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For today's Shadeisms, there are a couple of games I could talk about. For example, I could talk about Smash Bros. Or Smash Bros. Alternatively, Smash Bros. And finally, Smash Bros. What can I say, there has been a lot of Smash Bros. going on lately.

Actually, that's not the only thing I've been doing. In between bouts of you-know-which-game, I've been trying to finish up on Bravely Default. I feel like I'm quickly approaching the end, so hopefully I can talk a bit more about it next week or so. Spoilers: it's a great game and you should play it if you like JRPGs and cry yourself to sleep at night over the current state of Final Fantasy.

Apart from that, you may have guessed from my title that I've been getting deeply into Dangan Ronpa. A fan-translated Let's Play of Dangan Ronpa, to be fair, but Dangan Ronpa nonetheless.

I've been enjoying it a heck of a lot. I feel like this game basically combines two of my favorite things: Phoenix Wright and dark-as-fuck anime. The game plays much like Phoenix Wright: murders happen, you collect evidence and you go through an over the top trial to find the guilty party. What's funny is that where Phoenix does his trademark "OBJECTION!", in Dangan Ronpa the arguments are represented by bullets. Which is to say that you quite literally shoot holes in someone's faulty statements. It manages to capture much the same epicness as everybody's favorite attorney.

What really has me hooked about this game, though, is the setting. As I said, it's a story that could've easily been its own crazy disturbing dark anime. I love crazy disturbing dark animes, from the ever famous Attack on Titan to the "everybody is fucking insane" Deadman Wonderland and Mirai Nikki. As long as someone is completely out of their mind and at least half the cast goes into full despair mode, I'm hooked for life. There's something inherently gripping about watching people try to make it through seemingly insurmountable circumstances, you know? Add some mystery to that so that people are trying to make it through seemingly insurmountable circumstances without having the slightest clue what the fuck is going on, and the whole thing becomes in instant favorite of mine.

Dangan Ronpa does exactly that.

The basic premise is this: 14 high school students who are each a prodigy in something or other (such as swimming, hacking, drawing, singing, running a gang, having good luck) are locked in a school. To get out they have to kill one of the others. But there's a catch: once someone is killed a trial is held. If the survivors correctly figure out who the killer is, the killer gets executed. Only if the killer manages to fool everyone into wrongly convicting someone else does he go free (incidentally, in that case everybody else gets executed).

To make sure that everybody complies with the school rules, there's a watchman. And by "watchman" I mean "Two-face if he had been a teddy bear".

This guy, Monokuma (or Monobear depending on your translation) is easily the most intriguing character in the game. He's childish in many ways, but deeply frightening in others. He's more than a little perverted, but wants to keep up a good school image too. At this point it's not entirely clear yet what exactly he wants, but chances are it isn't anything good.
By the way, he has this awesome theme song.

So that's all you need to know about the game without me going into spoiler territory. So far I'm at Update #84 out of 120-something, so a good way's in. Shit is getting very real at this point, and hopefully it won't be too long now until some mysteries get solved. The best news is that my favorite character is still alive right now, although I'm starting to fear that it won't last long anymore. Who knows though, they might make it!

(They won't. I know my dark disturbing anime.)

* - This blog does not actually feature Eva Mendes, but it gets Topsauce anyway for having come up with the Star Fox - Ratchet & Clank cross-over with the absolutely fucking brilliant title "Ratchet & Clank: No Fox to Give".

* - Pixielated needs your help before the filthy AJDWs (anti jelly donuts warriors) take all of our Oreos and jelly donuts away because of REASONS.

* - OpiumHerz writes a very eloquent counterpoint to the claim that Hatred is "not okay".

* - How long has it been since Benny Disco blogged for us? It feels like forever. At any rate, he joins OpiumHerz in providing a different perspective on Hatred, comparing it to the movie Funny Games. Which to be honest, I kind of want to watch now.

A - According to some vocal PC minority, console owners should hate themselves for petty reasons. Let's, you know, not do that maybe?

A - Archelon looks at what happened to Survival Horror games and how we perceive them.

C - Hoffman wants to know whether you have already bought one of the "new" consoles. As a self-proclaimed Nintendo fanboy, the answer should be fairly obvious.

E - EU Destructoid peeps are meeting up at MCM in London. Be there!

V - A friendly rivalry unfolds in Resogun that may or may not end with the cops being called.

R - Review for Chainsaw Warrior, which gets scored a 3 out of...6? Why 6 though?

R - I've never heard of MS Saga - A New Dawn, but from this review it actually sounds like a pretty interesting game.

D - The developers of Reptile Zoo, a horror game set in...a reptile zoo, share some info on their project.

M - Agent9's 31 days continues with a song from Sonic Adventure DX.

C - A blog about annoying music, or something deeper? Damned if I know.

- ShadeOfLight
May you always find water and shade


Are you ready for more Smash? No? Good, cause I'm devoting a smaller slice to it this week.
The Dtoid Smash Tourney is coming along nicely it seems. I just finished my bracket and am ready for more. Kingsharkboi's Sheik had a solid grasp despite having less time owning the game than the rest. His/her Uair got a scary buff, if not at least for how it looks. Instead of a single hit, upward drill kick, it's a multi-hit drill kick with one leg with a finisher coming from the opposite leg. Little changes in animation for characters' long held move sets make all the difference in making them feel fresh. But since you don't see Greninja very often, he wasn't prepared for the Shadow Sneak mindgames I brought with me. Even when you get used to how it works mechanically, the mindgames still exist to psych you out at unexpected moments. Despite his Sheik really capitalizing on pressure and punishing, something I see every so often on Glory mode in addition to here is the lack of a sure kill move (I guess hissatsu for manga weeaboos), although to be fair, Greninja can be slippery to catch with strong killing smash moves.

I'm fighting pkthunder off next and I'm honestly worried. I've heard nasty things about his Zero Suit Samus and my fears were confirmed earlier this week by a mad good Japan ZSS. Despite her Paralyzer not going fullscreen, its slow travel speed covers against approach easily and rewards hits with a strong side smash. Her Plasma Whip, though nerfed in overall power from Brawl, covers her reach at a much faster and safer pace. ZSS is fast but unlike Sheik, floaty and troublesome to deal with in the air due to her aerial presence. Anyone with good speed is inherently good at stringing together combos but her floatly jump once again helps with recovery and edgeguarding. Her sheer speed alone will be tough to deal with so as Greninja, I'll have to be judicious in using Shadow Sneak and pile up residual damage with Water Shuriken.

Yes, I'll hit it. I mean I'll win it. I mean she's hot. I mean I'm ready to fight pkthunder.

I'm also trying to contact Shade for a fight through Google Hangouts in order to goddamn contact him since he has, like, zero social networks to connect with.

Otherwise, the bigger thing this week was getting started on the Fall 2014 season of anime. Something that's probably of great interest on the Animetoid thread on the forums with their talk of Psycho-Pass, Jojo, Gundam, and Ping Pong when I last checked.

*Checks on the thread*

Ok, they're talking about Parasyte at least so everybody can talk about that. I can't believe how unbelievably 90s the manga looks and what they don't to modernize it. I mean, last time I read Parasyte, Shinichi's friend, Satomi, had a painfully 90s bob cut. But her design in the new anime looks more contemporary, especially with her bangs lifted. I almost did a spit take when I saw Shinichi's dad watching a tablet device while at the breakfast table. Its amazing to watch this thing after reading a manga that was published in the 90s. Cell phones were all pretty much Nokia indestructo bricks at that time. Now Shinichi is playing with a touch screen phone during class.

Pictured: typical anime watching mouth breather

Oh right, what is Parasyte. It starts simply enough with a tiny, secret invasion of parasitic aliens that burrow into their hosts and take over from the brain and proceed to eat anything it can take by surprise. Shinichi Izumi however, reacts to his mysterious assailant and ends up blocking it into his right arm. Now instead of being eaten and taken over like most parasites, Shinichi now enters a symbiotic relationship with his parasite, which he names casually names Migi, which I think is literally right hand. Due to their need to co-exist, Migi and Shinichi will need to work together to survive against other parasites who have perfectly taken over their hosts and embark on a campaign known by the news media as the mincemeat murders. From then on, themes of identity, humanity, and the purpose of life will creep in one of my favorite mangas now anime.

Fate/Stay Night: Unlimited Blade Works is also a looker, literally. I really dig the quality, from simple landscape shots to fast paced battles. I can't believe each episode is 40 minutes long (probably an hour's broadcast) and I'm surprised how much I'm following it for a story that I've basically watched about three times. Everything has strangely built up over those previous viewings though. I knew nothing the first time around and had to take their references with some salt. Zero gave me background on a few characters through their predecessors, which was appreciated considering Fate/Stay Night only mentions Kitsurugu by name and never shows him, despite him being the main character's father figure. Now in UBW, I finally see Emiya in the same scenes together with a talking Kitsurugu in flashback. It's like seeing Luke together with the force ghost of Anakin together. Finally!

UBW is basically just a branching story of the Fate/Stay series, so we all know basically what will happen. Its all a matter of seeing it animated since it looks like it's going to be good.

Other notable animes in my queue include...

- Guguri! Kokkiri-san (funny slapstick)
- World Trigger (typical shounen stuff but let's stick around)
- a continuation of Log Horizon (DATABASE. DATABASE. WE'RE LIVING IN THE DATAB-)
- the continued season Akame Ga Kill (Esdeath-sama...)
- continuing with Sailor Moon Crystal (I don't care, I'll finish this)

I'm so conflicted about Esdeath. She's gorgeous and has a nice heart somewhere. But she's also sadistic and cruel.

I'll probably drop Denki-Gai though since I've been seeing the typical relationship drama formula oozing in what could've been just a decently amusing comedy in a manga store. Nope, everyone likes someone here so let's get boning- NOPE. I watched Service x Service, so I drew the line at Rail Wars so no more of this crap.

Oh, and hey Scriptisms!

* - Games you've loved that held their price well. I remember owning Mega Man X2 too

* - We can all take Xeo's stance on sexuality in games with moderation but can't people agree that Bayonetta's sexual escapades are supposed to be parodious?

* - Avatar Spirit talks how Transistor's subversion greatly enhances gameplay

S - Day 31 - Submerged Castle. RUN! WATERWRAITH!

A - You can't predict the alien. Only curse it. Good luck BGM

A - Gamersgate: IT'S NOT OK

W - Get'cher free Allens Vs. Pedobears!

R - You won't believe what pedrovay had to go through to enjoy Evil Within

T - Luke and the case of the nostalgias for Alien

R - Hearty Jack loved Dangan Roppa. I got to experience it through the anime on Hulu Plus

V - Unpro blah blah Session BLAH BLAH



Photo Photo Photo

 It is I, Script! I have finally been summoned by the greater beings of the universe to do as they command. As legendary recappper Wrenchfarm has moved on to fulfill his dream of writing for one of the biggest (and definitely the coolest) gaming publications, I have been chosen to carry on the duty of herding Tuesday’s community blogs. Along with Dreamweaver and Pixielated, I’m now part of the rookie recappers that have just joined the team. We are like The Three Musketeers, or something! I wonder if there will be a d’Artagnan?

My writing skill is not half as good as Wrenchfarm’s, but hopefully I will manage to keep the recaps always interesting to read and well-organized. Like a loyal servant, I’m always aiming to improve, so feel free to give feedback, be it positive or negative. Just remember that ultimately the decision to Topsauce or Failtoid a blog is MINE. MY DECISION. NO ONE ELSE’S. MIIINE.

Anyway, I have been playing a lot of Super Smash Bros. for 3DS lately. Like, at least once a day since October 3rd. The game is SO GOOD! Every character is fun to play as, and they all feel powerful in their own way. It’s lacking a bit in terms of extra modes and features, but this is only a minor blemish in an otherwise fantastic package. The online mode alone will suck dozens of hours out of your time, especially if you have a competitive drive like me.

I have always been a casual Smash player, never even being aware of the competitive scene until recently, but with this new entry in the franchise I’m trying to learn the game mechanics more deeply. It has been both a very fun and a very frustrating experience. Sometimes I think I am improving, but then I play the game the next day and am humiliated by my opponents. There are moments in fighting games when you just feel helpless in a fight, you don’t know what you are doing wrong or what you can do to counter your adversary tactics.

But I will keep on fighting, because I know that even a “party game” like Super Smash Bros. takes a tremendous amount of dedication to master. There is a lot of depth behind this seemingly simple fighting game, and I would urge anyone that is interested in exploring that depth to visit SmashBoards and read guides like this, this and this, and also to visit character-specific subforums to get more information on your mains. And remember – the whole point of playing this game is to have fun, so take a deep breath if you ever feel like you are getting too upset. Don’t take it too seriously.

Also, cocks.

* - Are you ANGRY? With GAMES? Then go read RedHeadPeak’s blog and laugh your ass off. There’s even a moral at the end, too!

* - D’awww! The Scholarly Gamer comes back with a very heart-warming blog about all the things he’s thankful for, including the Dtoid community. Go give him a hug, will ya?

* - War is hell, but military FPSs seldom try to accurately depict the horrors of such conflicts. Why? Should they? Dammitjim1985 answers these and more questions in his opinion piece about modern shooters.

* - StriderHoang just loooves the D. Hehe, I just wanted to say that. Go read his blog to see what truly strikes his fancy!

* - Dtoid community member Keiichi Morisato recently had his 3DS stolen, so Solar Pony Django took the initiative and established a donation page to help him out! I’m sure he will appreciate any dollar you can spare.

* - Games with good narrative can draw you in and keep you engaged with the story until the very end. LiquidOctarine examines how the narrative in Bioshock Infinite and Remember Me works, how they differ and what each of them does well.

* - TheDustinThomas writes a very personal blog about the loss of his pet. Our deepest condolences to you.

* - Riobux analyses how applying sociological theories to videogames have inherent problems to it. It’s refreshing to see a level-headed and knowledge-based take on the subject.

* - You better watch out, you better not cry. You better not pout, Seymour’s telling you why. Xenomorph is coming to town!

A - Game Game’s is of the opinion that the complexity of inputs in modern fighting games is bad game design. He argues that having simple inputs wouldn’t detract from the essence of fighting games and that it would attract a broader range of players. I think the Divekick developers would agree!

A - The Wii has always received a lot of flak for being an underpowered machine with innovative motion control features. But the truth is that despite its flaws, the Wii has many fantastic games in its library that you can find nowhere else. Sonic429 gives us an overlook at his collection and recommends some of the best games you can find on the Wii.

A - Fenriff writes a fun blog about the little personal habits players tend to have in specific games. Thumbs up if you always jump before entering the boss room in Mega Man games!

A - If somehow you aren’t tired of reading about GamerGate yet, Tzarscream wants to share his opinion on the subject with you.

A - I might have Topsauced this if Nekrosys had gone into a bit more detail about his fetishes, but this is still a good read!

A - As kids, most of us had one or two games we heard about that we really wanted to play but never managed to. Titannel thinks back to the games he desired as a child, but could not play until years later.

A - TheKodu brings up an interesting discussion point – what’s the difference between a critic and a reviewer? Should a reviewer keep his socio-political views out of his reviews?

A - Ah, nostalgia. What gamer doesn’t feel like playing a game from their childhood on an old console from time to time? Titannel takes a look at the price of some SNES classics and why they’re rising.

S - Agent9 highlights one of Earthbound’s many surreal songs.

S - Continuing his 31 Days series of articles, Agent9 talks about another creepy song of another cult classic.

S - Reinhold is here to make your Tuesday a little brighter by celebrating great and obscure games that released October 14, years ago!

V - Johnny Burnes shares his gameplay video of the Bayonetta 2 demo.

V - Who doesn’t love mustaches? AsaiNeroTran made a video all about the best mustaches in games.

R - Go Go Power Rangers! Titannel takes a look at a Game Gear Power Rangers game.

R - kyoryu black reviews an obscure Japanese beat ‘em up game that looks pretty fun. It has Kamen Rider and other Japanese shows characters in it, too.

R - With recent games releasing on both last gen and current gen, a lot of people have been wondering what the differences between the versions are. If you want to get The Evil Within for the PS3, give this a read!

T - Raven’s Cry has been delayed multiple times already, and Terry 309 is sick of waiting for it. He’s also not too happy about the DRM it will employ.

T - DriveClub’s flaws put a damper on VikingPoodle’s experience with the game.

R - Its About To Get Gay In Here writes a satirical news piece on Anita Sarkeesian.

C - Too many glaring grammatical errors for such a short and random blog. Come on Bison, you can do better.

F - This blog is very sloppy. Besides the weird formatting and the grammatical errors, it is just poorly written. Who are these developers you are talking about? What exactly happened? What is your opinion on the situation?

F - Sorry pk fire, but I’m sure I’m not the only one confused about the purpose of this blog. If it's about one of the Dtoid articles blocking off comments for a while, it's irrelevant now.



Photo Photo Photo


Didn't do much gaming last week. I partly blame it on my return to The Land of 10,000 papercuts AKA my job at a printing company. It leaves my hands pretty sore, though now I'm used to it again so that's not so bad.

Today went by quick, though. As I tried to avoid mixing up different colored cards, I got some ideas to add to a little sequel I've been drafting. Well, maybe a pre-sequel to tie together some of my other weirder blogs together. I'll probably have that up by the weekend but I'm gonna get back into Etrian Odyssey Untold or Soul Hackers soon since my hands are ready for games again.

Gonna try to not go too crazy with the paycheck this Friday. I'll probably get Super Smash Bros. for 3DS and Dragon Age: Origins for PS3... for when I have a PS3 in the weeks to come. I would have grabbed the free DA:O for PC off Origin but my laptop WiFi card blew out and it was an Origin offer. No internet at home anyway, well, unless you count the open WiFi signal I leech off of from the back porch at times. Hoping to have home internet again soon.

Anyway, that said I'm tired and going to fix mac and cheese soon. But before that, let us marvel at this portrait of Beyonce and Jay-Z. 

Notice how at a glance Beyonce captures the smug expression of the Mona Lisa, but a proper look at her captures actual warmth in that smile. Similarly,  Mr. Z kinda looks pissed off at a glance but with a concentrated stare you'll see he's really tired and wants to go home now.

Art if I've ever seen it.

* - Slenderman, Slenderman, he'll get you if he can.

* - This is going to keep being a thing, isn't it?

* - "That." I said it.

* - Renaud spoils 5 game endings. That's as many as five ones! And that's terrible!

T - R0n loves GTA: San Andreas, but this feels more like an old press release.

T - Segastardust wishes you to reconsider Double Dragon V.

N - Tron 2.0 is on Steam. CG Jeff Bridges creeps me out.

N - Johnny Burnes plays the Bayo2 demo.

N - Boxcollector also plays Bayo2's demo.

M - Ripple Star Catacombs sounds like something kinky.

Slow day, but no fails!


Since I'm still riding on the high of the recently released Super Smash Brothers for 3DS, I decided to take my bouts online, and while it isn't bad, it's kind of laggy: I'm not sure if it's my connection, their connection, or the servers in general, but coming from the silky smooth 60FPS solo matches with the CPU to this feels so jarring; the match slows down every couple of seconds, and it's evident when other players are affected as well. However, I still manage to win a good chunk of my matches because the score goddess must be in my favor: not gonna lie, but the reason I get so many victories for my For Fun matches is simply because the enemy's "suicides" count as my kills, and I get enough of them to overcome all my deaths, accidental or otherwise. I could also be playing with total rookies, as I seem to connect with my charged Buster Shot a lot more than I would with level 7 CPU opponents... but hey, I'll take whatever wins I can get! For the first time in the franchise, I decided to bite the bullet and take a dip into the realm of 1v1, no items, Final Destination-like matches... and I must admit, I actually kind of dig it!

Normally, the reason Smash Brothers appeals to me (besides being a crossover, which always excites me) is the chaos that ensues in these matches: seeing someone grab a hammer while you're sitting at over 100% health brings a certain type of adrenaline rush, and getting killed from the unluckiest turn of events brings about laughter than frustration... but the tension of knowing that it's just you and your opponent, where victory is mostly determined by skill and not gimmicks, is somewhat thrilling! It certainly helps that my first opponent is either roughly of the same skill level, or is dumbing himself down to put us on equal footing (he could also secretly be a bot) because challenging someone who isn't going to completely curbstomp you makes for a fun fight! It was also neat to see us fake-out one another, like me using Zero Suit Samus's down+B to recover throws off my opponent's air game, or using Doctor Mario's cape to turn him around before he tries to Smash attack me.

In other handheld gaming adventures, I managed to snag Professor Layton and the Miracle Mask, for really cheap I might add, just because I can't seem to get enough of the gentleman! Although this is the 5th game in the series, and in the middle of a prequel trilogy to boot... since I was interested in the premise of seeing Herchel Layton's origins (because I'm a huge sucker for origin stories... and yes, I did enjoy Batman: Arkham Origins), I couldn't stop myself from snatching it up! Right from the get-go, this game looks a lot more colorful than Professor Layton vs. Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney, and the puzzles seem a lot more fun as well, even if some of them do rely on "trick answers". The anime cutscenes are still as lovely as ever, and I'm honestly starting to dig British voices: at first, hearing it was kind of odd (like when I first head The Walking Dead's Andrew Lincoln's real voice on Talking Dead, both of which returns tonight!)... but after enough exposure to it, I kind of want every game to have more actors with British accents; I even want to write another story just so I can give a female lead a sexy British accent!

So, hey, how about that Bayonetta 2 demo? It's awesome, isn't it? I mean, we all know PlatinumGames are great developers, and certainly didn't need any proof that their star sequel was going to be amazing but... Okay, I'll drop the charade: I didn't play the demo. I mean, I got it all downloaded and everything, but I have been wondering if I really want to try it out. Don't get me wrong, despite not having finished the original on the Xbox 360, I loved the first game, and the sequel looks even better than the first... but do I really want to play just a little piece, then wait an agonizing two weeks until I can have the whole pie? It would drive me crazy, expecially when you see the couple of Easter Eggs the game has whenever you play through certain levels with Bayonetta's Fox McCloud costume... so why put myself through the torture? However, speaking of demos, I recently tried out Fantasia: Music Evolved, and I gotta say that my impressions of it was so good that I might have to write a blog about it: I know I've been slacking with my writing lately (though I've been told I'm too hard on myself), but if I can translate my emotions into words, then you can see why I went from "not even remotely interested" to "I simply must have it": it's not a testament to the quality of the game itself as it is something that stirs a specific spark within me. I might just wait until the full game to do so however, provided I am able to play it next week!

* - CarltonMcHard tells us a rather amusing story of her childhood self playing Super Mario 64: she thought it was going to be a sweet tea party with Mario and Princess Peach, but when she saw the intimidating foe that is the King Koopa Bowser, she thought of turning tail and running away... only for someone to encourage her to face her fears!

* - Destructoid's own CEO Hamza Aziz stops by the community blogs to let you know of some of the recent changes, like Occams' and Wrenchfarm's recent promotions, as well as his intentions on how to better the video content on their Youtube channel. He also teases a site redesign, in case you were thinking how your home could use a little redecorating!

* - Nic Rowen, previously known as Wrenchfarm, tells us how he excited he feels about working with the staff before talking about how he came to be interested in the field of videogame journalism with old videogame magazines! He also shares a little about his history on this site, including his three year commitment to being a recapper!

* - The Villainthropist not only comes back to blog after a long period of absence, but he's intending to bring back his own version of a blast to the past: harkening the spirit of Carter's Quest, Villainthropist Voyage (nice title!) will be about his run through of the popular Nintendo series The Legend of Zelda and Metroid!

* - El Dango may have gotten it for free via PSN Plus, but that doesn't stop him from being disappointed with Playstation All-Stars: Battle Royale. He does, however, see the potential of such a product, and offers his suggestions about how the game should've been.

A - TheKodu's back to talk about GamersGate with a lengthy discussion about social justice, Gamers+, and how perspective might influence one's stance on an issue... as well as providing a reason why he's taking the time to post these blogs, and how he's willing to talk about these matters with those who are willing to listen before speaking.

S - Agent9 continues with his daily post of videogame music suitable for the month of Halloween with a track from Resident Evil 4 that plays when those Regenerators comes out to hunt!

M - Solar Pony Django reminds us that, although the sound of a chainsaw might be the last thing we hear before we get our heads looped off, there's another enemy lurking in Resident Evil 4 that's sure to invite nightmares!

M - GlowBear wants to get all nostalgic on us! In honor of Halloween, Glowbear digs up an old video featuring the voices of several Dtoiders, so if you contributed, or want to see how some of your fellow friends sound, then check it out!

M - Rudorlf tells us of his trip through S.T.A.L.K.E.R.: Shadow of Chernobyl, which results in a creepy encounter with an invisible enemy! Naturally, invisible enemies suck, but once you see it up close, you'll wish that the damn thing stayed cloaked...

M - Bmg123 recounts how he first felt when he stepped foot into the underwater city of Rapture in the original Bioshock before reminding us all of "that moment" in Bioshock Infinite. Yeah, you know the one!

M - Dr Mel brings to your attention a scene from the most loved Gamecube game Eternal Darkness: Sanity's Requiem that scared him enough to actually jump out of his seat and head straight to bed! With so many memorable scenes, hop in to find out which one is specifically mentioned!

M - Alphoyson thought he might've had courage playing scary videogames when he sees how his brother is able to handle it... but when it came down to it, there was one screen that drained him of his courage: see what is in here!

P - TheDustinThomas is ready to submit another episode of the Podcast Error Machine: listen to them talk about Super Castlevania IV, Hyrule Warriors, and Super Smash Brothers for 3DS! If it's not too late, there's also a link to donate to the charity Extra Life, in case you're feeling a bit generous!

A - Reinhold Hoffmann figures that he might as well take a chance with a certain selection of games, now that they're dirt cheap on the secondhand market... and gives a short impression of them before asking you how do you feel about the used game industry.

A - Derek Pietras figures, after sitting so long in the sidelines of these controversies, decides to voice a few of his opinions about what it really means to be a feminist, videogame reviews and how they shouldn't affect your opinion of a game, and how videogame journalism might just be glorified advertisements.

A - WeasleX writes about how male gamers tends to dominate certain games while the female players gravitate towards the mobile market, and he uses graphs made a couple of years back to compare them to the demographic today to show that the trend is still continuing to this day.

S - Agent9's next entry in his 31 Days of scary videogame music with the "Shadow Temple" track from The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time!

M - Luckrequired had quite a scare from a particular moment in the original Resident Evil, but rather than straight up tell us what it is, he alludes to it in hopes of not spoiling the surprise (in case anyone wants to check it out for the first time in the PS4 HD release)!

T - In the spirit of Halloween, Fenriff wants to share with us an awesome game by the name Silent Hill 2! Instead of relying on cheap jump scares, Silent Hill 2 is all about the psychological aspects of the human mind, which is much more terrifying than you might think! Spoilers are inbound, but trust Fenriff when he tell you that this is something worth playing!

R - The Kodu shares his thoughts about the Xbox Live Indie Game Saturn 9, which sounds like a mix between Gone Home and Slender: The Eight Pages. Is Saturn 9 scary in all the right places, or should you stay away?

L - Solar Pony Django loves reading Spider-Man comics, but the 4th edition of the "Edge of Spider-Verse" mini-series, which focuses on other iterations of the famous web-crawler, creeps him out so much that he want to share it with us: nightmare fuel doesn't even describe it... but Occams might be into it!

? - Jenigenisy recounts a story of how her and her hubby took their son to LegoLand upon seeing how infatuated her son is with the toys... only to find the trip to be incredibly stressful. Any of you parents will certainly be able to relate to this!

C - Jenigenisy writes to us her thoughts about how gaming can somewhat ruin our social interactions with others, whether it's gaming on a console in front of a television screen, or looking down at your phone playing mobile games. I feel like this is a prologue to a discussion topic, so I can't help but feel it a little lacking.

C - Darkant's first attempt at writing a review for The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess doesn't go so well: it's completely lacking in... well, just about everything! Some of us commented on how to make it better, so I hope that you take these to heart!

C - Reinhold Hoffmann gives us his impressions of The Legend of Zelda: A Link Between Worlds: you'll never believe what he has to say about it!

F - Chandiokd "thinks" Finger Slash is the most addictive Android game... and that's all there is to say. Look, I don't like to give out Failtoids: I always think that a person could do better, given a little direction and reworking. However, when all you did was promote a game by writing it like a spambot, I barely see anything worth mentioning.

- Dreamweaver


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Hello everyone!

I've still been playing P4A Ultimax, obviously. I finished all of the story modes this week. Nothing too special. It's a little more coherent than P4A's story mode, and it has a pretty cool final boss battle, but overall it was just OK. There were never any 'holy shit' moments, like Labrys' story from the original game, but I think they wrapped up the Arena story fairly well. Plus, it's still a hell of a lot better than most stories from fighting games, so there's that!

Koro butt.

Other than story mode, I've mostly been playing lobby matches and ranked matches. It's pretty cool that I haven't encountered any jerks yet, like people who do nothing but auto-combo or spam one specific attack, such as Elizabeth's big energy beam that takes up most of the screen... I hate that attack! There's even more attack like that one now, I know Adachi has one that's similar. Most fights have been fair and fun though (or I get my ass kicked, but in impressive ways), so that's refreshing.

I find it kind of weird that some lobby players refuse to fight me though... like when I sit down at their console, they give me the X emote like they don't wanna fight. I always reply with a broken heart emote. I wonder what makes them not want to fight? I mean, it's not a ranked match or anything, so there's nothing to lose. I haven't really figured out what any of the icons around my screen name mean (like the colored cards) so maybe that has something to do with it? Anyway, I'd love to get a lobby going for Friday Night Fights sometime! Surely some other Dtoiders are playing this on PS3?

Aside from playing P4AU, I've also been anticipating all the cool games that are coming out in the next few months. So many games, you guys! Bayonetta 2 comes out later this month. The demo was really cool, not that I really needed to play the demo to know that I wanted to play Bayonetta 2. Then Pokemon Alpha Sapphire, Persona Q, and Super Smash Bros. for Wii U all come out in November (I'm waiting to get Smash on Wii U, because it just feels weird to me on a handheld device). And they all come out around my birthday, too! It almost seems a bit overwhelming... I dunno what I'll want to play first.

Probably this.

* - Dr Light ate your Magicite finds horror sequences in games scarier when they're from a non-horror game, a notion that I definitely agree with! He shares a particularly frightening scene from an unexpected game: Secret of Mana!

* - Rowdy Rhod recalls a scary level from his childhood in Zombies Ate My Neighbors! Only these days, it's not so scary to him anymore.

* - Bardley draws parallels between The Wind Waker and his own life in this humble, heartfelt blog!

M - walterwoods is terrified of ReDeads. Beware their hugs of death!

A - FlanxLycanth wants to know what the community has been playing recently!

S - Agent9 continues his video game music series with a song from Super Paper Mario. The river Twygz? Very clever, Nintendo...

B - It was Terry 309's birthday today, and he got a ton of cool stuff! Happy birthday, dude!

F - Friday Night Fights on Playstation + Spooky games!

$ - October 10th UK releases and bargains!

R - Kodu wrote something about sexism.

F - Umm... hmm... this guy needs some practice, with both writing and math.

- bbain


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