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Cblogs of 02/26/15 + Aye Sir!-isms
10:11 AM on 02.27.2015
Cblog recaps of 02/25/15 and SMASH-ISMS
3:10 PM on 02.26.2015
The Cblog Fapcast episode 20 - I can't believe it's not Pisstoid with Nanashi
1:25 AM on 02.25.2015
Cblogs of 02/23/2015 + Bad posting habits-isms!
6:30 PM on 02.24.2015
pandering" blog I just did was a blog I had on the backburner for ages - as in something I wanted to poke fun at since last summer. Then I just decided to play dumb with words like I did with "male gaze" and it all came together.

Cblogs of 2/22/2015 + Panda-isms!
11:53 PM on 02.22.2015
Cblogs of 2/21/15 - Order (1886) in the court! Impressions here!
12:03 PM on 02.22.2015

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5 hours ago - 10:11 AM on 02.27.2015

This week, let’s change things up a little bit. The previous two weeks I just went ‘oh hey guys I did some Bayonetta and IRL things’ and called it a day. What’s worse, there’s not a lot to say about this week either, because once again I didn’t have too much time to play video games. I’m expecting to get a new WiiU game in the mail today though, so look forward to my –isms on that next week. One of you already knows what it is, the rest must live in suspense.

But you know what I haven’t talked about in a while? Anime. I remember that throughout 2013 and 2014 I used to talk about anime I’d been watching every once in a while, but I feel like I haven’t done that in ages. And that’s not for lack of material either! During my semester in DC I watched things like Soul Eater, Future Diary, From the New World, a little bit of Monster and a bunch of other things. In addition, over the past weeks back in Holland I watched Neon Genesis Evangelion and although it’s not technically anime I gave The Legend of Korra another shot after I abandoned it the first time I tried.

None of those I’m going to talk about right now. Although you should seriously consider giving From the New World a look. You heard me, Strider. Do it.

Instead, I’m going to talk about one of my new favorites. If you’ve been paying attention to my comments you might have seen me referencing this one a couple of times lately.

Fairy Tail.

- Aye sir!

This is a famous one and the premise is pretty clichéd, but it still managed to get me mad hooked. Basically, the story works like X-men, One Piece and all that other good stuff. All the main characters are Wizards, but in the world of Fairy Tail each wizard only gets one particular type of magic. At the end of the day we’re pretty much dealing with mutant powers here, though with less homosexuality parallels.

For the main cast, powers include:
Natsu, the main character who learned fire magic from his dragon adoptive father.
Gray, who has “Ice Make” magic, meaning that he can spawn any kind of object from ice.
Lucy, who is a summoner. Her spirits are pretty weird though and they definitely have a will of their own, so she needs to get creative every once in a while.
Erza, who does ‘requiping’, which lets her change her weapons and armor on the fly. That may not sound like much, but she’s OP as fuck.

Beyond the main four, there are a TON of sidecharacters, who also have their own abilities. Shape shifting, super speed, waterbending, gravity manipulation, metal magic taught by the Metal Dragon, lightning, rune casting, straight-up explosions, the list just goes on and on!

And then there’s Cana, who is Cana.

I’m pretty far into the anime by now (which is huge, fair warning) and I’m really digging it. The sheer number of different kinds of magic on display is quite amazing, and the show goes out of its way to give even the sidecharacters their chance to shine. It’s not uncommon for a sidecharacter to become a main either, and many villains turn out to be not so bad after all. At the end of the day you’ve got a great many powers colliding in spectacular ways, and it gets more and more spectacular as the show goes on.

Another thing that I really like about this show is that it takes ‘the power of friendship nakama’ and runs with it. Stop me if this sounds familiar: main character is a happy goodhearted idiot with a superpower that’s decent but not all that special in his universe, but when you hurt this guy’s friends he goes completely serious and lays the smack down on whoever’s responsible no matter how out of his league they may be. Bonus points if the bad guy tossed him around just minutes earlier so that he can barely stand anymore, but he’s so determined to protect his friends that he continues fighting anyway (and wins).

Did I just describe One Piece or Fairy Tail? Who’s to say? You can call it clichéd if you want, but I’ve always been really partial to this kind of thing. I loooooove that moment where the main character is lying there defeated, the bad guy is just feeding him the good stuff about how all his friends are about to die, and the main character stands up with the most pissed-off look ever on his face. “Oooooh boy, someone is about to get their ass kicked!”

- Prepare your anus.

The great thing about Fairy Tail is that it’s not just Natsu who pulls this. All of the main characters and a whole bunch of sidecharacters also get in on the action. Erza is particularly susceptible to this, and she’s already a god among men to start with. The show does these moments incredibly well too, possibly better even than One Piece. It doesn’t feel like a cop-out but is just sheer cool.

So yeah, gotta love this shit. My favorite characters so far are probably Erza and sidecharacters Mystogan and Makarov for pure asskicking power. I’m also a big fan of Gajeel, who seems stoic and uninterested but has a much bigger heart than you’d give him credit for. He also has metal magic, which is wicked cool. The dude turns his arms into chainsaws for fuck’s sake, it’s great.

And then there’s Cana, obviously. Because she’s Cana.

The final thing I have to say about this show is that this is one of the few anime I’ve ever watched where the music is one of the stand-outs for me. You guys know how much I like game soundtracks, but movies and series usually don’t do a lot for me. This one though? It’s great! This is only the second anime ever which got me to look for its OST, and that’s quite the achievement. For the record, the first one was Attack on Titan, so you know those are big shoes to fill. There’s some really inspirational stuff in here, and that recurring theme really gets me ‘all fired up’ as Natsu would say.

Long story short, Fairy Tail is a great show and if you’re anything like me you should give it a shot.

Oh, and did I mention Cana? Because, well, Cana.

* - The Scholarly Gamer channels the power of MUSIC to honor his favorite Dtoiders. Headbanging is advised.

A - RedHeadPeak is no more! He has ceased to be. He's expired and gone to meet his maker. This is a late teacher. He's a stiff. Bereft of life, he rests in peace. If we hadn't nailed him to the perch he'd be pushing up the daisies! He's rung down the curtain and joined the choir invisible! THIS IS AN EX-BLOGGER! Which is to say, he wrote a blog about death in videogames. 

A - I considered failing DustinThomas for including Prince of Persia 2008 in his list of best endings while leaving Portal 2 out, but since this was a fun read I'm giving it a pass. I'm watching you though, don't make the same mistake twice!

A - Aaaawwwww yeah, you guys get net neutrality!

C - Retrofraction lists his 9 Dtoiders, but he cheats. I'd never do that, learn from the master.

F - PS FNF and Workin' in a coal mine, goin' down, down, down; Workin' in a coal mine, whoops, about to slip down.

T - That spoony Bardley lists some games that are not in development, but should be. I'd be all over Fire Emblem: Mars.

A - I'm doing these caps at work so I can't read Dreamweaver's no doubt MASSIVELY NSFW blog on Gumball porn. Knowing him though, it's bound to be...inspirational. In that it inspires furious fapping. 

C - Being poor has few upsides, but one of them is that the hunt for cheap games gave Charliaison World in Conflict.

- ShadeOfLight
May you always find water and shade



It's been an official week as cblog co-manager and I've come to realize something: Andy picked the right guy for the job because I like to edit papers and see them promoted.

I don't have the credibility or necessary style knowledge to be the only editor on cblogs though. I still send it off to a second pair of eyes right now. But homie, I used to earn scratch by jumping on kibin.com and editing other people's shitty academic papers for funsies. I guess its just a testament to how much I really have immersed myself into writing as opposed to liking a profession involving math or science. Words bro. Are you liking my pace for FPs? Don't be afraid to drop me a line through PM if you think something deserves the exposure because I'm even going to work on a suggestion put forth by Occams when he suddenly found himself swamped by work when he wanted to FP it. Certainly, I'm at my busiest during the hump of the week. But after that, I don't really slow down as I just want to write and edit more. I am thankful I record the Fapcast bi-weekly however.

As mentioned in the Fapcast though, I've been playing Majora's Mask hardcore this past week. It's amazing what I remember and what seems surprising again. Like I commented on when Chris Carter made his review and left his quick tips, I still remember a lot of mechanical shortcuts like the fact you can do the Song of Double Time and Inverted Song of Time just by trying them, without a need to learn them. Or that you can farm disposables after a time loop by harvesting the grass outside Clock Town. Like I said before, the Gilded Sword quest is practically branded onto my brain, and as soon as I finished Snowhead Temple, I made a beeline for it, remember each and every step necessary to do it without the need for a guide or even experimentation. It's amazing how much easier the game becomes when you receives the Gilded Sword as soon as you can. Since they added goofy Majora eye weakpoints to the bosses though, I didn't really get a last taste of the Kokiri Sword on Goht before upgrading nor will I ever get to hit him with a sword because the eye is located on top of his body, even when you get Goht to fall down during the fight. Still, dealing with the Gerudo Pirates in the Great Bay and the Iron Knuckle in Ikana Canyon is significantly faster with the Gilded Sword. Why the hell is it even a thing? Gold is supposed to be soft as hell and it's used to reinforce the stage two Razor Sword upgrade.

I've also recently gotten back into Smash after putting it down for a rest during December and January. What triggered this? Maybe talk of the Smash OST coming out? Maybe seeing a few matches on APEX? Maybe a few videos here and there on my social networks from Shoryuken sharing Smash tips like the whole edge punishing metagame. I mean, fun fact, we shouldn't be lamenting the loss of edgehogging. The fact that edgetrumping kicks the first edgegrabber off leads to tons of interesting metagame and air defense rather than just seeing someone fall into the ether and ending the match like a wet fart. Or maybe I just felt like testing myself online again against a wide variety of styles and skills after hosting a Nintendo FNF for Smash again.

Also, FYI, I applied and wrote a few things to Shoryuken back in the day. But I was apart of some applicant deathmatch where applicants were just pitted against each other to judge their content and frequency against each other. I mean, fuck that. I don't think you should really do that for any telecomm based position.

I've taken the time to level up my Jiggs game while my Greninja game has stayed relatively the same (still pretty ok bruh). Jiggs is so much fun to annoy from the air with, especially with her obnoxious Nair, which I nickname THE FOOT. I still have to work out what exactly is the difference between Fair and Nair for Jiggs. What I do know for sure is that Nair's ridiculous active frames lets you shut down all sorts of approach and attacks. It's pretty much a solid wall of foot and I've done things like rebounded a Toon Link against the stage's lip and even stopped Fox's Fox Illusion cold in its tracks while trying to get back onto the stage.

All I know is that Corduroy Turtle would probably hate fighting against me.

* - We all love ya Mike and simply wish for the best

* - Seymour Duncan aka Alain Deleon from Beezlebub lists his top 9 Dtoids: pictures edition (also I'm not on this list)


M - Zyk's top 9 pyks of favorite D...tyks

P - Error Machine #43: I am dirty diaper

A - High Ref Pirate sounds like he doesn't trust mini maps to me

M - Dr. Schol goes over his Band of Bloggers time with the Fallouts

A - Hoffman's top SNES games that aren't strictly SNES games

A - Saking has questions for a mature Batman

H - Who the fuck just bought a New Nintendo 3DS

T - Gray-kun loves him some Downpour; SILENT HILL DOWNPOUR

F - Nash Hash



Photo Photo Photo

This week's episode features a lot of new stuff. Crossover with another podcast for example, with Nanashi of PStoid fame who is also a Recap Reservist. Official acknowledgement with my promotion to cblog co-manager. Forum talk amongst the the Fapcast show and recommendations for the audience. And Mike talking about Taco Bell. That's new for the show anyways.

Nanashi, cool guy extraordinaire and host of PStoid joins us on this forums-centric episode of the Fapcast. Notable threads you should join in on from The Basement and other projects between the three of us.

- Facebook page
- twitter handle
- Get the episode right on our site
- Get it on iTunes
- Get our RSS feed

You can also check out our last episode with Hyper Lemon Buster Cannon!

Photo Photo

It's been a while since I last did one of these. I don't really feel comfortable about sharing why yet, but let's just say that I've been deeply worried about a bunch of real life stuff recently. I have been trying to make up for it by still posting stuff on my personal blog (and you could say that I've actually posted more blogs this month), but I wish I could have still done the recaps as well. I gotta say, you do kind of run out of things to write for these "isms" when you've already poured out some of the things you've said and done for the week in your other blogs. Which explains the very short one for today. Haven't been very active in commenting too, may it be in FP articles, blogs and even my own blogs. So I apologize to anyone who may have noticed the really late and erratic replies.

Not much else to report apart from my continuing Game Center CX addiction. Almost done with season 3. I'm also slowly working my way through the Star Wars Humble bundle. A good number of these are shooters, a genre I'm not really too fond of, military-themed first-person ones in particular. I do predict that these Star Wars ones will help me grow more receptive of it. Expect more on that some other time.

* - Cooking time with Phil! I can't wait to try out my grilled sausage and stir-fried chicken with potato, jalapeño and white rice sandwich, dipped in Taco Bell nacho cheese.

* - This 9th anniversary activity has sure brought in a whole lot of loving among the community. I invited you all to gush about things you love this month*. In many ways, these blogs have done just that. Here is Gaj's contribution.

I has also brought in a sure-fire way to amass faps by mentioning as many people as possible. Sometimes, jealousy can drive one to mention unpleasant thoughts out loud.


* - Stories from the Capital Wasteland by Dreamweaver.

A - Telltale has certainly been a huge influence on the renewed interest in adventure games as of late. It's always a good thing to see more different types of games for different types of audiences thriving in the market.

Speaking of which...

A - Plenty of games, especially mainstream ones, still rely on the use of violence and having a "kill the thing" mentality for their mechanics and other aspects.

A - Happy birthday, PlayStation Vita!

S - Cannibal Steven tells his "origin story". Maybe you should write your own too! May it be a real one or not.

V - Charlietime tries his hand at doing his own game news show.

T - A back burner of blogs and blog ideas. I feeling I know all too well. Tad's top ten games list is part of his. Or was. Because it's done now.

T - Despite its glaring flaws, MannySJ can't get enough of Destiny. Not letting the negatives get you down and prevent you from enjoying the positives. That's what life is about. And games too, I guess.

T - How to unlock the Godhead and other fine The Binding of Isaac: Rebirth tips.

F - Chist watched Transcendence for the first volume of his The Shit Box series. Go suggest more bad films for him to suffer through!

All the Star Wars stuff I've been enjoying recently reminded me that this is a thing.

Fails? Where? I don't see any.

これはこれであり | kounog [pixiv]

- Luna Sy



Tonight I'm doing something totally different with recaps - I'm posting from an actual, fully-functioning computer with high-speed internet access! And I'm going to get this recap up just past midnight EST this time! Happy 9th anniversary, Destructoid!

Believe it or not, I do most of my blogging and recapping from a mostly broken laptop with Wordpad and then I transfer my files to my Galaxy Tab 4, do the text and image editing there and then go find an open WiFi signal to post it from. I can usually find one from the back porch or the the far end of my apartment. Now that I don't have a drunk asshole living in that side anymore, I can use that room all I want and not have to go find a public WiFi signal! Whenever I manage get a consistent, stable income, I'll just get my own damn internet connection. And maybe a new laptop.

And, yes, I did the January recap that way. I'm a masochist.

This weekend, however, I have been dogsitting for my sister and her husband again. Three dogs, one human and me constantly inhaling dog hair in my sleep. They have better internet and an actual PC.

I didn't do a lot of gaming this last week, despite my excitement for finally having Majora's Mask 3D. I've just had a lot of ideas buzzing in my head for blogging, I guess. That whole "pandering" blog I just did was a blog I had on the backburner for ages - as in something I wanted to poke fun at since last summer. Then I just decided to play dumb with words like I did with "male gaze" and it all came together.

Not a strategy I always want to turn to, but it is one that works so long as it ties into your message.

All that other stuff this month? Way more spontanious. It was stuff that came together in an hour or less. It's great when that happens but sometimes you have to just let certain ideas sit in the back of your head until they sort themselves out. I don't think a moment drafting anything is ever wasted, though - even if you never post it. It'll just be reborn or find its way into another idea later, so never get discouraged if you don't feel confident in posting something some days. Some stuff you can just shelve and save for later. You never know when it will be useful.

If I'm not laughing, smiling or content as I write, then I know its probably not going to work. I nearly fell asleep trying to write my love for a certain facet of Metal Gear recently, so that was a sure sign I was on the wrong track. Back to the drawing board with that one.

Anyway, I gotta get up for work early and feed these silly pups when I do, so it is recap time!

* - Nintendo is having social media problems.

* - Behold! Gaming ads from 1980 to 1995! Feel old.

* - Comments of the Week V: The Last Order of Doomed Selfie Shuffles

* - Luna talks about the addictive and charming nature of Game Center CX.

* - Meanderbot shares a comic and his love for Metro 2033 - and shooting the crap out of stuff with imaginative weapons.

* - His name is Roberto Plankton and he is an item hoarder.

* - Forums, we have them. It is dangerous to go alone...

P - You can only go up from Law and Order. Ménage à Toid meets up with FNF to watch Riki-Oh.

P - Scary Granules talks about that guy that can't keep the promises he makes.


C - CrazEboy7 is looking foward to the future, despite how hard things might seem right now.

T - Kooram talks about Mount and Blade.

T - N0Signal recaps his month with Zelda and asks the community some questions!

C - We don't really have a designation for Comics under Culturoid, gonna give it a "C" for "comics." Solar Pony Django gives us many bi-weekly comic recaps!

F - OverlordZetta says goodbye to Two and a Half Men.

S - Where Gamestop failed a drunken crow, Wal-Mart saved his New 3DS experience.

C - Something something Anita Sarkeesian something something complete.

No fails. Kiss kiss.


Photo Photo

So, since my friend has purchased The Order: 1886 for his shiny PS4, I got a chance to experience the game for myself (he also let me buy the "Galahad under fire" figure off of him, and it's actually quite detailed and heavy for the extra $20 you pay for). Now, we all heard about how short it is, but the main question that lingers is whether or not the gameplay is good. Well, I'll get to that in a minute, but what I do want to point out is how absolutely gorgeous the game looks: if there's one thing about this game you must see for yourself, it's seeing it on an HDTV with your own two eyes. The character models look great, the weapons are finely detailed, and the lighting can be downright stunning at times. Now, whether or not you enjoy the bleak atmosphere the game projects (the city looks foggy/ smoggy) is one thing, but I can't say that the graphics don't live up to the hype: this is truly one of the best looking games I've ever seen, and even the smallest touches like lens flare in direct light and dust particles reflecting off sunlight makes it look amazing.

Now, for the actual gameplay... I can't say anything bad about it. Gameplay feels comparable to a slimed down The Last of Us actually, only less mobile: you can't move around a level like Joel can, nor upgrade equipment or personal stats, but other than that, it functions pretty much the same. That being said, there's still some sense of satisfaction in your kills depending on what weapons you use: my personal favorite is the "duel elitist" revolver that fires two rounds with every trigger pull, one after another, and I could feel the intensity of it. The others, like the Arc gun (that shoots lightning bolts) and the Thermite rifle (which shoots combustible gas) are also pretty fun to use as well! However, like The Last of Us, combat engagements feel really scripted: you're always meant to start or finish fights, at least in the first few chapters I've seen, and there's nothing to it but to do it. One section made me feel like there were unlimited enemies by how they constantly poured in, and I kept doing things like blowing up red barrels or moving forward to "stop" them, but turns out you just had to kill them all, which is over a couple dozen. That dragged on for a bit, but at least I got a better feel for the combat, so it's all good.

You know, they advertise this game as a "cinematic shooter", and I'm very inclined to agree with that description: there's a lot of cutscenes and dialogue-heavy section, but there's also some scripted gameplay parts that were pretty exciting: one section has you running from a Lycan and shooting at it at the same time, and although it doesn't seemingly matter if you headshot it or not, it got my adrenaline pumping to see that thing chasing me! Personally, there's one game that keeps popping to my head as I play, and that's Asura's Wrath. Have you played that? It's very QTE-heavy, but if you look at it like an interactive anime rather than a game, then it's very enjoyable.

Well, I gotta say, if you treat this title like an interactive movie rather than a game, then it's just as good. As you may know from Asura's Wrath, it's structured like a TV anime with each chapter being "episode", and that there's more talking and QTE than there are fighting. That game also didn't really have replay value, outside of "getting a better rank". For The Order: 1886, I'm in the mindset that this is like a movie (so each chapter being a chapter on a DVD), so even though they only use combat as sort of a context, I'm perfectly okay with that.

Am I perfectly okay with its short length though? Well, since I actually have not beaten the game, I can't say: I don't know whether I'll be let down or disappointed by the credits (though if all the reviewers are right about the final boss being a rehash of a previous enemy encounter for no apparent reason, then it's safe to assume it will be), but what I can say is that, as someone who would pay full-price for short games and hardly replay them, I'd be okay with buying this game. I would definitely get this game once I get a PS4, at least (hopefully it'll be cheaper then)!

Recently, I purchased The Legend of Zelda: Majora's Mask 3D. Lots of people on this site can vouch for it, and I regret not picking it up due to my reluctance of leaving my comfort zone, so I decided to bite the bullet and get it. So, how is it? I have no idea: I haven't even popped it into my 3DS. Turns out, I'm still afraid to leave my comfort zone: while I've been meaning to write a full, in-depth blog about it, the gist of it is that I'm typically afraid to play games that are way too different than I'm accustomed to, or are deemed too difficult. Now, I made exceptions before by buying all the Souls game (from From Software) or buying extremely niche titles, but I am usually afraid to start playing these games, or continue doing so. I can't really explain it in such a short blurb, but it's like I have this psychological aversion to certain types of games, so even though I would really love to play them, I just can't bring myself to actually sit down and enjoy it. I keep telling myself "I'll start Majora's Mask today" over the week, but when it came time to sit down with my handheld, I always seem to choose to do something else.

Speaking of doing something else, whew, man, I've been busy trying to get some things done! I'm still trying to get Comments of the Week finished up after being late (I don't even know if I'll be finished by the time this Recap gets posted up), but there's a level of quality and standard that I want it to be up to before I post it. Hopefully you guys will enjoy it as (hopefully) always!

In addition to homework, I'm also still trying to finish up three blogs (a Fallout 3 fan fiction blog for the Band of Bloggers topic, my contributions to Pixielated's monthly recap, and another porn blog, which is different from the others I did because it's less about comics and more about Rule 34 on a certain character) as well as start on the "Nine Dtoiders" list. The reason I'm particular about getting this all done soon is that there are all time-sensitive (except for the porn blog, but I'm adamant about posting that in February).

I'm thinking of maybe taking a break for a while after I get everything I wanted out. I still plan to post Recaps (at the very least) and Comments of the Week, but I want to see how things go before making any promises for future editions. Man, I tell ya, CotW does eat up quite a bit of time, and I can see why people were reluctant to bring it back. However, it's a labor of love, and seeing people excited for this series, and even more so when they see themselves featured (I like to imagine it brings their mood up), is usually well worth the efforts, and it's a nice feeling to feel like I'm contributing to the community.

Speaking of, let's get started with the Recaps, shall we?

* - Newly appointed community manager StriderHoang wants to play ambassador and thus formulates a blog to showcase some of the antics that happens in the forums, as well as a guide in case you want to venture into the unknown.

* - Nanashi is next up to talk about the "nine" Dtoiders that has the biggest influence on him, whether they're newcomers or alumni alike! Click here to run through the list and see which people made an impression on him!

* - After hearing wonderful rumors about the power of the panda rings, Pixielated is excited to get her hands on one herself, but the ring isn't as all as it's cracked up to be: after playing through a couple of videogames and failing to get what she wants out of them, she deducts that these rings are cute and nothing more. She also hates pandas now.

Also, screw them: they've given up on life anyway.

A - Retrofraction enjoys being the social justice warrior trolling people in the comments, but don't pull out your pitchfolks just yet: he explains that it's done to both to put haters in their place as well as for comedic effect.

A - JoshBadWriter talks a bit about depression in videogames, using some examples such as Metroid: Other M and Max Payne 3, as well as depression in his own life: he talks about his past battle with it, his achievements, and how we wishes to be a part of a community.

A - Tad talks a bit about how videogames and videogamers have this social stigma where they are seen as these stereotypical caricatures, and then gives examples as how this hobby of ours have come a long way since then.

A - Did you know there are still Dreamcast games being developed and physically released? Well, Jed Whitaker does, and briefly talks a bit about the upcoming titles, some of which he doesn't like.

P - Preposterous Whitey brings back the terrible memories of the underwater level of the infamous NES Teenage Mutant Ninja Turles with the episode 14 of The Dead Pixels podcast!

T - Forgotten Bastion hasn't forgotten what an impression the Virtuous Mission of the famed Metal Gear Solid 3: Snake Eater has on him! Whether it's an awesome tutorial or a taste of the things to come, read here to see why this slab of the jungle is well remembered!

R - CaltySlitorous, your friendly neighborhood uneducated gamer, decides to review the Adult Swim comedy videogame Jazzpunk. Does the game soothe the soul with laughter, or is it a punk to play?

R - After the release of The Legend of Zelda: Majora's Mask 3D sparked his love of the series, N0signal returns and reviews The Legend of Zelda: A Link Between Worlds after dropping it before. Does it link him back to the world, or does this break the chain?

V - Although not quite dead (though working on mobile games is pretty close), Johnny Burnes laments the end of a great game developer by paying tribute to Tri-Ace.

V - Solar Pony Django continues his Loot Boot Uncrateing video series with February 2015's edition! See what he acquires here in case you're wondering whether these things are worth the subscription or not!

R - Eurrutia89 wants to promote a healthy diet by telling us all about an experiment he did excerising after drinking water and excerising after drinking soda, then comparing the results. It's goes about as exactly as you expect, so...

F - Terry 309 presents Episode 1 of his one-shot blog about the various types of Warcraft 3's online players, so you can know what to expect should you play this game... which he totally recommends not doing. Seriously, don't.

- Dreamweaver


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