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Oh snap, I'm actually talking about VIDEOGAMES!?
Haha, I guess so!

Recently, I've had the urge to have something of a Halo-themed weekend. You probably wouldn't remember, because to be honest I posted it when I was a pretty much a nobody on this site... but I was a big Halo fan: back before Halo 4, I played the games, read the books, thumbed through the comics, watched the anime, and even wrote a lengthy three-part blog about it. So, just because, I decided to play two of my favorite Halo campaigns ever: Halo 3: ODST and Halo: Reach.

Halo 3: ODST is tied with my favorite Halo campaigns for a reason: it was an interesting experiment by Bungie to put a different spin on the franchise. Instead of playing though levels as the powerful SPARTAN-II "Master Chief", you played as individuals of an ODST (Orbital Drop Shock Trooper) group that gets stranded from each other during the events of Halo 2, specifically after the level "Metropolis". Alone in the city invaded by Covenant, you play the "night time" missions as The Rookie, a voiceless character who has to roam the city to find his comrades. As he finds beacons and evidence of his team, you then play the flashback missions as that respective squadmate. Each character has their own distinct voice and personality, especially since some of them are from the T.V. show Firefly, like Adam Baldwin, Alan Tudyk, and of course Nathan Fillion (a.k.a. Kyle's lookalike)!

The game is different because not only are you more vulnerable to damage, being the weaker human with subpar gear compared to the MJOLNIR armor, but there's a bit of the free-roam element to it. Honestly, I don't like this part of the game, as it feels boring and repetitive to move from point A to point B, shooting everything in between, but I like what they were going for. Being alone and trying to survive on ammo scraps (until you unlock the supply cache at least) is pretty cool, and trying to avoid enemy snipers with Beam Rifles is tense. You can also collect these well-written, and well-voiced, audio logs that tells a great side story,with allusions to The Divine Comedy.

The real treat are the campaign levels, which tries to mix the formula. For example, while the first mission "Tayari Plaza" is rather traditional, the level "ONI Alpha Site" has you planting charges on a bridge to stop the Covenant from advancing before holding off an area from an overwhelming army for as long as you can before needing retreating into the building you're trying to destroy. The other levels also has their moments, like how "NMPD HQ" has you defending a crash site from an aerial assault of Banshees and Phantoms or trying to steal another Phantom in "Kikowani Station". The art direction and locales of these stages are varied and awesome, such as the neon night sky of New Mombasa to the beautiful sunrise in "Coastal Highway".

Anyway, if it sounds like I'm just glancing through the details, it's because I don't want to write TOO much about it NOW because I might actually write a full-length blog about it!

I also won't talk too much about Halo: Reach, but I will say that I went back to the multiplayer. I'll tell you this: it would've been as fun as it was if I could actually get into a good game! There are some mechanics of the game that people had issues with, like Armor Lock and reticule bloom, but personally, neither of them bothered me. No, a couple of problems I have is with one of my favorite game modes to play: Invasion. Invasion is basically SPARTANs vs. Elites, which is the game mode I've wanted since the start of the series. I played this to death during the Beta and when it released because it's really fun to play when people actually playing... but now, more often than not, there's always a person or two who just stand there and don't do anything, and that means one team is playing man down. Worse, that person's partner also suffers because they are allowed to spawn near their squadmates, like Battlefield games, so if that person isn't active, then his partner loses a potential spawn point closer to the action. That makes fights one-sided, and when you add in betrayers and low population count, it's hard to get a good game going. For some reason, my favorite level Boneyard is also barely in the rotation.

Regardless of online troubles, Halo: Reach still has one of my favorite campaigns in the series, and I hope to talk more about it soon! Being able to play as your customized characer and seeing them in cutscenes is cool, and the story actually isn't that bad (not like Destiny, at least)! The missions feel a little padded (though not as much as Halo 4), and I really hate vehicle-based levels, but overall, it had some great moments, especially the level "Lone Wolf".

Last thing I wanna talk about is that my favorite T.V. show The Amazing World of Gumball is back with new episodes! Children's show or not, I absolutely watching it: it has an energetic voice cast, snappy and snarky writing, and one of the most unique visual designs ever! I mean, what other cartoon has drawn characters interacting with photorealistic backgrounds and CGI dinosaurs, robots, a talking piece of toast, and more!? And let's not forget that I have a total crush on the mother character Nicole Watterson: while it's hard to find GOOD Rule 34 of her (though not impossible, wink wink), I really like her personality, and her voice is just so lovely.

Anyway, typically, most of the episodes I've seen are really great, which is why I love the show so much. However, there are some duds every now and then, and the newest episode was something of a disappointment. Like a lot of children's cartoons, the episodes consist of two ten minute segments with commericals inbetween, and both halves of the episode was only decent. Perhaps I'm a little bit biased, as I don't enjoy episodes that don't focus on the main characters (I feel the same way about Spike/ Cutie Mark Crusader episodes of My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic and half of Season 4 and 5 of AMC's The Walking Dead)... but I just feel like these weren't the best examples of their works.

Maybe I'll write about my top favorite episodes? :3
Maybe after my hentai blog, because I know some of you are looking forward to that! :P

A - Now that he has time to write about it, StriderHoang wants to talk about the gaming scene in his region of Southern California, including: mom-and-pop shops, the internet connections available there as well as cafes and other hotspots, local swap meets, and more.

A - Forgotten Bastion wishes he could forget (just shoot me now) how stale the Assassin's Creed series has gotten: while he enjoys the underappreciated Rogue, he couldn't stomach how Unity went back to basics. So, here's his list of a couple of changes that he hopes to see implemented if they ever want him to stay interested.

P - Radio Destructoid's here with not one, but TWO episodes for your enjoyment! Click here to see which blogs will be discussed, what game pisses Conor off, what game Kyle sucks at, and Bill's obsession with Amiibo! Episode 52 includes community member Hyper Lemon Buster Cannon!

N - TheKodu writes a short piece about this unknown composer who made the song featured in the Endless Dungeon trailer, and by unknown, I don't mean small time: whoever this mystery music maker is keeping silent on his identity, even when fans have asked the developer themselves. Will the world ever know?

T - Derek Pietras received Persona Q for his Christmas present, and what a wonderful gift it must be because he hasn't be able to put it down since! In case you don't know what Persona Q is, he writes about the game in a sorta "preview" style, running down the basics of the game like its battle system and new way of exploring dungeons!

T - The Emolga Editorial writes about his experience with the famous Fire Emblem series before talking about how much he loves the recent entry Awakening for its diverse class system, interesting story, the quirky cast of characters, and much more! He also hints at his plans for future projects!

F - Feeling hungry? Zyk is back (I'm not sure how to pronounce Zyk, to be honest) with part 2 of his punny "Zombie Movies for You to Chew On", including interesting films such as Cockney vs. Zombies, Black Sheep, and Fido!

F - Honestly, I'm not sure if Leofixer Lbrgroup is a spambot or not, but commenters have stated that this article appeared before under a different account, so I'll take their word and just place this under the Failtoid. And we were doing so good too.

- Dreamweaver


Photo Photo Photo

I'm convinced that Hell is not a lake of fire, but is instead so cold that it burns, just like Dante wrote in The Divine Comedy. It's been so bitterly cold in Cincinnati this past week that it's really starting to annoy me. If it's going to be this cold, at least give me snow, don't just let it be cold for the sake of being cold, that's no fun.

Anyways, I just wanted to get that out of the way before I tell everyone that Gameworks sucks. I'm sorry, let me rephrase that: Gameworks really sucks. At least the one I was at last night did, it's probably because every arcade game was made by Sega (sick burn from a guy who just wrote a blog about his favorite Genesis games). Seriously, though, some of the other leaders from my church, alongside my wife and I, took our youth groups to Gameworks, and as the resident gamer of the church, this was my time to shine. But how can I shine when half of the machines aren't working?

Three of the five pinball machines had flippers that didn't work, the mandatory throwing game would shut itself down after ten seconds, and the majority of the games that don't require you to sit on some sort of moving replication of a vehicle were shut off. The saving grace for me was a Ms. Pac Man/Galaga cocktail table, which is where I spent the majority of my time, and wound up beating my personal high scores on both.

Overall, not the best experience at Gameworks, I would suggest Dave and Buster's if you're looking for something similar.

I dove back into Metal Gear Solid V: Ground Zeroes, this time on the PS4. I was in the same mindset a lot of people were when I discovered how short it was, I wasn't buying it until it was much cheaper than $30. I can justify paying $15 for a three-hour game like Limbo, but not $30 for something shorter than that.

I almost feel like I have to eat my words...almost. After unlocking every Side/Extra Op, there's a decent amount of content there, especially if you're the type of Metal Gear Solid fan that I am and you wind up playing it over and over trying to do better each time.

Like I said, this is the second time I played through the game and I was starting from scratch (checked it out from work on the PS3 earlier this year). I had the same problem this time as I did the first time, which was that I forgot that this is a different Metal Gear Solid than I'm used to. I never got into Peace Walker, which is something that shames me to this day, so I guess the series has changed a bit since MGS4. No more camouflage system (or Octocamo), no more tapping on walls, no more map in the top corner, etc. But the more I play it, the more I like it and the better I get, and it really serves as a great precursor to The Phantom Pain.

I'm really starting to get a lay of the land. It may be small, but there's a lot to it, and going through and trying to get S ranks has been consuming a great deal of my gaming time lately.

But I had no idea about that Deja Vu mission. I personally rank the original Metal Gear Solid on PSone in my top 3 games ever, so playing that mission and finding all of the recreation moments really tickled me.

My only gripe about the game is Kiefer Sutherland. Don't get me wrong, I love him as an actor, I just hate him as Big Boss. Kojima said he was looking for someone older to play an older Big Boss so it would be more authentic. So then why did you have David Hayter voice Snake is MGS4? You literally called him "Old Snake" in that game. So Hayter is okay to play "Old Snake" but not okay to play basically a younger version of the same character?

David Hayter is Solid Snake (and all of his variations) in my opinion, and it's still a bit jarring to hear Sutherland as Snake. In the end, though, gameplay is king, and I really love the gameplay of Ground Zeroes, and couldn't be more excited for The Phantom Pain.

Recap time!

* - I agree with CarltonMcHard wholeheartedly on this one: Make more of your own products, Nintendo.

* - Personally I think the world's going to end with the Rapture, but a close second would be a combination of heavy metal, Ric Flair, and a Rocky montage.

P - My friends on Pstoid are back with their first episode of 2015. #YearOfNanashi

A - Joe Jurado suffers from the same problem everyone else does as we grow up—a lack of time to enjoy his favorite games.

H - I think I need to hire Sonic429 as a consultant for my gaming set up. I'm not kidding. Sonic, you may have a PM on the way from me in the near future.

F - Playstationiers are playing things as adorable as LittleBigPlanet 3 and as gritty The Last of Us: Remastered. For info on Friday Night Fights in here.

F - Xboxers be racin' and shootin' on their side of the Friday Night Fights

T - A very tall, handsome, bearded man continued his Weekly Top 5 series with his favorite Sega Genesis Games.

L - “What's Homer (Pixielated) talkin' about?” “I dunno, something about being gay.”

F - boxcollector promised me a top 5 but only gave me 2. Why must you turn my office into a HOUSE OF LIES!

 I'm bummed about there being a fail this week, but you still get a picture of The Rock giving you a thumbs up as your weekly reminder from TheDustinThomas to be awesome today!



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It's finally time! Actually, it feels more like it's already time. Whichever it may be, in a few hours from now I'll be on my way to good ol' Holland again. I'm simultaneously excited and sad to go, but at this point excitement wins out ever so slightly. It helps that this is the first week in the entire time I've been here that it's colder in the US than Western Europe. So yeah, I can't think of a better time to go than now.

It's been absolutely amazing to be here in your Nation's Capital. I'll be telling stories about it for years to come. And really, what more could I have wished for?

At any rate, I still have a bit of packing to do and then I'm taking an early bus to the airport. And then on Saturday at 10:30 AM Netherlands time, I'll be home. It's a weird thought. But more exciting still.

And you know what I do when I get excited? I post video game music! I've got a great soundtrack from a game I recently beat lined up.

- This is one of my new favorites.

* - Emuishere discusses the gifts granted to her by Bioshock and Okami, which go far beyond 'they were fun'.

* - Dreamweaver finishes his Ice Climber fanfic the only way it possibly could've ended...they fuck.

* - Voltech still hates Watch_Dogs and still loves Kamen Rider. Now you might be going "what else is new?", but then you remember that it's a Voltech blog and therefore incredibly well thought-out.

* - Phosis managed to reignite his enjoyment of video games with The Last of Us, on Grounded mode. Gotta love those hard games.

P - The newest Error Machine is here for your earholes. Discussions of coffee and Donkey Kong, oh my!

T - Segastardust wants to give Buster Douglas Knockout Boxing another go.

T - Plombo played a bunch of video games last year. Including Xenoblade, which is just glorious gloriousness of glory right there.

A - Bardley takes another look at old video game ads, many of which we can all agree were miles better than what we get now.

- And this one is just appropriate.

- ShadeOfLight
May you always find water and shade


Hello community. Also, hello FlanxLycanth. WHOEVER you are. I'm almost afraid to actually get to know you because that'll ruin the mystique of the narrative between us as a bunch of Internet personalities. You ask who I am, I wonder who wants to know, you're twelve, I'm... an adult most likely. The yin to my yang? Naw son, too dramatic. You're the Russian KGB to my American CIA. Always peering from around corners to see if anyone's around the corner before walking out. Never revealing ourselves. Watching, waiting.


You know who isn't FlanxLycanth? Bayonetta. I've read about Bayo 1's awesome weapons; swinging around tonfa bazookas and cursed ice skates. I mean, how do you top tonfa bazookas? Did you think shooting guns from your hands and gun stilettos was weirdly awesome? What about using classic kung fu tonfas but instead they're bazookas? I NEED TO REITERATE, TONFA BAZOOKAS. They don't return in Bayo 2, instead being replaced by Takemikazuchi, a big ass hammer. While a hammer doesn't sound as decadent as tonfa bazookas, I guess I'm ok with Takemikazuchi making up for that with sheer volume. Also, the damn hammer is basically an engine block attached to a pole because the thing can rev up to generate electricity for extra damage and is a surprising amount of moving parts when you get it charged up. Ok, I'm ok with a hammer replacing tonfa bazookas I guess, if only because Bayo 2 comes with Bayo 1 and I can experience tonfa bazookas properly (by the way, digital download works with Bayo 2 being $50 and Bayo 1 being $20. But when you purchase one, the other gets discounted to allow the difference between both to hit $60).

But what about Odette, the ice skates? The weapon is basically the greatest fears from Will Ferrel's Blades of Glory made real on a pair of cursed, ice elemental skates. It's awesome to think that Bayonetta is treating ice skates as basically foot daggers. It even changes her movement animation into ice skating! But in Bayo 2, she can equip Rakshasa, a pair of swords, on both her hands and feet. But it's just not the same since on the feet they're basically an extension of her heels, or however that works. Bayonetta don't skate on swords man, she's kicking people with swords, Metal Gear Rising style.

But I just unlocked Salamandra, the flaming chainsaws. These things are also equippable on hands and feet. I'm a bit bummed that they aren't handle chainsaws like the minisaw from Dead Rising but rather custom made saws. Bayonetta is either wearing them like gloves (stupid) or holding a horizontal grip like a katar (kind of awesome) but I miss chainsaw sword-style handles. But equip it on her legs and you suddenly get something better than ice skates: chainsaw rollerblades. Holy shit Bayonetta 2, calm down because this is getting crazy. Gun shoes was just a beginning. A windmill scythe seems pedestrian now. Because chainsaw skates officially raises the ceiling of crazy all the way to Chrysler building levels. I've played as a cyber ninja who slips his sword between his toes to kick-slice through mecha the size of freeway overpass. But now using chainsaws as motorized rollerskates has got my spit taking all over the room.

It feels like I'm almost done. I still have one more weapon to go, which is story based so I won't miss it. But after that, I can try Tag Climax and playing the game again as Jeanne and fighting Rodin and unlocking his weapon after buying his platinum ticket. Plus I can still play the first Bayonetta with Nintendo content right at the start. In fact I've already started it a little bit and the Galactic Bounty Hunte costume is endless fun to just flip the visor on and off in the middle of cutscenes. Just imagine riding shotgun in a cadillac with Enzo as he talks exposition and whenever Bayonetta offers a snarky reply, she pulls her visor down first to add bite to her reply.

Did I mention I unlocked the breakdance move? I fucking love this game. No, I love PlatinumGames. Thank you for existing P*. All the haters who can't believe Bayo 2 came to Nintendo are so willfully ignorant. Nintendo saved this game from an early demise and did not restrict P* in the slightest. Quite the contrary, the Nintendo costumes are hilarious and I can't wait to play Starfox U early by unlocking the Fox costume and shooting some Arwing guns.

* - Cosmo loved Danganropa, OlliOlli reminded him of Tony Hawk, and pleases Jim with a Goat Simulator choice

* - All ye who podcast, get in here

* - Red Dead Head continues his historical accuracy of Skyrim into part 3

* - Seymour Duncan describes his GOTY the only way he knows how: pictures of Alain Delon from Beezlebub

* - Plombo's got a cheeky list of games from this past year, including Bayonetta Uno, which he's bad at

S - BREAKING: cam girl champions herself as the new Anita Sarkee

A - Oridan apparently never finished Crash Bandicam or Valkyrie Chronicles

A - JR described his Vita as a retro machine as he played Suikoden

A - Part three of Kudo's Gamer Bro Cancer study

S - Dreamseasies' part 2 of his Ice Climbers fan fiction

R - Malachi no likey Dragon Age: Inquisition

R - Kyoryu Black loves EDF, the greatest bad game ever made

V - Oculin's neverending backlog: FFIX edition

~ Striderhoang


Photo Photo Photo

I ended 2014 pretty much the same way I started it - replaying an awesome RPG. It started with Fire Emblem: Awakening and ended with me facing off against Nyx in Persona 3 Portable. Bonds were forged, worlds were saved and I made the ultimate sacrifice which is why the people of Ylisse and Tatsumi Port Island celebrate Talk Like a Pirate Day and exchange root beer and ginger ale with one another over a traditional American southern dinner. As they enjoy fluffy, buttery biscuits, mashed potatoes and country-style steak, they tell stories of that time i stabbed a dragon in the head, helped a robot find emotions or held Mitsuru's hand. And someone hordes all the baked macaroni for themselves, which is how you would truly remember me anyway because that's the me thing to do - especially if someone put jalapeños in it.

Much of my 2014 was spent replaying old games and I only really got a handful of new ones, so it feels kind of odd and far too late for me to even consider to a "best of" 2014 retrospective since all the "new" I bought was Bravely Default, Lone Survivor: Directors Cut (both or which came from prior years, really) Persona Q, Shovel Knight and Freedom Wars. Any of those last three could be shoe-ins for game of the year, really.

Bravely Default was cool and did a lot right, but it was "a lot right" that SE should have been capable of doing years ago. I actually didn't mind the whole loop the story went for in Chapter 5 because my brain is used to going cosmic anyway, but it did really drag things out. Loved how they pulled off the ending, though. It was really awesome to see a cool spin on the FFIV's ending with other players' worlds getting to chime in.


Persona Q got literally everything right and I don't say that because its Atlus, but because there's often a lot that can go wrong with crossing one style of gameplay over with another. Etrian Odyssey is entrenched more deeply in old-school design than Persona 3 or 4 ever were and getting those two IPs to harmoniously blend must have taken a lot of time. This was the Persona they listed for 3DS way back in 2010, so they made good use of the time.

I've said plenty about Freedom Wars. I've filled up like six other recaps with my love for it and you guys probably wish I would shut up about it now. I think everyone with a Vita ot PSTV  needs to gibe it a shot.

Aside from that, there were replays of lots of old Castlevanias and NES games which I've kinda went over in my own blogs, but I would add I managed to squeeze in Kirby's Dreamland and Gunman Clive.

Shovel Knight remains my favorite game of 2014, but there's not a lot to say that hasn't been said about that game. It really feels like a lost NES game that picked up a few modern sensibilities while never giving up challenge in exchange. Additionally, unlike so many indie games, it didn't feel like it was hero-worshipping its influences and was very much its own game. Yeah, you can feel the Ducktales, Megaman and Castlevania in it, but it doesn't point at those games and constantly ask us to remember them like Guacamelee did. It doesn't wear the band's t-shirt to the concert is what I'm saying.

And to think, more free content is on the way! I dunno why Kratos is turning up in the PS versions, though  he's not exactly a hero on par with Zero/Protoman like the other random mini-bosses were themed to be. Kratos' arc was "tragic hero" to "rampaging manbaby throwing the biggest temper tantrum in the Greek pantheon." Oh well, Shovel Knight will just kick his ass, too. And in Butt Mode they will fight over butts.

Anyway, that was my 2014. 2015 will also be me replaying lots of games and also throwing PS3, PS4 and Wii U into the mix. Hopefully I will be building a proper PC so I don't have to do all my recaps on a tablet at home. I'm housesitting right now so I'm using a Mac to do this while three dogs pester me for attention, food, going outside and all that dog stuff dogs like. Its been getting in the way of me finishing this and grinding out my sentence and new weapons in Freedom Wars.

Seriously, three dogs is a bit much for one person - and I've seen people out walking more!

Anyway, its recap time!

* - I think Shovel Knight sits atop the Nuclear throne, but Zer0 thinks differently.

* - Bardley takes us down memory lane with 80s gaming ads.

C - Brittany wants you to make her a new avatar and you might win something!

R - n0signal experiences the Ultimax Suplex Hold of P4!

T - On the 11th day of Christ-NES my family gave to me... 11 warriors that need food badly!

L - Dreamweaver talks about Fela Pure. We really need a manga/anime tag. Bit too manga/anime even for me, though.

L - Is this truly the fetish blog to end them all? I doubt it. Also, when you say you're into leather and you just post workboots you're dashing my hopes.

C - This is nice and all, but actual blog content would be better.

C - PSVitaLife interviews one of the folks behind Velocity2X and then doesn't format it properly.

F - Wow, you should try harder.


So, it's 2015, huh? I'm sure many of you guys will be making Back to the Future II jokes since, in that movie, the main character Marty travels forward to the year 2015 where automatic-tying shoelaces and hoverboards are everywhere... but eh, what you gonna do? I mean, that was a pretty popular movie series... though, to be honest, I was pretty late to the movie series. I didn't see it until a year or two ago one night when it aired on Nickelodean and I decided to see it "just because", but it was actually a pretty cool trilogy of movies! The first movie still remains to be one of my favorites, as it is the case with many of the originals: it was such a simple premise of Marty going back in time after being forced to run, only to accidentally screw up the time by having his future mother fall in love with him instead of his future father, so he has to ensure that they get together or else be erased from existence. Sounds somewhat cliche'd (at least, at the time I've seen it, when other time travel plot lines have done it to death), but it was so charming that I could see why people love it so much. It still holds up rather well, in my opinion, so if you haven't seen it (which, judging by everyone I talk to, I'm the odd one out for catching it so late), you should definitely give it a go!

The second movie was pretty cool as a sequel, even though the first one is pretty standalone. After Marty travels to the future to rescue his son in jail, Biff Tannen, his bully from the first film when he travelled back to the past, steals both Doc Brown's time machine and an almanac about the results of major sports events, completely changing the future! This leads to the duo returning to a dystopian-like future where crime is abundant, Tannen is in charge of the city, and the characters all have horrible lives. Damn, did it feel like the scale of the plot has gotten pretty significant! I mean, the first movie had Marty's existence on the verge of disappearing, but that's something that would be okay for a kid's movie, but having gunmen and drive-bys in the second film (though there was gun-toting baddies in the first movie if I recall correctly) definitely feels intense! I really like the second film because it feels really connected to the first movie, especially when Marty has to travel back to the events of the first film, but if there's one thing I really dislike, it's the whole cliffhanger ending aspect of it. I mean, it isn't anything new, especially watching Star Wars Episode 5: Empire Strikes Back, but I like it when films, even sequels, end on a pretty clear cut note. I can't even imagine how it would've felt to sit in the theatre and see that ending: if anyone out there remembers, let me know! I'm interested in hearing about that kinda stuff!

The third movie is the odd one out, and for pretty understandable reasons. As people may or may not know, the final movie takes place in the Wild West instead of the present day suburbs, and that can be a bit jarring. That doesn't make the film automatically bad, as even I enjoy it to an extent, but the best way to describe it is that it's a different "flavor" than the first two films. Regardless, it still has some of the callbacks to the plot points in the prior films, like Tannen and the manure, Marty being called a chicken, and needing to get the DeLorean to 88 miles per hour, so it's not like it's a complete spin-off or anything. Truth be told, I don't recall many moments in this movie as, like I said, I only enjoy it to an extent, but I know that I didn't hate it, and given a second chance, I might be a little more welcoming of it. Speaking of welcoming it, one of these days I really should play the TellTale based on the franchise: I have it on Steam because it was part of a Humble Bundle pack alongside Sam and Max: The Devil's Playhouse, but since I'm not much of a PC gamer in the first place (I didn't even much play the latter, only like the first two episodes or so), I just left it alone. I'm not sure if the Back to the Future game is good or not, as I actually didn't hear too much of it... but hey, it's like Schrodinger's Cat: it's both good and bad until I play it for myself, so until then, I have to keep an open mind!

Well, speaking of keeping an open mind, for New Years, I watched Are We There Yet? for the 5th time. No, that isn't a typo; I really did watch the movie that many times throughout my life, and no, it's not because I'm a masochist.


Okay, joking aside (wait, who's joking?), I actually do like this movie. I know people, at least people I know, said Ice Cube was just selling out, but like Vin Diesel in The Pacifier (we'll get to that one day, I have to rewatch that again), I quite enjoy seeing actors somewhat out of their elements. I mean, what isn't funny about Ice Cube trying to do a family comedy after doing movies like Anaconda and the much-loved Friday trilogy? The movie is about a character named Nick trying to date a single mother of two kids, and after a mishap involving the father, Nick offers to take the children to New York... and obviously, things don't go according to plan, especially when the kids think he's just using them. This has a lot of light-hearted humor in it, like seeing the kids bicker and watching Nick stick his tongue out at them for being childish, and there's also some physical gags like Nick getting tackled by airport security, and I legitmately laugh watching it. There's even a poignant moment or two, as well a little bit of heart, so it's well-rounded in that regard. I do think there's some complaints about it, like convenient "deus ex machina" type plot developments, and a somewhat lackluster payoff between Nick and the closest thing the movie has to a "villain", but overall, I can't say the film is a bad one, and it still gets some smiles out of me.

Now, I don't remember too much about the sequel Are We Done Yet?, but I do remember being seriously disappointed. I can't tell if I should watch it again and see what was so bad about it, or if it was so bad that my brain doesn't want me to watch it again.

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