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C Blogs of 09/30/14 + Wrench's Neverending nightmare-isms
10:55 AM on 10.01.2014
Cblogs of 9/28/14 - PIXIE SMASH-isms.
10:01 PM on 09.29.2014
Cblogs of 09/27/14 - Eternal Diva Revolution!
9:02 AM on 09.28.2014
Cblogs of 09/26/14 and bbainisms
4:39 AM on 09.27.2014
Cblogs of 09/25/14 + More American Food
5:09 PM on 09.26.2014
Cblogs of 9/22 + Crackityisms
1:36 PM on 09.25.2014

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Mental illness is something more games need to explore. For such a frequently invoked trope, it doesn't get the actual attention it deserves. It might be used to justify a psychotic villain's particular hang-ups, or give a main character an extra dash of flavor by throwing some trauma in their background somewhere, or even played for laughs (the dark comedy of Dead Rising is practically built on disturbing/hilarious mental breakdowns), but very few games go any deeper than that. Silent Hill, Amnesia, a few others.

Neverending Nightmares is all about mental illness. Lead developer Matt Gilenbach, a man who has struggled with instability his whole life and was particularly devastated by the failure of his last game (the critically loved, but comercially ignored) Retro-Grade, poured all of his trauma, OCD, and depression into the game. The result was Neverending Nightmares, a game (ostensibly) about a man named Thomas who wakes up (?) to discover himself trapped in a horror house that seems to be haunted by his sister, who may or may not be dead (even Thomas isn't sure, which of course is only a source of more angst).

While that is the basic story, the game is unabashedly about Gilenbach's plight, his own struggles with mental disease, his own darkness. The game tries to replicate that experience for the player in some very interesting and subversive ways. Disturbing Gothic art with a minimal black&white color scheme, and an unsettling sound design set the mood, but it's the play mechanics that really express the madness and frustration Gilenbach wanted to convey.

The nearly identical hallways, repeating loops, and endless number of doors you come across dissolve any sense of place and direction. Even if you've only been moving in a single direction for the most part, you still feel lost and unsure of yourself. When forced to backtrack, small alterations to the landscape decimate any hope of successfully navigating the house. Considering the game is all about exploration, the total erosion of trust and consistency with the level design keeps you constantly on edge. I found myself frequently questioning my decisions “am I do something wrong? Am I supposed to go this way? Did I miss something?” It might be a simple trick, but it is an incredibly effective way to get inside the player's head.

The main character, Thomas, is asthmatic and can only sprint short distances before succumbing to agonizing wheezing. Of course, he also can't fight any of the (horrifying) monsters he encounters, so you'll want to run as fast as possible away from them - only to jog a few steps and be left helpless. When backtracking you'll naturally want to speed up the process, but constantly find yourself prevented from picking up the pace. And there is an entire scene that has you chasing an apparition you desperately need to talk to, only to be left lagging behind. It's COMPLETELY frustrating, which of course was the point. I've said before that I'm not a huge fan of the “it's broken on purpose!” school of horror game design, but I feel like this is a case where it was done well and actually enhanced the experience (instead of feeling like a cop out). I dealt with asthma as a child, and I have to admit that Thomas' pathetic wheezing stirred up some emotions. It brought back that terrible, desperate feeling of being held back by your own body, of wanting to keep up with the other kids, but instead double over in pain.

I would love to talk about a few more things from the game, but it's so fresh that I don't want to spoil it for anyone that's interested (maybe I'll write a blog about it in a week or so). I will say that I thought it was a fascinating (and somewhat uncomfortably intimate) look into developer's psyche and a fantastic use of the medium's mechanics to convey ideas. In an industry rife with cut-scenes and dialog boxes, it's great to see the GAME part of a game shoulder the communicative load. Especially for something an nuanced and difficult to express as mental illness.

I really hope other developers get inspired by Neverending Nightmares. I want to see more intimate creator driven games, I want to know these people and play games that deal with more ideas than just blowing stuff up (which I'm all for, but I like other stuff too). I want more thoughtful examinations of sickness and trauma, not just see it used as easy background fluff for a bad guy or anti-hero. Neverending Nightmares is a game you should play if your interested in any of these topics.

That said, it is very short. Me and my girlfriend played it together over the course of two sessions about an hour long each. We managed to find all three endings and I'm not sure if there is anymore content to mine out of the game. It was a super interesting experience, but if you're one of those people that really wants to get a playtime value out of your purchases (and I totally understand that!), you may want to wait for it to show up on a Steam sale or otherwise be reduced.

* - Nintendo Power covers are a subject near and dear to my heart, and DustinThomas has a collection of the best.

* - Don't worry Patrick, tier-whoring and hiding it behind “he fits my playstyle!” is a time honored tradition :p

* - GrimmTrixX has a bad case of Pac-Man fever (low-hanging goofs FTW!)

* - An interesting blog about potential future uses and risks for the Oculus Rift. I don't know if I agree with all of the potential problems, but these are ideas worth considering.

* - Gosh, Pikachu is soooo cute! Script's choice might be low on the tier-lists, but ranks #1 in adorability.

* - Right on! Tony Ponce's favorite game might be a little predictable if you've been following his stuff, but his sheer enthusiasm is just charming. Check out those drawings!

S - For Hoffmann, it was Tuesday! For me, it's a sacred holiday, the anniversy of Metal Gear Solid, eat your frozen rations and say a “la, li, le, la, lo” in honor of the day!

A - TheKodu had a rough time demoing the Oculus Rift. To my understanding, the resolution will be better in the consumer model, but simulation sickness is just going to be something that keeps some people from enjoying the experience.

A - Arkham Asylum was such a well made game.

C - Think you're a funny person? Prove it!

C - Aww, what a lovely little blog. Emolga was touched to make it to the FP, hope that only inspires more writing!

R - Fantasy life is a quaint look at feudal society, minus the plague and roving bandits.


- Wrenchfarm

Photo Photo Photo

There's a new recapper in town.

Yes, it's me, Pixielated, here to make sure all Sunday things and stuff on the c-blogs are curated for your reading pleasure!

Did you know the recappers have a super-secret google group/mailing list? In there we speak on events of the week and collude to decide who is topsauced and who is failblogged. Well, it's not really collusion, the Empress Sark and her DARPA lizard lesbians simply tell us what to do and she teaches us how to control and corrupt minds.

Mr. Andy Dixon, BBain and ShadeOfLight turned up on my doorstep Friday, stuffed me in a sack and took me up to some place called Frankfurt. It was there I met our Empress, was injected with a super soldier serum, exposed to gamma radiation and after some informational videos I was told that I would return to North Carolina to do her bidding. My role in her plan would be ruining games by making sure The Escapist and Epic Games always made positive content about lesbians. Fine by me!

Also, I can now pick up a car with incredible ease and run 150 miles per hour without breaking a sweat - or leap through the fourth wall to get to places even faster. My skin also sometimes turns green and I grow to be like seven feet tall. It can be hell on the wardrobe, but its rather easy on my tights, sweatshirts and sweatpants. Thankfully I can control the change rather well so the shredding doesn't happen often. I also look pretty damn good green.

just got back from "convincing" Epic Games thier next title would be about lesbians of all shapes, sizes and colors fighting the Patriarchs and hunting them to extinction. I also went by The Escapist. To get my way there, all I had to do was crush Movie Bob's desk and an intern to get them motivated. After that it was all smiles and a shift toward lesbian content was accepted.

Anyway, my work is done for now. As I await new orders, I'm playing Etrian Odyssey Untold and scheming a way to get Smash Bros. for 3DS. I'm in the Third Stratum of the Labyrinth in EOU and I'm having a pretty good time with it. I know I promised some c-blog fanfiction on that, but inspiration hasn't struck me just yet. That and the Grimorie Stone addition makes it hard to want to use all the c-blog-based characters I made. I'm probably gonna have to save some of you folks for Legend of Grimrock.

Also, I have dibs on Pikachu in Smash. Only because other people called Robin, Shulk, Palutena and Villager first, though. Its fair to say with Smash I still want to see what everyone else plays like before I settle on anyone. Pikachu is my old standby since the N64 days since I always remember his moves.

Samus, regardless of being my favorite Nintendo character, never seems to be someone I want to play in Smash. Maybe her updated Zero Suit form will work out better this time but I'm nore interested in seeing how Shulk and Robin play out.

Anyway, on to the recapping!

* - Seymour goes to Alamo City Comic-Con and brings back a load of photos. Glad he had a great time!

* - LunaSy gives us a crash course on Crash Bandicoot.

C - Xeo's family seems to be out of a rough patch. He looks forward to Persona 4 Ultimax and The Evil Within.

V - Blast reviews Hyrule Warriors and talks Destiny!

N - A terrifying uncle recounts last week's releases.

T - Dibs on Shulk. Solar Pony Django thinks the others are a bunch of jokers!

T - Dibs on Villager. Licencetomono prepares to dig!

T - Dibs on Link, but are you really 16-bit?

T - Dibs on Sonic. Troy fully busts out why.

T - Dibs on Kirby. Agent9 anticipates a return to glory.

T - Dibs on Robin. Renaud knows Robin's swag gets all the ladies and dudes.

T - Dibs on Mii Fighter. Stabbyness shows us his soulless knockoffs who exist to replace our heroes.

T - Django double dips to share thoughts on Hyrule Warriors.

V - Frank watches people who watch games rather than play them, but who watches the watchers?

L - A luminescent bear lists gaming's most sexy elbows #LimbGate

No fails today, for I am merciful on dibs.


Since I'm still so into the British badass Professor Layton, I decided to watch the Professor Layton and the Eternal Diva movie based on the hit game series, and I gotta say, it was certainly a hoot! I have some nitpicking problems with it though, like how many of the characters are underdeveloped and the pacing is too fast, as well as this horrible sound mixing (I'm no expert, but you shouldn't have music drown out the dialogue during an exposition scene!)... but the rest of the film is such a delight that I'm somewhat willing to overlook them: the movie intrigues me from beginning to end, and the gorgeous art style makes it all the more amazing to look at! The film even attempts to incorporate the main appeal of the games with puzzles: the puzzles aren't complicated or anything, as the movie isn't going to sit still while you try to solve it, but it's a cool little thing that I appreciate since it pays a bit of homage to the source material. I hear that there might be a sequel in the works, and if so, I'm all for it: I hear Layton won't be appearing as the protagnist in the series anymore, so more Layton would be a very good thing!

My cousin likes the Naruto series to keep up with the anime as well as purchasing all the videogames coming out, so it's no surprise to me that he bought Naruto Shippuden: Ultimate Ninja STORM Revolution. Like Generations before it, this game is mostly just a fighting game with a bunch of characters to play as, and lacks the awesome, over-the-top boss fights that the main entries of the series, like Ultimate Ninja STORM 3, has. That's not to say that it's a bad thing, as the fighting is still as fun as it is, which is the most important part of any fighting game... but one thing I love about this videogame series is the aforementioned boss fights: the one that stands out to me in particular is the bout between Naruto and Sasuke after fighting Danzo (in Ultimate Ninja STORM 3) because, while the actual fighting is pretty easy, even pathetically so, the cinematics during the quick-time-events are a spectacle to watch, and the throwback to an earlier fight at the end of the original Naruto anime is a nice touch. It's damn unforunate, yet not at all unexpected, that Revolutions has none of that; here's hoping STORM 4 has them!

For anyone who hasn't played the demo, they added a couple mechanics and tweaked some existing ones from the older versions. One of them is this new item that presumably everyone, by default, is equipped with, that causes an instant guard-break and stun so long as it connects with the enemy (with a very short dash). This is kind of cool because, if it lands, you can use your Ultimate Jutsu (think special attacks like Level 3 Hyper Combos) without your enemy substituting out of the way... but since it has a short range, has a seemingly low priority, and everyone has it, it's fair game; they also nerfed how much damage each Ultimate Jutsu can do. The other new mechanic is "parrying" which, for a chunk of your chakra meter, allows you to stun the enemy for a couple of seconds should they attack you during the parry: again, like the guard-break item, it needs proper timing and positioning to land, in addition to the enemy using a basic attack, as regular Jutsus like Lightning Blade will go through the parry... but it has a risk/reward factor that I love in fighting games, and I welcome it as a sort of insurance for overly aggressive players.

The coolest new addition is the ability to do Combined Ultimate Jutsus: when you play Revolution, you have the option to fight solo or as a team for support, and in this game, choosing a specific team (like, say, Naruto, Sasuke, and Sakura) allows you to change your Ultimate Jutsu into a Combined Ultimate Jutsu. Now, I don't think it does more damage or anything, but they change the cinematic of the Ultimate Jutsu, and some of them look pretty damn sweet: if there's one thing CyberConnect 2 knows how to do, it's how to really make a bang (for example: the entirety of Asura's Wrath). The biggest complaint with this, however, is that the game only has a handful of these, so if you're like me, and you were expecting a Combined Ultimate Jutsu for a signature team like Zabuza and Haku, then you're going to be disappointed. Speaking of disappointments, the game only adds a handful of characters, and doesn't do much else other than what I listed above: tons of characters are the exact same as in the other iterations, and even though they brought back several favorites like Anko and the Sound Four, they didn't even make them playable. I say, if you want this game, try to get it when it's cheaper: there's no much added to justify full price.

* - El Dango continues his awesome blog of videogame boss fights by giving us one dedicated solely to the last three boss bouts of the excellent Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance! Needless to say that spoilers are inbound, so if you haven't played it yet (what's wrong with you!?), steer clear: trust me, when you see who the final boss is, you'll be more than pleasantly surprised.

* - Wrenchfarm calls dibs on the Blue Bomber himself, Mega Man, for Super Smash Brothers for 3DS, because of his badassery and experience in the fighting game scene. If you don't want any of the dirty Dtoiders to touch your favorite character, then you better hurry up and blog about it!

* - Speaking of pleasant surprises, TheKodu brings up an interesting discussion between explicit and implicit storytelling in videogames, and uses the much-talked about Gone Home and Defiance (the other sci-fi console MMO), and even television shows like Arthur and G.I. Joe as examples to further illustrate his point. As much as we're sick of GamersGate, I really think it's worth a look: sometimes the best story scenes are the really subtle ones.

A - Terry 309 spent some time in the realm of PC gaming, and has decided us what he thinks are the pros and cons of playing on that platform. It's nothing that will probably entice you one way or another, but it might be worth a look in case you're curious... or you just want more evidence to defend your side with.

P - Radio Destructoid, Destructoid's official videogame and community-driven podcast, is back with round 45! Got a long, boring commute and you're sick of the pop station playing the same songs over and over again? Liven it up with this crazy crew as they talk about the random ramblings of the community, showcasing some of the best blogs to come from members such as yourself!

C - Nanashi takes a break from his busy life to chat about Scott Pilgrim vs the World's amazing soundtrack from Anamanaguchi, then invites you to share your own for a chance to win something nice! Okay, you got me, it isn't really a contest as it is a giveaway, but I'm going to tune out your criticism with some "Another Winter". Where's Grimecraft when you need him?

V - Johnny Burnes is ready to show us Part 9 of his UnPro Sessions of Fatal Frame Let's Play series, but that's not all: he's also trying to rally gamers together to try to convince Nintendo to bring the next entry overseas. He mentions that you should tell them you'd be willing to spend money: that'll certainly get their attention!

T - Esteban Sky Cuevas gives us his second impressions of the original Borderlands game, and so far, he's having mixed feelings about it: on one hand, he likes the way the shooting feels and the diverse selection of guns, but on the other, he doesn't like the non-existent story and the repetitive nature of the game. Hey, sounds like he's in the borderlands, himself, eh?

M - SeymourDuncan cherry-picks 10 of his favorite tracks from the Shin Megami Tensei series and offers a short explanation why. The music is exceptional, so if you're the exception who haven't heard them, then get ready to have your earholes devoured... which is so apt, considering the demonic nature of the games.

M - Barry Kelly, inspired by the other videogame music blogs, decides to share with us his favorite songs from series such as Metroid and Doom, and why they stood out to him. With so many music blogs coming out, I'm starting to wonder if Destructoid's going to become some sort of musical... hint hint, wink wink, nudge nudge.

C - In case you missed it the first time, Edco is advertising Game-Art-HQ's recent showcase, Mario's Blacklist. Now, I'm certainly not criticizing the wonderful image of Mega Mole, but a little about the process behind this piece of art would've been nice to hear about: a little commentary goes a long way!


Photo Photo

Hello everyone! This week has been kind of lame for me... not much going on, no games to talk about for the time being. A lot of games I'm excited for, but they feel like they're taking forever to come out already.

I finally saw Guardians of the Galaxy, and it was awesome! But you all already knew that... I'm just a straggler when it comes to movies. I have to say it's probably my favorite comic book movie. I don't really care about most of the comic book movies that have come out over the years, because I don't read comics so I'm not really invested in the stories or characters. I mean, I've enjoyed the Spider Man movies, Batman movies, X-Men movies... Watchmen was pretty cool. But I had no interest in seeing stuff like The Avengers, Thor, Hulk, Iron Man, Captain America, a NEW Spider Man, whatever else... there's just too many of them now.

I don't know what piqued my interest about Guardians of the Galaxy. Maybe it was Chris Pratt, or the cute little raccoon guy, but whatever it was I felt like I really needed to see it, even though I had never even heard of the Guardians of the Galaxy before the movie came out. And I really loved it! The characters were great; Chris Pratt was a perfect choice for the protagonist, Rocket and Groot were especially endearing, and Drax was surprisingly probably my favorite character (it also helped that I read an adorable story about an autistic boy who was able to relate to Drax's inability to comprehend metaphors). Gamora was kind of boring though... they needed to give her some kind of quirk or something, like every other character had.

I also really loved their use of music, especially the scenes which used the songs "Hooked on a Feeling" and "O-o-h Child." I liked that the music was actually a part of the plot; it gave the soundtrack more of a personal touch, and made you feel more of a connection with Peter Quill through the songs. I kinda wish they'd chosen a different song for the "Cherry Bomb" scene though... I don't know why but that song gets on my nerves. Maybe it's the stuttering.

There were some awkward scenes in the movie (the weird cut to the fight scene between Gamora and her sister; the sudden reveal about Peter's father which seemed to come out of nowhere for no reason...) but overall I thought it was very well done. I kinda want to watch it again now! I'm sure I'll buy it once it's out in stores.

Anyway, I'm sure this movie is old news to everyone else, but I had nothing else to talk about this week, so I figured why not? Now I'm trying to remember what the last movie I saw in theaters before this one was... I think it was The Wind Rises, which was back in February. I never go to theaters anymore!

* - StriderHoang calls dibs on Diddy Kong in Smash 4! Better watch out for those banana peels!

* - 10 things you didn't know about Rowdy Rhod! I still don't know whether or not his name is a reference to Ruby Rhod (it has to be, right?). By the way, these caps are now all about Ruby Rhod!

A - Tonich compiled a checklist of modern gaming cliches. So much angst...

A - Review scores are weird. Metacritic is weird. I never pay attention to these things because they don't matter to me.

A - sonic429's favorite console was the GameCube!

A - jorgeill believes that DLC has become successful due to our current obsession with seeking out spoilers. The only mysteries left are what will be available in DLC.

A - Retrofraction can see the future of gaming technology!

A - Derek Pietras finds it odd that he can't remember anything about certain games he's beaten, while he remembers almost everything about others.

P - PStoid episode 8 is now available!

F - Friday Night Fights on Playstation + Cornflake got a PS4!

T - Scrustle went to Eurogamer and tells us about all the cool games he played!

R - Hoffman writes an open letter to Dtoid's reviewers, wants to see more out of their reviews.

R - Hammer Brah wonders what kind of video game music you listen to during specific situations.

V - Johnny plays Viewtiful Joe.

F - Just... stop. This thing has been dragged on to an excruciating, embarrassing degree and it needs to stop. It's like the grandaddy of inane controversies.

F - The entire Sly Cooper series, summed up in three sentences.

- bbain


Photo Photo

Well I certainly had a productive week this week, managing to put out not one but TWO BLOGS for your reading pleasure. Both of them saw some pretty great response as well, so I'm super excited about that too!

So I'm just going to exploit that little bit of goodwill and build on those blogs here today.

First of all: I've had more American food! Woo!
Most importantly, I've managed to lay my hands on a Twinkie or two...or ten. They're quite the delicious little bastards indeed, although I'm not sure if I'd take them over a good donut. I'd be inclined to say that Tallahassee overhyped them a little bit, but then I remember that Tallahassee is brilliant and should never be doubted for any reason. Unlike him though, I wouldn't want to risk my life just for a Twinkie. Spending some money on them though? Fair game. Fair game indeed.

I've also had several bags of Jelly Beans by now, and good god those things are addictive. I get the feeling that you could probably get them in the Netherlands as well, but I've always overlooked them. I bought a bag this week and now I just want more of it. Tons more. All of the more.

And the final food-item is Orange Soda. Now this is very common in the Netherlands, so I drink it all the time (though not as much as straight diet coke). However, I mention it for two reasons. 1. Your Orange Soda is actually orange. It might have something to do with laws relating to foodcoloring or something, but Fanta Orange is more yellowish than anything else where I'm from. Which is weird seeing how orange is basically our national color. The second reason I mention Orange Soda? To emphasize that I love Orange Soda a whole bunch. How much?

(Yes, Reason #2 was being able to set up this reference)

Second: Dibs are steadily being called on all of your favorite Smash Bros. characters. So if you want one of the not-sucky ones....well too bad, because Luigi is already taken. But even if you want one of the only-sort-of-sucky ones, you're going to have to be quick. The likes of Ness, Little Mac and Diddy Kong have already been claimed. So get on that bandwagon and grab your favorites now!
(Seriously though, I do love those kinds of blogs, so go for it!)

Oh, and since we're on the topic of Smash Bros. anyway:

You know it!

* - Judging by the timestamps, Luckrequired has been waiting a month to release his Cblogs Adventure Game. It was well worth the wait!

* - RedHeadPeak shares more of his stories being both a gamer and a teacher. This time he goes over some innocuous words that you shouldn't say to gamer kids, lest they lose all of their already feeble attention spans.

* - More amazing art is hurtling towards your face courtesy of Hoffman's website. The theme here is Mario's enemies, and you have GOT to check out that Meowser.

* - By now you know the drill: Voltech posts on Dtoid, Voltech gets Topsauce. It's well-deserved though, as he takes an insightful look into what video games are "for".

A - Steam changed its storefront recently, which Barry Kelly argues has been good for exposure to acclaimed titles.

T - A new pirate MMO is coming out in a bit, and you can get a head start in the beta.

F - TheKodu urges you to give Generator Rex a shot. It sounds like a cartoon that's not just for kids, which the world definitely needs more of.

Another slow day today, but with this Topsauce-to-blog ratio, who can really complain?

- ShadeOfLight
May you always find water and shade


Oh hey, haven't done one of these for awhile. I agreed to cover some recaps and then lost links so apologies for my tardiness.

IS EVERYONE HYPED ON SOME DAMN VIDEO GAMES OR WHAT?! No negativity here. I have been playing Destiny and Quake Live a lot recently and been loving both so much. Destiny has problems for sure but it's still super addicting and fun. Quake Live is just nostalgia fuel and full of fast paced carnal fun. Then we have Hyrule Warriors coming out tomorrow and Super Smash Bros. 3D coming out a week later!

Fall has it's video game uh .... game on lock and I'm so happy! What other games are you guys looking forward to? I'm super pumped for Bayonetta 2 and Pokemon Ruby and Sapphire. I'm actually hoping my area has a few snow storms cause it's always fun to have an excuse to be at home in pajamas playing video games all damn day!

I've missed you guys, hope you're all having a great week! Let me know what games you're most hyped for in the comments!

* - Fenriff Wrote a Touching Blog About His Dad

P - PStoid Recorded an Episode!

A - Weekly Top 5: Resident Evil Games

A - Here's More Gamergate Stuff, Personally I'm Over It

A - LOOK! Gamergate Stuff!

A - Salvador Sandoval Just Called Dibs on Ness For New Smash, He's Right, I am PK Sad

C - Caption Contest!

I - Errbody Welcome VipaByte To Our Stupid Video Game Website!

T - Borderlands Impressions

T - Destiny Doesn't Suck (I Concur)

R - Kirby Air Ride Review

-Crackity Jones