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Welcome to the Tuesday recap! This week I will give you a quick look at what I have been playing.

The Binding of Isaac: Rebirth

Many of you are familiar with Isaac’s formula: explore randomized poop-filled dungeons, kill grotesque enemies by shooting tears, and find crazy items and upgrades. Rebirth is both a remake and an expansion/sequel to the original game, adding tons of new content and bringing some very welcome improvements. One of my biggest criticisms of the first game was regarding its engine – it was prone to constant slow-downs and even crashes that ruined the flow of the game, and it even deleted my save file once. But now that Rebirth has nearly flawless performance, I’ve been enjoying it quite a bit more than the original. There’s nothing like the responsiveness of a stable frame-rate and the comfort of a video game controller. Those poop enemies better watch out!

Bayonetta 1

Talking about responsiveness, the battle system of Bayonetta feels so good. You have a lot of freedom in the way you mix your moves, so an experienced player can execute some insane combos that both look and feel exhilarating. The only “problem” with the game is that it is unforgiving. It does not easy up for new players. If you don’t have a lot of experience with action games of this caliber, you should be prepared to endure some frustration until you can reach the skill level needed to truly enjoy what it has to offer. I had a similar experience with Devil May Cry 3, but after putting a lot of effort in getting better at the game, I can say this: it was worth it.

Castlevania: The Dracula X Chronicles

Castlevania is another series well-known for its fun, challenging gameplay, and Dracula X Chronicles does not disappoint. I originally bought this game because I knew it came with Symphony of the Night, by far the most revered game in the Castlevania franchise, but once I started playing Dracula X I couldn’t put it down until I beat it. The game is a 2D side-scroller that harkens back to the old games in the series. The gameplay is simple, yet challenging and surprisingly fun. You traverse the levels destroying all kinds of enemies by whipping them and using secondary weapons, while collecting hearts and uncovering secrets. And boy, are there a lot of secrets! Different paths can lead you to complete different levels, and if you want to get the best ending for the game you’re going to have to rescue the maidens that were hidden in the castle. Not to mention that to unlock Symphony of the Night, you need to find a special item in the game. Whip those candles!

The Walking Dead Season 2

I didn’t cry. How many macho points do I get for that? It’s not like this season didn’t have emotional moments, a reunion with a certain character in episode 2 made me feel so warm inside I almost cried. The only problem with this season is that it has some trouble not treading on familiar ground and making your choices feel meaningful. I also didn’t like how in the first episode you barely had time to breathe – they wanted to up the intensity by having bad things happen one after the other, but I thought that just cheapened the experience. Some of my favorite parts in both this season and the first are the parts where everything is quiet and everyone finally seems to enjoy life a bit. It’s in these moments that you can truly see the human side of the characters, and feel good about their temporary peace. These down times are a good way to give the players a rest, to develop characters and even to punctuate the intense scenes when they eventually happen. To me an apocalypse story is more about the good, warm moments than the insane, gory ones.

Those were some of my most played games this week. But tell me about yours! What have you be playing? Any game launching soon you’re looking forward to?

* - Some video game endings are tragic, some can be funny (intentionally or not), others can leave you with a bittersweet feeling.  Whatever the case, endings can be memorable and invoke different feelings from the player. Cosmonstropolis is thankful for all the endings that stuck to his mind. 

A - Terry309 discusses with the community what the best RPGs are for newcomers.

S - The Emolga Editorial has fond memories of playing the original Super Smash Bros. with his brother.

P - Pocketoid is back and they want your questions! They are also giving away a downloadable copy of Super Smash Bros. for 3DS.

P - PStoid is here with episode 11, starring special guest OpiumHerz!

This is seriously one of the best mashups I've ever heard. Smooth rap, anyone?

From the series: PaRappa goes with everything.

N - Rejoice! Rodea the Sky Soldier is out of development hell and poised to release in 2015 for Wii U and 3DS. Also Tony Ponce.

R - Cosmonstropolis reviews A Bird Story in a very peculiar way.

This amazing video single-handedly made me interested in Attack on Titan.

C - Hoffmann comes back to us and writes about one the best FPSs of all time: Doom. The only thing he needs is to work a little more on his grammar and formatting.

C - Vintendo believes Castlevania 64 doesn’t get enough recognition. I would suggest expanding the blog a bit more and separating it in paragraphs. Maybe add some pictures. The subject matter could make for a great article.

Come back next Saturday Wednesday!




Photo Photo Photo

So I've still been chipping away at Final Fantasy X HD. Everything was going smoothly until those Dark Aeons showed up. 

You see, I tend to rush through the cloisters because I hate Square-Enix's brand of puzzles. I guess no one really does dungeon puzzles quite like The Legend of Zelda and my brain always sets the bar right about there and most companies not called Nintendo or Valve tend to not excel at stimulating, intuitive dungeon puzzle design. Even as much as I love Atlus their dungeon puzzles in Shin Megami Tensei and Persona are a bit ... wut? So yeah, running around inserting and removing orbs all over a set of rooms might be more clever than what The Elder Scrolls series does, but it's still not as satisfying as how Zelda, Metroid, Portal or a handful of others do it.

Anyway, I skipped getting the treasures out of the Besaid and Macalania temples - and you need all six temple treasures to get access to Anima later. Dark Ixion and Dark decided to bar my entrance into those temples. They can pretty much instakill your party on sight if they're underleveled and I don't feel like grinding more to do that today.

Thankfully, I found a solution.

I paid Yojimbo to Zanmato them. Sure, it's the easy way out, but I did give him a 100k per kill since I was a lousy tipper before those fights. I say he earned it and that I also earned it because I did earn that gil because I spent some time farming Level 3 Keyou Spheres. I hired a sellsword Aeon, so I may as well enjoy some of the perks from time to time. The deaths of Dark Ixion and Dark Shiva clear the way to Anima and also clears up the issues blocking my access to the Magus Sisters and completing part of Yuna and Lulu's Celestial Weapons.

Now I just have to worry about running into the other Dark Aeons and kicking the cap out of things in the Monster Arena. I'm 1/7 on completed Celestial Weapons after getting the Caladbolg from that weird space tree vagina orb in Macalania Forest.

Lots left to do in FFX, but I'm going to dial it and Pokemon X back a bit so I can get Etrian Odyssey Untold and Persona 3 Portable done before Persona Q is out. I'm doing the FemC side of it. I don't need to walk Makoto Yuki's path again until PQ. I plan to become besties with my senpai, Mitsuru, this time. 

Aside from all that, The Legend of Zelda: Majora's Mask 3D! Glad Nintendo finally spilled the beans on that one. I was getting tired of all the cruel teases for the last year and a half from SDCC 2013 to E3 2014, plus all the clues buried in A Link Between Worlds as well. Three days of diary entries, only the 72nd Maiamai remaining and that mask in Link's house -it was all getting to be a bit much.

The announcement of Majora'a  Mask 3D also prevented me from getting crestfallen about Nintendo keeping a lid on Shin Megami Tensei X Fire Emblem.

To wrap things up, I'd like to congratulate Jonathan Holmes on becoming Editor in Chief! I heard he would be granting wishes as of now and, as such, he needs to look like a proper genie. If you would all get a bucket of blue paint, dump it on him and make him wear Hammer pants so he can become a genie, that would be great!

As for my wishes, I wish for...:

- a concubine of 9000 lesbians.

- all the video games to become mine.

- a lifetime supply of pizza and vanilla root beer.

Get on it, Geniethan Holmes, I have an airship, dungeons to map and clases to catch!

* - And now for your moment of thankful zen from Rowdy Rhod.

* - The Emolga Editorial writes an editorial on why he favors Emolgas. Bias!

* - ROG21 writes a nice first blog about the importance of narrative in games.

* - Titanfall, the game that genuinely won all our hearts, is now our mascot.

S - Django recaps some recent comic book releases. I still have a hard time believing Sonic comics are a thing.

E - Veradriane talks Blizzcon, Blizzard things and Warcraft stuff.

T - El Dango looks all the way into 2015 to talk about his most anticipated games

T - Luckrequired  gives thanks and also looks toward 2015's games.

T - Spaghetti O'Reilly talks about his appreciation for Puzzles and Dragons.

No fails!


For the first time in a long while, I went to the movie theatre to watch a movie, and it's been even longer since I went alone: the last time I went with friends, it was to see The Amazing Spider-Man, which is not as good as the original trilogy in my opinion, and the last time I went by myself was to see Ponyo because I was a pretty big Miyazaki fan and my friends didn't want to watch it at all (they were turned off by Noah Cyrus and Frankie Jonas, who I thought did a good job, but I guess they carried their sibling's stigma). Now, usually, I just wait for the DVD to come out so I can watch it in the privacy of my room, but there were two reasons why I decided to walk into theatres on Friday: I really wanted to see Big Hero 6 because I'm a fan of vigilante superhero movies, and I actually enjoy watching movies with an audience. You might think I'm crazy because watching with random people might ruin a film, and it does if they're loud and obnoxious enough... but to paraphrase something the Angry Video Game Nerd said about how he wanted to screen his movie in theatres before releasing it online, there's something about hearing dozens of people genuinely laugh at the funny bits, or sit in stunned silence during a somber scene, that really makes going to the theatre something of an experience.

Anyway, how was the movie? Pretty damn good, actually! The movie was a visual spectacle, whether it's the streets of San Fransoyko, the buildings and advertisements, or the design of the characters (especially the hottie auntie, who I will be scouring porn sites for)... and although it gets a little grey-ish at the showdown between the heroes and the main villian, the rest of the film was pretty colorful! Obviously Baymax, with his huggable design and humorous antics, is the star of the show with some chuckle-worthy comments, but I truly enjoyed some of the characters too: I thought Hiro was pretty grounded in his humanity and realistically portrayed, and his brother actually felt like a genuinely good guy concerned for his little bro. The plot of the movie was also pretty sound: although it's really conventional, as in so by-the-book that anyone could tell what was going to happen next, it's so well-done and executed that it doesn't take away from the film, and that's what really matters in my opinion. I mean, I felt them feels when the film takes a drastic turn, especially this one scene involving Baymax and Yokai when the music ramps up, and the overall pacing moves fast enough that it doesn't feel like its plodding, nor too fast that it undermines the quieter moments of the movie. That's not to say that the entire show was perfect though...

Despite some of them being the heroes, the other characters felt like they were just there: they are given names and allowed to interject their thoughts every once in a while, but no one really does anything more or evolve out of their single-dimension; it's almost as though "character development" is on a budget, and it was reserved mostly for Hiro and his brother with a couple left over for the villian. I mean, don't get me wrong, it's quality over quantity, and I'm sure there's bound to be a sequel that dives into the others further... but it was something that bugged me because I was hoping for the heroes to be all chummy with each other with a certain camaraderie, as expected with a name like Big Hero 6, and it didn't really happen: in fact, I don't believe they even worked together as a team for any of the fights, even the end. My only other complaints would be that the action scenes could've packed a little more of a punch if there weren't going to be many, and that the ending might've inadvertantly undercut an emotional scene that happens minutes beforehand. Still, I recommend checking out this film if you're curious, as I pretty much enjoyed it and can't wait for the DVD to drop so I can rewatch it (because I also realized that going to theatres also reminded me how expensive things can be)!

The movie kinda made me dive back into The Wonderful 101 and give it a second shot: I love Platinum Games, and growing up on Mighty Morphing Power Rangers means I love vigilante superheroes... so naturally, this game should be a match made in heaven, right? Well, the game frustrated me so much that I had to stop, and I don't mean it's because of its difficulties in combat: trying to figure out what you're supposed to be doing is almost never entirely clear, and the game does a poor job explaining it too. Seriously, there were multiple times when I got stuck for so long that I pretty much kept playing with a guide on hand, and worse are the parts where you must do something like escape from a collapsing building under a strict time limit and the near uncontrollable camera makes it hard to do so without multiple tries; eventually, after dying over and over again because I had to stand on "that" platform instead of "this" platform, I just didn't care much for it at that point. However, with several people telling me that the game feels "worth the hassle" later on, even Jonathon Holmes, I've been curious about jumping back in, and after watching the seven-minute long "Director's Edition" trailer posted above, I'm going to give it one more shot: I finished the excellent Bayonetta 2, so I'm in the mood for more of Platinum Games.

At least not only a bit easier since I know what I'm doing and my stats and techniques "carried over", as I'm using the same save file but replaying missions from the start... but it's also still as bombastically (is that a real word?) fantastic as I remember: the game has some nice setpieces, and don't even get me started on the spectacular boss fights with amazing quick-time-events sprinkled throughout! I don't have much to say since I only almost made it back to where I left off in Operation 003 (since after that poison gas room, I essentially said "fuck this game" and quit), but trying to get back into with some patience isn't easy when, unlike the excellent Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance, the game doesn't make it clear what attacks can be parried and which have to be avoided. Still, I've played games with much worse design, and if the action only escalades from here, then I'm going to do my best not to let the frustration get to me.

A - Derek Pietras, inspired to write after a friend told him that he doesn't feel like a game is considered "a full experience" if it doesn't have a well-written story, wonders if that's true after growing up in the NES era where gameplay was, first and foremost, the main appeal of a title.

A - Jinx 01 takes a page out of Hoffmann's book by listing off his most wanted games of 2015: with dark titles like DOOM 4 and The Killing Floor 2 along with colorful ones like A Hat in Time and Secrets of Grindea, check out how vary his tastes are, and see if any title you might not have heard of strikes your fancy!

S - Riobux's first entry in his series Riobux Recommends is about the awesome Zero Escape: Virtue's Last Reward, a game with superb writing involving complex themes and ideas. Though they are somewhat marked, there are heavy spoilers inbound, and your enjoyment of this title will be severely diminished if some were to get to you.

R - ALL95 reviews the PS Vita exclusive Freedom Wars, a game where even sleeping lying down nets you extra years towards your million-year long prison sentence. With solid gameplay, colorful graphics, and a unique atmosphere, should you fight for freedom, or is it a lost cause?

R - TheKodu reviews something called Mountain, a game where you have the power to move mountains... er, I mean, the power to play as a mountain. Wait, what? Yeah, check out this odd "game" for the Kindle Fire and PC where you... uh... sit there. Points for realism?

R - Kooram reviews The Binding of Isaac: Rebirth because he is a fan of the original... but as much as he recommends it to anyone who hasn't played it, could he recommend it to people who have already been through it the first time? Should Isaac have been reborn, or is he too corrupted with sin to be worth a second chance?

F - Guess I'm not the only one talking about movies: Bardley recently became a fan of Studio Ghibli's works, and decides to give us his thoughts on their gorgeous looking film The Tale of the Princess Kaguya. Is there beauty within, or is it only skin-deep?

? - Nekrosys reports on the terror about to be unleashed unto the world by the mad scientists in the PepsiCo: stare at the sight of this monstrosity to prepare yourself for the horrors to come!

- Dreamweaver


Photo Photo Photo

This is only my third week as a recapper, but some of you may have noticed that I tend to post the Friday recaps very early on Saturday morning. After I graduated high school, I somehow became a morning person, and it seems that as time goes on, I wake up earlier and earlier. Now, at the ripe old age of 29, I'm that guy who wakes up at 4:30am on purpose. I'm a bit of a fitness buff, ever since I first started lifting weights at the age of 16, I've been in love with it. And now, with me being so busy between my job and ministry obligations, it's hard for me to find time to hit the gym unless I go early in the morning. But I love it. Most times I show up to the gym and I'm the only one there, and it's pretty awesome because they haven't turned on their generic "gym rock" playlist yet, which consists of Avenged Sevenfold (barf), Linkin Park (double barf), Five Finger Death Punch (kill me), and post ...And Justice For All Metallica (a big ole MEH. Sorry guys, I don't like the Black Album). Honestly, I feel like if I sleep past 8am that I've wasted the whole day. There's just something about waking up and getting things done before the sun comes up that makes me feel like I've accomplished something.

Still the best.

I mean who needs sleep when there are so many games to play? Speaking of games, I had to work the midnight release for a relatively unknown series called Call of Duty. It was interesting. I wound up working 7pm - 1am, and the majority of that six hours was spent doing a whole lot of nothing except sitting around. We had some prizes to give out to those who decided to get there early, so I wanted to test their knowledge and made up a list of videogame trivia questions. If this were a videogame history exam, they wouldn't have done so well. I understand that there are a lot of people who play Call of Duty and only Call of Duty, and that's fine. My brother only plays Call of Duty and Madden, but I still expect him to be able to answer questions like "Name the villain of the Castlevania series" or "Name a Konami franchise." But overall, it was a pretty good time.

Anyway, as far as games go, I haven't had a whole lot of time this week as I've been super busy with work and other ministry duties to take care of, but I finally finished Professor Layton vs. Phoenix Wright. That game is looooooooooong. I don't mind long games, and this particular one took me 27 hours to complete. If you've never played a game in either franchise, there's quite a bit of reading that needs to be done. And when you combine them, there's double the reading. Basically what I'm saying is that Professor Layton vs. Phoenix Wright is like the War and Peace of videogames. I still enjoyed it though. When I first mentioned I was playing it in a previous recap, I believe it was former Friday capper bbain who commented that they really downplayed Phoenix Wright in the end, and it's true. The last two hours of that game they make him look totally incompetent. I also found the Professor Layton puzzles to be much simpler than they are in his individual titles. Overall though, if you're looking for a solid 3DS game that will last you a while, you can't go wrong with this one.

The Last of Us was one of my favorite games of the last generation, and I finally got around to playing the story DLC, Left Behind, this week. It's not very combat heavy, but it reminded me how much I freaking loved that game. Naughty Dog have become masterful storytellers over the past few years, and few games are as beautiful as theirs are to look at. During the Ellie flashback sequences, there were several times that I would sit there and think to myself "This is awesome." I also exhausted the entirely of the book of puns. It's only a couple of hours long, so it can be beaten in a sitting, and it's a great couple of hours at that. I recommend it if you liked the main game, but don't feel like you're missing out if you don't play it. It's a nice little story about Ellie's past, but if you prefer to leave some things unknown, you totally can. They do a really good job showing the friendship between Ellie and Riley. Naughty Dog makes me care about characters almost better than anyone else.

They friendship so hard!

Other than that, my wife and I watched Video Games: The Movie on Netflix this week. I highly recommend it, especially if you're interested in videogame history. It mainly talks about the industry as a whole and doesn't spend too much time talking about individual games, but it was a nice trip down memory lane for an old man like me.

I really want to express my feelings on Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel, but I'm going to save that for next week, as I like to keep these fairly short. See you all next week!

* - I would love to see zombies playing basketball. Mr. Andy Dixon has this and a few more helpful tips for the forthcoming Doom. Also, why did they pull a Rambo and call the fourth title Doom instead of Doom 4?

* - Happy birthday to FlanxLycanth. Send him cucumbers and get cake in return. WHAT A DEAL!

P - Here's the latest episode of my podcast. We discuss the Call of Duty series and Woah Dave! Which are obviously the two biggest releases of the year.

W - Hoffman announces the Game-Art-HQ contest winners. That Super Ghost N' Goblins entry is something I would gladly put up in my house.

F - Play videogames with fellow DToiders on Friday Nights. Here's more information on the Playstation side of things...

F - ...What's this? A new challenger emerges! Nintendo Night Fights!

$ - Simon brings the new releases and bargains for those in the UK. I don't know about the conversion rates, but I imagine those prices are better than they are in the States.

D - I know very little about making videogames, luckily we have people like Retrofraction here who gives us his impressions on the Reflex editor.


No fails this week. I'm so proud of you all.


Photo Photo Photo

Normally, one might expect me to talk about the recent Nintendo Direct. There are few things in this world that I like more than Nintendo after all.

Unfortunately, I didn't feel like there is all that much to talk about, because not many new and exciting things were shown this time. Majora's Mask is one of my least favorite Zeldas (I'm sorry, please don't hit me), so I can't really get warm for it. The Spinner as a weapon in Hyrule Warriors is definitely cool, but I'm not so sure about having to buy an Amiibo for it. Obviously an F-Zero track in Mario Kart is something that could only reasonably be described as "AMAZEBALLS". But come on Nintendo, what's keeping the actual new F-Zero? We all want it! Other than that, the only really noteworthy thing about this week's Direct was the new trailer for Xenoblade Chronicles X. That game has me hyped beyond hype, so any news is good news. So here you go, and let's move on.

- Nopon are back, and it looks like we get new aliens too. And MAN DAT MUSIC.

Over the past week, I've been playing Shin Megami Tensei IV. This is the first SMT game I have ever been able to get my hands on, and it's sooooooo goooooood! I can pretty safely say that I already love it more than Bravely Default, and that was one of my favorite RPGs in recent memory.

Shin Megami Tensei seems to have a more intriguing story and more interesting characters, for one. I just beat Medusa, and it looks like the story is about to open up even more. I've already come across some cool twists and turns, and I already get a sense of the moral choices this game is about to throw at me. And to be honest, I don't have a clue what my answer is going to be!

Gameplay-wise, it is proving a little bit difficult to adjust from Bravely Default to a different RPG. You have no idea how much I miss my healer being able to act twice in one turn. Fortunately, SMTIV has plenty of other mechanics to make life easier for you, and I'm slowly but surely figuring those out.


Finally, what I'm loving so far about Shin Megami Tensei IV are the enemies. Every single demon you face is based on some mythological creature or other, and that shit goes deep. Even as someone who is really into mythology, I don't know half of these creatures. For the ones I do know, SMT likes to toss curveballs at me and design them very differently from what you'd usually see. Angels usually aren't naked from the waist down, Medusa doesn't usually have undead snakes all over her body, and the Mothman isn't usually a cutesy anthropomorphic moth. So far I find that to be very refreshing, and it's keeping me very intruiged to find out what other monsters are going to be coming my way. The enemy designs definitely are my favorite part of the game so far. It's awesome what the team has done with them.

Now, I've heard it said that Shin Megami Tensei IV actually has significantly worse creature designs than previous games in the series. I've only come into contact with those games through Let's Play, but I think I can still have my say on this particular point.


To everyone who claims that the demon designs in SMTIV aren't great:

* - I think I speak for all of us when I say that Alphadeus is easily one of the most amazing community contributors we've ever had. His music knocks it out of the park every time. Let's all be glad that he's back with us after some dark times.

* - RedHeadPeak did everything in his power to NOT finish both Oblivion and Spore.

M - aslothatemypie (give it a second to click, that username is actually quite good) is thankful for that greatest of octopi in video games: Mr. Game & Watch.

M - sonic429 is thankful for a whole bunch of things in video games. Things which incidentally would all be on my list too!

M - brytay82 is thankful for video game streams. As a huge Let's Play fan, I can definitely relate!

A - TheKodu takes a look at the depiction of the military in video games.

- Mach 3 Death Stare

C - Hoffman, being officially back, asks us what game we're all looking forward to for next year. Xenoblade. All of the Xenoblade.

S - Brittany Vincent shares more of what she gets up to in life, besides being pretty great.

F - BetterCallSaul recommends us some horror movies. I haven't seen any of these, so I know what I'm doing tonight!

A - Occam's has all the art you could ever need and more.

M - Oscarno is a busy beaver, so he might not be around as much as we would like him to anymore. If nothing else, he leaves us with more music, some of which by himself!

C - Esteban reacts to this week's Nintendo Direct and should really look into getting his pictures fixed.

May you always find water and shade



Gamergate to me is a huge, "meh." Sometimes I look at it and it's not a game controversy, it's just another example of Internet vitriol and flaming only with 30% more misogyny and 47% more death threats. When it comes right down to it, I don't care so why should I waste my time and energy caring about this? Actually, it's about ethics in game journalism. I don't care, I can think for myself. Collusion! Reviewers are too close to developers! I don't care, I've usually already made up my mind about a game based on trailers and features. Reviewers are being paid off by publishers for biased reviews and positive press! Biased reviews? Like, an opinion that's even more opinion-y? And have you seen games news straight from the source? 80% of games news are press releases that most sites simply reword to avoid plagiarism.

I don't like Anita Sarkiseean's opinions anymore than 60% of the demographic but that doesn't mean my first thought is to send her death threats and tear down her public address because the police didn't have the resources to reduce the chances of a terrible tragedy from maybe might happen to definitely will not happen. I don't even have a clear view of Zoe Quinn anymore. There's been so much mud slinging that all I'm left are the facts that her life and the lives of those around her has become 100% more stressful since hashtaggaemergat started. You know how GG proponents say they condemn the rogue extremists who appear psychotic and that real GG'ers (not GameGrump fans!) are fighting for ethics in gaems jurnalology? You know what other insufferable phrase matches that tone? Not all men. I'm surprised no one's connected the dots yet and pinned,"Not all Gamergaters." I don't even care that critics everywhere, for one magical day, all decided to criticize the gamer identity and call us terrible people. The 80s called, they want their slogan back. The last time someone saw I was playing Pokemon on my handheld and said I was dumb, I simply gave them a look of concern that they thought I cared about their cry for attention and continued battling the shorts off of another Youngster Joey who thought his damn shorts were so damn comfy. That'll teach you to think I cared about your dumb opinion! It really puts things into perspective when you think about how people are feeling oppressed now and there are normal Muslims out there who are being threatened because people believe that Muslim = terrorist.

At the end of the day, it's a consumer business and that's why I don't care. Real corruption is political figures funneling money away from public service programs in order to update the air conditioning at the mayor's office. Real corruption is teachers taking money meant for textbooks and spending it on a faculty retreat. What does corruption in games journalism get me? A favorable review of Battlefield that I didn't even have any interest in playing? Controversy that Polygon had the nerve to insert concerns of sexism into a review of Bayonetta 2? I've never read anything on Polygon and it doesn't even have anything to do with their tone or voice. I just fucking hate the layout of their damn website. It's a fucking mess to navigate with your eyes! I stopped following Kotaku not because of their insipid opinions or posts (but yes it was a large factor) but because the sheer volume of posts they felt they needed to flood my feed with was a downright deluge I did not need to engage with. I mean, say what you will about Destructoid but man do I love their choice in post thumbnails. Every other day there's an out of context reference to anime, 90s cartoons, and at least one thinly veiled dick joke.

"Definitely use a picture of Skeletor here."

I just needed to vent a little bit really. I for one, don't mind Destructoid staying out of harshstagyamersglade because holy crap, I work stupid hours at a theme park for bawling kids and upset parents up until 2am in the morning and still go to class about crunching numbers so computers can talk to each other I don't have time to worry about how some special snowflake gamers feel that they've been wronged. I just originally wanted to talk about how ridiculous the terminology was getting and that's why I was even thinking about Gamergate in the first place: because I heard terms like anti-GG and radical SJW and came to realize that yes, this is the world I've associated myself with.

Anti-GG, radical SJW, operation disrespectful nod, Quinnspiracy, #notyourshield, Actually It's About Ethics; I feel like I'm reading off a list of buzz words Fox News would use to wake up America.

So there you have it, my official stance on hashbrownsgormsgashapon: I'd like to stay out of it and play my new Wii U.

Oh hey! I got a Wii U!

So I already talked about the process leading up to it. It feels satisfying as opposed to an empty feeling of regret I thought it'd be a year ago. I'm enjoying Mario 3D World, downloaded a few demos like Bayonetta 2 (how dare this game with an established history of satirical sexiness be so sexist!) and Wonderful 101. I fully plan on getting Smash Bros. Wii U to enjoy at home when not at a work or outside in general and still cannot believe I'm excited to play a game about Toad as he walks across a variety of environments to collect kickass treasure, even if I have to wait for a little over a year for it. If I'm really feeling saucy, I can get Advance Wars or Wario Land 4 off the virtual console for a crazy price. Really, my only complaint is that it's so damn shiny and gets smudges on it really easily. Smash 3DS is still enjoyable even if Rosalina is a goddamn terrible character and I even downloaded the Pokemon Ruby/Sapphire remakes demo finally. Look at all this shit I gotta play and all the time I'm not going to devote to brain dead controversy. I voted on November 4th and cast a vote to decide the future of California's water supply and bonds. A bit more of a substantial issue then ethics in a field of reporting that's more enthusiast press driven by industry connections than actual journalism.

Pictured: real hard hitting issues

I also ran into Swishiee and amxwolf on their Disney trip for Game Days because you know, I work there.

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