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Today was a mixed, small bag of cblogs. I missed a few I'm glad I'm not forced to recap because I'd just shit all over it in a justifiably kneejerk reaction. But one did get in and its just a telling sign that more and more opportunistic FP trolls and concept accounts are actually clicking on links other than the top stories and trying to grief/plug/flame bait the rest of the community. But thank God some people are willing to try to at least pretend they want to integrate with the community.

But, you know, whatever. My commitments to contributing to the community comes in waves. I was definitely everywhere at once last month but these past few weeks I've been slowing down, biding my time until the next spark. I mean, I am working on something I want to take my time on which was inspired by everyone's favorite topic, the Steam Summer Adventure. And by favorite, I mean Stockholm Syndrome. But asides from working on one piece in particular, my time's been taken up by peak season summer hours burying me alive at work and Anime Expo revving up, demanding my days off and piling two week's worth of days off into one mega pile over the weekend which leaves the week before and after a damn that's just ready to burst. Luckily, as I can't wait to sleep after recapping these caps, I have something ready from something else completely that I was going to post as a separate cblog. Now, I can whip out this bad boy I've stowed away for a rainy day but not to worry interested parties: the idea I was talking about originally is not this. Oh no. You can't rush an astronaut.

Things I learned from my first Steam Summer Sale

As a professional baby, Iím trained to do several things very well. I can eat, sleep, and play video games. I also have no impulse control and am prone to throwing things such as rocks, tantrums, and in this case, money. I mean, I threw money at Steam until I was satisfied; $200 satisfied. As someone who is also a functioning adult, I have mixed feelings. On one hand, I got enough games that Iíd be set for an entire year for a fraction of the price. I may be sitting on $500 of games that run the gamut from time sinks like Jade Empire to time machines like Super Puzzle Platformer. My inner collection freak also has a smug sense of satisfaction.

On the other hand, money is important for things like bills and food. I like food. I may be eating a little less these coming weeks since T-Mobile wouldnít exactly understand my plight.

As 2014 is my first year with a real, functioning machine thatís capable of running something as simple as FTL (thanks company issued laptop!) Iíve learned a lot of things about Steam and myself as a PC gamer that I wouldnít normally have discovered in the normal course of a year as a PC gamer.

Cheap enough is never cheap enough
During the sale, I waited on Jade Empire to go on flash sale. For the summer sale, JE was already 50% off, for $8. I still waited for it to drop lower. I only bought it on the last day after it failed the community vote two days prior.

Hereís another example: Skullgirls is universally beloved. Youíd think Iíd get it for $8. I didnít. Everyday Legend recognized it was on my wishlist and gifted me the game. A deep cut wasnít enough for me to buy it. I was prepared to let it passover until someone thought it was worth $8 and gave the damn game to me when I thought it could go lower. You think Walmart is where dirty, bottom feeding sales sniffers go? Weíre all Walmart at heart. We just donít know it until someone calls our bluff and slaps a green label on it.

Thereís always a game to play
I can be pretty picky as a console gamer. I need a return on my investment because this console seems pretty central to my entertainment. It occupies a video output on my TV, I stream videos on it, sometimes put DVDs in it, and I certainly play week long epics on it. Walk through a Gamestop and you can see the shovelware the industry tries to pass off onto us from Gritty Grey Military Shooter IV to My Horse Stables. Physically seeing this crap makes me picky about the games I play on console and that pickiness can make me feel thereís nothing worth playing.

Yesterday on Steam, I noticed OpiumHerz bought a game called Corporate Lifestyle Simulator. I wanted it immediately.

I didnít get it, because I decided it would be outside my massive sale pile. But the immediacy of seeing a sale, buying, and then playing a game, especially when you see so many people playing it right on your given platform, breaks down all but the shittiest preconceived notions. My only exposure to Marlow Briggs was a sarcastic 2 Best Friends Play LP. But all of a sudden I have five friends playing it and itíd be next to impossible that all of them bought it ironically.

The fact that a lot of games become the price of a bag of potato chips means you can explore a lot of potential leads. What is Long Live the Queen? I donít know but its $3 and thatís the price of a movie box of Mike & Ike. Also, I guess I canít compare any prices unless theyíre compared to junk food.

The community market is a drug dealer
The meta-game to the 2014 Summer Adventure is an ingenious little ouroborus. Spend money and get a trading card, craft the badge and you get extra cards to feed the habit, trade doubles to willing partners and sell them when you canít to buy other cards, or pawn cards from other games to buy other cards that will help you craft badges that will earn you more Summer Adventure cards.

Iíd play a few offhand games in order to earn their trading cards to feed my habit. I always kept pocket change in my Steam wallet in order to continue the journey of my Steam Summer Adventure badge. Games that a lot of people play will of course have high supply in cards to meet demand. Games that few people play will have proportionately more expensive cards (though Iím talking about Eryiís Action I guess less people played that aggravating little bastard).

Overall though, I'm happy with my overall first time with the sale. A lot of people complained about duplicates but keep in mind I was satisfied because this was my first serious year PC gaming, so you know, I spent pretty much $200 on a Scrooge pile of various indie games and easy to run acclaimed games. Fucking Super Puzzle Platform why are you so good and only $2 but have no Steam Trading Cards.

* - I appreciate Scholar and his introduction blog

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C - Axel's first video was informative. This second one is more of a plug that didn't hook me about Watch Doge

F - Supercodebreak's blog is bad and he should feel bad


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Hello everyone! I've been noticing something about the Cblogs lately that has me a little concerned. I feel like I've been seeing a lot of trolls in the comments of some of the Cblogs recently, and some have even been posting blogs, which tend to get a lot of likes and comments from the other trolls. The blogs have been taken down, which is good, but I still see the trolls in the comments, so it seems they'll be sticking around, at least for the time being. This is a little odd, because before now, the trolls generally stuck to the front page only. I'm not sure why they suddenly decided to invade the Cblogs.

If I could offer a bit of advice: if you think a blog or comment was made by a troll, just ignore it! Even if a terrible blog has a bunch of likes and several comments, and you feel the need to comment on it and express your bewilderment of the blog's popularity, or even if you want to troll the troll, just try to resist the urge. Don't talk to them. That's really all the advice that I have on the matter.

Anyway, in more gaming-related news, I've been playing a lot of adventure games this week. I bought both Kentucky Route Zero and Broken Age, which were greatly discounted during the Steam Sale, as well as Valiant Hearts on PSN. They're all adventure games, but they all play very differently, which was cool.

Kentucky Route Zero doesn't really have any puzzles, it's mostly about conversations. It's a very strange and atmospheric game, and your characters sort of seem to develop a personality as you choose dialog options. It's a very well-written game, and I'd say that's definitely it's biggest asset (although it also very well-animated, and sounds nice too!). I've only finished Act 1 so far, but I'm interested to see where the story goes.

Broken Age is a bit more of a traditional adventure game, in the vein of games like the Monkey Island series. It's all about finding items around the environment to use, sometimes combining items, and talking to other characters to figure out what to do next. It's a particularly beautiful game, probably the prettiest adventure game I've ever played. It's not too difficult, but it is very entertaining. Personally, I enjoyed Vella's story more than Shay's, but they were both pretty interesting. I liked how they connected the two stories at the end of the game. Now I just gotta wait for Act 2 to be released.

Valiant Hearts was my favorite of the three games. It's heavily focused on puzzles, with no dialog other than narration. The story is phenomenal, though. It's very educational and emotional, and I felt invested in all of the major characters' stories. It made me glad to play it just to learn more about World War I, which is sort of strange because learning about wars in school was always incredibly boring to me. In fact, this is probably the only game about war that I've ever actually enjoyed.†

Plus, the dog in Valiant Hearts is just about the bravest, most adorable dog I've seen in a video game. You can pet the dog whenever you want, and you can even play fetch with the dog if it finds a bone. So cute!†

* - For board game enthusiasts, Wrenchfarm highly recommends Risk: Legacy. It's like Risk, except you can destroy the world with an army of mechs and bear-riders!

* - Pre-order Iconic Faye's Epic Toronto Adventure now! It's everything you've ever wanted out of a video game (according to the publishers)!

A - sonic429 wants to see some more sequels for some of his favorite games.

P - Radio Destructoid episode 40 is out now for your listening pleasure!

F - Friday Night Fights on Playstation + Plus!

T - OpiumHerz is seriously urging everyone to go play Goat Simulator. Baa!

R - Fenriff reviews Shovel Knight! I can dig it.

V - Chi-Guy gives his thoughts on Shovel Knight in a video.

$ - June 27th UK releases and bargains!

F - Fengor discusses the new Transformers movie with friends in a podcast.

C - I don't really know what to say about Supercodebreak's intro...

C - Well, at least Gamingnerd is trying, I suppose. He still needs considerably more content in his blogs, though.

F - News in the Cblogs? Zzzzzz...

F - This blogs reads like an advertisement. What's with the part about T-Mobile? Also, I don't trust anyone who ends their blog with "let us know what you think." Who is "us"?!

F - I don't know how I feel about linking to strategy guides for old games... maybe if it was for a more recent title? But even then, this guy's website is kind of a mess...

- bbain

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Some interesting news hit us this week, that's for sure.
Like any Zelda fan, I'm pretty excited for the upcoming Hyrule Warriors. I don't care that it's basically just a reskin of a standard Dynasty Warriors game; all I know is that I want it inside me my WiiU. Seriously though, did you watch Nintendo Treehouse @ E3? They made Midna go see the Ocarina of Time Great Fairy to help them use a giant hookshot to slam the moon from Majora's Mask into Twilight Princess' Argorok. That's just fucking glorious is what that is.

So, that big news? Both Agitha from Twilight Princess and a new character called Lana will be playable in Hyrule Warriors.

Well, that was unexpected!

I have some mixed feelings about Agitha. Twilight Princess may very well be my favorite installment in the franchise, but Agitha is a minor character at best. The only thing she does is giving you a shit-ton of rupees in a game that already throws rupees at you (and then, as a special "fuck you" to every OCD-gamer ever, doesn't allow you to loot a treasure chest if you don't have enough room in your wallet for its contents). From that perspective, her inclusion in Hyrule Warriors isn't all that great.

On the other hand, for as little screentime Agitha has in her game, she does leave a lasting impression. She has a creepy obsession with bugs, looks just ever so slightly off somehow, and just gives you the crawlies when you have to go visit her. What's more, they seem to have managed to translate her bug-theme into her fighting style pretty well. And for all I can say against her, summoning a giant fuck-off beetle to squash hordes of dudes sounds like brilliantly silly fun. Points for that, Tecmo Koei.

But what has me most excited about Agitha are the endless possibilities she opens up. Think about it for a second: if even someone as obscure as Agitha can get into Hyrule Warriors and can look cool to boot, the sky's the limit! No one's too silly anymore, it's fair game for all!

If Agitha, why not....
Din / Layru (Ages/Seasons), Dampť, Ruto, Darunia, The Happy Mask Salesman, Ezlo, Vaati, Tetra, Medli / Makar, Byrne, Batreaux, Groose, Irene, or Ravio?
Hell, I purposely left some of the really obscure ones out of that list (be honest: how many of you can tell me who Ashei is, sans Google?), but with Agitha already confirmed, even they might have a shot.

So if anything, this week's reveal of Agitha has me more excited about Hyrule Warriors than ever. She looks more fun to play as than she has any right to, but more than anything now I can't wait to see who else might be stepping up their game to kick some major ass. The one thing I do hope is that Nintendo and Tecmo Koei don't restrict themselves to the "mature" Zelda titles. So far they've been borrowing most of their assets from Twilight Princess, some Skyward Sword and a hint of Ocarina of Time and Majora's Mask, but I haven't really seen any Wind Waker representation yet. I understand that the "Toon Link series" doesn't fit as well with the Dynasty Warriors style, but that shouldn't be a reason not to try. I mean, Agitha doesn't fit in with Dynasty Warriors either does she? And if this game's going to go all out with homages and references to the Zelda series, they need to REALLY go all out and get some of our Great Ocean-dwelling friends in on the action.

As for Lana, I'm liking her so far. She may be an original character but she seems to fit in decently well with the Zelda cast, so it's alright with me. And that one screen where all the pages of a magic book are swirling around her has me all giddy because I've loved the whole magic book shtick ever since I saw Alexander Anderson do it in Hellsing. I'm easy like that.

Apart from Zelda, my Fire Emblem adventures are going quite well, and more battle couples have already sworn their love to one another. In fact, I'm pretty sure most of my main army is married at this point! I'm not going too in-depth today, but I have: Chrom/Sumia, Donnel/Panne, Nowi/Ricken, Sully/Virion, and Shade (what I named my Avatar)/Tharja (What? Why can't I hook up my in-game persona with the hot one?!). Beyond that, Cordelia/Stahl are getting very close indeed, as are Lon'qu/Cherche.†

So yeah, good news all around, and I didn't even go into my Steam sale haul yet! That'll be next week.

* - NickCull takes us back to 2008 and THAT Alone in the Dark game. An indepth analysis on what makes this trainwreck tick.

* - Crono shares some thoughts on sex and relationships in video games. In particular, why we keep getting so much of the former and so little of the latter.

* - I haven't played Transistor yet, but as one might expect its soundtrack is greatness! Oscarno's latest Case Study tells us why.

A - Ubisoft has been getting its fair amount of hate lately (who hasn't, right?), but Scholarly Gamer comes to the rescue.

A - Apparently GameStop tosses the box and manual for used 3DS games. The fuck is up with that?!

- Come to think of it, Lana actually looks just like a Fire Emblem character in this screen.

F - Xbox FNF + Call of Duty!

R - An old review for DmC.

R - And an old review for Resident Evil: Revelations.

R - This is a fairly good review for The World Ends With You, entirely discredited by spelling the game's title wrong in the header.

F - 10 of last year's shitty movies.

C - Some games and movies are better while under the influence of something or other, but this blog can't really be read sober.

C - That feeling of nostalgia for the video games and systems of old.

- Don't mind me, just taking a moment to appreciate how good Midna looks in this game.


- ShadeOfLight
May you always find water and shade

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Boy oh boy, is my first Steam summer sale on a doozy. My badge shows all that Iím on my fifth year with Steam but this is my first serious year of PC gaming and man has my library fattened up. Note that I do not care about backlogs. Iíll play everything I own in due time when Iím interested. I view the Steam summer sale as something that a lot of people probably view it as: some sort of meta-game, a game that you play and donít own. In other words, the summer sale is a summer camp activity. Am I going to play Dino Horde? I seriously doubt it. But for a game to go from $20 to $2, how can I not put it on my Steam account? And thatís something random. The Summer Sale Adventure has repeatedly told us to keep our wishlist updated and not only is that a good idea in order to track all your favorite games and when they go on sale, the prize for the summer adventure is free games right off your wishlist. Nuclear Throne has been at the top of my wishlist for months and Iíve never seen it go on sale. To get that as a freebie would be amazing.

And the whole points and badge thing? I know not everyone on my friends list is necessarily eating that up. Me though, I love collecting me some trading cards and being rewarded for my OCD klepto tendencies is an enabling crime. I havenít touched the community market in months since I slipped out of my PC gaming groove but Iíve booted up games I havenít touched so that I can grab their cards. I am compelled to show my love of certain games by crafting badges out of their cards but for anything Iím less than interested in, Iíll happily nab their cards and hawk them off to the market so I can use their chump change to buy other trading cards to craft badges I care about. Like those last two foil badges for Mercenary Kings I need because I got one from a booster pack and bought two others to accompany it. Hope you like having somewhat trawling your inventory for interesting specimens cause Iím doing it all day for you.

I managed about 32 points yesterday when Pink was in 2nd place. There are conspiracies rampant about the contest getting rigged by any number of entities, from Steam itself for the purposes of earning more money from market percentages to a much more plausible mass craft wave being planned out on reddit. Considering there are people out there who will drop tons of money for the purposes of winning the Summer Adventure contest, Iím not holding out hope that Iíll top out someone else and get free games. But the feeling of contributing points to my team is certainly something nice. Plus Iím eyeballing my competition. Iím watching you OpiumHerz, and your 4 points contributed to green team. Those green swilling chumps ainít winning over team pink #TeamPINK.

I'm also thinking of breaching a touchy subject in a future cblog: Smash Brothers as a fighting game. It seems like no matter how much I love it and how much I respect its mechanics, I cannot consider it a fighting game in my mind. I like thinking about how spacing works in the game, talking about the edge game and recovery between characters, and everything in between when it comes to the subject of winning. But I can't bring myself to label it as a fighting game in the same domain as Street Fighter, Guilty Gear, or Virtua Fighter. In fact, it can be less a discussion of why I can't consider it a fighting game and more of a chance for me to put my thoughts on the matter down on paper. Could it be the lack of a straight health bar and the mechanics of ring outs? Could it be because Nintendo's never been fully supportive of having their game in a competitive environment?Could it be that small sect amongst the competitive Smash subculture that can be so divisive and vitriolic? I may never know until I at least try putting these thoughts and biases down on paper and open myself up to discussion. One which will inevitably draw kingsharkboi cause I know homie is all up in that culture.

* - Seymour hits all the right notes in his music selection

A - Especially in Last of Us, Sabo became disconnected from his on-screen character

A - Handy does an autopsy for his big E3 predictions list

A - CT is looking at the nitty-gritty for predicting the next Nintendo handheld

A - Don't worry about your backlog

A - Luke is feeling old and calls people marmite

T - This nerd is looking forward to the next Zelda

F - Fear leads to anger, anger leads to hate, hate leads to spam


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Steam sales are upon us again and my backlog grows heavy. My poor hard drive bows and sags under the burden of cheaply bought games, the projected time to completion if I actually sat down and tried to plow through my waiting collection probably numbers into the hundreds of hours at this point. Some of these games are just waiting for the right time, some might get picked up and fiddled with for 45 minutes and summarily uninstalled, others might sit in cloud storage limbo forever. And you know what? I'm over it.

I'm over being guilty about the backlog. If we were talking about full price $60 games sitting untouched in shrink wrap, that would be one thing, but when it comes to picking up games for pennies on the dollar? No way. When you're spending $2.50 here for some indie curiosity, or $10 there for a game that retailed at five times that price just eight months ago, I'm not going to beat myself up anymore and I don't think you should either.

It's not a bad thing to stock up for the proverbial winter. Just because you haven't played some games you own or don't have time right now to devote to a long title doesn't mean that will always be the case. I know I personally have Metro: Last Light waiting for me in my Steam library. I loved the original, but you know what, I just haven't been assed to get around to the sequel yet. In fact, I'm not still not ready for it. But I know that even though I might not feel like an atmospheric single-player game right now, I know I will be someday. Maybe next fall, when it's cold outside and nobody wants to do anything and I'm stupidly considering some flashy November release for $60, I'll be in just the right mood to explore Moscow's decrepit subway system. When the time is right and I have both the time and the attitude for the game, I'll be glad I picked it up for $6 when it was available, and I'll have something to keep my mind off other, more expensive, impulse buys.

Steam sales are also the perfect chance to finally sate your curiosity. Have you heard a lot of wonderful things about Gone Home but could never quite cough up $20 for a two hour game? Well, you finally have a chance to experience that touching story for the price of a non-fat latte. Is something like Goat Simulator the kind of stupid thing you think you'd love but could never justify paying real money for? Just wait until it's down for $2 and go for it.

Even if you never play some of these games, Steam Sales are the perfect opportunity to show support to developers and genres you want to see more of. I'll be honest, I'll probably never have the time or inclination to really get good at Skullgirls, but I did pick it up the other day when it was on sale for less than $5. Who knows, maybe I'll really enjoy it and get some good play time out of it. Otherwise, I'm happy just to support a weird little development team working on a niche genre that requires some serious work and patience to survive in. I picked up the PC version of Spelunky even though I already have it on 360, in part for the convenience of having access to it on any of my computers, and also just to support the developer of that fantastic game. It's a masterpiece and I don't mind throwing a few extra sheckles at Derick Yu to support whatever he's making next.†

I know that some people might not care about that sort of thing at all, and that's fine. I'm not saying we all have to be patrons of the videogame arts and toss money at toiling, starving developers to keep them producing things. But it's also worth considering, especially for smaller teams and niche genres. Steam sales can be a real second-chance for a lot of games to become profitable. Some indie titles depend on the shot in the arm to pay for whatever they're making next. Bigger developers can use it to show their publishers that yes, there is a market for turn-based RPGs based on the works of Franz Kafka after all, it just needs to be priced right and given a chance.

So ignore the backlog shame, this is the time to buy some mother fucking games and feel good about it.

That said, it pays to shop smart. Take a look at your wish-list, think about games you've been curious about in the past, and start setting prices. Think about how much each game would actually be worth to you and mentally ear-mark it or even write it down. Steam sales can get absolutely bananas, and while it might seem greedy to scoff at a "mere" 50% off sale, it isn't uncommon for games to come down 75% or more. The best deals usually come from limited time flash-sales and community votes, so it may be worth skipping a regular sale and waiting for it to come down even cheaper.

Remember, the sale lasts until the 30th, and if the last few rounds of Gaben Madness have taught us anything, it's that we can expect repeat sales and "last-chance" offers of the best deals on the last days, so don't worry too much about missing out on a deal. Be patient, set a price you'd be willing to pay for a game, and wait for that sweet flash sale or community vote result.

This might also be a great time to look through your Steam inventory for any extra cards, TF2 and Dota swag, or any other knick-knacks you don't need. Put them on the market place priced to move, and you could very well buy some full priced triple AAA games with electric funbucks generated from some hats you never wear or some trading cards you could care less about. Also, make sure to vote every chance there is to generate free cards and sign up for the Summer Adventure thing while you're at it. It's a crapshoot, but you may end up with some free games and it doesn't take any kind of effort, so why not!

In a weird way, Steam sales become kind of a fun game in their own right! Keeping an eye on what's available, taking chances on future sales, maximizing the value of your inventory to trade for real games, not a bad diversion for a week and a half!

* - Will Nintendo's next console be this beast with two backs? Will I ever stop giggling at that? These are questions nobody knows the answer to, but CTG867 certainly has some interesting ideas about them.

A - Woah! Zer0t0nin weights in with a MASSIVE history of the Metal Gear series. In a series as convoluted and crazy as MGS, it can certainly help to brush up on the events of each game. I can't help but feel this blog would have been a lot better as a 3-part series or something though, it's pure information overload all lumped into one mega blog.

A - Well, technically not one blog, but a main blog and an addendum! Look, when you break the blog editor with the size of your post, it may be time to consider putting it out as a series!

A - BetterBuckleUp is a little sick of people asking the "wrong" questions about No Man's Sky, but I think he's laying it on a little thick here. I have a better question, how the hell did he format his blog to display a right justified picture with text still appearing on the left side?

R - An early review of Divinity Original Sin by Samsneeze. Looks interesting!

N - Amazon France might have dropped the ball and leaked the release of a Last of Us PS4 bundle. Seems like a great opportunity for gamers that missed the PS3 but are thinking of joining the PS4 crowd (BLOODBORNE) to catch up on one of the best games for the system. I'd probably be down.

R - Painkiller is a fun little series with it's share of problems. There may be bugs, but how can you not love a stake-launching cannon?

C - A nice video blog, but zero ACTUAL blog. Not a lot of interaction in the comments from what I can see as well. Shame-shame.

F - The fail is thick and tasty here. A stumbling "test" first blog, zero response to helpful comments, and a bio section with links to spamy broken English sites. PERFECT.

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Hello everyone! I had a pretty fun weekend; got to see George Takei at the Columbus pride festival and spent some time playing board games with friends, but unfortunately the fun ended with painful sunburns and my car getting towed... so I'm not in the best mood at the moment.

Board game night was really cool though. We played Bang, Betrayal at House on the Hill, and some expansions of Cards Against Humanity. I hadn't played the first two games before, but I play CAH quite regularly. Bang was an easy-to-learn card game about a Wild West shootout, with outlaws, sheriffs, deputies and renegades trying to claim victory over everyone else. It's pretty cool because no one knows who anyone else is (except the sheriff), so you have to figure out who's an outlaw and who's a deputy and try to plan your strategy around those assumptions. The sheriff and deputy were victorious in our game, but unfortunately I was an outlaw.

Betrayal at House on the Hill was a much more complicated board game about a group of people exploring a haunted house, and it was so much fun! There's a ton of different scenarios that can happen, and the game is different every time you play. During our game, an alien virus broke out in the haunted house, and everyone became susceptible to infection. It was the traitors' goal to infect everyone else, and it was the survivors' goal to create a serum to wipe out the infection, but no one knew who was infected or not so it was really intense. I ended up being the last survivor, with everyone else either infected or dead, but eventually the infected killed me, so I lost. I really hope I get the chance to play this game again sometime, because it was awesome!†

No topsauce today†:(

A - nanashi got a bunch of cool games during the Steam Summer Sale. What did you get?

A - Derek Pietras doesn't want Nintendo to change, because everyone else in the AAA market is boring him.

A - A bunch of GameStops have been shutting down recently, leaving Spieler Dad no choice but to start buying games digitally.

S - Gray Time gives ZombiU the appeciation it deserves!

P - Fengor is starting a podcast, because he really likes talking!

F - Friday Night Fights on Playstation + Murderous cats!

F - Friday Night Fights on Nintendo + Palutenass!

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$ - June 20th UK releases and bargains!

L - A kid gives its impressions of Goat Simulator through images! (Kid? Get it?)

C - Devthegamer's parents are letting his younger brothers play M rated games, and he's uncomfortable about it. Any advice?

C - UnrealKman is truly a wet blanket...

F - Assassin's Credibility.

F - Thanatos, the fail blogger.

- bbain

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