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4:16 PM on 06.25.2015

Cblog recaps of 6/24/15 and LEONID STARCRUSHERS


I like to change my twitter handle every now and then to reflect either what I'm into or to parse out an in-joke. Lately I've been changing my handle to random Monster Hunter weapon names because they are the fucking best. Here are a few I've used and a few others I just like.

- Livid Griscannon
- Leonid Starcrusher
- Gravious Gigacannon
- Eternal Leavetakers
- Ritual Hailscreamers
- Chainslaughter
- Lagombergeddon
- Wyvern Conciliation
- Daora's Deathmaker
- Boulverizer
- Fist of Fury
- Meteorgalore
- Megiddo Breakers
- Lullaby Facemelter

Half the fun of Monster Hunter is making weapons made from the parts of truly vicious monsters and yet sometimes these legendary weapons have hilarious and terrible puns attached to them. I mean, BOULVERIZER? And Fist of Fury is just a hammer in the shape of a giant fist. Most of the hammers have the most hilarious names while entire weapon trees for monsters are escalating puns and trends. The Gypceros gunlance for example starts as the Average Hitter, becomes the Grand Slam, and continues on for 5 more upgrades until the Triple Crown. Meanwhile the Gogmazios weapons are all really dramatic words for weapons like Trembling Lordship, Bethorned Dystopia, and Headman's Requite.

Speaking of weapons with really fun names, I've been training in using the Heavy Bowgun, a gunner class of weapons in Monster Hunter. Blademaster weapons are just melee weapons (what do you even sharpen on a Hunting Horn?) where you hit monsters really hard and hurt them. Gunners on the other hand have to worry about ammunition usage, stockpiling, critical range, ammo acceptance, deviation, and more. I wouldn't say there's more thinking for Gunners though. There's just more stuff for Gunners to thumb through in order to reach their potential. Blademasters just get in close and hit stuff. Gunners can decide between barraging monsters with normal ammo, piercing ammo, pellet shot, or even focus on elemental bullets or status bullets. They have to manage their ammo capacity, reload, distance themselves to be safe but still be in range for max damage, and since Gunner weapons trade range for damage they can maximize their DPS by being more selective with their aim and hitting good weak points. A dual blades user will have trouble hitting a monster's head if they stand really tall. Any monster head shouldn't be a problem for gunners though.

I've been using something called the Ukanlos Skyblaster, which has absolute maximum damage for slight shot deviation and negative affinity. At this level, using a heavy bowgun like that is like hitting a monster with a weaker longsword with the safety of range and a exceptional DPS since I'm not swinging a big sword but just pulling a trigger and unloading a hailstorm of bullets. I don't know if I'd be able to use the HBG without the Nargacuga X armor I crafted, which enhances evasive skills which is extremely helpful when you know monster attack patterns and absolutely need to avoid attacks when you're wearing gunner armor which is half as strong as blademaster armor. Literally the protection it offers is minimal and some attacks can OHKO you like Molten Tigrex roars.

Luckily Nargacuga armor offers a lot of benefits for people familiar with monster attacks. Evasive +3 offers full invulnerability during rolls, evade extender extends the range of your rolls, and sneak changes the invisible aggro values so that you're less likely to draw aggro in a group, so a lot of the time I don't even need to worry about doing perfect dodge rolls: sometimes monsters simply won't even turn their attention to me.


[url=][b]*[/b] - Dustin works at GameStop too. He knows there are repercussions to it entering the retro game business[/url]

[url=][b]*[/b] - True Life: Bowser[/url]

[url=][b]*[/b] - This winter, Dwayne Johnson is The Rock as George playing a gorilla[/url]

[url=][b]*[/b] - Retro reviews are rarely interesting but Spencer covers something obscure, Radiant Historia, and in a real nice touch gives Dtoid context like how staff reviewed it and a slice of the comments section.[/url]

[url=][b]*[/b] - Voltech asks what the most beautiful game you've seen while talking shop on SFV[/url]


[url=][b]A[/b] - LimoMaker stopped making limos and got MAD and got ANGRY about bad company decisions[/url]

[url=][b]A[/b] - Jon is a stranger amongst us talking about E3[/url]










[url=][b]F[/b] - Rise rof rhe Romb Raider[/url]




12:15 AM on 06.24.2015

Cblogs of 6-22-15 + Nothingness



I'm starting to encounter a lot of difficulty when trying to go to sleep. It takes a very long time for me to get my mind to shut off and I feel like I'm jumping hurdles to keep my mind away from a lot of dark places. Unless I get home exhausted and go to sleep before 11 I always run into this problem now. Strangely enough I don't feel it's a lack of sleep but a lack of staying up like I used to, 3, 4am. Word of advice: carefully watch your sleep patterns and make sure to go to bed at a decent time. Shit gets real if you let your pattern get out of control - sleeping late, missing days, etc.

Theme for this recap is free category, art that I like.

Edit: Fixed the date in the title for you. - Luna


[url=][b]*[/b] - KiiWy (KyWii from the forums??) makes a very nice comparison about dtoid hidden as a Romance of the Three Kingdoms cblog. Oops I spoiled it![/url]

[url=][b]*[/b] - Manchild takes us through his experience with various (I mean VARIOUS) game creation software/tools in obvious anticipation of Mario Maker. The article really comes around nicely at the end.[/url]


[url=][b]A[/b] - Zombie Orwell says some things about Shenmue III. It was hard to follow because of the tone but by the end I get the idea he appreciates his Shenmue quite a bit and let's you know it all the way through. Also how games have changed.[/url]

[url=][b]A[/b] - Marche reviews Umineko no Naku Koro Ni, a visual Novel![/url]

[url=][b]A[/b] - As I plan to watch Jurassic World I have opted out of reading this review in case of spoilers.[/url]

[url=][b]A[/b] - PBM returns.[/url] 





[url=][b]D[/b] - I wish we could just stop paying attention to twitter and slowly watch it die but that's probably out of the question. By all means, promote someone who didn't go out like a dipshit.[/url]

[url=][b]R[/b] - ScreamAid reviews Super Stickman Golf 2.[/url]

[url=][b]T[/b] - OverlordZetta really likes hiself some Ultimate Angler on StreetPass. Might have convinced me to give it a go actually.[/url]

[url=][b]T[/b] - KingSigy ponders on the new characters for Smash 4. You wanna know what I think? Probably this problem wouldn't be so bad if these game companies weren't so damn greedy. DLC characters/cars should absolutely not always be better than the rest of the roster. I'll just say I can't see much of a better solution BUT stopping this pay for more characters trend that has plagued the fucking Fighting game side of this industry, which I've been shouting for years. DLC costumes? Okay. DLC Stages? Okay. DLC locked characters? Fuck no.[/url]





Since the Edge GIF crapped out on me last second here is a non-fail image. This might actually be useful to someone but there's a cool imgur gallery and adul things for adult people. Check it here.




12:14 AM on 06.23.2015

Cblogs of 6-21-15 + The Final Spelunk OlliOdyssey Wars VIII-isms!


One of the things I have difficulty reconciling at times as a recapper is what to write in a recap and what to save for my own blog. You see this space right here? It had thoughts about E3 in it, but then I decided it would be better to download the conferences I missed and talk about them later. I also ended up going on about how boring Square-Enix's conference was for like three paragraphs, too, so I'm gonna think a little more on it.

I was going to revisit my fantasy land of Elenex to write a funny blog about how everything went down between MS, Sony and Nintendo... but I liked what they all did overall this time. How am I supposed to make fun of that? MS had backward compatibility, Halo and cool games to show, Sony had cool games like Horizon to show coming next year and Nintendo had Muppets, Xenoblade Cronies X, Star Fox and that Shin Megami Tensei/Fire Emblem J-pop idol thing. 

Anyway, let's talk about what I've been playing or otherwise been indecisive about recently. I've been rotating Freedom Wars endgame stuff, Final Fantasy stuff, Etrian Odyssey Untold, Spelunky and OlliOlli

Freedom Wars has really been stingy on the drops I need to complete a few of my weapons. At this point I pretty much have to hop online and farm Retribution missions, praying any group I join doesn't fall apart within seconds of me entering a room. I joined three different rooms all planning to do "Retribution - Tokyo" last night and all broke up before we got started because of impatient assholes. 

Some Retributions I can solo and others I can't. Guess which ones have all the things I want? 

Yeah, the ones I can't solo. I've tried and tried some of them and gotten close, but I'm either thwarted by time running out or the game spamming reinforcements at me. Both are symptoms of the genre more than the game itself, though in the case of Freedom Wars, it loves to ramp up how fast On High forces respawn to distract you from killing the giant robots. And if the robots didn't have enough tools in their arsenal to stun or knock you away, On HIgh soldiers can stun you with their assault rifles to prevent you from doing anything.

I might take a break to wait for a time I can do online combat more consistently. 

Some people also seem to kick me from their games for waltzing in with a bikini on. Look, it's not my problem if you're married or if you're worried family will walk in on you, guys. I wear what I want in games. Even if my character wore something more conservative, Ruby prefers her bikini now. We go to hot places. You don't want her to overheat and shut down, do you?

Don't bikini shame us!

On the Final Fantasy side, I can't really decide which FF I'm playing. I started a new file for FFVII since I had no current one, a new one for FFVIII and also a new FFX file. I don't know why I'm doing any of that beyond wanting to put FFVII under the microscope since it's been about four or five years since I last played it and I wanted to see how it held up against the others. Then there's that new file I started with FFIX before my Vita's right stick broke and sent it out for repairs. I never got back to it. 

I should really just pick one. I have unfinished trophy business with FFX and an Al Bhed primer to complete, so maybe that. 

Etrian Odyssey Untold had me stuck in a rut for a bit. I couldn't get past the boss of the third stratum, but all those months away and clearing away the cobwebs let me formulate a strategy that let me stomp that boss and now I'm on the fourth stratum. Seymour and Orlion are probably my stronget party assets, but Elsa has been a trusty tank and Ben Davis a reliable medic. My Survivalist, Pix, has become a mix of party support and damage dealer, somewhat reminicent of my Final Fantasy XI Corsair/Dancer. I debuff the enemy and shoot the things.

I didn't expect the battle music to change in the fourth stratum, though. At first I was disappointed that they changed the battle theme... until I listened further. Yuzo Koshiro just never fails to impress and both the FM Synthesis and live versions are great. 

In Spelunky I have made it down to the second area of the game and am really just dying in a dozen new ways. My investment in Tunnel Man's endeavors have ensured I have a warp to get there quickly now. Tunnel Man is a cool guy. More games should have Tunnel Man in them.

And OlliOlli, a gift from community member RadicalYoseph since he kindly shared his Humble Nindie Bundle codes with the community blogs, has been a very pleasant surprise that works incredibly well on Nintendo 3DS. I gave up on trick-based games several years ago because Tony Hawk and SSX were no longer being kind to my hands after prolonged play. OlliOlli brings a lot of their sensibilites back minus the 3D and carpel tunnel syndrome. There's also a nice variety of music in there that wouldn't feel out-of-place in Tony Hawk or Jet Set Radio.

Most 2D games I strictly play with a D-pad, but OlliOlli feels best using the circle pad for tricks and rail-grinding. There's a lot of smart features just built in, too, like the restart feature you can just poke at any time to restart a level if you mess up. I do wish there was a shuffle button for the music, though, since the music always plays in the same order after you start the game and your only options for changing tracks are to advance them forward.

This game is also the first time i've managed to pull the rubber grip off my circle pad, so maybe I'm getting a little too into it.  

Let's recap!


[url=][b]* -[/b] Titannel talks about the exciting new potential of VR. Personally, I need a little more convincing. Take the Summer Lesson demo, add very tall lesbians and then you might sell me on it. [/url]

[url=][b]* -[/b] Manchild shares some fatherly gaming experiences.[/url]


[url=][b]P -[/b] PSToid Episode 25: E3 Special Edition.[/url]

[url=][b]S -[/b] Comments of the Week: E3 2015 Edition[/url]

[url=][b]A -[/b] Terry 309 takes a look back at the under-appreciated Valkyrie Profile 2.[/url]

[url=][b]A -[/b] OverlordZetta covers pretty much everything you'd ever want to know about Soul Sacrifice.[/url]




[url=][b]T -[/b] After a good showing, ctg867 still isn't sold on PS4 just yet.[/url]

[url=][b]T -[/b] James Internet Ego wants to know how you spent your dosh on the summer Steam sale.[/url]

[url=][b]T -[/b] Lord Spencer seems to be looking for some obscure Nintendo DS games to review. Can you think of any?[/url]


[url=][b]F -[/b] Spazzh20 reviews Disney Pixar's Inside Out.[/url]



No fails!



3:19 PM on 06.21.2015

Cblogs of 6/20/15 - Too hyped for Arkham Knight


I know I may sound a little crazy, but I'm actually really looking forward to buying [i]Batman: Arkham Knight[/i] next week. I wouldn't necessarily call myself a Batman fan, but I do like him as a character for several reasons. I mean, he has a cool costume in most iterations, I like that he doesn't kill, and most importantly, he's a "regular" human vigilante. Yeah, he's rich as hell and trained more than anyone else would, but I meant that to mean that he has no superpowers. I like non-superpowered vigilantes, which is why movies like [i]Watchmen[/i] and even Seth Rogen's version of [i]The Green Hornet[/i] has a soft spot in me. Heck, the one thing [i]Watch Dogs[/i] did right in my opinion is how crimes could pop up randomly or via hacking specific phones, and Aiden could travel around stopping them for pretty much the satisfaction of taking them out.

From everything I read about [i]Arkham Knight[/i], everything seems so appealing. Villains are teaming up for a power play of the city, and Batman must stop them in one final night. It feels like the stakes are really ramping up, and from all the reviews I'm hearing (besides Gamespot, but they're a hard bunch to please), the story seems like it's going to be the sendoff the series deserves. I also really like the way Gotham looks this time around, especially since it looks like it's "raining" all the time (though I also liked the drab, depressing, snowy version seen in [i]Arkham Origins[/i], so take that as you will), and no one can deny that the new [i]Arkham Knight[/i] looks like a frickin' badass. He's like a mix between Batman and a robot, and the fact that he's the enemy is sweet because I hope this means we'll get an awesome boss fight out of it!


However, I do have two MAJOR concerns. If you read IGN's or Game Informer's review, both mentioned that the encounters with some of the villains aren't quite as hands-on as they would've liked. Although Batman has a "boss battle" with most villains in [i]Arkham Origins[/i], I was very disappointed with how some fights were handled. They felt the same as just beating up regular goons, only much more glorified because one of them has a name. But, despite that disappointment, especially after the awesome Deathstroke fight, at least I got to sock them in the face.

The other problem is that, from what I read, to get the true ending, you may have to do absolutely EVERYTHING in the game. I don't believe it was clarified, but Game Informer review makes it sound like that there's three "tiers" of endings: you get one ending for completing story missions, then you're locked out of another part of the ending until you completed the side content like the Most Wanted missions... at which point you're locked out once more until you do everything else for the true ending. If this is actually how the true ending is unlocked, this is going to sour the entire game for me. I'm okay if I have to do all the side missions, but if I need to complete every Challenge Room or, heaven forbid, collect every single Riddler trophy, I'm going to be so pissed.

Some of you guys may find that fun, but I personally think it's a huge waste of time. Some of you may suggest YouTubing it, but come on, it's not the same as experiencing something yourself.


One reason I'm also particularly peeved is because I was hoping to juggle [i]Drakengard 3[/i] while playing [i]Arkham Knight[/i]. With the new [i]NieR[/i] game announced, I realized that, while they're two separate games (yet exist in the same universe, in a sense), I never finished [i]Drakengard 3[/i]. Which is a shame because I was actually enjoying it when I was playing it, but I really hated the fact that I had to unlock all the weapons to get the other two endings. That meant I had to replay levels to get the gold to buy them, as well as finding the missing treasure chests with their exclusive weapons. And I'd be doing all this for an ending that is considered among gamers to be really.. infamous, for lack of a better word.

Anyway, what do you guys think? Worth jumping back in? How's the rest of the story anyway? I mean, I'm very intrigued after seeing Ending A, and I'm hoping we'll get some tear-jerky moments in the other paths. One of my main concerns, however, is that, since I was halfway through the "B" chapters of the game, that it would be difficult to readjust myself for the harder chapters. I could replay the whole game again, but I'm not sure if that's something I'd want to invest my time in. I do like that you can rewatch cutscenes, but I can't remember which weapons needs to be used against what foes, and all that other stuff. Basically, I'm weighing between the amount of time it'll take to finish the game... but also the amount of time to get the full experience. Except weapon stories. I mean, I LOVE reading them, but it costs too much gold to max them all out.

Unfortunately, I'm pretty much scrambling for Cblog recaps content since I haven't done much gaming last week. In fact, I was actually thinking about talking about these new Hot Pocket Bites that I'm frickin' addicted to (maybe next time, my friends). You might have also noticed that I wasn't really around Dtoid either (at least, I hoped you missed me |:< ). I really wanted to watch E3 with you guys and see how everyone reacts to everything, but things were hectic for me during that period so I couldn't be here. That being said, you can actually expect a Comments of the Week soon, so that might make up for it? :3



[url=][b]A -[/b] JPF720 wants to talk about some things, such as his love for Suda51 games, how hyped he is about [i]Persona 5[/i], and more, but he has trouble expressing himself on the written words itself.[/url]

[url=][b]A -[/b] With all the controversies about patches and all that, Manchild remembers that there's still some good to come of them. Not only can content updates bring new life into old games, but they can fix them up and make them better than before, something that didn't really happen back then.[/url]

[url=][b]A -[/b] Fly Cooper wants to talk about [i]Batman: Arkham Knight[/i] and whether it not it can change the game industry since its a hotly anticipated title that's marred with bad DLC practices.[/url]

[url=][b]P -[/b] Error Machine may be down a few people due to a busy schedule, but that won't stop the TheDustinThomas from bringing you the next episode of his podcast about their thoughts on the latest E3![/url]

[url=][b]P -[/b] Glowbear and Panza are back to give you the 30th episode of Scary Granules about Steam refunds and remastered. This time, the show will start with their own theme song composed by Dtoider Dr. Tom Tom![/url]




[url=][b]T -[/b] Pixie the Fairy is excited about the new annoucement of [i]Shenmue III[/i], but in case you haven't played the games, she tries to sell you on it. The series actually sounds pretty darn rad![/url]

[url=][b]T -[/b] UKGaminSam still thinks that even though there's a shinier version of [i]Grand Theft Auto V[/i], that doesn't make the last generation copies obsolete! To be honest, I was feel motivated this read this piece because there's another blog before that not only tackles the same subject, but is also way too similar.[/url]

[url=][b]T -[/b] JoyfulSanity wants to talk about the new [i]Heavensward[/i] expansion pack for [i]Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn[/i], but he doesn't want to get his pesky opinions in the way![/url]

[url=][b]T -[/b] Forgotten Bastion hasn't forgotten about [i]Splatoon[/i]... because he's addicted to it! Find out why he likes the game, and what are some of his thoughts about the mechanics itself.[/url]




[b]- Dreamweaver[/b]



5:44 AM on 06.20.2015

Cblogs of 6/19/15 + Theisms: Nu Metal Power Hour


Hey, you guys heard about this #E3 thing? It's just a big convention where people show off new video games like a bunch of freakin' nerds. Laaaaaaaaaaaame!

I won't talk too much about E3 because that's all any of you have been reading this past week. But I do want to touch on a few things. And since I am (or at one time was) the top 5 guy, here's the five games I'm most excited for that were announced at E3:

5. South Park: Fractured But Whole
This is one that came completely out of nowhere. I think it's safe to say that most of us who played The Stick of Truth were very pleasantly surprised. Great humor, all the classic South Park characters were represented, and several long forgotten gags were included. I trust this will be more of the same, but hopefully a bit longer than TSoT.

4. Mario & Luigi Paper Jam
The Mario & Luigi series is probably my favorite RPG series (keep in mind I'm a casual RPG player). Bowser's Inside Story is one of my favorite DS games, and Dream Team I thought was great if a bit too long. I'm just glad to see that Paper Mario is getting some love in this one, because Sticker Star is not the right way to play Paper Mario.

3. Horizon: Zero Dawn
My immediate thought was “Isn't this the same setting as Enslaved?” Any time I get to use a bow and arrow in a game, it usually turns out pretty well, and Horizon has no shortage of them. Even though it has a title so generic you'd expect it to be a first-person shooter, you can tell Guerrilla Games is happy to be working on something new.

2. Star Fox 0
It looks like it's going to make great use out of both screens, and I'm totally down with that. It looks great and the art style reminds me of Ratchet & Clank, which is certainly not a bad thing. I've heard some negative rumblings around the internet about it, but I'm remaining optimistic.

1. Gears of War 4
Yeah, it looks like a new Gears of War game. That's exactly what I want out of a Gears of War game. This is the reason I purchased an Xbox One.

I'm also sold on Super Mario Maker and Fallout 4, both of which I had apprehensions about going in, but if Super Mario Maker has a lively community that will keep making new (good) levels for me to play, then I'll play every one of them. And the footage shown at the Bethesda conference of Fallout 4 makes it look like you can actually play the game like a shooter, which is what I wanted to do with Fallout 3. Probably still won't play it on day one, but I'll definitely play it.

And even though people say Nintendo basically crapped the bed, they still had more games that I want to play than anyone else. Sure, I would have preferred a Super Mario Galaxy 3 over Super Mario Maker and a proper Zelda game over Triforce Heroes, but that game does look great and hopefully I can get some people to play it with me. I won't touch Metroid because the internet has already beat that horse to death. As someone who plays their portable systems more than their home consoles, I'm excited about the future.

But my absolute favorite part about the entire show (aside from the Nintendo puppets) wasn't a game announcement, it was when they showed Miyamoto and another guy no one knows because he's not Miyamoto talking about the design they put into the original Super Mario Bros. Any sort of history about old games amazes me because of how creative they had to get with their limited resources. The fact that the clouds and the bushes from the original SMB are the same sprite colored differently is just fascinating to me. If we could get a documentary or a book about everything that went into early Nintendo games, I know I'd buy a copy.

In other news, I beat Castlevania Lords of Shadow 2, Never Alone, and hopefully by the time you read this I'll have finished Puzzle & Dragons: Super Mario Bros. Edition (I'm currently on the final level).

CV:LoS2 turned out to be a much better game than it initially shows you. I do have my nitpicks, however. I still prefer the setting of the original game, the modern world did very little for me. The stealth and possession segments always did one of two things: slow the game down to a snail's crawl or infuriate me. That section with Agreus was a particularly loathsome section. Also, why is Satan the final boss when it's obvious that the final boss should have been a Golgath Guard? No matter how powerful Dracula gets, you're never strong enough to beat one of those things. Overall though, I found it to be better than it's review scores imply, despite my complaints.

Never Alone I played just because I knew it was short and I need to start getting some of these free Playstation Plus games off my hard drive. I didn't watch any of the story segments because I just didn't care. Maybe that sounds insensitive of me, but I just wanted to play something to cleanse the palette after Lords of Shadow 2. I appreciate all the culture and the time that went into proving information about the Inuits, but I was just interested in the gameplay, I don't even think I watched the final cutscene, instead opting to go make lunch while the credits rolled.

I'm not sure if anyone else had this problem, but while playing Never Alone, my PS4 started acting like it was going to blow up. It wasn't overheating or anything, and since I finished the game and started playing something else, it hasn't happened since. Is Never Alone just that taxing on my super powerful PS4?

One last thing before I go. I've resolved it within my own heart to get rid of my CDs. When I consider that a lot of those CDs spent several years in my parent's garage collecting dust, and the majority of the bands that I listened to back then I don't listen to anymore, I feel it's okay for me to let them go. And with the advent of music streaming, Spotify keeps me company at the gym, in my car, or writing blogs like this one.

When I was in high school, I was very deeply entrenched in the nu metal genre. In fact, I was so in love with Korn that my nickname was, in fact, "Korn." That's what everyone called me. I wore their shirts every day, I wore Adidas (and later, Puma) because they did, I wrote angsty teenage lyrics in my notebooks because I was convinced life was horrible and everyone needed to know that my two-parent, middle-class, loving and provided-for upbringing was just the worst, because SCREW YOU DAD! To this day, my favorite concert was the first one I ever went to: Korn and Rob Zombie on the Rock is Dead Tour. This was 1999, so Korn and Rob Zombie were the two biggest artists on the planet. So I went to see my favorite band, at the height of their popularity, with my big brother, so it was also sentimental for me.

Anyway, as I was gathering these CDs together, I came across a lot of bands that I hadn't thought of in years. Bands that no one here has probably heard of. For instance, did you ever hear of a band called "NoOne"? Of course you haven't. I'm pretty sure their one and only album sold one copy, and it's mine. All mine! Sitting there on my floor going through my CD books and putting them back in their cases, I found myself listening to bands like Primer 55, 3rd Strike, and downthesun. Again, bands you've probably never heard of. I encourage you to at least listen to a portion of the songs I include below, just so you can get an idea of just how bad my musical tastes were.

Nu metal wasn't all bad, of course. Even though my musical tastes these days consist primarily of Christian metal and worship music (with an occasional foray into 80s one-hit wonders), there were bands like the aforementioned Korn, Static-X, Sevendust, Papa Roach, etc., who may seem ridiculous now, but still hold a very special place in my heart and I still find myself going back and rocking out to every now and then.

Anyway, I've rambled enough. Recap time!


[url=][b]*[/b] - Manchild hits the Topsauce for the second consecutive week with a great read about videogames that foreshadow the end from the beginning.[/url]


[url=][b]A[/b] - The Kodu has some E3 nitpicks. Some of which I agree with wholeheartedly.[/url]

[url=][b]A[/b] - n0signal did what I did above but doubled it, giving his top 10 most anticipated form E3.[/url]

[url=][b]A[/b] - Lewzr is lewzing out (see what I did there?) on playing big games upon release due to his thriftiness.[/url]



[url=][b]F[/b] - PC Friday Night Fights[/url]

[url=][b]F[/b] - Nintendo Night Fights[/url]


[url=][b]R[/b] - ScreamAid's review of Mother 2, or as we in the states call it: Earthbound.[/url]


[url=][b]L[/b] - Your bi-weekly comic roundup from SPD[/url]



 Hopefully you've enjoyed this journey back to my golden years with this eclectic selection of bad music.

Yak at you all next week...

...okay, one more for the road.




11:17 AM on 06.19.2015

Cblogs of 06/18/15 + Somebody smack Nintendo's PR Manager

With E3 in full swing, I have no doubt that you all are just dying to hear what I thought of Nintendo's presence this year.'re not?
Well sucks to be you, because I'm going to tell you anyway.

Like almost everybody else, I left the Nintendo Direct dissappointed. Not as dissappointed as most people, mind you, but pretty dissappointed nonetheless. But after a while it got better, and by now I'm...'content' with the offer this year. I do have one very important thing to say though:
Whoever Nintendo's PR manager is, they suck at their job.

So here's a thing; did you know that Nintendo not only showed a trailer but even gameplay footage for Fatal Frame: Maiden of Black Water? Well, they did. But nobody noticed, because Nintendo never actually told anyone about it. In fact, I personally had to tip Destructoid about it. And did you know that in Super Mario Maker, you can stack three Bowsers on top of one another? I didn't know that either, because I missed the Nintendo World Championships.
And then there's Metroid Prime: Federation Force. The gameplay that was shown (by the way guys, they showed gameplay) makes it look like a decent game, but calling it Metroid Prime was a terrible decision.

What frustrates me is that Nintendo had all the pieces they needed to win this year's E3. Well maybe not win, but they certainly could've made it a great showing. If they had saved the Smash Bros. DLC for just two more days, if they had shown off the real extent of Mario Maker, if they had shown the gameplay footage from their new announcements, they could've killed it at E3. Think about it; the internet would fucking EXPLODE if the Nintendo Direct started with Iwata walking on-stage and going "Ryu is in Smash Bros., shit-heads. Right the fuck now." Then they could've followed it up with clear gameplay for Star Fox Zero, they could've namedropped Fatal Frame, they could've shown off more of Shin Megami Tensei x Fire Emblem, they could've highlighted their current Nindies@Home event that's at this very moment introducing the world to the awesomeness of Typoman, they could've shown that Federation Force really isn't that bad you guys we swears, and they could've closed it off with a tease for Zelda WiiU.

But they didn't do any of those things. Again, this PR manager should be ashamed.

Because really, Nintendo has the best presentation style out of all them fools at E3. The Muppet sections were charming as fuck and got some genuine laughs from me. Iwata, Reggie and Miyamoto are all three lovable scamps who at least look like they're having fun in the video game industry. That's something almost everybody else lacks nowadays. And then there's the Treehouse videos, which I would argue is one of the best ways possible to introduce the world to these new games. The Treehouse people are (from my understanding) just a bunch of guys and girls from Nintendo's localization team. They get put in front of the camera to play some games and talk about them, and that's it. They are a bit overenthousiastic at times, but for the most part you can believe that these people enjoy telling you about these cool Nintendo games. They seem like very nice, genuine, normal people. They seem like gamers. The only thing that could make it better is the glorious return of Shannon.

I think what happened this year is that somebody at Nintendo grossly miscalculated. This person thought that if they introduced Smash Bros DLC, the Nintendo World Championships, the Nintendo Direct and the Treehouse videos all within the space of a week, people would just take it all in as if it were one big event. That one big event would be seen as Nintendo's 2015 E3 presence, and gamers would just eat it up. But here's a newsflash, you fool, that's not how this works. We don't have time to watch all of that, let alone remember it. And for better or worse, the Nintendo E3 Direct is still seen as the big conference of the year, even if you didn't intend it. So if you've got things to show the gaming industry, you'd damn well better show it.

It wasn't the games that made Nintendo lose this year's E3. Not all of them helped, but there are good offerings here. There really are. It wasn't Iwata, Reggie, or Miyamoto who made Nintendo lose, and it weren't the Treehouse people.
This year's loss was all on that one unknown individual who thought they knew how to PR and failed miserably.

* - This blog should be mandatory reading for anyone who has a stake in any kind of internet controversy. This is the Manchild we've missed.

* - OverlordZetta says that if they're remaking Final Fantasy VII, they'd better do it RIGHT. That is to say, with zombies.

* - This blog got unjustly overlooked. Please let Adam P tell you about the Patriarch, for Father's Day.

* - They had to make The Witcher deviate from history just because they wanted to give it a sewer level. Think about that for a second.

A - Now that's a gamer. El Dango looks forward to at least one game from every major company of E3.

F - PS FNF + Nanners is sick and needs new games to play.

N - Did you know that Nintendo showed gameplay footage of an indie game that looks like F-Zero? Well, they did.

T - Was the crafting in Skyrim a precursor for Fallout 4?

T - GKabooz thinks about how Square-Enix will update Final Fantasy VII.

R - Gamemanic reviews Killzone: Mercenary. It's not great, but at least it shows of the Vita.

T - Freedom Planet, yo. It's pretty baller, ask KiiWy. (Welcome back!)

F - A few short reviews for a few episodes of Game of Thrones.

C - I'm looking forward to that blog on Horizon Zero Dawn. I know nothing about that game, so sell me on it.

L - Federation Force's biggest the crippling lack of Tiny Kong. Personally I blame Nintendo's PR manager.

C - To be perfectly honest, I didn't quite understand this blog. Sorry Pix, take it as constructive feedback.

F - If you have a point, I wish you would make it. This bullshit outrage is an automatic failblog.

F - And then you went and did it AGAIN. Do the world a favor and go read Manchild's blog.

F - I don't think we've met, and the one-line blog ain't helping.

- ShadeOfLight
May you always find water and shade



2:30 AM on 06.19.2015

Cblog recaps of 06/17/15 and SHORYUKEN-isms


I got my hands on the big Nintendo Smash Bros. DLC collection 2, because I don't just want to play Ryu on my Wii U, but also practice him on the go. So far, things look optimistic. And by optimistic, I mean I like the way he handles and Shade can't. He hits hard and rewards longtime fans who have the muscle memory of his moves and execution with one of the strongest and most iconic special moves in fighting games. The move is so iconic, half the cast of Smash has some variation of its fundamental concept. The legendary shoryuken, the uppercut, which sends you flying upwards fist first to smack the living crap out of your opponent whether they're standing in front of you or jumping right above you. Mario does this, Luigi does this, Little Mac does this, but now Ryu is here in Smash Bros. to show the original shoryuken to all the posers. And I like him. He certainly has a learning curve; a sort of barrier to entry due to high demand in execution. Smash was made on a platform that anyone can do whatever they want with less execution involved at the fundamental level. Smash has high level execution techniques to be sure like wobbling, wave dashing, and other sorts of exploits. But most of the game comes from mindgames, spacing, and the fundamentals of outplaying your opponent. Ryu comes to Smash complete with his moveset and the tools to execute them just like in Street Fighter: quarter-circle forwards, dragon punch motions, quarter-circle backwards, all with the expectation that in order to bring Ryu to his full potential, you better be good at special move inputs.

So far, he seems to hit hard and doesn't go flying easily. He surprisingly doesn't have a lot of knockback to his moves though. He is capable of more than a few true combos. A lot of his moves have surprisingly low knockback but that simply serves to function towards his combos or chain combos if you look at it technically. No fancy links, just easy to cancel frames and light attacks capable of rapid gatling into themselves for stupid easy pressure. And no need to worry about pay off because you can easily hit confirm two light attacks into a medium then cancel into something great like hurricane kick or shoryuken. In fact, it'll be hard not to use shoryuken because it's such a satisfying attack to land but you certainly don't want stale move degradation. You need to keep that dragon punch fresh because it can kill super early from the top. To me, Ryu wants to keep an eye on hit confirming into shoryuken. His edge game is still developing, his Focus Attack needs exploration to fully understand, and we need to see where his tools stand in a game that's pretty defensive.

But boy is Ryu's development as a character rock solid. He comes with his hit sounds straight out of SFII and not only do you get his classic theme and Ken's, you get them in a tinny, drowned out version reminiscent of arcade speakers and crisp, clear quality for a new HD era.

I'll see you guys on Smash tomorrow!


[url=][b]*[/b] - Seph argues the case against updating FFVII's combat system too dramatically[/url]

[url=][b]*[/b] - Everyone hates Compile Hearts[/url]

[url=][b]*[/b] - Pixie reminds everyone what worked during FFVII's time wouldn't necessarily be welcome in 2015[/url]

[url=][b]*[/b] - Shade gets hype, there are plenty of things to be hype for, like Xenoblade Chronicles X[/url]

[url=][b]*[/b] - A review of Apotheon, a game that's not in any mainstream buzz but is quite the looker[/url]

[url=][b]*[/b] - I would by Thousands of Fire Ants, presented by EA[/url]

[url=][b]*[/b] - Gaming in Latin America[/url]


[url=][b]A[/b] - Kodu X Polygon: Fury Road[/url]

[url=][b]A[/b] - Wii U has no game[/url]

[url=][b]A[/b] - Get hype for Dead or Alive festival in Japan[/url]




[url=][b]C[/b] - Terry doesn't believe in games anymore[/url]


[url=][b]T[/b] - The Metroid Federationing continues[/url]



[url=][b]L[/b] - I chuckled because Senran Kagura[/url]





9:17 PM on 06.17.2015

Cblogs of 6-15-15 + UPDATE-Isms and E3!


UPDATE: Just an addendum: Luna Sy is not done with Recaps she is taking a break so the next few mondays will be handed off to the reserves. Sorry for any confusion!


I was debating on the proper way to introduce myself here; even though technically I already did I am coming to you now as a full time Recapper. It is with a heavy sigh that I am going to inform those of you who didn't already find out about it somewhere that Luna is leaving the Recaps team. This comes after some difficulties in scheduling that caused her to miss a couple of consecutive recaps and then the ultimate decision to quit based on a bunch of different factors.

I know you guys are going to miss her, I for sure will as I liked her writing and recaps, thought she was a great fit for the team. Also I know that this means there are some pretty big shoes to fill for "Moondays" as she really had potential here. Shoes that I do not think I can fill. Over my time as a reservist I have tried my absolute damnest to uhhh to steal a quote from Radio D, Be better people. In this community, with staff and people that run things for this site and so on. I think I did just that but still I feel not as good or "interesting" as Luna Sy was for your Monday Cblog Recaps.

But there is hope. I have been doing Podgasms here for five months now. (You can find the most recent installation here.) I really enjoy contributing to the Monthly's and watching them develop out of the hard work of the recap team (especially Pixie!!). I want to be a better recapper. I love that this position gives me an opportunity to blog about anything at all. Sometimes I can go on about fun stuff and other times things that grind my gears. I feel like along with the cblog recaps that you get for every post here, you also get a little slice of something new from each recapper, something unique or special or just silly or occasionally no longer than a tweet. But every recap day is like its own episode or chapter being done completely influenced by one sole recapper. And that is just awesome. And that is what I love about the Cblog Recaps (along with all the other great things, great people, great community, a sense of togetherness and teamwork, etc.). So from here on out, Mondays will be covered by this guy right here. Please enjoy your weekly dosage of serialized nana-isms.

Oh boy E3 was a thing that happened right? Really feels like it. Even though I didn't go or don't even live nearby, there were so many different tidbits I did, little projects you can call them, around the event because it is my favorite time of the year gaming wise. So I am holding off on E3 talk right now. Just for today. Only because I already did so much involving E3 over the last week that it's making my brain melt. And I still have a podcast episode to do entirely on E3. Oy Vey!

Right now though all you need to know is that I am a recovering Sony Fanboy so you know which conference gave me the biggest stiffy and that I'm a Taurus.

Yup, all you need to know...

Haha Okay actually I will say just one thing about E3. It makes me super sad that it is over. Every year I look forward to June and all the good stuff this event will throw at me and whoever I can share it with. Every year I mark that calendar in hopes of something great. And I am never disappointed. I love E3 that much. The only thing is when it all comes to an end, a little part of me shrivels up and wants to deny time its right to taketh away. But it's okay! There will be other E3s. Great ones, mediocre ones and average ones but always E3s. More E3s. E3s always and forever. So it goes without saying I absolutely cannot wait for E3 2016. Oh boy it's high time for some recaps!

Also I'm not a Taurus.


[url=][b]*[/b] James Internet Ego gives us the skinny on what makes a good open world in this Band of Bloggers post, spoiler alert, it's not what they didn't do with Assassin's Creed Unity![/url]

[url=][b]*[/b] - Chist gives us a heads up on where we can find his writing projects (namely a Web Novel) Go check him out, he's a great writer![/url]

[url=][b]*[/b] - Sharethepudding chooses a cool time to write a first blog, everyone should encourage him to write a proper intro post! But for now, here is a brief look at the Elder Scrolls TCG.[/url]

[url=][b]*[/b] - DREAMWEAVER CAPPIN DEM COMMENTS!![/url]


[url=][b]A[/b] - A very controversial notion comradesnarky defends the idea that you SHOULDN'T give all of your dollars bro to Shenmue III, some of this I agree with and other parts I disagree on. Just bear in mind it is an OPINION and either way the project either has or will get funded so just let the dude say his bit![/url]



[url=][b]E[/b] - I feel bad for not letting Radical Yoseph know there was a great place to chat during the press conferences, but anyway cool that so many people want to interact during the show![/url]


[url=][b]T[/b] - Manchild goes balls to the walls over E3 Nintendo Hype.[/url]

[url=][b]T[/b] - At first I thought Firewatch was yet another dull walking simulator but at least on the concenpt alone and from how they presented it this game has my interest without a doubt.[/url]



[url=][b]R[/b] - Titannel gives us some (I believe?) fiction about breaking up with someone, totally NVGR and all text.[/url]


No fails!!! no fails!!! no fails!!! no fails!!!




10:51 PM on 06.15.2015

Cblogs of 6-14-15 + Ryo-isms!


Shenmue III!

Shenmue III?

Shenmue III.

I cried, I really did. 

I don't have much else to add right now. I just want to bask in the glory of this day.


[url=][b]* -[/b] A somewhat NSFW set of E3 predictions by SeymourDuncan17.[/url]

[url=][b]* -[/b] E3 predictions from Nanashi![/url]

[url=][b]* -[/b] Adam P wants to know what's so great about E3.[/url]

[url=][b]* -[/b] The arcana is the means by which your E3 desires are revealed...[/url]


[url=][b]A -[/b]DOOMed 4[/url]




[url=][b]R -[/b] ScreamAid reviews Samorost![/url]


[url=][b]L -[/b] n0signal reads some of the Witcher saga![/url]

[url=][b]F -[/b] Bardley reviews When Marnie Was There.[/url]



 No fails! Wanna wrestle?



9:30 AM on 06.15.2015

Monday Cblog Recap Extravaganza! (Cblogs of 5/18, 5/25, 6/1 & 6/8/15)

More like Once-in-a-Blue-Moondays, right?

Let's go straight to the recaps first. With the amount of time I spent skipping out on my work, I believe it's only right for all these unrecapped blogs to be highlighted above my personal musings for the week.

My mom gives us the skinny on the sexiest men in gaming
* - Seymour's mom is pretty cool for putting up with her son showing her several pictures of video game men and asking how she feels about them.

It's a shame to see she doesn't share my interest in pretty, effeminate boys....

Fanart: Plastic Fantastic
* - Pixel art using beads. Pixelbeads. Leona makes a bunch of 'em.

♪ Everyday is great at your Junes! ♪ (June 1st)
* - This month is Persona 4 month for Seymour, featuring daily writeups of his playthrough of the game. Because Junes.

Naturally, the 8th entry of the series also fell on a Monday. Unfortunately, he had to prematurely end it on the 10th day. Still, I commend his effort.

What can Yooka-Laylee do?
* - El Dango is very much excited for the game and what its success can potentially do for the industry.

The Quest of Finding a Community Within the FGC
* - Finding a community where you belong and would happily support is not an easy thing to do, may it be for playing games, or just having discussions about them; may it be online or in real life. No matter how long it took, it's great to see that Virtua Kazama has finally found his.

A - Leona gives us a brief(ish) history of pinball.

A - OverlordZetta is mad hype about Little Battlers eXperience. "But what is that even?", asks literally everyone else in the world. Luckily, he's here to answer exactly that question.

A - Flash ports of classic games, or even full-fledged retro console emulators (complete with games) on your browser has been a thing for quite a number of years now, actually. But it's nice to see ScreamAid enjoying it for the convenience it brings.

B - Recap for last month's "Thick as Thieves" Band of Bloggers assignment.

B - Batthink recounts his memories with the Sega Power magazine, and how it went nuts during the later part of its lifetime.

W - Radical Yoseph and Get Gay* has/had some Nintendo Humble Bundle codes to give away!

I don't know where to put this, so I placed it under the "Winner" tag. Because when someone's giving away free games, we're all winners. Except maybe for those who tried to redeem a code, only to find out that someone already beat them to it.

*"It's About To Get Gay In Here", now known as "Fake News (So You Cannot Sue)". I just call him "Get Gay", whether he likes it or not.

E -  (Promoted to the frontpage) E3 press conference online group watching!

I hope we could all decide on one meetup place. Let's watch E3 as one community ♪

C - Something I've been wanting to tell Holmes for quite some time now.

I appreciate the warm response, and Holmes himself for taking the time to reply. Just wishing for more positive online engagements, from all of us, really, myself included. Especially with those who we disagree with.

Comments of the week:

S - May 10 to 16.

S - May 17 to 23.

S - May 24 to 30.

S - May 31 to June 06.

V - Of course it's okay to dislike The Witcher. But that feeling of not being able to share the same enthusiasm others have over a certain game. It's a sad feeling indeed.

V - Dustin has more finds from the flea market.

R - The Old School Game Vault's review of Harold, an "endless runner" style platformer. The Rayman games on iOS/Android might be a better comparison than something like Temple Run.

R - Retrofraction's Heroes of the Storm review.

R - ScreamAid's reviews mobile puzzle platformer, Jump!

R - Xtravisage reviews Brutal Mario World, a messy, unfinished, yet fun romhack of Super Mario World.

R - JontheNerd's Destiny: House of Wolves review.

R - Marche tackles The Fruit of Grisaia in the latest entry of his "Should You Read?" series of visual novel reviews.

T - We all have our fair share of dropped games. Dustin thinks about giving some of his another chance.

I love the Filipino drama poster header image he put there just cuz.

E3 wishlists:

T - I love how Siddartha85 wishes that a dev would just come up and announce that their series is straight up dead. Makes me smile for some reason.

T - Swishiee believes his is less of a wishlist, as he believes that they could actually happen. The first entry is about The Last Guardian.

Some thoughts on Steam's new refund policy:

T - Eastyy is really hoping that it puts an end to buggy, broken games.

T - TheKodu thinks of ways on how the policy could be abused.

I actually thought of something similar, and I won't be surprised if others have too or have even attempted it. Here's hoping Valve will address this.

T - KingSigy gives some suggestions on how to improve it.

I do agree on the notion that developers shouldn't be forced to make their games longer just to accommodate to the potential shortcomings it has at this time.

F - Everyone loves Mad Max: Fury Road. Including Boxcollector.

S - Makster's Lucina Amibo review.

C - Spazzh20 cosplays as Isaac from Golden Sun. It's not really the cosplay that "could be better", but telling us a bit more about the costume, why/how you made it, etc., would make the blog post a whole lot more interesting and complete.

? - User avatar test.

Slightly related, but Dtoid still seems to have an issue with downscaling pictures, resulting to low-res avatars in the "Those who have come" and "Following" sections of each blog page.

? - "I demand to know what the fuck I just read", says one commenter. Yeah. That about sums up  my thoughts about this blog.

I'll be the failblog for today.

First of all, I greatly apologise for allowing the Monday blogs to be left unrecapped for so long. I don't know how much these recaps mean to you, but even before I became a recapper, I always checked the recaps when I made a blog because it felt good to me to read what someone else thought about my blog. It feels even more good when you I find out that they topsauced it. So I can understand if you might feel disappointed or discouraged to not see your blog(s) get recapped these past few weeks.

We have to get this back on track again. However, I don't think I'm in the best condition right now to make that happen. I still can't pinpoint all the reasons why (and more importantly, the ways on how to solve it), but it has been very difficult for me to complete any sort of written work as of late. Just working on this recap alone took way too much time than it should....

So yeah, I'll be bowing out of making recaps again for a little while. Look forward to someone else handling the Mondays in the meantime until I get better. Hopefully, it shouldn't last more than a month again. It's weird because I do expect to be more occupied on other things after this month, meaning I might have less time to make this. But who knows? Perhaps a busier schedule might just be the jolt of energy (heh, electricity pun) and inspiration my mind needs right now. After all, things have been way too calm and relaxed these past few months. Maybe it has made me lazy.

- Luna Sy @MareOnTheMoon
Image source: これはこれであり | kounog [pixiv]



6:36 PM on 06.14.2015

Cblogs of 6/13/15 - Got PS TV, Freedom Wars, and Food


Last week, the PS TV dropped down to like $40 bucks, so I finally snatched one up. Since it came with 1GB of internal memory and I already have a PS3 controller to plug in and play, I got enough to get me going for a bit. The "console" is really tiny, like I'm talking smaller than my iPhone 4S. Funny story: I bought the PS TV by price-matching Best Buy's price at Wal-Mart, and the manager looked at me thinking I was trying to pull a fast one. After they checked the website, they let me get it, but then I thought Sony was the one actually playing me because when I opened the box, I couldn't find it. It was hidden at the very bottom of the box underneath what looks like a very small compartment, and the damn thing was so light and tucked in, I actually shook the box and didn't hear it rattling.

I also got confused when I did hook it up because it took me forever to realize where you had to shove the Vita cards in, and I still don't understand half the features the PS TV got like Remote Play or whatever. But hey, I finally have something to play some of the Vita games everybody be hyping about, and I'm pretty open to suggestions. [url=]OverlordZetta recently wrote a blog about [i]Soul Sacrifice[/i][/url] that's getting my attention, but I'm not sure I want it if I can't get my hands on [i]Soul Sacrifice Delta[/i], the better version of the game. I don't wanna be invested in this dark, fantastic world if I'm getting the skim, lite version of the overall story, and I don't do digital.

Right now, the only games I have are [i]Freedom Wars[/i], which I'll get to in a minute, and [i]The Firefly Diary[/i], which I haven't really played yet. Obviously, [i]Persona 4 Golden[/i] is going to be everyone's suggestion, but I'm afraid to be invested into a time-sink with [i]Batman: Arkham Knight[/i] coming so soon (yes, I'm actually getting it first day), so let's pretend that game don't exist and give me some other thing to play. Remember, they gotta be PS TV compatible, so [i]Gravity Rush[/i], the ONE title I really want, wouldn't work. I'm also broke because I'm shelling out $48 bucks without taxes on [i]Arkham Knight[/i] (I got that Gamer's Club for Best Buy that nets me 20% off since I wouldn't use the Red Hood Gamestop pre-order bonus anyway), so the cheaper, the better.


So, how about them [i]Freedom Wars[/i]? I was already in love with the concept of the game from the moment I read about it. You play as a Sinner of this oppressive prison, and everything you do nets you extra time on your 1,000,000 year sentence. Wanna lie down? Well, too frickin' bad, you can't, and you get an extra 10 years in prison for trying. I like this whole atmosphere, and even the little subplots like trying to work around the rules, but Pixie The Fairy made the character creation sound so amazing that that's what pushed me to finally play it. While I'm still too early in the game to do some real customization, especially since I can't customize my Accessory until I hit CODE 4 (their ranking system), I made my character looks pretty much how I'd want him to look for the rest of the game. I actually created him super short (around 5 feet, like me in real life) so almost everyone in the game, even the cute little "loli" character you meet that's someone else's little sister, is taller than me. That goes double for my Accessory, which I made 6 feet tall, if not taller. I basically wanted my head to be at boob level (in case we ever get a chance to hug), and I tried my best to make her look like a MILF. I gave her pink hair with grey highlights because I wanted her to look like she's aging, and if I can actually give her an actual name, I'm going to name her Mommy. Hey, is there any way I can share screenshots from the PS TV?

Oh, what about the actual gameplay? I actually like shooting things in this game. It looks like it's going to be much harder to play without a blade since you need one to hack enemy parts off, but I like using guns because they feel so cool. The beginning of the game is more watching than playing, so I can't really say much about it other than it seems promising. I will say that, when you witness your first Retribution, I was both legitimately surprised by the sudden arrival, AND how brutal the enemies were in the cutscenes. Like, damn, frickin' ruthless.


Normally, I try to shoot for three or four subjects to talk about, but I decided to cut one of them because I think it would be better to post on my personal blog with more details. However, with E3 coming up, I pretty much assume everyone's gonna post a reaction blog on the Cblog section, so I'll hold onto that for a bit. I will say that, for curiosity sake, it has to do with me watching a full, "real life" porn video for the first time in YEARS (animated ads don't count). Yeah, I'm pretty serious when I said years because honestly, reading hentai manga is so much better than real porn. I never get tired of looking at it every day, and the girls are prettier anyway. That's not to say that any of you real life girls reading this post are ugly, but... you know what, I'm just gonna change the subject.

There's this local Asian restaurant that I used to frequent. For personal reasons, I decided to not come back. Not because I can't, but because I'd feel awkward if I did. Anyway, I kinda regret that because they make these amazing pork short ribs that are just juicy and delicious, and since my mom was heading there for their sandwiches, she offered to pick something up for me. For all you asking, it was a Vietnamese restaurant, and they got these sandwiches that are pretty iconic for the nationality; I think fellow recapper StriderHoang is actually Vietnamese (or dating one; I get that mixed up with someone else on the internet I know), so it be might better to ask him to describe it to you. Anyway, despite that, the short ribs taste like Korean BBQ (which is doubly funny because their cook is actually Hispanic) and being able to eat it again was pure bliss. I mean, the meat was as tender, greasy, oily, and overall as tasty as I remember. I could eat these everyday. Unforunately, this particular dish costs like $9 bucks without tax (it's not the image above, but it's close enough if you replace ranch with fish sauce... it's better than it sounds, trust me), and since I can't cook, it's not like I can make them at home. They're also expensive to buy anyway, so if I burned or undercooked them, that's even more of a waste. Hey, Mike Martin... [url=]fancy another recipe blog[/url]?

Anyway, that dinner alone made an otherwise bad week not too bad.


[url=][b]* -[/b] Handy wants to keep up the old Dtoid tradition of having E3 predictions in the weirdest of ways, so he chose to make bingo cards for each conference. Let's be honest, you need something to do while you're waiting for all the good parts anyway.[/url]


[url=][b]A -[/b] Manchild loves gaming on the computers, and recounts old memories of early PC titles, trying to learn how to program, and how Linux stacks up today.[/url]

[url=][b]A -[/b] Voicedinstereo wonders if sports and video games are mutually exclusive or not, and discusses who are the games catered towards and what does it manage to do well.[/url]



[url=][b]C -[/b] Retrofraction's been out of internet for the past couple of weeks, but he returns to let us know what he's been up to lately, and what series [i]Splatoon[/i] reminds him of that he would like to see once again.[/url]



[url=][b]F -[/b] TheKodu wants to talk about that hit movie everyone's been talking about, [i]Mad Max: Fury Road[/i], and some of the themes and stuff inside. Truthfully, I ain't read this blog because I haven't seen the movie and didn't want to risk spoilers, but it could be quite the read![/url]



[url=][b]F -[/b] I hate to fail blogs, I really do, but this is what happens when you only post a video with barely any words, and the video gets taken down. I mean, I'm not sure if it was yours or not, but this is now a waste of a click and I gotta do what I gotta do.[/url]

[b]- Dreamweaver[/b]



4:46 AM on 06.13.2015

Cblogs of 6/12/15 + Theisms: American Dweam Addition


(No, that title is not a typo)

2015 has been a terrible year for my childhood. Everyone I looked up to is dying. In case you haven't heard, “The American Dream” Dusty Rhodes passed away on Thursday. This hit me almost as hard as the death of Randy Savage.

For those of you who don't know, Dusty Rhodes is one of the most legendary professional wrestlers in history. If all you know is current wrestling and don't care about the past (you monster!), you'd never guess that the dude was anything special just by looking at him, he kind of just looks like a fat blonde dude. But let me tell you, that fat blonde dude was perhaps the most charismatic performer the world of wrestling has ever seen, the only person that even comes close is The Rock.

He was one of the top stars in the 70s and 80s, wrestling for the National Wrestling Alliance, which was the top dog in wrestling for decades before Vince McMahon rose the WWE to its dominance in the mid-late 80s. He spoke with a lisp and his body looked like 300 lbs of chewed bubble gum, but he cut some of the best promos the world had ever heard and his classic matches with other legends like “Superstar” Billy Graham, Terry Funk, and Ric Flair were some of the most dramatic stories that have ever been told in any medium, often resulting in 60-minute draws with both men covered in blood.

No sir, in the age of political correctness and a PG wrestling scene, there will never be another “American Dream.” No one portrayed the common man character better, because that's what he was and that's what his roots were. The best wrestlers have the “It Factor” and Dusty Rhodes had so much of it that he could have spared the majority of what he had and still had more than most.

Rest in peace, Dusty. You are truly a legend.

Speaking of the “American Dream,” one of my dreams was crushed while another dream is coming closer to realization.

First, the bad news. I got the email this week that I unfortunately wasn't picked for WWE's Tough Enough. But I'm the type of person who chooses to look on the bright side of things. I got further than I thought I would, and even got further than some of my buddies who are still wrestling. Not sure if that's a testament to how good I am or how bad they are, but I choose to take it as a compliment. Plus, there will be other chances. Former tag team and intercontinental champion John Morrison failed twice before finally making it on the third season of the show and winning it. So, there's that.

See that, guys? Triple H emailed me directly. It's definitely not a template email that they sent to everyone. Nope, definitely not.

But now let's talk about another opportunity that fell into my lap. Before I even had a chance to be upset about Tough Enough, my Pastor discovered that his gym was looking for a new club manager. He introduced me to the guy currently interning, and he liked me enough to go ahead and set up an interview this week with the club's owner.

I fell in love with weightlifting in high school, and ever since then I've told people that one day I will run my own gym. Granted, I would prefer to open my own, independent gym in the vain of Westside Barbell or Iron Addicts (as you stare blankly not knowing or caring what either of those gyms are) instead of running a franchise, but this is a great opportunity to learn how to run a facility in preparation for opening my own one day. And just so you know, my gym will look a lot like Apollo Creed's gym in Rocky III.

Good things are happening. You know what else is good? Videogames. I still haven't had a chance to play anything outside of Lords of Shadow 2 and Puzzle and Dragons: SMB, but I'm starting to enjoy both of those games a lot more than I was. I'm understanding the nuances of LoS2's combat and using it to my advantage, and I managed to push through the very hefty difficulty curve in P&ZSMB. It's amazing how little time you actually have to play videogames when you work for an understaffed videogame store.

Anyway, I'm hoping to finish up both of those in the coming week, opening myself up to finally get a chance to play one of the many recent games that instantly went to my backlog.

Like this game.

Recap time!


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This was a week of dreams. I passed into the next life, another was crushed, while another flourished. I have no idea where I'm going with that statement, about those NBA Finals?




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