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12:32 AM on 08.21.2015

Cblog recaps of 8/19/15 and SHORTY-isms


Summer is traditionally a slow time for the video games industry. And now it's not just slow for video games but also on my cblogging front. It's been a non-stop lately with work and school, one after another, with no full days off in sight thanks to the alternating nature of my schedule. I am literally in the homestretch, with my big move happening September 6. But until then, I'm barely getting much time to regain my sanity meter while working 8 hours and working on long lists of homework. I'm pretty tired after work, not wanting to do anything. I don't have a job lined up for my move though, so come September 6, I'll experience the exact opposite of what I've been going through for the past month: I'll have a wealth of time that I'll have to spend wisely on job hunting and inevitably, freelancing. So long as I don't have a job during my first few days in my new apartment with my fiance, I'd be better off using that excessive timein freelancing for spare cash.

I've finally gotten off my Monster Hunter kick, replacing it fully with Splatoon and Smash Brothers. I'm beginning to feel like I'm getting more serious about Smash Brothers like I have for other fighting games, whereas before I was more or less just coasting off fundamental knowledge. I'm beginning to understand the deeper intricacies about my character choice now, such as hardcore footsies with Mac, juggling with Meta Knight, and actually doing combos. It was hard to do Greninja and Jiggs combos but Mac and MK have easier to pull off combos.

I've consistently been losing in Splatoon, like I said last week. People may think I'm crazy for letting Splatoon get the better than me and yet Smash doesn't rustle my jimmies but I'm able to not take Smash seriously and have fun because it's all my own effort and skill. Meanwhile in Splatoon, I may place high on my team but we still lose. No matter what I do, I can't carry the team, and that's what really rustles my jimmies. At least in Smash, it's my decision to jump off the stage and do crazy risky edgeguarding which can potentially end in a self-destruct.

Gate as an anime has been treading on treacherous territory. On the one hand, watching attack helicopters perforate bandits in a massive attack sweep is entertaining in the context of watching tons of fantasy anime. But we're about to enter a period where there will be more doubt about where it's going with its female characters in relation to the male protagonist. I'm hoping that at least the politics at work between a fantasy oligarchy and modern democracy will be interesting despite the growing harem concerns.

Caps are bit lightbut that's alright. I'm a bit busy if I haven't mentioned it.








S - Calty gives us another sexy does of The Slit and his continuing sexual escapades

S - Bardley is contemplating how he has matured versus how his interests are perceived by others












12:01 AM on 08.18.2015

Cblogs of 8/17/15 - Moving, Life, and Busterisms

Fuck stairs.

Moving is always a pain in the ass when you have to do it on your own; especially when it’s 105 degrees outside while going up two flights of stairs to get to your apartment. It’s hotter than Satan’s asshole out here in Texas, and I have to admit that I actually miss the rain for once.

Sleepy music time.

I’m happy to say that this is going to be my last year of college (and holy shit has it been a long time coming). I graduated high school way back in 2009 and immediately started community college that same year. I’ve been on quite a journey ever since. I was struggling on finding out what I wanted to for two years. It wasn’t that I lacked a passion for anything; it was that I was talented at so many different things that I couldn’t decide what to specifically focus on for the rest of my life. That’s a pretty daunting decision to make when you’re only eighteen at the time. I took a year long hiatus from college back in 2010 because I couldn’t decide and worked my ass off at a few dead end jobs instead, thinking that maybe elbow grease could take me where I needed to be. It didn’t take long for me to realize that I was too smart for the jobs that I was working at, and decided to go back to school again. I figured I was always a good writer in high school since my essays and creative writing exercises always received high marks, so I decided to pursue the only writing job I could think of that paid a stable paycheck every two weeks: journalism.

Phone Tag is a BITCH.

Now I’d love to continue my life story on how I became the journalist I am today, but I’m pretty exhausted from all the moving for the past three days. I’ll continue that part in another recap sometime down the road. Sorry for the cliffhanger y’all. As for videogames though, Smash is still the main game I’ve been playing lately. Now we all know Mewtwo is my main dude, but lately I’ve been experimenting with Little Mac. He’s a really fun character to use as long as you’re planted to the ground at all times. His punches hit like a truck and his speed is damn good. I have to admit, Strider made me see something in that little boxer. So for now, it’s Mewtwo, Roy, and Little Mac. And with that, I’m off to bed knuckleheads. Be a brilliant soul sparkling in the galaxy while walking on Earth.

See you Space Cowboy.

*- Michformer loves OST’s. So do I. The tracks he picked out are pretty dope to, so check it out. But for the record, anything composed by Yasunori Mitsuda should be listened to.

*- C'mon, it's Comments of The Week. Why would this not get Topsauced?

*- Here's a little known fact about me: I once played WoW way back in the vanilla days of '05. Tauren was my favorite face and Hunter was my favorite class. RainsOpacity's udderly sattisfying blog talks about her journey as a little Tauren. MOOLISSA BABY!

*- Waveplay writes up a fantastic retrospective blog about the Half-Life series, and what they mean for Half-Life 3......if that ever happens.

*- Now this is pretty fucking cool. JoyfulSanity is revving up a new series over RPG Maker and all of its aspects and how they affect game design.

S- Need your Nerd News fix? Adam "Ice Cream Man" P has got your back!

E- Mr. Andy Dixon himself will be on PStoid, so ask them questions about their sex life! Speaking of which, this is the link you WANT to click to see an amazing hand drawn dick that'd make the creators of Superbad jealous.

F- Friday Night Fights: A New Dawn Dong Edition. There, fixed it for ya.

T- One of my former best friends pointed this out several years ago in '05, and man was he right. Sure it's a rant blog, but Perd Hapley's preaching something I have to agree with.

R- Now this is something you don't notice everyday on the C-Blogs: a book review! Hey, I like to read and Gamemaniac3434 is a funny guy, so check out his review of The Unnoticables. Fuck, that is difficult to type more than once.

T- So Disney's bringing back some "classic" Star Wars games to the PS4, eh? Well DSBrad has his top 5 favorite STAH WAHS games and he's here to tell you why they're considered to be classics worth bringing back. HK-47 or GTFO!

T- RadioCapra (I see what you did there) breaks down one of the key differences between Dark Souls I and II. Do you want balls rockingly hard difficulty or expansive enviornmental design? To which I say, why not both?

T- I think the "HD REmaster" train has been chugging for a bit too long too, Mr. Knives. But then again, you're probably OCD. Yep, you're definitely OCD.

C- CoconutmilkFilms's video wasn't bad, and that's the only reason why this isn't getting failed. Give us more of an exposition that a video and five sentences. C'mon, man.

C- This blog has lots of potential, but needs more meat on its bones. I'm glad Eastyy found his niche at Killer Instinct. However, Third Strike is still the best, y'all.


F- Sorry Spieler. You're my boy and all, but my blogging standards still apply.





4:05 PM on 08.17.2015

08/16/15 - The (Lack Of) Importance In A Review Score

Let's talk about review scores, a topic of some personal loathing.

So yesterday (as of writing this on a Sunday night), I got to write up a review of Beyond Eyes for GHT. Until it is posted I don't think I can really reveal what I thought of it. Although, on a scale of “bad” to “amazing”, it is an all-resounding “good side of meh” personally. However, despite the game being not particularly impressive, I still believe it is an important game. It is a rare title that allows the player to experience blindness without feeling inaccessible or over-emphasising the weakness of blind people.

This led me to a frustrating conundrum that further adds upon a dread I have for the reductionist nature of numbers. I now have to score something that, as a game, isn't too great but I think is one of the important videogames that will likely be mentioned time and time again in the future. In this context, it would be mentioned when talking about representation of disabilities and, specifically, blindness.


 As a game, Spec Ops: The Line isn't fun nor impressive. It is what it has to say that makes it important. I'd be surprised if it scored a 10 anywhere, but I think it still is likely more memorable than ones that did get 10s that year.


So the question has to be raised: Should I rate it higher based on my perception of its importance, potentially over-scoring it based on the game's performance its self? Alternatively, do I rate it on how the game its self performs, with the possibility that it doesn't reflect the game's ongoing relevance in years upon years to come?

Personally, I rated it on the game its self. I believe the problem with rating a game too high is you can risk disappointing the player and making them too frustrated to see the gem within. I would rather trust the player to read the text, about how Beyond Eyes will be an important speaking piece within the conversation about diversity, in contrast to having to rate it to inform them on the importance. Which by doing that, those not interested in that dialogue would end up disappointed by the final form of the game.

I think one day I'll need to fully outline the pros and cons of quantitative (numbers) and qualitative (words) data from a sociological and games journalism perspective. In the meanwhile, well, you'll just have to deal with my four paragraph musing on the rating of Beyond Eyes.



* - Reading OrochiLeona's discussion about Time Gal is fascinating, as a step back into the days of when gameplay similar to Dragon's Lair was somewhat popular. While there are a lot of pictures (which may bug people), they actually do help understand the game more personally as someone not from that era (sorry, wasn't alive in the 80s). Not to mention, good job Taito on predicting the second Gulf War 15 years prior.


A - James Internet Ego talks about balancing RTS troops against each other and how Sins of a Solar Empire's rock-paper-scissors approach simply does not work, along with a discussion of various ways other games have done balancing better. Although I think an interesting counter-point to that is Fire Emblem's use of rock-paper-sissors with the weapons working as well as they do. However, I guess you could argue against that by saying it isn't a core part of the tactics but rather one aspect to the range of tactical systems going on. It also isn't a RTS title, so I guess I'm cheating in that regards.



In a contest, it probably didn't win any awards and it only got 3 10s out 62 critics (according to Meta Critic), averaging at a 83%. It doesn't lower its importance.


F – So, heard about this sweet thing called Friday Night Fights? They're doing some snazzy updates to help connect you with other Dtoiders, such as promoting Weekend Warrior and Twitchtoid and setting up both a Steam and Nintendo Google group. As always, if people are looking someone to rob places with on Payday 2 (on PC or PS4), yell at me and I'll be more than happy.


R – Everybody's Gone To The Rapture gets a review by IVTHEKILLER and, well, I'm not surprised at the end result. It seems similar to Dear Esther, The Chinese Room's previous work, in that it appears to be just about slowly plodding around discovering a story. Definitely not my cup of tea. I love narratives, but if the delivery may as well been by book then I believe there is nothing gained by turning it into a game.

R – Mike Wallace reviews Super Metroid, a game I actually never played growing up (I grew up with Mega Drive and then Playstation). Although I do share the sentiment that at least Metroid Prime: Federation Force isn't “...a fucking pachinko machine”.



Culture can't be measured in numbers, as much as quantitative sociologists wish otherwise.


Every time I get frustrated with review scores, it brings me back to the days of trying to measure sociological phenomena with numbers. Everyone in sociology understood the over simplification of it, that the numbers just reflect our interpretation and you should read the entire article, but damn the layman keeps taking it at face value...


F – So F3TUS STATUS is a Youtuber and does Twitch streams, and has decided to tell people this in large font. Perhaps it was worth advertising your other endeavours after you've found your place in the Destructoid community?


- Riobux 




3:16 AM on 08.16.2015

Cblogs of 8-15-15 - Your boy's been reading!?


This recap is kind of special, though not really. See, with this posted, it becomes the 50th recap I've done.. and yes, I did keep count in case you're asking. :P

I write all my recaps in a Wordpad document -- your boy can't afford no Microsoft Word -- and saved them for whatever reason. I never needed them, but I figured it was better to have them and not need them rather than the other way around. Like a digital hoarder, only with something that isn't used for fapping material. Damn, I remember a couple of times where I chose not to save a certain hentai image, only to DESPERATELY hunt it down in a fevered, horny state of mind. I mean I was literally drooling for it.

Ah, I wished my penis was still working. :(


Anyway, back to the topic, I wish I could say that it was my 50th consecutive week, but lately I've had to ask others to fill in for me while I tended some... opportunities. Still, what started off as something I thought I would do for a little while, became something that I've done for almost a year. Dammit, it might've actually have been a year if I managed to do the few days I missed. Curse word!

I should also note that I'm probably the only recapper of my "wave." You may not remember, but right around the time I joined, Pixielated, TheDustinThomas, and Luna Sy became recappers as well. However, Pixie the Fairy evolved into a hardworking community manager; TheDustinThomas, last I heard, became higher in position at both his local church and local Gamestop; and Luna Sy just dropped off Destructoid after the great forum exodus. I don't recall if there was someone else included in my wave -- I want to say Script was close but he might've been brought onboard after we settled in so I'm not sure -- but alas, I'm still here.


I haven't done much gaming lately. I'm still just dabbling on League of Legends, and I just started playing Gauntlet: Slayer Edition on the PS4, but I'm mostly just anticipating Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain at the moment. I really want to buy Ground Zeroes again now that I have a PS4, though I don't know if I should. There's also a huge amount of games I want to buy, but only a limited amount of funds to spend, so I've been doing my best keeping close tabs on my wallet. I almost bought Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn because someone I know recently got super into it, but I can't afford paying the monthly subscription after looking up how much it costs.

Anyway, I started working on a pet project lately, though I'm super concerned about it. For one thing, it's something that I may be doing for fun, but I still want it to be something worth talking about. This has made me super apprehensive, and super anxious, about the quality of it, so it's been causing my major stress. That being said, I'm trying not to lose heart and actually finish the damn thing, and I hope that you guys would critique it for me if it gets done.


Not much else to say except your boy has actually been reading lately.

Say what!?

Okay, to be fair, it's a light novel. You know, those "books" with anime drawings every chapter or so? Still, I actually bought two Spice and Wolf novels -- volume 13 and 14 -- and I finished one in less than a week. That doesn't seem impressive, but the thing is, I'm a very slow reader: it takes me two hours to read 60 pages, and these aren't books with a lot of text in them. :/

But in any case, I was somewhat glued to the stories, so I found myself wanting to keep reading. They aren't the best books out there, but I find the series enjoyable, and even now I wish I could crack it open and keep reading. But alas, I must work on the recaps, Comments of the Week, and other writing commitments, as well as my pet project, before I can earn a break. :(

Anyway, here are your recaps, which are pretty slim today. Don't know whether y'all are just busy, or making use of the Quickposts, but there's only a couple. Speaking of, we're still trying to figure out the deal with Quickposts; for now, I included the ones I enjoyed today at the bottom.



A - IVTHEKILLER thinks PlayStation Plus's "Vote to Play" promotion has the potential to be something good, but it isn't a perfect system at the moment. He has some ideas and suggestions to make it better.




T - Tons of Cheese doesn't like how World of Warcraft revolves around microtransactions when it's already a pricey game with monthly subscriptions, and it doesn't help that the game design is lacking.

R - Lexingtongue reviews IA/VT: Colorful, which is a Japanese-only rhythm music starring vocaloid IA on the PlayStation Vita. Is it something worth importing, or should it stay in its country?



RadicalYoseph - If con is bad, and pro is good, then shouldn't we call the constitution, prostitution?

Dr Mel - This really does feel a bit like some kind of Twitter group, except it's a Dtoid "Quickblog". D'ickblog.

- Dreamweaver



12:11 PM on 08.15.2015

Cblogs of 8-14-15 + Event Weekend


 No long story this week as I'm off at a game event all weekend. That and I'm trying to get my work together, refix my sleep schedule and blah blah. There's a Virtua Fighter Tournament that myself and Kazama have already been telling you about. I'll like the twitch video below in case it does work when they go live again, but if not you can catch all the action here: Most of today and Tomorrow. And then that's it. So you only have 48 hours to watch yourself some badass fights. There's still a team tournament and a singles tournament planned. I will probably lose both but have a shit load of fun all the while doing it. 


Without Further ado, let's get on to those recaps!

Theme for this week of course, my favorite stages in VF!



[url=][b]*[/b] - No way I couldn't spotlight this blog today, very well written and thanks to this guy the East Coasters have been getting good word of mouth for the last month or so! props to you[/url]

[url=][b]*[/b] - I've been saying for years make a new GITS game, someone needs to get on that.[/url]

[url=][b]*[/b] - OverlordZetta pushing the boundaries of what qualifies for the Bloggers Wanted call this month. If you want my opinion, it def. counts.[/url]


The VF5 version of Shun's stage.

[url=][b]A[/b] - Holy shit, mettphilip just came up with the best metaphor for the yearly Assassin's Creed franchise. Well done. Personally I think I am content to keep playing Assassin's Creed games forever just because the franchise reminds me of a very fond yesteryear but only after waiting MONTHS till the price drops down considerably. I waited till Unity hit <$20 and will probably do the same for Syndicate, though for that one it looks less interesting imo.[/url]

[url=][b]A[/b] - Riobux's entry for the Challenger's Wanted call for bloggers.[/url]

[url=][b]A[/b] - James brings us an article about psychology and aggression and games. Not my bag but it's got plenty of meat to it.[/url]


VF4 Mountain's. Though this might actually be from VF5R.


All the versions of this stage (VF5, VF5R and VF5FS).

[url=][b]I[/b] - We have new bloog, go say Hello. Do it now![/url]

[url=][b]S[/b] - Jinx, who was here long before myself, takes this blog to explain why he hasn't been active as much over the last four years. It's really quite a profoundly tragic story. Also it might be taken down so if the link doesn't work that's why.[/url]

[url=][b]F[/b] - Nintendo Friday Night Fights.[/url]


The Classic, Sarah (or Jacky) Stage from VF2. Many beatdowns were had here.


Aoi Stage VF5FS. Aoi <3


One of my favorite things Virtua Fighter 5 introduced, more Pro-Wrestling!


Lion's Awesome cathedral stage with oddly Zelda-esque theme music. 

Honorobal mentions: Jeffrey's VF2 island stage. Wolf's VF5 tundra stage. And Akira's VF5 Statues, where I remember having many great fights at the start of competitive Virtua Fighter Journey.

[url=][b]?[/b] - I'm going to chock this up to the guy probably thinking he was posting a Quickpost so don't take this failing too harsh I know it's a transitionary period right now[/url]




2:40 PM on 08.14.2015

Cblogs of 08/13/15 + One year since the US-isms

"Time flies" is possibly the biggest cliché out there, but every so often you can't help but acknowledge how true it is. This week, for example, it's exactly one year ago since I went to study in Washington DC. It's a year ago since I visited the White House, sat in front of the Lincoln Memorial, read the real Declaration of Independence, and ate at Hooters.
Okay, maybe not that last one.

That means it's also 7 months ago since I got back to good old Holland. I must say looking back on my time in the US like this, I kinda miss it. It was a very hectic time (especially in the first week because I didn't even have a place to stay yet), but I remember it feeling like the start of a grand adventure.

And it was! I loved my time in the capital of the Greatest Nation in the World (TM), though technically I ended up living in Virginia. The people, the school and the country were all familiar enough to my European sensibilities that I didn't ever feel lost, yet different enough that I felt like I was experiencing something completely new.

There are a lot of weird things I remember about America. The 'socratic method' in lawschool which felt incredibly confrontational in the beginning but ended up making its own kind of sense, the ridicous amount of choice in peanut butter, playing a game of 'guess my accent' with anyone I met, going to New York City at Christmas, buying Cards Against Humanity as the best-worst kind of souvenir, all airconditioning all the time, runners shouting "on your left", waitstaff refilling my glass of water even though I hadn't even finished it yet because apparently that's a thing, stacks of pumpkins for Halloween, getting Smash Bros. 3DS before anyone else because my eShop was still set for the EU timezone, and loads and loads of other stuff. It was a blast!

And of course I remember the Americans themselves. Now to be fair, most of my time was spent with other international students, but I obviously still met plenty of Americans too. If there's any one word I could use to describe Americans from a European perspective, it's "exaggerated". Americans are a very exaggerated people. It was quite funny to see. Then again, the Dutch are often described as very down-to-earth people, so maybe we're just the boring ones. Whatever the case, it was fascinating to be among that crowd for a good half year or so.

But that's all a year ago already. Time sure does fly.
I'll probably be back someday though. All I need is money and an excuse.

* - n0signal asks the hard-hitting journalistic questions. Pre-orders, are they like dicks? Do they go in your face hole?

* - Some people when they play online shooters, they just want to support that team. People like Goofierbrute, who will heal you like a champ. Medics are the real MVPs.

A - These people stole the term "Gametoid" from us and I for one will not rest until justice is done upon them. Oh, and they have a video and blog on a couple of EA games.

A - Mike Wallace drops some truths about DLC. We live in a time when a character's voice can be locked behind a paywall.

A - In some depressing news, someone you may have seen in Nintendo's Treehouse videos lost his job as a localizer. It was a bad call on his part, but still a tough pill to swallow.

F - PC FNF + Fresh meat in Left 4 Dead + FNF overhaul incoming.

B - Happy birthday to Spazzh20!

R - For once Lord Spencer reviews a game I've never even heard of. But all said, Black Sigil: Blades of the Exiled sounds like an underrated little RPG.

R - Xeodrifter (TM) is a pretty okay game, but it's not the Metroid killer you've been waiting for.

A - This wonderful individual drew a lot of Studio Ghibli art for a Settlers of Catan board. The world needs more people who draw Studio Ghilbi things for board games.

V - Mr. Ratliff checked out Nvidia's Shadowplay recording feature, and he shares his results.

This is something new I would like to try. This is still a test-run and part of its inclusion in today's Recaps is to gauge what you people think of it.
We obviously can't Recap all Quickposts, but I'm hoping that this section can be something like a "Topsauce for Quickposts". Let us know if this is something you want to see or not!

Q - Forsakeneyes just realized what an overlooked gem Kameo: Elements of Power is.

Q - Cosmontropolis plays horribly mean tricks on his food.

Q - Andy Dixon literally shoots the shit on the Dtoid homepage.

Q - Meanwhile, Brett just loves us.

- ShadeOfLight
May you always find water and shade



1:34 AM on 08.14.2015

Cblogs of 8/10/2015 + Review-isms and Communication-isms 2.0

I like reading and writing game reviews.

This might sound like an obvious thing for a blogger in a videogame site, but my love of reviews extend beyond my decision to buy the game. For me, reading a review is similar to having a discussion about the game with someone I would never meet in real life. Whether the review touches on technical details, or analyzes the “spirit” of the game, I often like to see how a different person reacted to a game.

Often, some reviews will help me appreciate some parts of a game I might have ignored. Sometimes, I can’t believe the reviewer just glossed over the parts I liked most about the game.

When writing my reviews, I hope to foster some discussion with posters who played the game, and encourage posters who didn’t to try the games I did like. Similar to a number of my hobbies, I really don’t have many (or any) people to talk about them. Every time I finish a good book or a good game, my only resource for discussion is with myself. Which is why writing a review is actually having a discussion with myself.

I love reading them

But what does that do for the reviewer?

Right now, I am playing games on the Wii and the DS for my review series, but I am also playing Super Mario RPG for my SNES reviews (and taking a long time in finishing it). Suddenly, I am feeling like writing the reviews is the reason I am playing these games, which is actually technically correct.

I never would never have started playing Black Sigil, Trauma Center, or even Super Mario RPG if not for the blogs I write here. It makes me wonder about professional reviewers. Does the obligation to write reviews subtract from their enjoyment of the games?

For me, the reviews are an optional bonus for me. If a game didn’t grab me at all, I simply would not review it. However, if it was my job to do the review, I would feel trapped and my reviews would probably be affected.

Would a review from a person who really did not enjoy the game matter?

Take Black Sigil as an example. It’s a retro inspired game with a high encounter rate that was reviewed by Jim Sterling for Destructoid, and he gave it a 3. In my own review, I gave it a 36/50. So far, we are seeing a difference in opinion, which is fine. However, Jim didn’t even finish the game. Through his review, it is clear that he didn’t like anything the game offered because of its frequent battles, and the fact he simply did not like Random Encounters or even turn-based combat anymore.

I often disagree with his reviews, but I like reading them anyway

Wouldn’t a review from Dale North (who enjoys Etrian Odyssey and Atlus games) hold more weight than a review from Jim, who felt forced to review the game rather than enjoyed reviewing it? Would you prefer reviews from people who like the genre moreso than those who don't? Should people who dislike a genre professionaly review a game in that same genre?

For me, I generally like to see all opinions, regardless of the writers preference. Even when I disagree, and sometimes I get really upset at different opinions (I blame my race), I often cool down and begin to have a conversation with the review. Jim's lack of enjoyment from a game doesn't degrade my own experiecen with it, even if it seems that it really, really does when I first read that review.

*- You have to hand it to him, Dreamweaver deserves so much credit for the colossal worke he puts in to make these comments of the week blogs. EVEN IF HE NEVER FEATURES ME IN ANY OF THEM (weeps for not being funny enough).

*- SubparLobster goes into the history of the horror genre in both film and videogames. Not for the bedwetter.

*- Somehow, my first memory of buying the N64 was as nostalgic as this wonderful memory of Titannel. Thanks for helping me remember that.

S- OrochiLeona continues his series on Laser Disc game, now featuring Who Shot Johnny Rock? A game made by the same people who brought you the ever resiliant Mad Dog Mcree.

 A game I rate very highly despite not being rated as well by others

C- James Internet Ego shares more of his opinions regarding the recent changes to Destuctoid. Now that the dust have settled a bit, I can say I am ok with the changes with the exception of the fapping system. If you can't do it more than once in the privacy of your room, you shouldn't be able to do it more where there are people watching.

C- What started as a contemplation on the grotesqueness of the Hentai Game, Starless, turns into talking about how the new upvoting system is just as grotesque. Only Manchild can do that.

F- Some Friday Fight Night was going on. This recap is probably (I don't actually know) too late for that though.

T- Radiant Historia is a great game, CynricCyning seems to agree.

T- The Deadliest Warrior was a cheesy TV show that made an even cheesier videogame. Yet, Farenheit argues that in fact, it is not so bad.

T- Esteban Sky Cuevas, who apparently also goes by the name colorwind, rambles on about a number of videogames.

T- Of course Bloodborne and Demon's Souls are going to be compared. KingSigy does just that in this blog.

Each might be looking for something different in the game, it is fun reading all the different viewpoints

?- I have no idea what randombullseye is trying to say with this blog, but I am not going to fail someone for being upset at the changes that happened here so far.

A highly rated game that I really did not like that much

That was some week, huh. After my last recap was on communication, it was exactly the lack of that caused all of the drama then. As a project manager, I know that the number one reason for faliure in any project is caused by faliures in communication. Just a reminder, when communicating for any project, you need to communicate to these three parties:

The Authorizing Stakeholder: That's the owner and usually CEO.

The Principal Stakeholder: That's the people who are going to use the project.

The Most Affected Parties: That's the parties who are going to be affected either by the project or through the application of the project.

In Destructoid, the community is usually both the Principal Stakeholder and the most affected parties. With these changes, an initial communication of ideas would have done such a great deal. Now, while the fapping system is still under scrutiny, quickposts are not as offensive as they first seemed. Because of the lack of communication, when we first saw those, we immedielty thought they would share the same space as the Cblogs.

Seriously guys, please communicate.

-Lord Spencer



11:36 PM on 08.13.2015

Cblog recaps of 08/12/15 and RAGEFACE-isms


I've got a question for you guys: what do you guys do about rage?

I have a terrible win percentage in Splatoon. It's nice to play ranked to win a huge amount every now and again but I go through periods of loss after loss after loss. Three days ago I was on a hawt streak, maxing my vibe meter to 10.5 before going to bed. Yesterday I lost somewhere around 5 straight matches. My vibe definitely didn't go past 1.0, that's for sure. The carbon roller is definitely my tryhard weapon and the .52 gal is also pretty good at keep the line stable (also, heavy splatling but when are we getting those variants from that mysterious leak?). But I could not do a thing about winning.

So, in order to get over my saltiness, I got on Smash Bros. Wii U.

I got back on my kick of Smash after seeing some montages of Little Mac by a French YouTuber named Akhous. I've come to the conclusion that while I gave up on Mac early on during Smash 4, I'm ok with going back and making him a main, if not at least a pocket. Maybe even dropping Jiggs but really I'm just admitting that my Jiggs has gotten rusty. Playing Mac after seeing him in exciting combo videos has revealed to me a startling parallel that I've never realized before: I like playing Little Mac because I like playing grapplers.

Think about it: both are polarizing playstyles, both have an all-or-nothing attitude, both have huge comeback factors, both face steep matchups from the majority of the cast, both are capable of either getting zoned out or delivering satisfying damage. Little Mac is not literally a grappler but he demonstrates the grappler's mindset of going big or going home. Despite being always in danger of losing a stock in pathetic circumstances, Mac is also always capable of completely knocking an enemy out once they go over 60%, depending on weight.

I mean, I didn't win all my fights, lord no. But I did have more fun having my chances of victory rest squarely on my skill versus my opponent's skill (plus some lag for good measure). I forgot how little winning means to me as long as I have fun in Smash Bros. I actually tried using side-B (Jolt Haymaker) specifically to jump off stage and knocking a recovering, 90% Ike out the blast zone, hopefully before I fell. Except he successfully air dodged me and I just fell like a chump.

And you know what? I just had a good laugh about it because the fight itself was fun. I wasn't getting smothered by a team of expert marksmen and I wasn't being weighed down by a variety of brain dead painters or dumb gerbils. The only time Smash resembles the crushing defeat from Splatoon is when I get juggled by an expert who can carry me clear across the stage by himself. Those matches, if I get stuck in them, I just calmly walk off the stage and GG out. I'm also trying to pick up Meta Knight since his air games more dynamic and he's not super godlike from Brawl. It was certainly a fall from grace but he's got other buffs too.

In other news, my move is official now. On September 6th I'll be making the long drive from Westminster CA up to San Francisco to the smaller area of Hayward to join my fiance in humble, domestic, debt ridden life.


* - ThumbScar delves deep to find the true working class and oppressed of Donkey Kong's Country


A - Zetta wants Pokemon from the Internet, even if it treads on Digimon territory

A - Lobstar wants to take a second out to recognize writing




T - In Covenant of Solitude, Joyfill takes solace in the fact that his race can be FABULOUS

T - The Chinese Room may have created another Walking Simulator but wutang think's Everybody's Gone to Rapture is really interesting in ambient storytelling







2:13 PM on 08.11.2015

Cblogs of 08/09/15 - Cards On The Table, I'm Board Of These Port Jobs

So lately I've been playing two games that originally found their birth as a card or board game: Chainsaw Warrior and Ascension (which I've linked my original reviews). While not necessarily flat out bad, I keep getting the feeling the majority of the successes of both games, as well as others like Dominion, Magic The Gathering and (to a lesser extent) Cards Against Humanity, lie with the base game. That the well executed design designs fall sound and well. Meanwhile, the reinterpretation at best brings the format onto computer devices, and at worse makes it a hideous and ugly shell of its former self. So for this recap, I'd like to briefly talk about the first two games above and then offer some reasons why I think it is the case.

I think Ascension is a good start, as I believe it is the best illustration of what I mean. It is a deck building game (i.e. each player starts the game with a small basic set of cards, and then through manipulation gain additional cards that help let you do more things in a snowball effect) where you gain points via obtaining cards or killing monsters.

The basic game it's self is fantastic to play, as you create this machine that prints points and more cards that help you print more points and cards. However, every problem with the game rests not with design decisions (except the somewhat awkward nature of the middle-row system making long-term planning difficult) but technical ones. It is absolutely awful the resolution option doesn't work on PC, the extent of a single-player experience being just a skirmish with bots that are either easy or hard and the online multiplayer is generally an awkward mess.


Although god damn the cards are really nice to look at. 


Chainsaw Warrior is a game where I only replayed it again to review it, and I seemed to recall it being better than it is now. You roll dice to determine statistics, pick your character's equipment, flip over cards to see the challenges and then use dice rolls to see if you resolve the conflict.

The base game is quite probably a product of its time. The idea of a 1-player board game is likely something that appealed to people in the 80s, back when computer games were somewhat in their infancy. Dice was likely the perfect opposition in a solitary game like Chainsaw Warrior. However, with the advent of videogames came choice and self-efficacy. While luck is a factor, you failing or winning is usually dependant on a skill of some kind. So when Chainsaw Warrior appeared on PC, you better believe they stayed to the source material and therefore luck-based. This luck-based concept, while perhaps working in a solo-board game setting, works as a computer game like blaming poor people for poverty works.

I believe an important part about the perceived strangeness of these port jobs either being okay or bad is to perhaps assess how strange it really is. I think it is easy to believe, for instance, that designers wouldn't be necessary since all the design work is in place already. Except, that isn't the case. Even if you are just adapting an already existing game to a new format, you still need to assess any potential changes that will need to be made (e.g. an online multiplayer mode) and the presentation of such a game. However, it is important to note that the groundwork has still been set and it isn't like designing a game from scratch.

Which brings me to a possible theory of why adaptations tend to be of a lower quality. If you love the game you are porting, it is likely still less enjoyable to work on than a fully-fledged game you've made. Not only because there is likely less pride in just converting a board/card game to an online game, but also the amount of restrictions of things you can not do. These restrictions are not only created by the publisher of the original game (as per a licensing agreement, similar to how Games Workshop can pull licensing if mid-way through development it is revealed you've gone with a Hello Kitty art-style in a Warhammer 40k game), but also by the audiences that expect particular things from the port. While these restrictions by the audience are reasonable (i.e. to be able to play the ported version exactly like the original version), these still can tie the developer down into potentially presenting a game with design decisions that don't work out due to the original game (like with Chainsaw Warrior's focus on luck).


No matter what I, Matt Ward or anyone else says, Space Marines can not be "totally kawaii as fuck".


Another possibility is as simple as games being made with a goal in mind that leaves it weak whenever I've tried it. Chainsaw Warrior and Ascension were both made for iOS and Android as well as PC, and it seems to have been made more in mind of the mobile ports than the PC port. Dominions problems lay partially with it's free-to-play nature and Cards Against Humanity's slight fumble is born of it being the type of game you'd want to watch the players' faces as the cards are revealed. The only flaw is the problems with the Magic The Gathering games tend to be graphical in nature, generally looking aesthetically unappealing. Although it could be considered as a problem associated with its free-to-play nature, similarly to Dominion's dated look.

I do still somewhat hope for an adaptation of a deck-building game, a port that doesn't fumble on the steps. Although I don't have much faith such a port will come soon. I'll make do with Ascension though, since it still is pretty good despite the flaws.



Because discussion interests me greatly, let's have two doses of Topsauce:

* - Josh Rivers ponders on if Voldo represents a possible end to sexism. Also interestingly bringing up in an off-handed way that “time immemorial” might be tied down to a specific date, maybe one in medieval times when concerning law. Anyway, as sexualisation of women have come at a cost to their dignity, isn't the way to fix it to deny dignity to men too? As prohibition of sexuality wouldn't work (look to 1920s America for proof), could balance be the answer?

* - Which to that, OverlordZetta says no, in Destructoid's first blog response to a previous blog. He raises some really interesting points about body-worshipping possibly being a source of strength than simple exploitation. As well as considering perhaps an evolution of how we see skin being necessary (e.g. currently scantly clad male barbarians are seen as masculine and non-sexualised, while female scantly clad barbarians are seen as eye-porn) rather than just different uses of it and some acknowledgement about female sexuality towards males in Japan. While I usually get irritable at a response that replies to the word and not the spirit of the word, it does seem to touch on the spirit in an interesting sociological and media-analytical manner.


A – James Internet Ego calmly explains his thoughts about the ongoing website development going on, and features some pretty pictures of space.

A – God damn it SirDavies. That's some thick satire smoothie you have going on here.


 In a war of who can be the most angriest, no matter how justified the crusade is, everyone loses.


C – With the new features Niero and Tom has been rolling in, RadicalYoseph tries to sum up the good, the bad and the ugly of it all.


N – So, Uplay may have been hacked by Russian hackers, with the usernames and passwords posted on a forum. TheKodu even allows you to check to see if your e-mail was one of those hit.

V – Remember that weird table-flip game in Japan? Well, NihonJon is curious about if people would like some Let's Plays of Japanese arcade machines. An exploration of the machines shown would be pretty fantastic personally.

T – Forgotten Bastion talks about Life Is Strange episode 4 and HOLY FUCK THERE ARE SPOILERS, OH GOD, IF YOU HAVEN'T PLAYED THE GAMES GO DO THAT ALREADY. Seriously, it is a series I've been having a lot of fun with and I believe currently is making Telltale look embarrassing in comparison.


 Let's just enjoy a bit of old-fashioned Destructoid culture.


? - Like most things Nekrosys seems to do, this defies explanation. In light of the horrible horrible things (seriously, lock up your daughters and keep your sons in the cellar) going on at Destructoid, Nekro wants to show you their top 10 cats. Like most things they do, it does takes a turn. However, unlike said most things by them, it does stay safe-for-work.

? - Sometimes, you're not just angry. You're just disappointed. SeymourDuncan17 is just so disappointed while discussing the problems with the renovations that he has to splice Persona music and komodo dragon pictures to keep himself sane.

? - RadicalYoseph has some polls going about the recent changes. Feel free to make your voice heard.

? - You want 34 faps? Zombie Orwell is the person to call.

? - ooktar shows one of the problems of Quick Posts: spam.

? - CynricCyning ponders upon the recent updates, mostly in that disapproval tone I tend to get from my parents when I speak to them.



 Worst happens, just go have a cuppa tea and wait for it to all blow over.


 - Riobux



5:01 AM on 08.09.2015

Cblogs of 8/8/15 - Dreamweaver's now on Twitter... and possibly Viagra


So I decided to make a Twitter account a few weeks ago, but I haven't really used it. Maybe it's because I have no followers and it'd be creepy as hell to make tweets that no one will read? I mean, it's one thing to talk to yourself, but doing it over the internet unironically is sad. Well, whatever, Twitter didn't really matter to me because we all chat here anyway, right?

Well, I decided to pull it out to see if any Dtoiders would like to follow me anyway. Of course, I'd follow you guys back, so hit me up! Maybe if there's actually people to talk to, I would start tweeting. Also, if there's any other Dtoiders who you know on Twitter, let me know too so I can add them as well! Let us all be one big happy family. Try to keep it safe for work until we get back to Destructoid. :P


I was taking a small break from gaming to both save money and prepare for the burnout that's gonna come once I start binging Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain (and possibly Mad Max), but that didn't go too well. See, I downloaded the August update for Splatoon just out of curiosity's sake, but I didn't think would draw me back in as hard as it did. I dropped the game mostly because I started playing other titles and didn't want to spend time playing multiplayer matches... but with Splatfests, new weapons, new clothes, and a new level cap, it got my attention and won't let go. Me and my Splattershot Jr are tearing up Moray Towers with my night-vision goggles and my sweet ass kicks.


Speaking of sweet asses, I have a new waifu, but she came at the WORST time -- pun intended, but you have to keep reading to get it. My new waifu is Katarina from League of Legends, who is this badass beauty that could slit your throat without giving a fuck, but look good doing it. I've been attracted to the "cool" ladies lately, so it's not surprising that I would choose her over the others like the cute fox girl Ahri. Plus, she's pretty fun to play as: her abilities immediately go off cooldown whenever she gets a kill, so if you wait for the right moment, you can decimate the entire enemy team in one beautiful dance. If you do it wrong though, then you have to wait for her powers to reset naturally, which could take several valuable seconds. That means you virtually become the equalivant of someone who shot early in bed.

You don't know how apt that analogy is to me. See, I've been sexually impotent lately so I haven't been able to make or maintain an erection. This didn't change my porn habits, though it did make reading and watching it a little less enjoyable... but only a little less. At any rate, I keep imagining Katarina making fun of me for not being able to get it up, and that makes me has the sad face.

Also, Niero implemented the infinite upvote system, which was previously known as "faps." That means people can fap multiple times when I can't do it once. WHY DO YOU TAUNT ME, NIERO!? WHY!?


Sorry about the short, scattered blog. Things are hectic lately (despite being unemployed and "out of school," ironically :/) AND my main stress reliever is down for maintenence, so I'm struggling to find footing with this and that. I've also been trying to motivate myself to start a new, unrelated to Dtoid project, but it seems like bad timing is always against me. Hopefully by next week it'll be something I can actually talk about rather than just being an idea.

Speaking of hectic, I'm not entirely sure if we're supposed to recap the quickblogs (as people don't exactly like the function to begin with) so I didn't include them.


* - RadicalYoseph wants a blog with over 9000 faps, and dammit, he's going to get a blog with over 9000 faps thanks to the community and the collective orgy.


A - In case you missed them the first time, n0signal recaps all of his blogs regarding entries in The Witcher series, including the books he read!

A - Michformer believes that anime-styled first-person shooters would be an interesting idea for the genre, and provides a couple of reasons why it could work using existing examples.

A - OverlordZetta isn't happy about the new changes to the Cblog side of the site, but that's putting it mildly. He's pretty alarmed by all the changes, most of which he thinks will negatively impact the community.

P - PS Toid is back with Episode 28 - Terrible Opinions, featuring your hosts Nanashi, Scield, DJ Nealb, and Mike Martin!



C - You got questions? Well, Tom got answers. Go ask him some stuff about the new Cblog changes.


T - James Internet Ego doesn't believe in pre-ordering, and with Ubisoft pulling their pre-order bonus to let fans play the city building title Anno 2205 early, he suspects something's afoot.

T - AvtrSpirit really loves Invisible, Inc and wants to make sure you do to with these great tips to help make sure you get the job done! He even gives advice about the last mission so you don't run into the same problems he did!

R - Mike Wallace wants to start a series of old school video game reviews called "Junk Rentals," and he starts out with the weird shooter SilverLoad on the PS1. Does it feel like gold, or is it merely just a load?



? - There's a picture of Mr Andy Dixon's half-naked son playing Rocket League. I'm scared.


- Dreamweaver



1:19 AM on 08.08.2015

Cblogs of 8-7-15 + Dropping In for the First Time


So I finally dropped in, sure it was the tiniest of bowls even I've ever seen - our skatepark is actually geared more towards BMX apparently so there are a lot of awkward choices as far as skating is considered. But I digress. It was kind of a great feeling but also with the combination of shame. This has been a long time coming, it is overdue by so long. I first started skating regularly around high school and it was all street skating. So all this vertical shit never crossed my path. Out of those four years or so of constant flatground schoolyard and park skating I only ever approached a ramp maybe once. It was the first time I went to this one park under a bridge that had a few skate pieces including a QP and a pyramid. But I barely did anything and of course did not drop in or even try to learn it then. That was once. And then one day organized a trip with a friend to a far off skatepark, it would be the one that I spend most of my time at these days skating and learning new stuff. To our dismay, no manual pads, no small street course like pyramids and most of the park involved ascending/descending at least six feet. I certainly did nothing special that day. And then I stopped skating for a bit. That was a big mistake but maybe it was for the better. I am exploring more now. But exclusively street skating made it very awkward for my return, when I went to a night event and I couldn't do any of the ramp (admittedly small) stuff. Although it should be noted I got the hang of one kicker and tiny QP pretty easy. That was a start.

So then, after skating this far off skatepark for a year, on and off and at fluctuating frequency, I finally dropped in today. It was weird. There was this father with kids teaching his son to drop in, trying to make him used to the motion through repetition. I decided to be nice when I first got into the park and let his son drop in before I made my way to the other side. My politeness got me a thanks from the dad and possibly paid off later. Later, while still over by our entrance/minibowl having his son drop in, another skater came over to chime in and give some pointers - funny enough this also made me realize how friendly everyone is there, being that later a bunch of bmx regulars were teaching this young kid do drop in from a "both pegs on coping stall" (sorry butchered the terminology I don't know lol). Anyway I came over too and just happened to say "let me give it a try". The dad asked if I had done it before I said never. I actually wasn't totally honest here I did have practice dropping in on less steep stuff which was close to the feel of this mini bowl but not actually anything with coping or coping like elements. This is the really embarrassing part. After telling me where my feet should be he asked my age. I told him (20+) and he was kind of surprised/laughing because of this. It was pathetic but yeah I already addressed that here it really is one of those things that you should learn early on. I put it off for about a year, not counting the four years of skating from before.

Cool technique time: (and this was super awkward now I'm realizing in retrospect but also super cool of him) He stood the base of the minibowl and put my front truck on his knee/upper leg and told me to just do the motion. I did it one time, I really feel bad for his knee because I do weigh a bit. But yeah, we did that once and then I took a second to adjust my back foot, and just dropped in. Nothing to it. I didn't slam or slip off. It was a great feeling of accomplishment but also I could seriously hear a voice in my head go "finally". Damn straight. I'm pretty grateful to that dude because his method for teaching really must've helped to give me the confidence to just try it. All in all it was a good day of skating. Then I realized what was funny about what I had done, I cheated on my real dad with another dad. But with my dad at his age, I don't think he could do the knee trust test thingie and not get hurt. It's not a big deal but it does remind me of this funny Louie joke where he says how cool it is to play with his kids and then weird when another person's kid comes to play with them because their parents are too busy for them. That's about all I have to say about that. I hope you're happy Wutang I kept my word about going for it and letting you know. Pretty soon I'll have to start dropping in on the bigger pieces and then ultimately the six feet and more ramps, the scary ones, which now don't look as scary as they did before. I certainly have made a lot of progress over the last few months skating and it feels pretty good. Probably because I'm skating at least two or three times a week for hours at a time.

Then there was the whole things that went down followed by some cool news: FNF is getting injected with good ideas and updates. As a real positive step in the right direction, there will be more FP coverage and currently other ideas to integrate/improve the community meetup sessions are being drawn up. It is going to be a really good time to be involved/take part in FNF. No, scratch that, it already is. Since the launch of Rocket League, the last two weeks of FNF at least on the playstation side have been sick. Lots of new and old faces have shown for mostly full parties to play the car based soccer game for HOURS. I just got done with this week's session, playing with Alpha, 16bit, BaronSVP, Tino, Gliiitchy, Apathy and Scield, amongst others. It was awesome, balls and cars flying everywhere. Chaos.

If you want to leave any suggestions for FNF you might have please do so below or by contacting Phil, myself or Defenestrator. We would appreciate any ideas you can come up with to make the experience even better. Given the resurgence of love for them, I'm thinking of honoring FNF with a montage/top plays video based on the last three weeks playing Rocket League with dtoiders. I've been saving up clips and there is a ton to go through.


Theme for this week will be my favorite Eric Andre Show sketches.


"Black Scientologists"


"Describe him to me"

[url=][b]A[/b] - Krigo is digging the new WoW content as well as Blizzard's Gamescom presentation.[/url]

[url=][b]A[/b] - Zombiebob, who thought that not many people would pay attention to the WoW news out of Gamescom, brings us the second WoW related blog of the day, literally one after another.[/url]

[url=][b]A[/b] - Mike Wallace rounds out the WoW related blogs for the day with his more critical view of the updates out of Gamescom.[/url]


"Subway Centaur"


Jesus.. the metal detector scene /ded.

[url=][b]F[/b] - Nintendo FNF Representin'.[/url]

[url=][b]N[/b] - Niero here to tell us what updates coming to the Community.[/url]


"Team Go"

[url=][b]T[/b] - I have to mostly disagree, even with just the first big point you made. Back when I was big into shooters and I first picked up battlefield I noticed something spectacular about it, the sound of Battlefield (3) was amazing. Gun sounds that is. And then I compared to CoDlles and there was just no going back for me. All the guns sound better in Battlefield, explosions too. Battlefield 3 absolutely destroyed Call of Duty whatever iteration was out at that time and it was done through awesome sounds and explosions that I feel do what you say modern games just haven't. Still I'm not trying to disparage you, I liked the blog even in disagreement![/url]


"Wheel of Prizes" with Sinbad

[url=][b]S[/b] - Probably my favorite blog of the day, Maggit found some sick Saints Row 3 merch in a random second hand store in Poland. That's what's up.[/url]


"Exhumed & The Supremes"


No fails, bird up, don't sound like a narc!




12:26 PM on 08.07.2015

Cblogs of 08/06/15 + Slightly more time-isms

Last week I was still knee-deep in thesis writing, but I'm glad to announce that this week I was finally able to send in the first draft. Woo!

It's still not as good as I want it to be though, so I'm going to be doing some more research while I wait for my supervisors to hand in their commentary. Even with that though, I've got a bunch more time for video games now, so I'm going to be making good use of that later on. I'm very totally definitely approaching the Final Boss of Mario & Luigi: Dream Team, a game which has already outstayed its welcome twice over, and after that maybe I'll dive into my Steam backlog for a while. Or who knows, maybe I'll buy Luigi's Mansion 2: Dark Moon or something else I missed out on.
Whatever I end up doing, all is well.

...but these wouldn't be true IRL Shadeisms if I didn't have some bad news to go along with the good news. The bad news today is that this week I lost sight of Maybe Girl. I can't go into too many details because they're weird, but the basic gist is that she moved away such that I'm unlikely to ever see her again. It's not entirely unexpected; for a while now I already had the feeling that it could happen any day now. Hints were dropped, although I'm notoriously bad at hints. Nevertheless, it came as quite a blow when I heard the news. I suppose that means I liked her more than I realized.

One way or the other, that's the end of that particular adventure. It's not so bad that my whole world is crumbling down around me or anything, but I can't deny that I was secretly holding out hope for it to go on just a bit longer. It's not the ending I would've liked that chapter to have, but you know what? It was a chapter. There was a time when it barely would've been a footnote.
So I guess there's still something positive amongst the bad news. Woo?

* - Caimdark hasn't been himself and he's going to be doing a sabbatical away from video games. Go give him some love.

A - How does one keep his Steam library interesting? By buying the shittiest-sounding games you can find and sharing them with friends!

I - With a name like Myles Cox, I'm sure our new video guy is going to fit right; he's going to fit in me.

T - I don't know what "umbrage" means except something related to shadows or shade. And you should never stop taking Shade.

T - The Dyslexic Laywer (I see what you did there) argues that The Last of Us dropped the ball in making Joel and Ellie relatable.

N - Us lovely European folks are getting the new Fatal Frame...on a disc.

T - For all its approximately billions of support conversations, Fire Emblem Awakening couldn't be bothered to make the children's conversations with their parents character-specific.

T - SubparLobster speaks his love for the new Killer Instinct. Oddly enough, I don't hear about this game often.

- ShadeOfLight
May you always find water and shade



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