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So remember a couple weeks back when I talked about how my wife got really sick and I had to take care of her for a couple of days? Well, that happened to me this week, but it only happened for, like, 12 hours. That, combined with my Internet being down for most of the week, resulted in me spending almost no time on DToid. I missed you guys! That's also the reason my weekly top 5 came so late this week. Very late, in fact. Last night, if we're being specific. By the way, you should go read that. Don't worry, I'll remind you later in this post.

So yeah, like I mentioned, I got really sick this past Tuesday. I don't know what happened. I was just sitting at work doing churchy-type things, and then out of nowhere my stomach started hurting. I thought maybe it was the poop-cramps, but I was mistaken. Then I got really fatigued and decided to head home. When I got home I took a nap, hoping I would feel better before I had to go to my other job that evening. No such luck, however, I woke up feeling just as bad. I had zero appetite, and that's how I know I was truly sick. I'm very strict on my diet, I always have my meals prepared in advance, and I eat at specific times throughout the day, and I just threw that whole routine out the window. The very idea of food made me feel even more sick.

I grabbed a Coke (I've heard Coke is good for an upset stomach) and a bottle of Pepto before heading to work, and let me tell you something, the Coke/Pepto combo burps are some of the weirdest ones you'll ever have in your life. Definitely not something I recommend. Luckily, it wound up being the slowest day of work ever, with only a handful of people coming into the store in the last couple of hours. It dragged, but it was nice not having to move a lot.

Craziest part about the whole ordeal is that I woke up the next morning feeling back to 100% like nothing had even happened. I slept a lot more that night than I normally do, and I know that not sleeping enough can wear down your immune system, so perhaps it was something to that effect. I probably average 5-6 hours of sleep a night, and after doing it for so long, maybe my body was just telling me to slow down and get some rest for a change. It's not that I don't like sleep, I just like getting things done more, which is why I'm awake at 5am sucking down a pot of coffee and writing this recap.

Anyway, my beard is better now, so don't any of you worry. Gaming wise, this was a big week, the PlayStation turned 20 years old! That's pretty awesome. There's probably a lot of you whose first videogame console was a PSone, and I hope you have as fond of memories with it as I do with the NES. That's two decades with games like Resident Evil, Tomb Raider, Twisted Metal, and so many other all-time classics. The PlayStation is without question one of the best consoles ever made, and I'll be honest, I kind of wish I would have waited to buy a PS4 after they unveiled the 20th Anniversary Edition PS4 console. Honestly, I don't even care about the console, I just hope they sell the controllers separately, I just love the fact that the center PS button is colored like the original logo.

The PlayStation got me back into gaming after I hit a lull in my pre-teens. I think every gamer goes through that stage where they just kind of stop playing for a while and then they get back into it. The same thing happened to me with pro wrestling. I stopped watching it for a couple of years in high school, then when I came back, I was more into it than ever, and the same thing happened with videogames. I kind of felt like I had grown out of it, as this was still an era where gaming was considered a niche/nerdy hobby, and then Metal Gear Solid came out and blew my freaking mind. From that moment on, gaming has been a passion of mine.

Thank you for the memories, PlayStation.

In other gaming news, I finally got my hands of Far Cry 4 and...

That's what an orgasm sounds like.

I'm just as in love with it as I expected I would be. I still have the same minor complaints that I had with Far Cry 3, but those are mostly just due to my own laziness. Like why can't I open a loot chest from behind it? Yes, I know it takes less than two seconds to get in front of it, but it's the principle of the thing. Also, why is it that this unassuming dude can turn basically turn into John Rambo, he can pull bullets out of his skin with a knife, but he can't jump off of a 5-foot ledge without losing half of his life?

Also, screw the demon fish, they're scarier than The Exorcist.

It doesn't seem like they changed a whole lot from Far Cry 3, which is completely fine with me. FC3 is one of my favorite games of the last generation. I went and collected every single item on the map, I finished every mission, I upgraded by character completely, I got all of the achievements except for the one where you have to win at poker because the computer cheats, and even after I had done all of that, I wanted there to be more.

Well, now I have it, and I'm very pleased. They really ramped up the amount of items and things to do in this game, which is almost a detriment. If you're like me and feel like you have to do every single thing on the map, then you'll never get any story missions done. I've actually had to tell myself that I have to stay focused and just go to the mission starting point, otherwise I'll be stuck in limbo forever.

I think I prefer the island of FC3 over the mountains in this one, but I'm still very early on. Well, "early" is dependent on how you look at it. I've played about 7 hours, but six of that is just me wondering around, hunting animals, hijacking bell towers, and liberating outposts, and of course, as I mentioned, getting sidetracked because of oooh shiny!

I can't wait to play more, and I'm sure this will be a game I'll be talking about for weeks to come. Now, on to the recaps!

* - Alphadeus' new album has dropped! Catch the fever! Get it while it's hot! And it's free! You have no excuse now!

A - AvtrSpirit gives you all the good stuff about Dragon Age: Inquisition...

A - ...but, as is the case in everything, you can't take the good without the bad.

S - Remember when I said I would remind you that I released a Weekly Top 5? Well, here's your reminder. This week's is my favorite PSone games.

M - How reythepimp got his voice on this edition of the Monthly Musings.

F - Round 1...FIGHT! (on PlayStation)

T - If there's one person here who we know is excited for Street Fighter V, it's The Hoff.

T - My Friday recap predecessor, bbain, has a few thoughts on how to enhance the Pokemon series. DOLPHIN POKEMON!

R - Speaking of Pokemon, Strider just finished Alpha Sapphire, here's some stuff you may want to know if you haven't jumped on board yet.

T - Ever heard of a little game called Smash Bros.? Well, people seem to like it, including Derek Pietras.

M - Who's up for some Mega Man 2 remixes courtesy of Tony Ponce? I know I am.

No fails this week. Good work!

Thanks for reading, everyone!

Now go out there and do something positive!



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For a few months now, California had been declared in a warning state for drought. Living in civilized society tends to make me forget that I live in what used to be and still is a desert. A hundred years, where I live now was probably dry brush in cracked wasteland. Water comes in through pipes, sinks, showers, and more. But I still remember the drought notice I got in the mail a few months ago outlining the rules and etiquette to saving water for the next half a year.

For the past week though, it's been raining like crazy. But rain and Californians don't mix so well. When water falls from the sky, people seem to instantly forget the rules of the road. People get a bit more crazy or lose their judgment, and it's just all kinds of crazy here. But don't assume that crazy rain instantly got us out of drought mode. Oh no, California hasn't seen appreciable rain in years. We might have had light rain before in the span of the drought but saying whatever we call rain during the past few years is helping is like saying you're going to put a few dollars into a jar every day to go towards your student loan debt. That comparison really puts it into perspective doesn't it? It looks like all we got out of the rain was mudslides while we're still in drought mode, fuck me.

I've been binging on Pokemon for the past week during the rain and it does my heart good to see a couple of Pokemon posts on the front and the cblogs. It's so surprising to see Alpha Sapphire actually take a cinematic view of things. Team Magma and Aqua act a little like Team Flare from XY in trying to make the world a better place for Pokemon. I've transferred loads of my old Pokemon from XY into AS and unleashed the likes of Toxicroak and Sharpedo early on against mooks. The Elite 4 was a treat to see all their visual flourishes before fighting them. Everything I love about Pokemon, it never seems to let me down and ORAS was a great entry in seeing more battles and experiencing the old Ruby/Sapphire game in a brand new light. I mean, the Aqua boss is a freaking pirate. And Wally, don't even get me started on Wally. I always thought the side story of Wally was an interesting departure in Ruby/Sapphire. No longer do you have a simple Pokemon trainer rival who lives nearby. This time, you encounter a sickly, timid boy whom you're encouraged to teach Pokemon catching too. He catches a tiny Ralts that looks to mirror his personality, and moves to Verdanturf Town, out of the way of the trace volcanic breeze of Mt. Chimney. But several times throughout the game as you have your rival encounters with him, its obvious that the Wally shows tremendous growth into a stronger, braver young man.

Before, you just saw Wally grow with an upright posture in his sprite and a Ralts that fully evolved into a Gardevoir. This time in ORAS, not only do you get to see Wally's 3D model seriously matured and see his Ralts evolve into a badass Gallade, but you see that his mega pendant isn't just for show as he mega evolves his signature Gallade into Mega Gallade (he has a fucking cape). This would be great by itself into you take into account that you're not just fighting in a generic setting but a samurai showdown style field of flowers which are apparently red spider lilies.

It's all tied together with an epic music showdown that you can only appreciate after following Wally from sickly little boy to battle hardened Pokemon trainer. Seriously, people make fun of Pokemon's simply story but there are certain story beats and moments people don't give it enough credit for. Shiggy was right, story isn't always important but story elements can leave an impression on you. Nobody bothers with a story on Mario but you never forget how Bowser hovers into frame menacingly when you finally meet him in Super Mario World.

I bounced back a nasty stomach virus the other day too. My mind beyond playing Pokemon non-stop is a bit of a blur. All I know is that after a final Tuesday, I went to get carne asada fries from a local Mexican diner and dring the night, I was kept awake by fierce bloating and um... trips to the bathroom. Wednesday I had work in the afternoon but felt like shit. I powered through work on the strength of drugs and hydration alone and I'm feeling better Thursday morning. So remember kids, be careful what you eat. Nothing beats a chain made, procedurally cooked burger. Carne asada fries from a local diner though, leaves some room for personal spice like indigestion! Yum yum, delicious!

I'll be eating home cooked pho and brown rice for the next few days thank you very much.

Actually, on second thought about California's drought and binging on Pokemon, it made me realize just how cosmically ironic it is I'm playing a game about legendary creatures capable of global climate catastrophe and I'm living in a drought. I'm playing Alpha Sapphire, where an orca the size of a small Buick (at least in base form, look it up; he's 14 feet big. At least it doubles to 32 feet in primal form) threatens to drown the whole world into a Kevin Costner spectacular. It may have been more appropriate for me to play Omega Ruby considering when Groudon's ability shifts from Drought to Desolate Land in Primal form. Hitting close to home aren't we? And Hoenn is largely coastal regions and Groudon still threatens to evaporate all the moisture on the planet.

I was talking about Pokemon, right?

Pictured: California

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~ Striderhoang


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I’m so close to getting a job, guys.

Last time I updated you, I was preparing to participate in the final stage of two job interviews. I was to participate in a group dynamic and, if I passed, I would have an interview with the managers. What happened? Well… I didn’t manage to get the job. In one of these companies I got very close to getting it, I was among the final three candidates that were being considered for the opportunity, but ultimately they chose someone else. I was disappointed, but at the same time proud that I got so far in the recruitment process of a well-known company.

Now I’m looking at another opportunity from another company that is very big not only here in South America, but in North America as well. In fact, it is an American company that has been growing in Brazil these last few years. I won’t say the name of the company because I’m afraid they can somehow track this... Some of you may have noticed that I try to keep my internet identity separated from my real identity by not revealing too many details. It’s mostly out of fear something I said in the internet can affect my career in a bad way in the future, you never know. Though really, I’m aware that my false sense of anonymity is but that – false. Being in the internet this long, it’s almost impossible not to leave a bunch of traces of your real self.

I totally didn't steal this gimmick from Gajknight

On the gaming side, I’m still waiting for Super Smash Bros. Wii U to arrive. Meanwhile I’ve been playing some 3DS Smash and a bunch of crappy games. Don’t ask me why I’m playing crappy games when I have a lot of great ones in my backlog, I just have this weird fascination for obscure, mediocre, mostly bad games. I like searching, watching and reading about them, but when it comes to playing… it’s usually not as novel as one might hope. Still, there are some gems out there that are not exactly bad games, just different enough to only be captivating to a very niche audience. When you are looking for these kinds of games, it’s pretty much a wild card on whether you’re going to like it or not. The only thing you can be sure of is that you’re going to need patience and an open mind to appreciate what the game might have to offer.

One thing I keep thinking of is that I want to master a game. And I don’t mean just completing it 100% on the highest difficulty. I mean getting to know the game so well, I can actually play it without getting hit once, or beating it really fast, or just breaking it in some way. I want to make the game my bitch, as people like to say. It’s something that is difficult to do mostly because of the time investment - to get that good at a game you have to play it over and over and over again while ignoring the thousands of other games you want to play. And to dedicate yourself so much to one thing you must really want it. I’m not sure if it’s worth it. I don’t even know what game I would do try to master. There are so many games I would like to explore more, but there’s just not enough time to really give each game the attention it deserves, especially when you’re busy playing crappy games instead.

Now that’s enough talking from me. Let’s get on with the recap, shall we? Leave a comment below if you have something to share.


* - If you’re like me and you like to scroll through a blog before reading it, don’t do it. Read Dreamweaver’s love story from the beginning so you don’t spoil yourself.

S - Welcome to the wonderful world of game testing. The9BitGame is here to walk you through the basics.

T - Cosmonstropolis got scammed some days ago, but his story ended on a happy note. Now he’s here to share his impressions of Dragon Age: Inquisition.

A - Like the PS1? Game-Art-HQ is celebrating twenty years of the P machine with more than 40 pieces of fan art from diverse artists.

V - Here’s an unboxing video of Kingdom Hearts 2.5 Remix Collector’s Edition. It comes with a Heartless plushie!

F - This question would be much more suited to the forums. Maybe expand your blog a bit more to explain why you think Alpha Protocol deserves more praise than Skyrim.

F - Failing this because it’s Troy’s second blog on the same day promoting his channel, and it consists of one sentence. There’s nothing wrong with sharing your videos, but you have to be mindful not to spam the cblogs. 



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I've been getting the Sunday recaps in a little late these last few weeks, but then, the whole last week was full of family, birthday dinners (yay for me getting older), Thanksgiving, gaming, that Black Friday thing and a cold. Hopefully, I'll be more timely next week.

Working Black Friday is usually pretty exciting, but this year it was actually a huge dud. Last year, the first several hours were really busy in that "Oh my gawd, how can you all be here so soon after Thanksgiving dinner?!?!" kind of way. This year after 1:30 AM business dropped off and after that it was just a bunch of random wanderers who were all "just looking." I had five hours of that morning to work, so stumbling around for the next three and a half like a zombie wasn't my idea of a good time. 

I did sell someone Fire Emblem: Awakening and saved someone from buying Heavy Rain, though. When someone tries to buy a Quantic Dream game, I always steer them toward the Telltale games instead. Also did the same thing with this year's Thief - I steered the customer toward Dishonored instead

And it wouldn't be a Black Friday without a customer sharing thier cold or flu with everyone else. As such, last Saturday was mostly spent in bed playing Freedom Wars, Persona Q or Final Fantasy X in between sneezing, blowing my nose and sleeping. It turned out to be a one-day cold, thankfully. With previous Black Fridays I fairly reliably walked away with the flu. I got off easy this time.

I finished FFX HD on Sunday just to have the story portion completed. There is still a lot left to do there on the endgame and trophy end of things but I can get around to that stuff later. I also listened to the bonus audio last night and I wish I hadn't. That little story is going with Metroid Other M in the "stories that didn't really happen" section of my brain. I think FFX-2 left things resolved well-enough and I didn't need more stories about Spira that those games didn't cover.

I'm going ot get started up on FFX-2 soonish, but right now I'm still all about Freedom Wars and Persona Q!

I recently got my first couple couple of Streetpasses for Persona Q! And my first one was... a Slime. What is it with people that streetpass Slimes in your SMT and Persona games? If you streetpass a Slime to others you are terrible, awful person! I don't care if it is your first time, you just told someone else "Here, have this piece off trash I found." I hope you're forced to hear Iggy Azalia's music until you pass on from this mortal coil. Or that all your Pokémon Wonder Trades are Bidoofs and then you step on a Lego.

It wasn't even a Slime with completed skills or ones resulting from fusion! At least that DarthVaden guy sent a Valkyrie!

Anyway, here, have a completed Pixie from me. She comes with a Clairvoyance, which is a handy navigational skill to have!

As for Freedom Wars, I'm now a Code 7 Sinner and  I went online for the first time over the weekend. You get some cool perks for doing that. If you complete missions well ahead of where you are in single player, you earn a certificate stating you can skip that mission in single player. If you do an Accessory recovery mission online (in which you rescue someone's android partner), you add that Accessory to your collection! Sadly, I've yet to collect Accessories from other players.

That's okay, because Crimson is still lovely and perfect. If she's captured I will rescue her offline because I won't share her, ever. Mine.

Gotta say the people I've met online haven't put much effort into their Sinners or Accessories. They just run around in their default gear with default looks. They want to be boring, unsexy sinners, I guess. I think I've made Ripley look like some sort of Jem and the Holograms fan. She looks very 80s now but I like that. 

I actually find it kind of sad how many people stick to defaults when I start looking at them online or the statistics of various games. When I went through all of my Etrian Odyssey Untold streetpass data, everyone was running the default Story Mode with the fixed characters but me. No one else did classic mode in my immediate area. I gladly took their Grimorie Stones, though. 

I just did a few new outfits for Ripley and Crimson as I did this because I'm not obsessed with my characters or anything.

Anyway, that's my personal update for the week. On to the recaps!

* - The Destructoid Saga returns. Search your feelings.

A - Kodu carries out his sentence and flaps a bird and the flaps other flappy things and wonders if I'm still reading at the end. I was.

I - Wild Jamou says "hi" and not much else. Tell us more about yourself! We don't bite... much.

R - Kooram sort of reviews the latest WoW expansion. There's time travel and WoW nostalgia within. WoW is old enough to be nostalgia. Feel old yet?

T - Classic RE finally gets proper analog controls. Ew. Tank controls or GTFO!

R - Drunken Crow succumbed to the Black Friday deals and got an Xbox One.

A - Hoffmann talks about fighting game fan art & some of the more unsung FG characters out there. Pai approves!

L - Luckrequired tells us we can't say that once more! I'd keep Tingle locked up, to be honest.

S - As much as I love Persona, I don't get unboxing videos. There's also a lack of proper links, actual content and a plea for FB and YT followers/subscribers. Mitsuru would execute you for sure. Or maybe Lulu, if you want.


Like my fellow recapper Pixielated, I too have been playing the recently released Persona Q: Shadow of the Labyrinth, and I'm having a blast! However, unlike her, this is my first foray into Etrian Odyssey-style of gaming, and as such, my inexperience has been a bit overwhelming with all these map-making and icons. Although there's a function to auto-map, you still need to place door icons, shortcuts, treasure chests, and other noteworthy spots yourself. It isn't too bad, as I've grown to like that, but I don't think I could handle actually turning off the auto function though. Still, this is the same Persona goodness that it's always been, with exploiting enemy weakness and All-Out Attacks still making me want to plan my tactics so I can kill in as little moves as possible with getting hit as least as I can. I've already logged in over 10 hours (counting the times I've had my team steamrolled by those frickin' Beetles in the first dungeon), and I've been taking advantage of the weekend before returning to class to get as far as I can!

I absolutely dig seeing the Persona cast again the most though! While Etrian Odyssey games have more or less the same type of gameplay, I kind of need a narrative in my games, which is why I never really got into them. For this title, seeing these familiar faces really helps motivate me through the frustrations this game carries! It's presumably as hardcore as either series, maybe a little less from what fans are telling me, and it can be disheartening to lose half-an-hour of progress to an unexpected fluke. Still, hearing these character bicker with one another, like Akihiko and Shinjiro about protein or Yukari and Junpei about how stupid he is, are frickin' hilarious! Plus, playing as Decker Young again (the name I gave to the P3 protagnist), was a nice treat, considering that he hasn't been playable since! The moment when the two teams meet up though, complete with their respective battle theme, is totally going to be on the list of my favorite moments in gaming! While it's a tad disappointing that several actors are replaced, it's nice to hear a couple of the original crew who are still here. Mitsuru, obviously best Persona girl, is as awesome and hot as ever. Take that, Gajknight! :P

Oh, wait, Pixielated call dibs on Mitsuru-senpai? Well, fuck it, three-way!

Actually, while Mitsuru still gets me going, I have to say that I am frickin' in LOVE with newcomer Rei! At first, I didn't think I was going to like her, as she's that typical chipper anime girl that gets old after a while, and it didn't help that they played the amensia card... but damn, she really grew on me! Girl got eats with her at almost any given moment, so her animations are biting or waving a corndog while holding a tray of takoyaki (I think that's what they are: those deep-fried octopus balls) on the other hand, and it is too cute! Don't even get me started on her obsession with food, because she's the best character of that archetype I've seen! I have to give major props to whoever her voice actor is as well; if anyone knows, please tell me so I can see her other works! I seriously believe that whoever casted her as Rei hit it out of the frickin' park! The way she inflects her lines, uses proper comedic timing, and sounds genuinely into the character goes way beyond what a script provides (though you gotta give credit to the voice director as well!), and I actually actively look forward to hearing Rei's input on any given conversation! Seriously, if Pixielated doesn't want to share Mitsuru, then I'll take Rei because she is just too fucking adorable!

Zen, her bodyguard, be looking at me funny though. That dude pulled out a crossbow on me just because I wanted to take a break whilst inside a dangerous dungeon. We cool though.

Well, Thanksgiving has come and gone, and I gotta say that I was pretty disappointed, if not disheartened. First of all, we had to have the dinner at lunch because some people had someplace they "needed" to be, so we didn't do much bonding with each other. As happy as I am that my little brother got himself an Xbox One (Wii U owner here), that kinda made me a sad panda because I guess I never really appreciated the time until we didn't have it this year. I've said it before and I'll say it again, I'm not too close with my family, but the holidays seems to make them lighten up, making them bearable and cool to hang with. However, since we kinda rushed things this year, everyone seemed jolly but also on edge, and of course I would get into a small but somewhat heated argument with my parents over a mistake I made. After lunch, I just retreated to my room to sit in silence, not really having the heart to even game, and I slept the day away. Maybe I was just being extremely childish, but a major reason I felt so melancholy was because I thought this might be the last Thanksgiving that we're all going to be together, and that thought, along with Christmas's arrival, is making me a little wistful and worried. I don't mean to get too heavy in the recap blog so I'll stop this thought here, but chances are I'll probably write another personal blog about my current situation in December.

Did I ever tell you guys how much I love you all? Because this bomb of a Thanksgiving made me realize how much you guys are really a second family to me. I hope you guys had a better time than I did.

* - Videogame journalism are usually presented the same way: people presenting their perky personality along with the facts. However, Rust Cohle Games decides to report on the news with his cynical sense of humor! Find out what he thinks of Sonic Boom, Assassin's Creed: Unity launch problems, developer's stance on 30 FPS being more "cinematic" and more right here!

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F - Forgotten Bastion has a couple of things he wanna get off his chest after seeing the new Jurassic World trailer, so find out why he isn't excited about the titantic Monasaur, the new "Hybrid" dinosaurs, and other things from the trailer here!

C - The9BitGame gives us a list of the top 5 bugs of the week for Android games! While I'm not knocking the actual concept of the blog, it's really just a collection of typos and perhaps sloppy programming, and I wasn't exactly excited to read it as I was expecting something more write-worthy. But that might just be me.

- Dreamweaver


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Good morning fellow DToiders!

Well, another year, another horrible day known as "Black Friday." Yeah, I capitalized it because according to the auto-correct on my phone, it's supposed to be capitalized like it's a national freakin' holiday right alongside awesome holidays like Christmas and National Donut Day. For our non-US readers, if you're not familiar with black friday--which I will no longer capitalize because I'm a rebel--it's the biggest shopping day of the year in the United States. It's so big, in fact, that people wind up dying because of it. Stores have great deals on stuff and usually open earlier than normal. And this year it sucked even harder than before.

It used to be kind of cool. Stores would open up at a ridiculous time like 6am and a few hundred people would sit outside and hope to get the best deals. My first year ever having to work a black friday was in 2007 when I worked at Best Buy. We opened at 6am and my shift that day was 5am-5pm. My entire job was nothing more than standing outside in the cold (I seriously hate the cold, guys) and help people load TVs into their cars, and this was back when giant tube TVs were still around, and countless times I had to watch someone pull up to me in a compact car and say to them "Sir, this TV isn't going to fit in your car" only to have them argue that it would. I should have made them apologize to me when it didn't.

Over the years I've become more and more opposed to black friday because of what it's become. Ever since I got married, family has become so much more important to me, and when the greedy douche CEOs of major retailers decide that making their employees work on Thanksgiving Day is more important than letting them enjoy time with their families, I have a major problem with that. But don't worry, I know that it goes both ways. Stores wouldn't be opening on Thanksgiving Day if there wasn't an obvious demand for them to do so, and if you're one of those moms that are more concerned about getting a couple hundred dollars off of a TV you don't need instead of spending quality time with your family, then stop reading this blog and get your priorities straight.

I had to work yesterday at my part-time job, which is GameStop. They were "nice" enough not to open until midnight, and I actually wound up having to both open and close the store. Outside of the initial midnight rush, it really wasn't that busy, and my store is the busiest in our district. My opening shift ended at 3am, and from about 1:30-3:00, the place was a ghost town.

At the end of the day I was told that our sales were $20,000 less than what the company was projecting for us. Maybe they wouldn't have projected something so ridiculous if they realized that no one is going to GameStop at 4am on black friday. Besides, why would you expect anyone to come in anyway when your black friday deals are so weak? Seriously, videogame deals across the board were pretty terrible this year unless you were in the market for a new console. I'll admit that if I didn't just buy a PS4 a couple months ago, I definitely would have picked up that GTAV/The Last of Us bundle they had going on. And that Wii U deal from Best Buy that gave your three of the best games on the system, that was a pretty sweet deal as well.

As far as games though, there wasn't a whole lot, and what there was didn't interest me much. I remember one year getting Assassin's Creed Brotherhood on black friday for $30, and that was literally a couple weeks after the game came out. I was hoping there would be something similar for Far Cry 4, but no luck. The only decent deals I found were on The Evil Within, which I can wait for, and Shadow of Mordor, which I already own. No big holiday games were on sale and it was kind of a bummer.

Thus concludes my little black friday rant. I think it's stupid, and every year I want to punch it in its face harder and harder. If you managed to find an awesome deal, I'm happy for you, I just hoped it wasn't more important to you than your family.

As far as games go, I haven't really played a whole lot this past week. I don't have a Wii U yet, so I can't play Smash Bros. It's funny, because in most games I actively avoid any online multiplayer, but with Smash, that's literally the only reason I want to get it. I did wind up playing through the Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare campaign, and I thought it was the best campaign for the series in a long time. I liked how it was futuristic, but not too futuristic to be out of the realm of possibility for the time period, and because of that, the changes they made wound up making the game finally start to feel fresh again. I didn't encounter any bugs outside of one time where my AI partner got stuck and I couldn't progress in the level, causing me to restart, but it worked the second time so all is forgiven. The ending was a little anticlimactic, but overall, a really good campaign and one that I may play again in the future.

Other than that, I've spent most of the last week at work fantasizing about playing certain games. I keep fawning over Far Cry 4 and looking at the box for Fantasy Life and saying "I probably won't even like you but I still want to find out."

Now comes the part of the blog where I talk about WWE Survivor Series, so if you're not interested, just skip down to the recaps.

So, for those of you who don't know, I spent 10 years as a professional wrestler in the Cincinnati area. And no, I wasn't one of those guys that spent a few days at a wrestling seminar and then told people I was a pro wrestler. I spent a lot of money on training, by a legitimate trainer, and wrestled a lot of big name guys in my time, guys that you've heard of if you've ever been a fan. I had a couple tryouts with TNA Wrestling, and nearly wound up moving to Puerto Rico to wrestle at one point. So I feel like my opinion on pro wrestling is validated.

Here's some proof if you don't believe me.

With all that said, I think Survivor Series one of the best and worst pay per views the WWE has put on in a long time. Over the last year of my career, I got really burnt out on wrestling and stopped watching it, and to this day I only watch the PPVs just because I legitimately love watching it no matter how disillusioned I got about it. The opening 4-way tag match was really good because Mizdow is one of my favorite gimmicks at this moment in time. The Survivor Series styles divas match was one of the hardest things I've ever had to watch. Then we get to the Dean Ambrose vs Bray Wyatt match.

I've known Dean Ambrose since he first started wrestling. We both broke into the business at the same time, just at different companies in Cincinnati. When we first met, he rubbed me the wrong way, but once we started working at some of the same companies and started working together a little bit, I wouldn't say we became "friends" but we were much more amicable to one another. That guy worked very hard to get to where he is now, and it's cool to see someone I've known for so long making a name for himself. One day he'll be in the main event at WrestleMania, and I'll be sitting on a couch and tell everyone how I pinned him in a No DQ match in front of 50 people at a Kentucky armory on a garbage independent wrestling show. I'm not bitter, I swear. Nope, definitely not.

The internet has also created an excellent series of memes about him.

Anyway, I expected big things between him and Wyatt, but maybe their styles of just don't mix well (it happens to the best of us). I felt the match was lackluster, but they both work more of a hardcore style, so hopefully their rematch at TLC will be better. The only other match worth noting is the main event. I don't want to go into super detail, but I do want to say that I'm so glad that they finally gave Dolph Ziggler his time to shine. The dude is so talented and reminds me so much of one of my all-time favorites, Mr. Perfect. He also gets bonus points for being an Ohio boy. The guy works so hard to make everyone else look like a million bucks, and it was nice to see him get some recognition. Not put the freakin' title on him WWE! Seriously.

But for those that didn't watch it, the biggest thing that happened by far was the debut of Sting.

No, not that one, the other one.

Yeah, that's the one.

If you're not a wrestling fan, or maybe you weren't born when NWA/WCW was still a big competitor to WWE, then you don't understand how big of a deal this was. He's one of the greatest of all-time, and the only big name that never stepped foot in a WWE ring before then. He always remained loyal to his roots. Now that he's finally in the WWE, holy crap. When he walked out, I seriously turned into 13 year old Dustin again and started fist pumping. It looks like they're setting up a match for him with Triple H at WrestleMania, and if that's the case, I don't care if Sting is nowhere near the prime of his career anymore, I'm going to be glued to my seat for that one.

Alright, now let's get on to the recaps.

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