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Cblogs of 03/10/15 and 03/17/15 + Mass Effectisms
11:57 PM on 03.18.2015
Cblogs of 03/16/2015 + Nothing to report today-isms!
2:00 PM on 03.18.2015

It inspired art by Meanderbot. 

I had talked about one of my recent dreams in the February recap and while I sat down to have dinner and look at Twitter Wednesday, he sent me a message with the rougher version of that piece and made my day. I also said I was "so using that" after I saw it and so here it is.

This last week I still didn't do much gaming, Even after saying I was going to play Majora's Mask 3D I never really got around to it. I think its just platform fatigue, as my PS Vita is still tied up in repairs thanks to shipping issues. I wanted a side of Resogun with my Majora's Mask and I can't seem to have it right now, so I don't want to play anything, I guess. 

So with this onset of video game paralysis I decided to watch some movies instead. I watched Edge of Tomorrow, Maleficent, Big Hero 6, Captain America: The Winter Soldier and also learned Paprika was a thing and watched that. Maleficent and Paprika ended up being the favorites of that bunch. They are also movies where someone may be or briefly becomes a fairy. 


I'm gonna talk about Paprika since I started with the dream stuff. 

Paprika was basically my dreams in anime form. Household appliances and furniture are on the march, a band of frogs are playing as they parade alongside them down the street and floats full of dolls surround a jovial king as they travel to somewhere. That sort of stuff.

Cblogs of 3-15-15 + Paprika-isms!
9:06 PM on 03.16.2015
Cblogs of 3/14/15 - ARAM of Hunting Monsters!
2:08 PM on 03.15.2015
Cblogs of 3/13/15 + Theisms: Part 32 - The Deadening's Revenge
5:23 AM on 03.14.2015
Cblog Fapcast episode 21 - I'm really [heavy sigh] feeling it
3:22 AM on 03.14.2015

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Lately I have been playing this little game called Mass Effect. You probably never heard of it.

It’s not the first time I play it. Years ago I started a playthrough of Mass Effect with the default Male Shepard. I got about halfway through it when my computer broke and I lost my saves.

Later I began another playthrough, this time with a kickass Infiltrator Female Shepard. I got all the way to Virmire when – guess what - my computer broke again. My saves are still in the HDD, but I have yet to fix my computer.

Now, on my third try, I’m on the verge of finishing the game again, and shit, why haven’t I made a backup of my saves yet?! Unless another tragedy happens, soon I will finally have beat Mass Effect 1 and will be able to move on to the sequels.

Mass Effect. It’s a good game, not necessarily amazing. Here are some of my thoughts about it.

The Companions

Your trusted crew members were designed to fill specific roles in your squad, both in terms of combat and characterization. They all have distinct personalities that are easy to perceive, and yet they are written well enough that they don’t feel too one-dimensional. Sure, Wrex is the tough guy who tends to resolve situations using his brawn, but he’s no Sonic Boom Knuckles. There is more to his character than muscles and an attitude. By talking with him, you notice he is a fairly intelligent person alien who is complex enough to not be stereotyped as an good or evil character. You can understand his worldview and the motivations behind his actions.

This is mostly true for all characters, and it’s what makes talking with them interesting. Now, granted, they are not all super likeable. I have heard many people say they don’t care about Ashley and Kadan. I’m not particularly fond of those characters too, but I still think they are well-written characters. You can understand and appreciate their personality, even if they are not immediately relatable.

I think the biggest problem with Ashley and Kadan is that they come off as bland compared to your alien companions. Garrus and Liara are fan-favorite characters for good reason, part of that being they have a natural appeal to them just for being different. The fact Liara is an Asari makes a romantic relationship with her much more interesting, because despite her attractive human appearance, she is still an alien. There is an curious, exotic feeling to the relationship.

Despite the characters in Mass Effect not being “dE bEST cHarAcTErs EVAH”, the combination of good writing, interesting design and good voice acting makes most of them interesting. It’s difficult to find at least one you don’t like.

The Combat

The combat is… well… serviceable. It is not as intuitive as it could have been, nor as satisfying as it should have been. The mixture of third person shooter with RPG wielded in a weird hybrid where the guns can feel weak thanks to bullet sponge enemies, overheat mechanics forces you to control how much you shoot, tactical depth is ruined by bad AI with weird movement patterns and battles can be won or lost in a flash thanks to various skills being activated at the same time.

There is still some fun to be had in the combat. I love hiding into cover and picking my enemies with my Sniper Rifle when I can. But ultimately, the lack of tactical depth is what really ruins it to me. The lack of control you have over your partners makes the combat much more straightforward and frustrating than it should have been. You can try giving them orders but the bad AI will soon convince you it’s best to keep them close to you at most times. The skill system and the talents you have don’t exactly add a lot of depth to the combat either, and the end result is a battle system that won’t engage or satisfy the player very much. I’ve seen the combat in Mass Effect 2 was overhauled to be more action-oriented. I hope it is better!

The Sci-Fi Setting

I have always been more of a Science Fiction guy than a Fantasy one, though I can enjoy stories in both settings. The prospect of there existing other intelligent beings living in faraway planets just intrigues me more than generic goblins, fairies and dragons living in a magical land. While I will not say that Mass Effect’s proposition of most aliens being humanoids who speak English and have an organized galactic community is anything close to realistic, it’s undeniable that Science Fiction tends to be more grounded in reality than Fantasy settings.

Have you ever imagined how it will be when humanity starts figuring out ways to safely and rapidly travel the galaxy and explore other planets? How it would be if someday we managed to contact intelligent creatures living somewhere else? While we probably won’t live to see any of this become reality, it is fun to think about it. Like I said, Mass Effect is not very realistic, but the what if scenario is intriguing. When I’m playing the game, walking around the Citadel, I can’t help but think about how it would be if humanity encountered other species and had to coexist with them.

Mass Effect for me does a good job of creating a universe I can interested in, something that is a bit far-fetched, but imaginative. I want to know more about this universe, I want to see the relationships between the different characters and species. I want it to make me think. But not about Krogan testicles. I didn’t need to know Krogan had four testicles, Bioware!

The Citadel

I love the Citadel. Sure, it can get a bit boring walking around talking with everyone with nothing too exciting happening, and don’t even get me started on those damn elevators. But ultimately, it is where the universe of Mass Effect can really shine. It is a beautiful locale full of things to see, quests to do, characters to talk. It does a good job of selling that all these intergalactic species coexist in this central hub of the universe, and that all kinds of things go down there. Like I said, it makes me think about the world Bioware has created.

Part of the reason why I like the Citadel is also because it reminds of airports. More specifically, the Wards/C-Sec Academy areas. That’s right, I like airports. There is a very simple explanation for it: I love travelling. It is one of the greatest joys of life, travelling to a foreign land, getting to know a different city, country, culture than yours. It’s exciting, sometimes very tiring, but often an enriching experience. Airports have a certain atmosphere to them that makes me feel a good kind of anxiety. A slight tingling sensation inside myself. It’s the excitement of travelling, with all the positive (and negative) sentiments that come with it. The Citadel does a good job of replicating that airport atmosphere, in my opinion.

In Conclusion

There is more I could talk about this game, but I’m done for now. Mass Effect is a good game that I’m certainly enjoying, though it is not quite fantastic or mind-blowing. It’s a good RPG that has potential to be something better, and I’m hoping the next games in the series will explore that potential. I know I am late to the party, but I think this (and truly good games in general) are still very much worth playing even years after its release. And looking on the bright side, I am already prepared to disappointed by the ending of the trilogy!

* - Spieler Dad inform us of a common practice done by GameStop and other non-videogame retailers – the purposeful destruction and discarding of perfectly working products. Read about it and make your own conclusion on whether the retailers are justified or not.

* - Look at all these sexy, sexy people doing community-related stuff. You all contribute to this cornucopia of good feelings in some way or another.

* - Voltech writes another fun blog, this time about his top ten cool ladies in videogames!

A - The Kodu loves PS2 game Gungrave and wishes they would make another one.

A - Triad Gamer argues Nathan Drake won’t be killed –  or rather, shouldn’t. Do you think Sony is capable of killing Nathan Drake in the next Uncharted game?

S - Sonar Pony Django is back for his bi-weekly comic book roundup. Watch out for spoilers.

The resemblance is uncanny

S - CrazEboy7 writes about what has been on his mind lately.

R - Tonich reviews Dust: An Elysian Tail as part of the Secret Santa assignment. Did it convert him into a furry? Click here to find out!

R - On the fence about The Order: 1886? Check out TylerGames’s review.

R - Rudorlf reviews Hotline Miami 2. Beware of ‘EXTREME SPOILERS’

The AI in Mass Effect is so bad.

V - johnmasterlee shares his secret cooking tips with us.

F - Maybe write out those five reasons next time instead of just dumping a link to your video. That is just lazy and inappropriate for a shared blog space.



That day has finally come. That day where I can't think of anything to write for this week's caps. I am working on a couple of blogs right now. Some of which were supposed to go up the previous month. Some things never change. Sometimes, you have so many ideas in your head but you can't decide which one to work on first and so you end up not making progress in any of them. I'll try to get at least two of them up this week.

Not much of note happened to me on this day apart from the fact that I still can't get over this ASMR thing I found out about today thanks to that one article Glow published around the time I woke up. To think we filled up several pages of The Bar thread in the forums talking about that. I may not be able to get that sensation some people get out of those videos, but the discussion about the sensation sure struck a nerve with me.

Another thing I do want to mention is wow, so many people have birthdays this month! Dtoid had its birthday. Niero had his birthday. Marche had his birthday. Strider had his birthday. I had my birthday. Scholarly had his birthday. Everyone is celebrating their birthday this month!

March is best month.

* - I'm a sucker for stories about people's gaming experiences. Mistic's enthusiasm for racing games is quite contagious, having a long history with them, and is very much looking forward to the future of the genre.

You guys need to post more photo documentations of your convention trips. Like this one.

* - Nana share's his adventures in PAX East, bringing along some Dtoid friends in avatar form.

Naturally, he didn't bring me along when I told him he could go ahead and do that without my permission if he wants to.

He didn't want to.


A - Best games for gamers on a budget.

For some reason, having "7 best games…" for a title then portioning it off into two parts is really throwing me off.

A - Grethiwha has a pretty unique taste in Nintendo characters. This is his top ten list.

P - Error Machine Podcast questions go!

C - Trine 2 win Shade's prize for this week's episode of Frozenbyte-related contests.

R - Rayman Legends is free this month on Xbox Live's "Games with Gold" program and you should probably play it.

F - Chist watched From Justin to Kelly for this episode of "The Shit Box".

C - Swedish airport turns donation boxes into retro arcade machines.

It's nice to raise awareness of Swedania's "Charity Arcade" project, but I feel like the 30 second commentary track you dubbed over the 40 second video (seen below) explaining what it is could've been left as a simple caption below the video as you share it to others.

I'm slowly running out of Pokémon gifs to use for this section.

これはこれであり | kounog [pixiv]

- Luna Sy


Sometimes I have weird dreams. Sometimes I post those weird dreams because I have a knack for recalling the really fun ones, plus my subconscious mind has a habit of reading any dream as a video game. This last week sharing my dreams had a cool effect.

It inspired art by Meanderbot. 

I had talked about one of my recent dreams in the February recap and while I sat down to have dinner and look at Twitter Wednesday, he sent me a message with the rougher version of that piece and made my day. I also said I was "so using that" after I saw it and so here it is.

This last week I still didn't do much gaming, Even after saying I was going to play Majora's Mask 3D I never really got around to it. I think its just platform fatigue, as my PS Vita is still tied up in repairs thanks to shipping issues. I wanted a side of Resogun with my Majora's Mask and I can't seem to have it right now, so I don't want to play anything, I guess. 

So with this onset of video game paralysis I decided to watch some movies instead. I watched Edge of Tomorrow, Maleficent, Big Hero 6, Captain America: The Winter Soldier and also learned Paprika was a thing and watched that. Maleficent and Paprika ended up being the favorites of that bunch. They are also movies where someone may be or briefly becomes a fairy. 


I'm gonna talk about Paprika since I started with the dream stuff. 

Paprika was basically my dreams in anime form. Household appliances and furniture are on the march, a band of frogs are playing as they parade alongside them down the street and floats full of dolls surround a jovial king as they travel to somewhere. That sort of stuff.

The story centers on a group of doctors and scientists that have developed a device that can record, broadcast or even transmit dreams to the minds of other people for a shared experience. One of the creators, however, failed to implement security measures on a more portable version of the device before it is stolen and used to malicious ends. Basically, prior users of the device can have these recorded subconscious ideas broadcast into their minds in the waking world, causing them to see things that aren't there, leading ot acts of violence, accidents and general chaos. The dialog of the people affected, however, is hilarious series of nonsequiters.

I mean, have you been to the tribunal of the Panda King? It was a wonderous pancake full of glitter and chopsticks that carried me on a brick to the Lady of the Bookmarks who pronounced me "Nia, Queen of the Muffin Brigade!" What's that? The moon is calling for the head of Bilbo Baggins and who am I to refuse tiny kittens their sawdust and lava lamps? Ride, ride to the highest laundry basket in all of the mint chocolate chip mountains!

That's not in the movie, I made that up, but It's that kind of crazy.

One of the lead scientists, Doctor Atsuko Chiba, had already been using the device somewhat illegally to help psychiatric patients with their problems, such as depression to great effect and she does so as her sub-conscious alter-ego, the cheerful Paprika. Paprika seems to adapt to these dreams more capably than other characters in the movie.

One of the problems with the movie is they never get into why Paprika is so different and even seems capable of functioning independantly of Atsuko at times. In many ways, you just have to accept Paprika just can be that way just as you have to accept the rules of Dom Cobb's dream thefts in Inception to understand that movie at all. 

Paprika also ends up being more about the visual spectacle than the story. Its not as coherant as I'd like it to be, but much of the dream imagery and surrealism of the spectacle tend to make up for this, even if it is at the cost of character development. 

Still, I would have loved to know more about why Paprika is the way she is and I just love her whole style. If I can make that hairdo work, I'm going to steal it. Atsuko's personality is a bit more rough, but you can tell she really cares about other people no matter how harsh or real she might get. Seriously, she could crush your self-esteem in a single strike if she wanted to - she just reads people that well yet her relationship with her own alter-ego is pretty strange. Paprika accepts she and Atsuko are two sides of the same coin, but will also defy Atsuko at times.

There's also this subplot about the internet and dreams having a great deal in common as they are places where the subconscious mind is allowed to be more uninhibited, but its never really explored within the fim. Somehow Paprika and her patients can just waltz online because reasons.  Or maybe they're just imagining they're in a bar and projecting their imaginations into it. Either way, the movie doesn't stop to explain it, possibly to just to keep things surreal.

As for my actual dreams this week, I have two I'll recap quickly.

The first I was at the mall doing some shopping when a group of tattooed thugs blocked the way to Macy's. I needed to get past them to see what was on sale and I was rather frustrated that they had cut off each route to the store. 

This was when Christine Love and Nicki Minaj showed up and whispered magic words into my years causing a power to grow within me. Somehow as I came to realize that, Nicki was making out with me, then she hopped into an ice cream truck with Christine and took off. 

It was then I realized I now had the power to punch tattoos and make them spring to life, so I punched the thugs in their tattoos to turn their own tattoos agaist them. Dragons, skeletons, ladies, barbed wire - whatever the tattoo was it became animated, leapt out of their bodies and attacked the guys that once wore them. It was a very bloody, firey mess, but I finally got into Macy's where all the dresses and shoes were free for fairies.

The other dream was less elaborate, I worked in a warehouse that doubled as a skating rink and Bill Murray was our cranky supervisor. We'd move boxes to all sorts of musical themes and every now and again he would come out of his office and yell at us. He also didn't like my two hour lunch break, but he didn't fire me over it because I was the best ice skating fairy he knew.

Now it is time to recap the things and the stuff!

* - Meanderbot shares a comic and thoughts on Earthbound.

* - Alphadeus shares a rather dark poem.

* - Thou art I, I art thou. No uber tricks here, just ubermensches.

A - Have you read the beginner's action guide of the Forgotten Bastion? It is a wondrous souffle filled with demons, angels, gun stilettos and strawberry sundaes that fill dark souls with liiiiiiight!

C - Taterchimp posts a maybe-drunk blog and works through some personal stuff.

C - Terry 309 explains why he might be taking a blogging break.

I - Dach91 introduces himself and tells us his history of Hulkmania, hunting ducks, dragons getting blazed and triumphant hedgehogs he met through his grandmother!

I - Lending63 reveals action games help grey matter accept information at enhanced speeds. Elephant brains rejoice rapidly!

I - NinjaSpped talks of a hedgehog's hard luck. Sonic requires a vacation for Lan Di still does evil and Ryo Hazuki must raise kittens, meet sailors, play Afterburner and meet a young woman named after a tree that leads him a sword of destiny. Nothing happened after this.

N - WerdyNerdy laments a delay of four drakes uncharted, their dogs all for naught until spring 2016.

R - Kooram dials the wrong number! Computer graphics playing in my head and I like it!

T - A Hoffmann talks of combatant facts. The reptiles that thrive in sub-zero outworlds believe scorpions are the noobs of smoke and palette swaps! Friendship.

T - The Boxed Swine ponders the evils within high heels. Ponder no more for stilettos are situational and it pleases some to be stepped on with them. Especially Joe Biden and his band of merry doughnut holes.

F - The legendary outlaw Rudorlf looks over an adventure to 1885 where the greatest of all Scotts and Clint Eastwood wield manure and hover boards for a fist full of slackers, the heart of Clara and a safe return to the future!

C - Dach91 wonders if Fallout 4 is coming soon. When the bottlecaps buy me food and supplies, I am certain I will purify the water and bring joy to the weapon-hoarding cult of paladins.

No failures, just endless raspberry jam for the children and bumblebees of Antarctica!




Photo Photo Photo

I finally tried playing The Legend of Zelda: Majora's Mask 3D for the first time, and I gotta say, it's pretty weird to get used to. First of all, I never played any of the N64 Zelda titles, so while everyone is used to it, the feeling that I can't swivel the camera is jarring to me. I'm one of those players who likes to take in the surroundings in atmospheric games, and I keep wanting to glance at the moon overhead or check an area without needing to walk in that direction and "centering" the camera, but it's pretty impossible without either the New 3DS, or the Circle Pad Pro. Also, I'm finding out about a ton of side-quests, but am unsure how to even initiate them: I meet people and they add an entry to my Bomber's Notebook, but I have no idea what it is I should be doing. I should mention that I'm very, very, VERY early in the game, so perhaps I'm not supposed to talk to them yet, but still, I feel so lost (well, not entirely: I'm supposed to head... south, I think, to a dungeon?). I honestly want to hold off playing this title until I get both a Circle Pad Pro and a guide. The game looks great though, though I am disappointed how "empty" it feels: I get that it's an N64 game at its core, but the main town feels like its devoid of people.

Honestly, a bulk of my gaming is through both League of Legends and Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate. I'll talk about the former first: I'm still playing my role of Jungling with Support on the side, but at Dtoider Xeo's suggestion, I decided to try ARAM for the first time. Now, let me explain real quick what that is: most players play the regular game mode on a map called Summoner's Rift, a kinda big three-laned map. This is where all the tournaments are played on, and involves the most skill in both playing the game, management, and assessing the situation. After all, you need to watch the flow of battle and enemy movements so no one gets flanked, no one loses a turret to carelessness, and most importantly, who the strongest enemy is and how to best engage in a fight. However, ARAM is an acronym for "All Random All Mid", which means that every player is set on a very small and narrow map, and they are given a random champion to play as.

While it takes somewhat less skill to play, it's also a lot more relaxing and fun. See, you can't choose your champions, so you just work with who you got, same as everyone else. There's not much worries in getting flanked because it's literally just a straight line: you're going to see most enemies coming. You still need to escort minions and take out towers, but since everyone should be well within each other, there's an emphasis on team-fights, which is arguably the funnest part of playing League in my opinion. Personally, if anyone is even remotely interested in League, I would say, if you're willing to download the thing and spend some time in the tutorial, that ARAM can be an enjoyable way to get into the game. It also lasts a heck of a lot shorter than a regular match (my ARAM times are typical 25 to 35 minutes).

Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate is a super fun game. It's basically mostly boss fights, and to me, that is usually the best parts of a videogame to me. What you do in this game is pure gameplay: you more or less hunt monsters to get better gear, so you can hunt bigger monsters and get their gear to fight bigger monsters. There's a slight narrative, but honestly, I just ignore most of it, and that's surprising for someone like me: I find stories in videogames to be absolutely critical, to the point that I rarely play a game criticized for its narrative, but something about Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate just makes me ignore all that and just kill things. There are boring "fetch quests" and the "more-difficult-than-it-should-be" "capture quests" that makes the game drag on, but gearing up and going for a hunt is just so addictive and exciting that I can't help but keep telling myself "just one more hunt and I'm done".

My main problem of the game is that it's really not that accessible to new players. I mean, you don't NEED much to just stab things in the face, but if you aren't willing to use outside information to help (like how to combine materials to make traps an such), then it can make hunts either more difficult than it should be, or outright impossible. Since I'm always on Gamefaqs to discuss videogames, it's pretty simple for me to get the help I need (I haven't asked for help in the Majora's Mask 3D board yet), but I can't help but wonder why a lot of the information isn't in the game itself... unless I'm missing something, but I don't know.

Last time, I talked about how I'm getting intrigued by the story "seeds" The Amazing World of Gumball is planting throughout Season 3: basically, it's hinting at a bigger, dramatic event, and for a show that has most of its episode being standalone and humorous, it got my attention. However, while I will never doubt the comedy of the show, I wonder just how well it can pull off the somber scenes: it attempted to do it before (the episode, "The Hero", had a really nicely executed flashback near the end that feels slightly epic) but only a few times. Honestly, I just hope that it can make a big payout, because it would be disappointing it if doesn't. You're probably wondering why I'm reiterating what I said before...

That's because last week's slew of new episodes of Steven Universe REALLY delivered its payload. While Striderhoang talked about just one of the episodes in his recaps, Steven Universe deliver an amazingly well-done Season Finale that finally takes all the hints at a bigger picture and culminates it with a spectacular showing. I can honestly say that it was one of the cooler episodes I've seen not only on Cartoon Network, but rather, in television in general: it hits a lot of chords just right, and the music during the fight scene is really catchy (it should be noted that the voice actress of that particular character is Estelle, the famous British R&B singer). I don't want to say too much about it since Striderhoang has been a longer fan of the series than I, so I don't know if he wants to blog about it, but I thought the Season Finale was just wonderful.

Normally, I'd think this would be a sufficient enough recap, especially for such a light gathering of Cblogs, but I feel like I should address the current climate of the community. It seems that a lot of people have been feeling less like themselves, and as someone in a similar mindset, I understand. I mean, within 24 hours, we had not one, not two, not three, but FOUR blogs about someone who are feeling like they're stressed out, depressed about their current situation, or much darker turnings, and that's in addition to the OTHER depression blogs that other Dtoiders have been open about in weeks before. In fact, I've been thinking about writing another one myself, but that's another story. I feel for you guys, I really do, and it makes me sad to hear that people aren't in the best of spirits.

However, I'm glad you guys are opening up. I hope everything turns out alright for you, me, and anyone else who's being quiet about their situation. Please, talk to the people willing to listen if it'll help. You know where to find me as well.

* - Retrofaction decides to get a little real with us by catching us up on his life so far. He's not quite feeling 100% after all that has happened, and I wish him the best in his emotional and physical recoveries.

* - It's alive, it's ALIVE! Dreamweaver continues the resurrection of the beloved "Comments of the Week" series with this newest edition!

* - If you're not part of the solution, you're part of the problem: ShadeOfLight is not content with Nintendo's online functionality, and thus proposes his own idea of getting friends together to play by using a dedicated Google Group! See the details and corny advertising spiel here!

P - Cblog Fapcast returns with episode 21: "I'm really [heavy sigh] feeling it!" featuring the voices of Striderhoang, Mike Martin, ShadeOfLight, and special guest Hyper Lemon Buster Cannon as they talk Xenoblade Chronicles ans Smash!

A - Reinhold Hoffmann wonders why so many people have bought and installed a videogame have yet to acquire the easiest and earliest achievements, meaning that they aren't playing the games. Are you one of them? Voice off in this link!

A - Charlietime wants to discuss Friday the 13th Jason Voorhee's inclusion to the newest Mortal Kombat X roster, the outrage that seems to have spawned, and about crossovers in videogames.

V - LastSeraph presents, in collaboration with 16-Bit, the next episode of Infinite Backlog with a review for the PS4 exclusive The Order: 1886. Are they lychan the title, or does it were (wear) on them?

F - Rudorlf does a Casual & Biased movie review of Back to the Future: part II. Is the movie worth a second trip, or is back to the future exactly where it should go?

- Dreamweaver


Photo Photo Photo

Well, I'm doing the recaps for Friday the 13th. Are you expecting some sort of blurb here about the movie series? I'm sorry to disappoint you, although I did find someone cosplaying as NES Jason Voorhees at PAX East. Jason Voorhees is probably my favorite slasher movie villain, but I can't say that I've actually sat down and watched many Friday the 13th movies, If I had to pick a favorite, I guess I would go with Freddy vs. Jason, unless you guys say that doesn't count, in which case, I don't know, I guess I like the original. But speaking of Freddy vs. Jason, that soundtrack was heeaaavy, son!

Crap, I guess I wrote a little blurb about Friday the 13th there, didn't I?

I told myself I wasn't going to catch the Amiibo bug, but, here I am, with thrice the amount of Amiibo than I had the last time I did a recap. I'm still not to the point that I want every one of them, but only the figures of my favorite characters. The only problem with that last sentence is that Nintendo makes a lot of my favorite characters. I started with just Little Mac, then I picked up a Bowser because I just liked the look of that particular Amiibo.

I see you, Mario, scissoring me with your eyes...

Then, it happened. It caught me, and before I knew it, I had four additional Amiibo on my shelves. Since then, I snagged Donkey Kong, Kirby, Mega Man, and Toon Link. It has begun, guys, and there's no way to stop it. I'm in too deep. I just got paid, too, so it's only going to get worse. NO! DON'T RISK YOUR OWN SAFETY FOR ME! SAVE YOURSELVES!

I've already checked myself into Amiibos Anonymous.

Anyway, much like Nananananashi, I've been playing quite a bit of Hotline Miami 2. As of right now, gameplay wise, it just seems like more Hotline Miami, which isn't a bad thing. I've played around with some of the new weapons, including dual-wielding the uzis, but so far I haven't really been able to utilize them in any sort of empowering fashion. Or maybe it's just the fact that I play these games very slowly, and dual-wielding seems like it would be better suited to running through the levels on a rampage.

But let me tell you, I just got past a mission where you play as a soldier in the jungle, and it was probably the highlight of the entire series for me thus far. Like the original, the music is completely outstanding, and also like the original, I have no idea what's going on in the story. It's still weird, I can tell you that much.

This Playstation Spring Fever sale is going to drain my bank account. After playing Axiom Verge at PAX, that game will be a day one purchase, and I'll gladly be giving Yacht Club Games more of my money in order to play Shovel Knight again on my PS4. Between those games, and the amazing output that's been on Playstation plus in recent months, I'm pretty much set until summer.

Recap time, suckas!


* - Do Alphadeus a birthday solid and share some of his awesome, original work.

* - SPOILERS! This blog from Rico the Penguin is about spoilers (and if they really even matter).

A - I will not Topsauce my own blog. I will not Topsauce my own blog. I will not Topsauce my own blog...

A - I never played L.A. Noire, but I can already tell you I would prefer The Inquisitor any day of the week.

F - For those of you in the EU, play some games. Or don't, whatever.

F - Don't miss out on future Mario Karting with the Dtoid community.

F - With all this community gaming going on, don't forget to sign up for an Xbox FNF if that's your bag.

R - I appreciate the time and effort you put into this review Chuck, but I think I'll pass on Oblitus.

P - While I can't be certain, something tells me MasterMarioMX may be in cahoots with Radical Fish Games. Though, I must say that Crosscode sounds interesting.

T - I stopped playing GTAV immediately after I finished the story, and MediOCRITY's less-than-glowing opinion on the newly released online heists doesn't do much to convince me I need to return at the moment.

R - Riobux reviews The Haunted: Hell's Reach. The B-movie level of cheese appeals to me, but unfair bosses don't.

A - Johnmasterlee is tossing out some of his old artwork, but not before giving you a video and letting you take a look first.

V - I don't know what a bidoof is, but I watched this Twitch stream for about 18 seconds and found myself very confused and a bit frightened. Also, hungry, but that's completely unrelated.

WerdNerdy, you're new here, so I'll let it slide that you posted two blogs in a row. And I'll also let it slide that you posted two blogs in a row that were nothing but videos and contained no writing. But just because you're new doesn't mean I'm not going to Dikembe Mutumbo your blogs out of anywhere except Failtoid for this week (hopefully my sports reference wasn't lost on everyone).

S - Get that weak stuff outta herrrrrre!

S - Stuffed at the goal line!


Everybody have an awesome Saturday. Now go out and do something good for someone else, it'll make you feel good. I promise.



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You were promised a brand new episode, so here it is finally! Are you feeling it? Shade was excited to return to the Fapcast and he brings along fellow accented voice Dtoider, Hyper Lemon Buster Cannon! We just mention Xenoblade Chronicles once and it all snowballs from there. I have no idea how we get carried away with it but I decided to bring some flourish to the editing for this episode.

Together with Buster and Shade, after killing a running joke dead in its track, Mike and Strider learn to really feel it. Finally talking Smash, bad hedgehog memes, and really feeling it.

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