turned out to be pleasant surprises.

A - “The Case of Psycho Punch's Deleted Comment” on this episode of Dtoid Mystery Theatre.

F - Who's goin' Monster Huntin'? We's goin' Monster Huntin'! (And yes, I hate myself for making that ICP reference)

F - Who's goin' Battlefieldin'?....Okay, that doesn't work for this one.

F - We have Friday Night Fights for you Euros as well. If you're interested in hosting, get your info in here.

T - Flanx is super pumped for Dissidia Final Fantasy and wants you to know why.

S - Given his love of retro gaming and toys, something tells me that Titannel and I would get along famously.

L - We were just holding these cigarettes for our friend, mom. We promise!

V - Normally I would fail a blog that had so little effort put into it, but I'm feeling generous and I love King of the Hill.

 This is normally the part where I say go out and do something good for someone else, but it's later in the day than when I normally post these recaps. So, stay out of trouble tonight, and do something good for someone tomorrow.


Photo Photo Photo

Last week I talked about some 2D Zelda, and today I'd like to continue that for it bit.

You may recall that I really liked Link's Awakening (which is way better than Link to the Past amirite guys?) and considered giving the Oracle series a try. Well, I did! The first game I bought was Oracle of Seasons, and when I finished it I immediately got Oracle of Ages to go along with it.

So how do they hold up?
They're great! I don't think either of them is quite on the same level as LA, but they're still fine Zelda games in their own right.

What I didn't expect when I came into this is how both are actually completely different games. The mechanics are the same, sure, but they have different stories, different overworlds, dungeons, bosses and even items. You could have released one as a sequel to the other no problem, I know a lot of series that don't change nearly as much between iterations.

There is one core mechanic that changes between the two, though. In Seasons, you get a magic rod that switches the season the world is in, while in Ages you get a harp that opens portals to the past. I liked Seasons slightly better for that reason, because the mechanic in Ages is similar to what we also see in Link to the Past and Link Between Worlds. Meanwhile in Seasons you might change the world to winter, so that a lake freezes and you can cross. Or you might switch to Spring so you can hop on large flowers in full bloom. The idea is the same, but I still thought it's a neat take on a familiar system.

- In Spring, that orange plant will shoot you up. In summer you can climb the vines, in Fall you can collect that mushroom, and in winter you can pass by the dead tree to go West immediately.

Another standout in these games are the items, in particular the Hookshot. Standout, in that neither of these games has a Hookshot. Instead they have fun alternatives that really should've been in other games too. Seasons had Magnet Gloves, which can pull you towards distant surfaces or push large metal items away, depending on the polarity. Ages had the Switchhook, which functions like the Hookshot except that it switches the positions of you and whatever you hit with it, be it a pot, enemy or specially assigned Switchhook objects. Both open the door for some neat puzzles and are easily my favorite versions of the Hookshot since the Double Clawshot in Twilight Princess.

All in all, both the Oracle games are well worth the time for any Zelda fan, and considering that they're pretty cheap on the 3DS Virtual Console I'd say go for it! Now all that's left for me to do is Adventure of Link, Four Swords and Four Swords Adventures and then I'll have played every Zelda ever made, besides those ones that don't exist.

Oh yeah, and the Oracles games give you animal buddies. So what are you waiting for?! Gotta love them animal buddies.

* - There are things to love about Mario Kart 8, and things to hate about Mario Kart 8. But mostly love.

* - This is the kind of blog I'd like to see more of: wutangclam examines the Lovecraftian influences in three recent games.

* - You can ask Mike / Phil anything, and inevitably learn to appreciate Stoya.

A - It's always a good time, getting a sneak peak into Occams' mind. Here are a number of random things he loves.

A - Even though Soul Calibur isn't what it used to be, Reinhold still has a project about the series in store.

- The dancer of the Seasons.

C - Rico wants to start a video series called "Just the Tip". Get your mind out of the gutter, it's the tip of the ICEBERG. He's a penguin, after all.

T - Rock Band had some killer tracks as DLC. Here are some of Titannel's favorites.

R - A review for Bloodborne, with a perfect score to boot!

T - Why listen to the radio while you can play GTA IV instead?

F - Rudorlf reviews the sequel to Mad Max. I've never seen either, but it sounds really good!

A - Reinhold Hoffman has another batch of great art by talented people.

M - Tonich has music for your earholes.

C - I don't know what it means to have a 24/7 Animal Crossing town.

- And the singer of the Ages.

- ShadeOfLight
May you always find water and shade


I have a confession to make. Several confessions, in fact.

I like things.

I like things I supposedly shouldn’t like.

I like things others don’t.


Holy pterodactyls eating marshmallows in Denver!

Now I have to tell you, I have to tell you about these things I like. It’s the only way I can repent my sins.


I like Mamma Mia.

I’m not talking about my mother, though I do love her very dearly.

I’m talking about the girliest of movies, the shallowest of musicals, the… oh, you catch my drift. It’s the ABBA musical, ‘Mamma Mia!’.

If my internet senses are well tuned, it seems this movie is not very well liked by anyone, be it critics or your average opinionated internet person. And I can see why. The plot is paper-thin. Characters are one-dimensional. Music numbers are catchy but awkward at times. It is not much more than your usual chick-flick.

And yet I enjoyed it! Why? Well, mostly because of how damn sexy Amanda Seyfried is in this clip. I never tire of watching this.

But there are other factors to it to. The movie has a very light, fun tone to it. The characters and plot are shallow because this is not supposed to be much more than a light-hearted excuse for some famous actors to goof around singing the catchy ABBA tunes in a gorgeous location. Sure, there are “emotional” moments but the drama is not the reason anyone would watch this.

So yeah, I kind of like Mamma Mia!. And I know that deep inside, you like it too.

It will be our little secret.


I like Army Men.

No, not like that! Not actual army men, I’m not gay!

Remember the 3DO Company? Remember the Army Men games? The ones where you controlled squads of toy plastic men fighting the evil Tans? Those games were the shit. As in, they weren’t very good games, but I loved them anyway.

The first few games were action RTSs, were you controlled your soldiers with a top down view, going around the battlefield fighting enemies by using different weapons and vehicles. Pretty standard fare.

What made them so special to me was the whole premise of toy soldiers fighting each other. The soldiers being plastic, it gave the developers an excuse to make very satisfying death animations. If you shot them with a powerful weapon they would blow up, with their little bits and pieces flying all over the screen. And if you attacked your enemies with a flamethrower, they would melt just like plastic! Little details like that really made the battles much more exciting for young me.

The actual battles don't have this scale

Not to mention that I loved the fact they would actually fight in realistic backgrounds at times. Like in a bathroom sink. Or in the garden outside the house. In the desk of someone’s room. In some of the games you even had to fight cockroaches and other realistic animals that were a threat to your soldiers due to their size!

My favorite of these games is probably Army Men: Air Tactics. In it, you only controlled a helicopter, going around an entire house fighting enemies, rescuing your troops and grappling things. It was great!

I wouldn’t recommend them because they don’t seem to have aged well, and the internet seems to think they were never good in the first place. Oh well. I had fun.


I like kids.


I have seen far too often on the internet the sentiment that kids are the worst thing on earth, that they are literal demons from hell, and that my life is ‘oh-so-much-better’ without kids, and that I’m ‘oh-so-superior’ to the dumb masses that have children.

Well, let me tell you something internet smart guy. You’re right. BUT I DON’T CARE! I wanna be a father someday. And a great one at that. I don’t know exactly why, but I have always been sure I wanted to have kids. In fact, I’m more sure than ever.

I have several small cousins in the family and I don’t think they are the pests all kids are apparently supposed to be. Mischievous? Sure. Needy? Uh-huh. But absolutely charming, funny and brilliant in their own way? Definitely!

I’m not going to bore you talking about how wonderfully whimsical and curious children are, but I am going to remind you everyone has been a child someday, and that everyone will be an old person eventually. I can only hope whoever takes care of you when you’re old will be sympathizing and caring, instead of treating you like the germs inside the Great Mighty Poo’s bowels.


I like waking up early.

Well, no. That’s actually a lie. What kind of weirdo likes waking up early? Some kind of bearded wrestler that participates in niche gaming communities? Naaah.

But this is a list of things I like, and as such I couldn’t put that I “don’t like sleeping late”. And I just had to include this item in the list because you see, it’s almost 4 a.m. here and I still haven’t finished writing this recap. So you will excuse me if my creative genius needs to take a break, but I need to wrap this up. Just when it was getting good, too…

For real though, while I’m sleepy as hell when I wake up early, I very much enjoy looking out the window and not seeing a car in sight on my usual busy street, seeing the sun rising in the east and shining its first rays of light on the apartment while I lazily drink a cup of milk. And to think that will happen an hour from now... Ahh, I gotta go sleep!

Thank you for reading and sweet dreams to you! Or sweet harsh reality if you’re just waking up.


* - The excellent Super Mario RPG had some great easter eggs and secrets, as Titannel shows us.

* - Sony left the PSTV out to die. Johney thinks it deserved better.

* - Fighting games are the Belgian chocolate waffles of videogames to sonic429. Because Belgian chocolate waffles are delicious

A - Spieler Dad loves them tanks.

W - The unofficial Super Smash Bros. tournament has been cancelled, due to the fear of the participants in facing the might of my Dedede.

I have other 'guilty' pleasures I didn't talk about. I will leave it to your imagination.

N - Shuffle the Pokemons to get special stones.

R - GAME OF THE YEAR: 420BLAZEIT VS. xxXilluminatiXxx is a real game, guys.

M - Final Fantasy X composer Junya Nakano has released a new album!

S - Titannel highlights some pretty cool action figures.

S - Flanx recommends this gaming t-shirt seller.

V - RIP Spazzh20’s cat.

V - Topher made a video. Check it out if you want.

C - TheKodu still cares about what some Twitter shitlords think. Eh, we shouldn’t give them attention.

Kodu, I heavily recommend you re-read and edit your blogs before publishing them. Sometimes it’s a pain to read them because of the tiny font, grammatical errors, incoherent sentences and rambling thoughts. Just a suggestion, I’ve often committed those sins as well.

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Last weekend I had the pleasure of going to San Francisco with my girlfriend. It was a 4 hour drive to her place followed by another 4 hour drive which she took over for. It was mostly for business purposes, as we went to check out apartments she had found. The first apartment we toured was such a knockout that we almost didn't go to our other one. My girlfriend is supposed to have a job lined up in San Rublo, which is within the commuting area of the San Francisco bay area. I'd be moving in with her essentially as a freeloader until I find a job and even then I probably wouldn't be picky and work something menial until I can net a career steady job. But the problem with San Francisco jobs is that they prefer you'd be in the area, which made job searching before a chore. Moving up there means slightly better chances at a career.

It's amazing how varied the state of California changes when you drive for hours in one direction. I live in a pretty urban setting here in Orange county. Drive 2 hours north and you hit the foothills; you start driving through low, rolling mountains that are pretty sparsely populated and pretty much exist as truck rest stops. By the third, you officially hit farm country with flat farm land up to the horizon while occasionally passing through some urban cities in between stretches of farm road. By hour 5 as you head towards San Fran you hit the dead plains zone, which is just rolling fields of yellow tall grass without even a hint of humans even farming it. At hour 6 you'll begin entering more lush, green grassy hills and forests dotted with ranches and cattle. It's not until the final 8th hour that you come into that recognizable urban city setting, only this time the presence is dominated by the criss-crossing BART: Bay Area Rapid Transit.

The Bay area is one of the few places in America with a decent public transit system. This is great considering half of life there revolves around the San Francisco bay and how to commute around it. Here's a small breakdown of the San Francisco bay areas for foreigners and tourists.

San Francisco: smallest area wise but densest and most urban. Public transit is important since the city street design is lousy with incomprehensible one-ways and angles. Also, 75% hills, so any cars will naturally wear out faster and good luck walking long distance. Also, hobos.

Berkeley: a calmer, less busy version of San Francisco without the downtown metropolitan area. Popularly known for hippies and marijuana but I didn't encounter either. Businesses are overwhelmingly local and there is a distinct lack of big business chains but this also means the city is effectively dead past 9pm so good luck buying emergency batteries or food. Also, less hobos.

Oakland: the ghetto. It looks like it makes Compton in L.A. look like Pleasantville, Suburbia. Didn't stop off. I assume it has hobos.

Vallejo: Filipinos

Richmond: it's a place

All these disparate places will have an assortment of people who live in them yet have to go somewhere else on a daily basis. The BART is a convenient public transit system/hobo hole that I never got to experience in Orange, especially since most of the rest of California is known for its car culture and commuting.

On our return trip, my girlfriend showed me one of her parents' favorite rest stops, Case de Fruta. Before they had kids, they made the SF trip quite frequently and even a few years into it they showed my girlfriend Casa de Fruta. It's quaint little, I don't know, fair in the middle of the central valley. It started as a rest stop, restaurant, and farmer's market at first. Now it sports circus rides, a winery, and two different businesses to sell its local products: a building to sell its sweets and a building for its fresh produce, in addition to its long running restaurant.

Asides from that, now you know why I winded my activity down for the past week. I know Occams is super busy and he helps run an art gallery so that sounds busy by itself. The park is entering peak season so it's starting to run back to back with morning classes. I'm hammering out the kinks to meet a Dtoider on his trip and do him a solid with getting him in for free for a day. Other than the trip, work, and school, any time I could have dedicated to Dtoid has pretty much been inexcusably dedicated to Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate.

But fuck it all I have dual blades made from the horns of a thunder wyvern, who cares about anything else.

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