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11 hours ago - 10:34 PM on 10.05.2015

Cblogs of 10/5/2015 + Death of a Franchise

So Metal Gear V was released to wide critical acclaim; Hideo Kojima managed to sign off the series with a bang. Now, Konami has sole control lover the series, and whether through Pachinko machines, mobile basterdizations, or poor console games, the franchise is simply not going to be the same. For Metal Gear, that is not necessarily a bad thing. By all accounts, Kojima did what he wanted to do with the series. MGS4 is an excellent conclusion to the story, and MGS5, while limited in narrative, can be considered the conclusive effort of the Tactical Espionage genre Kojima created. No matter how you look at it, the Metal Gear franchise is a series that realized it full potential, and no matter how Konami parades its corpse, it rests in peace.

IMO, the Metal Gear Franchise should have ended with this game

However, there are those franchises that were not concluded properly. Maybe the still have many unanswered question, such as Half Life and its long promised sequel. Maybe the developers clearly had more games to add, but are unable to do so, such as the case with the Darksiders franchise. These are story-based series that never managed to get a proper conclusion, not in the same way the Metal Gear and other games managed to do so.

Then, there are the multitude of non-story-based franchises, which despite garnering a lot of critical acclaim, and fan support, simply disappeared. There are those that survive as husk in the mobile space, such as the Breath of Fire and Secret of Mana franchises. Then there are those we have no news off, Suikoden, Mystical Ninja, Grandia, Contra, Ghosts and Ghoblins, and Wild Arms just to name a few. How dead are these franchises?

Perhaps in a better state, are those games that we simply think of as being too famous to disappear forever. We cannot imagine Mega Man and Castelvania not having any games in the future, no matter how long their hiatus is. As for the Nintendo franchises, they often release their games far apart as in the Star Fox series. However, there are certain franchises which we are not sure of their future; F-Zero being a prime example.

Geomon will stay staring at that sunset for all eternity, or simply being in Pachinko hell

In a coming project, I will investigate a number of these “dead” franchises. By doing so, I aim to document the rise and fall of each series, explaining how they managed to grab attention, and yet unable to survive. Through some amateur investigation and analysis, I wish to predict the best possible future for each franchise, in the hope that most of them return sometime in the future (especially Suikoden).

Before starting the project, I wanted to ask you, the Dtoid community to choose the best title for the series:

  • - How dead is [insert franchise name]?
  • - The death of [insert franchise name].
  • - Investigating the death and demise of [insert franchise name].
  • - The Resurrection: [insert franchise name].
  • - Suggest something better.

So keep in tune, and maybe you will learn why you favorite franchise died.

*- The Beginner's Guide seems to be a game that deeply affected many player, as we see from JayDGee, who shares his personal story with his take on the game and its effect.

*- In a promising beginning to a series that promises to discuss Halloween related games, ChrisHannard remembers Night Trap, one of the most controversial games that had no need to be controversial at all. Remember Hatred anyone?

S- Mr Knives plans to play a bunch of scary games as part of his Halloween marathon.

S- Agent9 continuous his 31 Days series, this time related to painting and with a bonus track from Kirby that is, of course, somewhat macabre.

P- PStoid continues with yet another episode, this one with Mike coming back, and a dash of xenophobia.

No more JRPGs in the wastes?

More like the Suikiden "PLEASE RESURRECT IT" movement

R- Persona 4 Dancing All Night seems to have satisfied Persona fans well, as it seems to have satisfied capitan as well.

T- StriderHoang suggest that we should pay more attention to Monster Hunter X. Even suggesting it might be the gateway drug for many of us to get as addicted to Monster Hunter as he is.

Look at them trying to get out of their forced hiatus

Breath of Fire 6 doesn't even have a blue haired protagonist

No fails this week, apart from the continuous failing of many video-game companies at keeping their franchises alive for their fans. Atlus proved that they can maintain a franchise with a small dedicated fanbase, yet we see franchises that at one point sold in the millions no longer able to justify more than poor mobile spin-off.

Please feel free to suggest any series you think I should cover in my next project.

Again, I would like to remind you about the Dtoid Design challenge for Mario Maker, which you can find HERE.

Be Lucky

-Lord Spencer



21 hours ago - 12:38 PM on 10.05.2015

C-Blogs of 10/4/15 + Philgasms

Stuff. Things. Words. All things that belong in this space. Ready for your brain things to absorb and digest. Hello folks, I am your Phil. Today I wanted to write about my favorite website and community. Sadly, I've been banned there (so sensitive about my Joe Biden x My Little Pony, torture porn fanfic), so I'm stuck with you assholes. Fuck. Time to phone it in.

So here we sit. You on that end of your monitor, and me on this one. I'm nude. Eating Stouffer's mac n cheese. Feeling the sauce slowy drip down my chest. Both burning and arousing me. Shit, sorry. Still in fanfic mode. What's up glib glob's? MOTHER FUCKIN' PHIL IS RECAPPING BITCHES!

[url=][b]*[/b] - Goofy busts out a fantastic write up on his top ten Castlevania games[/url]

[url=][b]*[/b] - Comments of the Week by the amazing Dreamweaver [/url]

[url=][b]P[/b] - Recapping the recap of podcasts recapped[/url]

[url=][b]S[/b] - A good write up on why they like Bioshock's ending, but could use some breaks and pics [/url]

[url=][b]S[/b] - Agent9 continues their 31 days series with some house hunting[/url]

[url=][b]E[/b] - Recap team might be looking for reservists. PM them or something[/url]

[url=][b]T[/b] - A brain dump on Zelda. Heh. Heh heh. Dump on Zelda...[/url]

[url=][b]T[/b] - Our resident cat lady has some thoughts on Indie games or something [/url]

[url=][b]V[/b] - Some nerd plays Lone Survivor and probably sucks at it[/url]

[url=][b]T[/b] - TheLimoMaker is not pleased with Ubi's handling of the R6 beta. [/url]

[url=][b]S[/b] - Flixist is that way man. [/url]

[url=][b]F[/b] - Cool repost of news we already got here. Thanks. A lot. They took away the fail option, but you are a failure. [/url]

[url=][b]F[/b] - Oh yay! It's you again. With a repost about the Rift? Sweet balls of Jesus. [/url]

Well, that's she wrote folks. I'm off to get some sleep and prepare for Phil's Ultime Birthday Extravaganza aka work. Feel free to stop by this weekend for Uncle Phil's Non-Sexual - Sexual Bounce House Blowout. Kids under 6 enter free!



5:50 PM on 10.04.2015

Cblog Recaps PODGASMS: September 2015

Another month, a new set of podcasts to listen to. For those that missed post #1, this is a complement to the new Monthly recaps but with podcasts. The best of the month out of the community that is applied directly to the ears. It really helps the various talented podcasters that Dtoid has to offer.

Another slow week, we're marching on though. Community podcasts won't die here. On the bright side we have a new podcast to look forward to!

As a disclaimer I’ve only included podcasts that have put up cblogs for their episodes, and for the future, please use the “podcast” tag with your blog to make sure I don’t miss it!

All recaps listed according to Alphabetical order:

P - PStoid #30: The Good Cheese

Neal and Nanners, the name of our new folk band actually, talk the latest in the world of playstation and beyond!

P - The Cheat Codes Podcast #64: Khalisti

A new podcast (shared on dtoid, already 64 eps in!), and on this episode Joe, Joe, Nikk and Pearce will go through the latest in gaming and tech news, enjoy!

That's everything from September, look forward to one of these each month. Please Please Please, check out the podcasts that interest you and show them support so that the great people that put them out for you can keep up their labor of love.

Thanks for reading and leave any feedback for this project in the comments!



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7:04 AM on 10.04.2015

Cblogs of 10/3/15 - Feeling [like] a kid again


Man, that title is just one word away from being creepy, eh? Anyway, the reason for using that old, tired clich'e is because lately I've been a little sucked into watching cartoons this week. See, Disney XD had a couple of marathons for a couple of shows I've wanted to check out for a while, so I put a lot of things on hold to binge watch.

In fact, even as I speak I'm a bit behind on Comments of the Week. 8^8

So what TV show has gotten ahold of my attention? Why, it's the series that everyone has been begging me to check out for a while: Gravity Falls! The first I want to say is that after watching just one episode (the mini golf episode), I was immediately hooked and started watching as many episodes as I could. The show does a surprisingly good job at balancing humor and poigant moments, and I find myself caring about the characters. It also does an amazing job at subverting tropes and old jokes with a fresh coat of paint, as well as dripfeeding cliffhangers and awesome imagery to really give the atmosphere that "mysterious, small town" feel to it.

Seriously, it's so well done that it make me want to play Alan Wake and Deadly Premonition. I probably wouldn't because I have no money (you'll read why down below) but the show really got my attention. Plus, as much as Grunkle Stan makes me laugh out loud, it's Mabel who steals the spotlight. She's so absolutely fucking adorable, I can see why she's so loved: she's quirky, boy-crazy in a very child-like manner, and has this weird obsession with grappling hooks.

In case you're wondering, NO, I do NOT have any sexual feelings towards Mabel. Now Wendy or Tambry on the other hand...

I also mentioned that the new My Little Pony: Equestria Girls: Friendship Games movie (that takes place in the human realm) was released last week, and I pretty much enjoyed it. Don't get me wrong, it's not the greatest thing ever, but it's alright if you're curious. If you haven't been caught up, the last movie Rainbow Rocks hints that the third movie will finally show this world's version of Twilight Sparkle, and the trailers for Friendship Games make it seem like she was going to be an antagonist, which she does. In the beginning, she's seen more as a victim of circumstances, but she eventually does become a bit villainy at the end which was pretty cool... well, as cool as shoehorning a last minute battle could be anyway. The movie also introduces some lovely characters with their own unique quirks (like the girl who very bluntly states what on her mind) as well as some nifty musical numbers.

One thing I particularly like about these series of movies is Sunset Shimmers. In fact, she's probably the only reason I watch the "human" movies: she has a surprising amount of character development. In the first movie, she was the "mean girl" that the school feared, and was always scheming to get what she want. At the end, she basically becomes timid and reformed, and carries that into the second film. However, people haven't accepted her as a "changed woman" by that point, so she spends most of the movie worrying about how she's walking on eggshells and how even the littlest thing could bring back her "bad girl" reputation. She becomes a hero at the end of the second film though, which was nice. For the third movie, she's finally seen as changed, and even becomes in charge of preventing magical events from happening in the human realm, kind of like an authority figure.

When she has a standoff with Twilight Sparkle after she turns evil, she offers to help her as the "pony" version of Twilight did. That was a great callback to the ending of the original film, even if we all did see it coming a mile away, and I feel like would've been a nice ending to the trilogy.

In case you're wondering about this as well, I rarely have any sexual feelings for Sunset Shimmer, which is surprising because I'm into bad girls. Instead, I get my hard ons from Lemon Zest, the happy headphone-wearing schoolgirl from Crystal Prep. :P

Finally, I'm broke because I spent my money on LEGO Dimensions. I'm sorry, but the allure of more Portal was too great for me not to throw money on -- I don't even like LEGO games! That being said, Dimensions actually isn't a bad game, and it's actually somewhat funny. I really like how it comes with LEGO figures too, and having a tiny Chell in my pocket is pretty nifty. However, in some ways, I really regret buying it because the remastered Uncharted collection and Transformers: Devastation games come out soon, and I worry about overspending my money to get them. It's not that I don't have the money to buy them, it's more the fact that I have no grip on my wallet when I really want something. Coupled with the fact that I have no job, and you can see where my dilema lies. @^@

Depression's hitting hard this week too. I haven't been able to work on my pet project for the 4th week in a row, so it's been very disheartening (though I did do SOMETHING for it, so it's not like I TOTALLY abandoned it... I tell myself). Not only that, I keep getting MORE ideas, but I can't seem to get myself able to implement them myself. It's not that I'm lazy, it's just that all my ideas requires skills that I don't personally have myself, and I don't feel like I have time to learn them. For example, let's say I want to make a storyboard. However, I need a specific program to do that with (I worked with it once in college), but even if I had it, I don't have the artistic talent to draw it myself. I can't ask someone else to do it. I can visualize what I want, but I can't do it myself, and I don't think someone else will know what I want. I said before that perfectionism is my weakness, but when it comes to creative endeavors, it's important that I have it EXACTLY the way I want it.

I've mentioned before that my time may be short, so in a way, I'm a lot less worried about spending money and "wasting" days away. However, even though I believe that time enjoyed wasting is not wasting time, because I can't stop new ideas from coming in, I feel like there's something else I should be doing instead of watching TV all day, curling up in a ball under the blankets.



A - Infosearcher's asking the hard questions, like who's better: Sonic or Tails. He goes on to list the many abilities they have, and... well, tries to make you decide. So... yeah, pick one. Jerk.

A - Upon hearing speculations that video games are slowly dying this generation, RadicalAjax Entertainment gives three reasons why he thinks they're here to stay for the next 15 years. Does that mean it'll die in 16? 8^8

A - While we still don't know what the hell the Nintendo NX is, sonic429 has some ideas and speculations as to what it may be, whether it's a new "micro" console entirely or an upgrade model to the Wii U like what Nintendo have tried doing before with the N64.

S - Agent9 continues his blog series "31 Days" with a creepy ass level from Pikmin 2. What's with the music and that damn monster following you around everywhere in a frickin' Nintendo game?



I - Chrisbradshaw just started blogging, and no one's around to welcome him? (except you Elsa. You good, girl.) While I'll admit it's a little short, why not stop by and conversate a bit?




C - The Quiet Bananas doesn't have much to say: he leaves a video link for a Rainbow Six Siege beta and then disappears. While I'd prefer more words in a blog, at the very least embed the video. I mean, come on now!


- Dreamweaver



2:21 AM on 10.04.2015

Cblogs of 10-2-15 + So You Want to Keep Partying, Big Boy

It usually takes me about an hour do the these here recaps and that is split three ways almost evenly between reading your lovely cblogs, formatting/editor problems/selecting images/copy pasting various things and coming up with a topic for the body of the post. Honestly when I settle on something it is usually about two or three topics in. For instance I initially wanted to talk about more GTA Radio yes that's right even more! Specifically the character in Liberty City Stories that DJ's Flashback FM. I am talking of course about Reni Wassulmaier. No a rabid monkey didn't just slam into my bedroom, through the new hole in my ceiling and onto my keyboard that's how it's spelled.

Reni is a very interesting character and indeed I am beginning to feel that he is one of the most colorful characters in video games. For starters, it probably wouldn't be politically correct to make a character like this today, as it might be seen as mocking to the transgender community, and that could be why Rockstar hasn't done anything else with Reni since a second appearance in Vice City Stories. That's pretty sad because they really created something here. Reni is very successful and extremely sexual (notice, that isn't sexualized but rather sexual) The character literally justifies being involved in an assortment of different perversion by nature of being a sex maniac himself. He represents an idea of a type of person born out of the 80's electronic music scene, which included heavy drug use, excessive partying and sex and whatever else. Picture a group of people speculating one extreme of this scene; the absolute craziest type of person that probably isn't real and that's better off for the safety of humanity because of how crazy they are. And that's how they got Reni. He's controversial, perverse (again), GERMAN and like he himself said "I don't give a shit, I've been in porno!" It's an absolute end, a product of different aspects of the (again) 80's electro scene come together to form this Frankenstein of what could've been a real person, but (again) hopefully wasn't.

Maybe we could put it like this, the character is simply said music scene/era personified. And that's what makes the character so damn good. Reni represents all of Electro. Every single aspect of that scene has been brought together for this one character and turned up to 11. Those are, arguablly the easiest characters to come up with, but the ones you have the most fun making and in turn the audience will walk away remembering the most - now mind you that doesn't necessarily apply to Reni because he was just one radio DJ that if let's say you didn't ever listen to Flashback FM then you would've missed out on the character entirely, yet here I am writing about him! In general though what I mean to say is that who Reni is, when broken down like I just did, is the sort of characters that you almost feel like the story was really about, that's because they stand out the most. Like in literature there is generally the character from whose perspective the story is told and everyone around him. You will get the crazy one, the character that is always taking spotlight away from the comparatively dull protagonist because he is not made to be real but interesting, again representing some set of extremes, usually to serve as a metaphor or make some kind of point or capture a larger idea, much like Reni here.

Another good example would be Roger from American Dad. Very similar, and maybe even if the two universes crossed over these two would've been partying together, trying to out crazy the other. Seriously, American Dad is a great show (the only good one left by MacFarlane tbh) and it has plenty of unique characters. There's Bullock who, voiced by Patrick Stewart ironically, captures the absurdity of some American governance/security agencies, Principle Lewis (who I feel like may have supplied Reni with some party materials back in the day, if again these universes crossed) the absolutely mad school principal and the unfaithful Priest, among others. These three are all great examples of this character type too, however Roger takes the cake. He is absolutely the most radically done character in the whole AmDad universe and as a result it honestly feels that show is just about Roger. Every plot point can find some way to revolve around Roger and not be boring. He is the most memorable character, just like Reni here.

I really don't know how to wrap this one up. I would encourage you to check out the radio station with commentary (linked below) if you want to get an idea of this character. Growing up playing this game it was fascinating to later look up details and find out more about Reni with the help of the GTA wiki or wherever. Let's just say the character has stuck with me over the years, that's really just why I wanted to write about him. Furthermore, I'll end like this: There was a good analogy in a Zero Punctuation video that demonstrates this perfectly. Yahtzee was talking about Infamous and how the moral choice system actually makes Cole a relatively bland character compared to everyone around him. This is true. Again you can see that in literature there are the extreme sorts of characters, like Reni that steal the spotlight and represent all of the wildest and most captivating elements of life, and the protagonists who are supposed to be "relatable" and therefore crafted more "realistic" by comparison and therefore incredibly freaking boring. Yahtzee went on to say that it's like a basket of (assorted) fruits with a dirty, gray sock in the middle. Cole being the gray sock. Because the other characters are so defined the main character is made really uninteresting, which is funny considering they're usually the ones that the book or whatever is about!

No theme this week I'm just burned out from all this brain thinking.

[url=][b]*[/b] - Retrofraction closes out the September Band of Bloggers with a recap in which he decided to take the time to talk a cool indie shooter because recaps were a bit meager.[/url]

[url=][b]*[/b] - ...And with that n0Signal picks up the BoB duties for October. What could this months' theme be about? Clickey Click to find out![/url]

[url=][b]*[/b] - An Alphadeus Mega-post. I would urge anyone to consider seriously chipping in to help this dude.[/url]

[url=][b]*[/b] - As it's fairly obvious: I am just loving all this October-ness and particularly digging this mission that Agent9 has started for himself in honor of all things Halloween scary.[/url]

[url=][b]*[/b] - JoyfulSanity reacts to an article by toucharcade for which I just have to say, has it already been that much time since the last time someone said "mobile gaming > all other gaming, muahaha!!" is it really time again for this crap already?[/url]

[url=][b]R[/b] - ChrisHannard reviews Stairs on the PC system 9001.[/url]

[url=][b]D[/b] - Hey You!, Yes You the one that's really interested in making your very own game: Don't give up yet, Sr Churros has compiled a list of tips for you and anyone else to start in game development.. now if you'll excuse me I'll be starting that Ronin Warriors' Fan RPG I've been meaning to do...[/url]

[url=][b]D[/b] - CO Jakyl is here to share his progress and I commend him on his resilience.[/url]

No one failed this week, well except maybe me in getting so weird tonight.




3:10 AM on 10.02.2015

Cblogs of 10/01/15 + Nobody say "gate" to me...

I'm done talking about 3DS games for now. After finishing Luigi's Mansion 2 and Virtue's Last Reward (holy balls I can't wait for Zero Escape 3 now) I think it's time I laid the little handheld that could to rest for a little bit. I mean, I could replay Ace Attorney V and Professor Layton vs. Ace Attorney to satisfy more of my visual novel craving, but that'll take me dozens of hours which I'm not sure I have.

So let me talk about something else instead. Now, from my title today you might expect that for once I'll devote some words to gamergate, or any of the other myriad of -gates out there.
You'd be wrong.

I'm going to talk about Paper Mario.

- And this is one of my favorite lines from Paper Mario.

This week I took some time to scour the WiiU eShop for new goodies. Among those, I found out that some indie games and a whole buttload of Virtual Console games were on sale. I grabbed myself Thomas Was Alone for the best 2 bucks I've ever spent because Thomas Was Alone is brilliance made form and then sprinkled with the sauce of excellence. Topsauce, if you will. On the Virtual Console front I got Paper Mario for another 2 bucks I couldn't have spent better, and Ocarina of Time for yet another 2 bucks I only could've spent better if I had bought Thomas Was Alone or Paper Mario again.

Paper Mario is the one game I've replayed more than any other, along with Thousand Year Door. Every year or so there comes a time when there's nothing I'd rather do than getting all up in that papery goodness again. This week was that time. But, and this is the big one, thanks to buying it on the WiiU VC I was now able to play it from the warm comfort of my snug bed, on the GamePad. It is glorious.

There's so many things I love about Paper Mario, I hardly know where to start. The writing and humor is a good one. Between the penguin murder mystery, the laughably incompetent Duplighosts, the Koopa Bros. (the coolest of cool!), and too many other things to name, it's essentially impossible not to have a good time while playing this game. And it only got better with Thousand Year Door. Besides that, the game is incredibly accessible, which makes it great for if you have an afternoon off. It takes me about 15 hours to play Paper Mario start to finish, so it's not nearly as big of a time investment as other JRPGs. Despite that it still has fun turn-based battles (with the added interaction of Action Commands), a diverse party of classic Mario enemies-turned-nice (fuck Lakilester though), and some customization by way of badges. The art direction has always been one of my favorites too. It's fun to see how "everything is paper now" affects the look and feel of a game. In addition there are some neat locales in Paper Mario, with the Crystal Palace full of mirrors being my favorite.

I would argue that many of the points above have been improved in Thousand Year Door, but nonetheless the original Paper Mario still manages to do it for me. Besides, I can't play Thousand Year Door on the GamePad yet. After that we got Super Paper Mario, which was a step down in my eyes. When I replay Paper Mario, I usually stop at Thousand Year Door. Only occasionally do I pick up Super as well. Super still has the humor going for it, but its gameplay is just not the fun RPG-style that I've grown to love so much. And then there's Sticker Star, but we don't talk about Sticker Star.

- *hiss*

Long story short, I loved replaying Paper Mario for the bazillionth time, and I'm going to start Thousand Year Door right after I finish these caps.
I can't help it, I'm feeling the RAAAAAAWK.

* - Elsa's blog jumped around a bit but it's currently sitting on 10/01 so I'm capping it. Besides, it's great enough for double topsauce.

A - SpielerDad wants to buy a floating fortress/vacation home, and show those Diamond Dogs what for. Unrelated: "showing someone what for" is a good phrase.

S - The more I read of Flegma's great series on creating Super Mario Maker levels, the more I start to think that maybe I should buy it after all.

A - Sounds like the UN made a boo-boo. To be perfectly honest I see more molehill than mountain, but it's a molehill I see all over the place and a whole bunch of molehills still makes for a shitty garden.

F - This week's FNF + GTA Radio.

M - For Halloween, Agent9 renews his series on spooky music.

- Ooktar: I thought the case that came with the Persona 4: Dancing All Night Disco Fever Edition was just gonna be some cheap little fabric case but this is fucking bad ass.

- StriderHoang: All I need is some sound absorbing foam against a wall and maybe I'll get back into podcasting in my new apartment set up

- Fenriff: Well that's Nier complete. Pretty damn good. Looking forward to the new one.

F - Move along, nothing to see here.

F - Silly Agent9 posted his blog twice. Let's all point and laugh.

- ShadeOfLight
May you always find water and shade



12:15 PM on 10.01.2015

Cblog recaps of 09/30/15 and PART-TIMER-isms


Listen here punks, Freedom Planet is on its way to Wii U. This is a joyous time to be had.

So October is finally here and life is as cooled off as the autumn weather. I stepped away from the last job I talked about because I simply was not happy. I understand that you're not destined to like many jobs you take as necessity to pay the bills but I refuse to work someplace where I'm absolutely miserable in every facets and perspective. If I hadn't mentioned what it was, I worked as a fry cook for a few days before getting fed up with it. I would've eventually gotten used to the recipes and the pace of taking orders and making them accurately but I ultimately did not like what I was doing. I've worked multiple different retail jobs and I've learned to tolerate them. Disney was 3 years of retail and while it's no retail hell like a big box store like Walmart, I was still shilling product like a drone and it wasn't something I'd think anyone would do forever. BUT, I learned to love the smaller things about it like all the friends and co-workers I met, the perks, and the general upbeat atmosphere of being at the happiest place on Earth, even if you get the occasional entitled superfan. Working a boba cafe as a fry cook left me bitter working the fryer with hot oil, hot water in washing dishes, and believe me as an Asian when I say I hate working for Asians, especially in a small business setting.

I'm Vietnamese so I understand what exactly I hate about dealing with other Asians in both business and work. Many have very exact, specific, and rigid acceptance and standards. Believe me, I know, I have it too. In addition to working for Asians with anal attention to detail but I was also at the helm of a fryer with an unreasonably diverse menu. Go to fast food and you'll get burgers and fries and a few other different things. My menu had popcorn chicken, fried calamari, spam musubi, teriyaki chicken on rice, fried oreos, chicken wings, and a variety of selections of the aforementioned on rice bowls as well in a busy, noisy setting where my co-workers could not shout loud enough to tell me my orders, especially when there was a difference between popcorn chicken and popcorn chicken on rice bowls. I only worked there for three days before stepping away, ashamed that I couldn't deal with the work environment for more than three days and wanted to quit for my own good.

Luckily, I'm up for an interview at the Disney Store in San Fran, which I feel good about both in knowing the work and getting the job itself. I hear I have a five month bridge period in which I retain my seniority if I come back to the Disney company for whatever reason. Hey, I should be aiming for some big shot network security job but I can't wait long when it's tough seeking out such a specific job across job listings. If I can get a job that pays less sooner rather than get a job that pays more in the vague future, I'd take the sooner one because rent waits for no man.

Since I'm no longer juggling school and work at the same time, I've already seen presence return to the Dtoid community a bit with a cblog, quickposts, and commenting along with a promotion a week ago. I'm hoping this stays constant considering I only have to worry about working for money as opposed to juggling several commitments at once. I'm even considering on bringing back the Fapcast since I now live in a situation where I'm not awkwardly recording in my parents' house and now could potentially record with my fiance, which is easier to explain why I'm shouting obscenities about video games. Yes sir, I'm loving this new stage of my life.

Also, I hear amiibo stock is rolling back in. All I want is Little Mac. I want an acknowledgment of Punch-Out in toy form, com'on.


* - Elsa's big,huge, introspective look at the changing nature of feminism and also gaming in relation

* - Is Pixie burned by the relentless franchising of Persona 4 and 3 by extension? Maybe but I'm still in Camp Chie


A - Radjax riggidy-rags on the alleged shortcomings of owning a Nintendo console, as per any year past 2006

P - The Cheat Code Podcast is new to me but is on episode 64

A - The top 5 Tony Hawk games or four Tony Hawk games with numbers in them and then Underground

S - Nanashi's doing a 2Spoopy2Creppy marathon of scury gaems each wek of Ocober




R - Tux Knight's last LootCrate fucking sucked


R - Chris remembers Turrican 2, in pog form










11:50 AM on 09.29.2015

Cblogs of 9/28/2015 + My Fantasy Life

I spent about 140 hours in the world of Fantasy Life as Spence (Spencer was too long), a dashing young man who was attempting to create a masterpiece. Fantasy Life is a game made by Level 5 and Brownie Brown that is similar in concept to Animal Crossing and Harvest Moon. However, instead of focusing deeply on one aspect (farming in Harvest Moon) it tries to showcase 12 different lives that you could lead.

The 12 Lives you could lead

Initially, I wanted to play as an Alchemist, thinking that the potions and bombs I make would be enough to help me get past the combat needed to gather material. However, as stronger beasts started making a mockery of my bombs I thought the Mercenary life would help me gather materials more efficiently (Paladin life is for noobs). Yet, I still needed ore that no monster would drop, which is why I started to go into Mining.

With that combination, I managed to progress a little better as an Alchemist, however as I progressed I needed more refined materials. Hence, I had to refine the ore I gathered as Miner by becoming a blacksmith. This actually helped me to create better weapons and armor for my Mercenary life as well. Still, I needed some monster materials that I thought becoming a Hunter would help me gather. Unfortunately, the Hunter life didn’t actually have any effect on monster drops, and it ended up being a secondary life that didn’t benefit my initial goal at Alchemy.

As the game progressed, walking around as anything but the heavily armored Mercenary started becoming dangerous, as the armor crafted by the Blacksmith couldn’t be worn by “lighter” classes. Hence, I needed to become a Tailor, which helped both craft light armor as well as materials for both Alchemy and Smithing. At this point, I realized I was having a lot of fun with all the lives I lead, and I wanted to progress in all of them.

No longer only spending time in the lab making potions and poisons

That was somewhat easy for everything except the Hunter class, because I couldn’t make better bows as a Blacksmith. Hence, I had to become both a Lumberjack and a Carpenter to start making better bows. With all these skills in tow, I went to the Wizard life as it fit well with my Alchemy ambitions. This was my final life choice, or so I thought.

In order to become a legend in some classes, I realized I needed some material that only an Angler could gather, so I started making some fishing rods and went on to face the open waves.

After becoming a legend in all of my lives, I realized that while Fantasy Life is not a deep game at all, it is a safe and fun place to be in. With a funny story, and many things to do, it was easy to get lost. Finally, after many attempts, Spence the Alchemist finally crafted a high quality Philosophers stone.

Fantasy Life has such wonderfully realized art style and world

A- While Sylveria Shini usually goes straight to the fail blogs due to her scatter-about style and refusal to discuss in the comments (something she criticizes others for), this one gets a pass due to the citation of a real and terrible UN bill that some crazy people (Sarkeesian included) are trying to pass. This is literally worse than anything Jack Thompson was trying to do. Also, we get an interesting and thought provoking comment from Elsa.

B- What kids wouldn't want to rapidly undress sexy members of whichever sex they are interested in (Teenagers are horny). Nanashi discusses the surprising depth of Akiba's Trip beyond the stripping mechanisms.

Its not all lazy gathering, sometimes you need to really dig in to get the rarest materials

F- Who is Rodger? Is what I was thinking when reading this latest FNF post.

T- KingSigy weighs in on the implications of leaving single player campaigns out of games, it is an interesting conversation that I don't think has one right answer.

T- Some games we don't enjoy no matter how we try to, wutangclam shares with his those games he didn't like so far in 2015.

R- IDrawOnTape continues to review NES games, which he is apparently doing chronologically. It can include more substance though.

Other times, you can simply smell the roses or look at the stars

I really had fun living in Reveria for a while, now I return to real life

F- Sorry Ralph A Santos, but your blog clearly belongs to the quickposts section.

From now on, I am the official Monday recapper as Luna Sy has unfortunately departed our site due to the forum Exodus of July (or was it June). Luna Sy has been a very active member of the community, and I hope I can replicate little of what she did. Dtoid is molded by the wonderful people contributing to it, and it is always painful to see someone so active go.

I only started here 1 (or a little more) year ago, and it honors me to be trusted with the job of highlighting all the wonderful work in the C-Blogs. As of now, I am no longer a reserve (although I will still do that) and am a full fledged member. Hence, you guys should really start learning what my preferences are in order to get those Topsauces. Or alternatively, you can attempt to bribe me with monetary or sexual favors.

Anyway, let's have a great time.

Again, I would like to remind you about the Dtoid Design challenge for Mario Maker, which you can find HERE.

Be Lucky

-Lord Spencer



10:40 AM on 09.28.2015

Cblogs of 9/27/2015 + A Defense of Evil

Evil, unfortunately exists in abundance in our world. Racism, war, rape, terrorism, sexism, torture, and a hundred different other ways some humans use to dominate over other humans. As long as evil do exist, we shall always see works of “Art” depicting it in its many forms. However, the depiction of evil does not mean an acceptance of it, just as much as the reflection in the mirror of an oversized pimple not meaning its existence is acceptable.

Yet, we are continuously seeing attempts at banning stuff because it does show us real evil in the world. More so in the realm of gaming (As a young medium) than otherwise. Just to pick up a number of controversies in the last two years, we see different groups of people objecting on games showcasing: rape attempts, racism, and the atrocities of war.

Often, censorship is a more relaxing way for people not to deal with the implications of knowledge

This is not unique to gaming though. Every year, we see some parents in the US trying to ban some books from being taught at school because of their depiction of real-life evil. Sometimes, an even more organized attempt tries not to only ban a book, but censor it as well. One of the most famous and enduring attempts at censorship are the attempts to ban Huckleberry Finn by Mark Twain from American Literature classes. The reasons argued for banning the book often cite its “racist” attitudes towards African-Americans.

Outside of the obvious factor that an American Literature class would be incomplete without one of its strongest and most enduring book, there are a bunch of realities that critics of the book should realize. First, the fact that is a mirror of a society that just barely started illegalizing slavery, and by that token is a significantly racist society. At that point, the N-word was the standard term used to refer to the African-Americans of the era. Laughably, I have seen arguments for changing each N-word with African-American, a term that was only invented 80 years after the book. Second, the fact that Huck Finn is a scathing satire of the exact evil it is accused of promoting. The fact that it so barely exposes the racism of its time should be considered a work against evil, rather than promoting it.

The US was a terribely racist society back in Huck Finn's days, doesn't mean that thy didn't produce anything of worth

Back to games, we have seen many similar controversies in the last year. In Tomb Raider, many felt that the attempted rape scene was “unacceptable”. Yet, the facts on earth suggest that rape is a real threat that faces women in isolated circumstances, and that rape as a weapon of war and degradation is still in vogue now just as much as it was 1000 years ago. In Far Cry 4, despite the main antagonist being modeled on his Asian VA, many were upset at the idea of a “white” evil man abusing ethnic groups. As if “white” evil men have not been abusing ethnic groups for the last 400 years.

There needs to be an understanding of the nature of depicting evil. Showcasing it in its grotesque reality does not mean condoning it, rather the opposite. Attempting to censor it from literature, movies, and games will not make it go away.

Evil exists in abundance in this world, and as long as it does, we shall see reflections of it in the games we play, and the books we read. Those reflections are not a celebration of it, but rather a reminder of the evils we wrought on this world.

*- This might be one of the last Comments of the Week blogs, and is one of Dreamweavers biggest efforts. Hopefully, it won't be, or that at least Dream remains weaving his dreams in Dtoid's shores for more days to come.

Politicians are the overall harbringers of Evil

Banks are the real Evil though

As if no white men were worse than Pagan Min throughout history

R- The Travisionist shares his very negative first impressions of Platformines.

R- If you don't like monster hunting games, then capitan doesn't think Toukiden: Kwami on the PC would change your mind about the genre.

R- I have no idea what a politically correct review would read like, and after reading the PC review of Gone Home by The Kudo, I still have no idea what was so PC about it.

In reality, women would be very vulnerable in this situation, and that reality adds credibility to the Lara Croft character


F- IDrawOnTape is a new blogger who is yet to be familiar with our blogging etiqute. First, these blogs should offer more content than they currently do.

F- Second, they shouldn't be posted in the same day, which hogs the bloggin spotlight. Oh, and these are blogs reviewing arcade Donkey Kong games.

While literature have longed been able to withstand literature, gaming is a much younger medium with weaker people championing its artistic merits. In fact, many of the mainstream gaming media often bandwagon the campaigns against games. Often, we mistrust companies intent in showcasing evil, as well as be quick at yelling cnesorship at thing that make us uncomfortable.

That holds gaming back.

Again, I would like to rmeind you about the Dtoid Design challenge for Mario Maker, which you cna find HERE.

 Be Lucky

-Lord Spencer



5:38 AM on 09.27.2015

Cblogs of 9/26/15 - Still on that Destiny grind...


Okay, so you know your boy plays Destiny, right? Well, the thing is, one of the reasons I haven't really gotten addicted to the game is because I usually stay away from PVE. I figured, as long as I stayed in The Crucible and play deathmatch, then I can just have fun with that. Before, you can get something called Crucible Marks where, after every match, you get a certain amount of points whether you win or lose, up to 100 a week. That sort of restriction allowed me to play Destiny in moderation because once I hit the limit, I'll just play again next week unless I'm really feeling the urge to kick ass. There's no commitment.

Here's the problem. You use these Marks to buy armor and weapons, so even if you don't like playing PVE, you can still make a cool looking Guardian with some kickass gear. But they changed the way Marks are given in The Taken King and it's not as pleasant. While they removed the limit and give you the chance to earn marks daily, you only get a small amount from playing Crucible alone, so now I feel compelled to play every day so I can get as much points as quickly as possible so I can deck myself out. Furthermore, I have to rely on random drops now to get gear in the meantime because it takes so long to earn Marks, which makes the game even more of a grind. 8^8

That means I'm playing even though I really don't want to, so I can get gear that'll make playing actually fun, like the helmet above. THIS IS A VICIOUS CYCLE.


I've been slacking on my TV watching lately. While I'm recording the new My Little Pony: Friendship Games TV movie so I can talk about that next time, I decided to bust out one of my old animes: Puella Magi Madoka Magica. It's quite possibly one of my favorite animes ever because it's pretty well paced, has a pretty awesome story, and the visuals are so great. The girls look as moe (and mostly flat-chested) as they can be, which makes the weird, surreal art style all the more contrasting. The storyline is also very dark once you get into the twist, and some moments even have me in tears. It's something so good I pretty much rewatch it either every couple of months, or at least once a year. I binged watch the DVDs I bought (which weren't cheap, costing like $50 bucks for each one T^T) but it feels good to be obsessed about anime again.

I wish I watched more animes though, but I'm very particular about them. For one thing, it MUST have an English dub. While I'll make some exceptions (Maoyu being one of them), for the most part I won't give it a chance without an English dub. Second, it must be available on DVD. I don't really like to watch anime from the internet, and nothing kills the mood faster than my internet cutting out or slowing down. I like to immerse myself when I watch stuff or play video games, so I want as little interruptions as possible. Finally, it needs to be overwhelmingly awesome. I find it hard to really get into animes, but when I do, I'm usually all in. However, if it doesn't convince me early on, I feel like my time is wasted.


Not much else to say otherwise. I read the graphic novel Lost at Sea from the creator of Scott Pilgrim (Bryan Lee O'Malley). It's supposed to be a story about a girl "finding" herself, which I thought would be more-or-less perfect for me (except, you know, the girl part) but I was generally unimpressed. Maybe it's something you need to read twice? I like certain aspects of it, so maybe I'll give it another go and see if it resonates with me then.

I'm more interested in his other book Seconds though. I read part of it once at a Barnes and Noble (I never read more than 25 pages of anything so I can actually feel compelled to buy the book) and I was pretty hooked from the beginning, whereas Lost at Sea took a bit to get into. Mail doesn't get delivered on Sundays, so I have one more day to give it a chance.

In other news, I'm seriously comtemplating buying LEGO Dimensions. I REALLY shouldn't be spending the money since I don't have much of it, and I need as much as I have so I can buy Fallout 4. Furthermore, LEGO Dimensions is expensive as fuck: it's $100 for the base package, and $30 for each level pack. If I want the game and two level packs, even in addition to my 20% discount at Best Buy (Gamers Club Unlocked), that's still over $120. BUT, I'm a huge sucker for crossovers, so hearing there's Batman, Ghostbusters, The Simpsons, and motherfucking PORTAL are all in one game is amazing! 8w8

Anyway, we'll stop here. I got something I MIGHT post on a personal blog, so you can read it there if you want. But I will mention here that my time doing Comments of the Week, or even my time in Destructoid, might be coming to an end, and not in a good way. :<


* - Bardley's back with another attack of the ads! Videogame ads, that is! Seriously, why don't these get more attention!? They're awesome!


A - Apollo1995 has a question to ask: if you made an awesome video game series that ended extremely well, would you work on it again or allow another studio to take the helm? Give your answer inside!



C - Brittany Vincent briefly stops by to let us know what she's been up to since leaving Dtoid. Catch up with her here!


R - IDrawOnTape oddly reviews the original Super Mario Bros. on the NES. Is it a classic, or were we all disillusioned?

R - IDrawOnTape also has another review in the chamber with NES Soccer. Should you pop this game in, or give it a kick?

T - StriderHoang has been enjoying the Plague of Shadows update for the excellent Shovel Knight because even though it's the same levels, you need to play it in a new way to see the new story underneath.

T - N0signal has no signal in the jungle, but that's just the way he likes it! See why he thinks Metal Gear Solid 3: Snake Eater is one of the best MGS games in the series with this retrospective.


F - RadicalAjax Entertainment wants to talk about the latest Fantastic Four film and how it sucks so hardcore. If you haven't seen it, check out why you shouldn't without spoilers.


R - James Internet Ego dishes out another round of Egotisms, where he talks about the stuff in life. This edition's all about Fresher's Week, seeing old friends, loneliness, awkwardness, boredom, and more.


- Dreamweaver



12:34 PM on 09.26.2015

Cblogs of 9-25-15 + Rest in Peices


As of yesterday our skater community took it upon ourselves to put a few month long skatepark to rest. This involved skating, drinking, bbq'ing and playing lots of music. It was a sick party and felt like the fourth of July I should've had.

I didn't get a lot of new shit done at that skatepark, just wasn't able to and I will never get the chance to do anything on that damn manny pad that tormented me for MONTHS. Still I go on. The park itself was horrible, there was no "flow" to it and so it felt like you really didn't have much to do. As a result, it was easy to get bored and quick.

Not to mention I realized that driving out an hour or more to skate wears me out. I think by the time I get to the park all my male jelly is worn down or something, I don't know but I'm tired and not able to skate as well as I should be able to otherwise. The solution is to just move next to a skatepark (or in one). Seriously, you sit in traffic, brake, gas, brake, gas, brake.. it wears you down mentally and even a little bit physically that by the time you get to the park you're yawning. That's no shape to start a skate session in.

But I digress. The skatepark is dead. Either it's happening as I type this or already done but some crew is taking the hammer to the park to tear it down. It's a bitter sweet feeling. The park overall was a 4/10 but nonetheless good times were had and there were some friendly people over there. Hopefully the next skatepark they build will be better and I will literally move in there, into the park and just sleep in the porta potties or something. Side note: that park had my first experience being in a porta potty in near 100 degree (F) weather. That is not pleasant. Rest in Pieces skatepark!

But aside from that haven't been doing much interesting stuff lately. Gaming wise I beat Akiba's Trip, and started Valiant Hearts. Also been playing the Battlefield Hardline multiplayer a little bit and still playing Fallout Shelter daily. I want to be done with that game so I can stop wasting a few hours a day playing it. It should just be a stupid phone game for when you're on the go but alas I'm usually not out these days commuting. I mostly just drive and you can't play phone games driving. I am close to giving up on this game but that loot is what's holding me back. There are so many guns, outfits and dwellers I have left to collect but it really is going to come to a head probably. Collecting those items is so grindy that it's almost unbearable. You have a very low chance of finding rare stuff to begin with and the only way you can do that (or the easiest) is to send dwellers out and they only find the really good stuff at like 36 hours+ exploring. And you can only get them to explore for about 2 days tops. So it takes a lot of time and you usually find 1 new rare gun or outfit every three or four runs out into the wasteland. So it'll take a hundred hours give or take, that's crazy. Then again bethesda needs you to keep playing. So you realize how annoying the collecting resources aspect is in that game once you get your vault bigger and the game starts to lag like crazy. Then you're tempted to buy Mr. Handy's because seriously they're even harder to find than the loot! I've put in at least 100 hours now and haven't found one Mr. Handy. Or super rare dweller for that matter. If only the game was sort of you can set it and forget it, just check back every few days to see what new loot you got. But no, your vault needs "maintenance" otherwise it crumbles. Damnit dwellers, collect your own damn resources..

Speaking of that Fallout 4 is coming up. Like one more month to go. It's either going to blow up the industry or disappoint like crazy because of what they did to the narrative. Nah that won't happen. You saw those over excited fanatics outside of E3 with their pip boys and veteran NPC ranger cosplay. They'll buy it even if Bethesda changes every last detail of the game. YOU PEOPLE MAKE ME SICK. Jk, I just worry the game will be tight but only in so far as it is a good AAA game that doesn't let down however it won't be able to recapture that sick immersive feeling of the last two games without heavy modding.

So that's it, Fallout. Also the Anthology collection was released this week. Man that's going to get my hype to replay older fallout games, what good timing with a month to go - even though I don't have that much time atm all things considered. I will just have to play as much as I'm able to.  

Much shorter recap this week no? No Theme this week.



[url=][b]A[/b] - wutangclam talks about Fallout 4 and his/his classmate/roomate's interest in the franchise.[/url]

I have a few things to say about this specifically so here: I absolutely hate what they've done to 4 to make it more cinematic as imo that kills the immersion but I have come to terms with it. Still it makes me sad that the new game will take what I loved most about Fallout (the new ones) and how those games felt, throws that away and just makes it like any other AAA game at this point. Hopefully the mods to silence the characters will be out quick - I feel confident they will. 

Also Fallout 3 got my hooked as well. Not from my first play but after I spent a little more time with it and really got what it was about it became my thing and I cherished every moment from finding out how awesome the game really is to doing as much as I could in that game. So in a way I'm like "Silky" haha.

[url=][b]A[/b] - Another reason to stop caring about representation in video games/media.[/url]




[url=][b]D[/b] - Ajax gives us the skinny on what his history coming to dtoid was, where he came from, and what his future plans are for his blog.[/url]


[url=][b]R[/b] - n0signal Reviews Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain[/url]

[url=][b]R[/b] - ChrisHannard Reviews Soma. Side note: dude you gotta put some pictures or something in your blogs, makes them more appealing and gets more readers![/url]




[url=][b]?[/b] - Fail because please don't double post in one day, it's one of the few rules we have here but it is important![/url]

[url=][b]?[/b] - Well, woke up this morning with a wine glass in my hand. Whose wine? What wine? Where the hell did I dine? Must have been a dream I don't believe where I've been. Come on, let's do it again.[/url]





1:49 PM on 09.25.2015

Cblogs of 09/24/15 + Nonary Shadeisms; Ambidex Localization

As you may recall, last week I mentioned that I've been playing two new games on my 3DS. One of those was Luigi's Mansion: Dark Moon, which I've finished by now. So today it's time to reveal the other one:

Zero Escape: Virtue's Last Reward

This is another one of those games that by all right I should've played long ago, but just never got around to. I've played 999 a few years ago. Given my well-documented love for disturbing dark anime, it shouldn't come as a surprise that I loved it to bits. The sequel has been sitting on the eShop for some time now, and yet I didn't buy it up until a few weeks ago. That's disgusting is what that is.

Now that I own it tough, I've been playing it a fair amount. Safe to say it doesn't disappoint!
Much like the original, the story does a great job of grabbing your attention. Considering that Virtue's Last Reward is a visual novel, the entire game would fall apart if the story hadn't been good. Fortunately, it's familiar enough to fans of the original that they can instantly jump in, while having enough of its own themes and setpieces to keep you on your toes.

I think the most interesting new feature is how the main character can instantly switch between different timelines. There are many choices during the game's story, and you can go back to earlier choices at any time. What's fun though is that the game doesn't use this mechanic purely as a safety net so you don't have to replay the entire game every time you want to make a different choice. Instead, they integrate it in the plot and throw you some curveballs. You can't simply go back in time to fix one little mistake; making a different choice can have far-reaching consequences for how the story unfolds. That was really fun to see the first time I noticed it happening. It makes you want to explore all the possible choices, because who knows what might happen?

If there is one bit of criticism I have towards the story, it's that the pacing feels like a step down from 999. Particularly, I feel like the mysteries in Virtue's Last Reward just keep piling up, with no answers anywhere in sight and without enough hints to come up with your own theories. In 999, in almost every puzzle room you would get some dialogue that explains something about a character, or about some scientific theories that may or may not have something to do with why the nine of you have been kidnapped. It's a great way of getting you invested in the story. Unfortunately, Virtue either doesn't have that as much, or I'm continuously making the wrong choices. By now I'm about 15 hours in and I've seen several endings, but I still don't know anything more than when I had just started playing. The amnesiac still doesn't remember anything, the person who clearly knows more than she should still hasn't told me jack shit, the asshole is still just an asshole, and so on. At one point they even teased a big reveal, then chickened out and still left me in the dark. I get the feeling that Virtue's story is going to be very back-loaded, which is unfortunately not as gripping as what they did with 999. I hope it doesn't all lead up to a Sudoku again though.

- To be fair, it was the most dramatic Sudoku of all time.

Now I don't want to sound like a negative nancy (because I really do love this game), but I do have one other complaint. It's not the dev's fault though, it's a localization issue. Specifically, it's an issue with the localization for Europe.
Are you ready? Because this is going to be stupid.

In Europe, Virtue's Last Reward does not have English voice acting.
That's right. There's a perfectly fine English audio track for this game in the US, but we in Europe can't have it. I hear there's some big names in the US version, like the ever sexy Liam O'brien, but not for us.

But wait! It gets stupider.
While the European version only has Japanese VAs, guess what they did with the actual text? Translated it from Japanese? That would make too much sense. Nope, while the voices are all Japanese, the text in the European version is exactly the same as that in the US version. That is to say, it's a direct transcript from the English VOs. You can imagine how annoying that gets, because the text noticably doesn't match up with what the characters are saying. A long monolgue by the VA might only be a single line of text, or vice versa. The all-seeing big bad makes up amusing insults for each character in the English text, but when you hear him speak the only derision he has is that he calls everyone -kun. One name is even changed: the VAs clearly call the girl with pink hair "Yotsuba", while the text insists that her name is "Clover".
Oh, and you can't turn the VAs off. 999 worked perfectly well without voice acting, but the localization team for Virtue's Last Reward figured that for Europeans, that Japanese voice acting is vital.

For the life of me I can't figure out the thought process behind this. They already had the English audio, but decided to specifically hold it back for the EU release. Yet the US-made text was perfectly fine to use.
I don't even mind the Japanese voice actors; I watch anime in Japanese all the time, and the actors in Virtue's Last Reward do a good job overall. Still, I tend to play video games in English when I can, I've read reviews that emphasize how good the English cast is, and nowhere on the eShop page does it say anything about the game being Japanese-only. In fact, I just looked it up and it specifically states that "This title is available in English", by which they apparently only mean the plain text. Which, you know, isn't even a translation of the Japanese voice track. I had to go online to find out why I couldn't find the language option when I started playing the game. That's a great big pile of bullshit and we shouldn't have to stand for it.

Welp, I guess I got that off my chest.
Let's get to the Cblogs before I start complaining so much that I forget how great this game actually is.
Zero, if you'd please?

You heard the man.

* - As promised, Flegma talks about his Super Mario Maker levels. I know a lot of you are Making your hearts out, so give this a read!

* - One of the great injustices in life is how when sports fans get together and dress up silly it's fine, but when gamers get together and dress up silly it's weird. Read Spielerdad's blog on gamers and their sports equivalents!

A - Gamemaniac's thoughts on Middle-Earth: Shadow of Mordor mirror my own; great gameplay, but where's the plot?

A - DRM is the bane of all our existences, but pedrovay just got slapped with it especially hard.

T - TheCrazyEven wants to play Mario Golf: World Tour, but can't find anyone to play with. Go say hi?

N - Have you ever been so excited you backed a Visual Novel Kickstarter without even knowing what it's about? No? Well, ask OverlordZetta and he'd tell you to reconsider for MuvLuv.

R - IDrawOnTape checks to see how well the NES launch library has aged. NES Golf? Not so well.

R - Ice Climber? Also not so well.

F - RadicalAjax wonders about Star Wars: The Force Awakens. Meanwhile, I feel like the one person in the world who doesn't care about Star Wars at all...

? - The UK is weird, we'll just have to deal with it. If it were up to TheKodu, we'd deal with it in VR.

- ShadeOfLight: I just got hit with a sense of "man, I miss interacting with people on Dtoid". Thats a good thing, because this is where betterment comes from.

- Mike Martin: I want to get three chickens. I'll name one Nugget, another Wingz and the final one Patty. I will cover them in radioactive waste and then after they mutate, train them in martial arts. I might fuck Patty. Depends on how plump her breast gets.

- ShadeOfLight
May you always find water and shade



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