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Cblog Recaps of 10/22/14 and Striderisms!
3:28 AM on 10.23.2014
Cblogs of 21/10/2014 + Scriptisms – Just look at my zodiac sign, interviewer!
3:07 PM on 10.22.2014
C Blogs of 10/20/14 + mcgeeisms
1:39 PM on 10.21.2014
C-blogs of 10/19/2014 PS Vita-isms
7:48 PM on 10.20.2014
Cblogs of 10/18/14 - The Evil Walking Dead Within Oculus
9:13 AM on 10.19.2014
Cblogs of 10/17/14 + The final bbainisms!
10:55 AM on 10.18.2014

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Ah, my Xbox 360. You've served me well these what? 6 years? 8 years? We've had some good times. Remember when we were addicted to COD? Truly we were living. And Mass Effect? We experienced a trilogy together man. But lately, all I do with you is stream. And you know what else I can stream with? Literally anything else but with the benefit of mobility. I can stream from my iPad and take it downstairs with me to eat. Dinner. Eat dinner. Not eat my iPad, but watch it while I eat dinner. I can also stream from my phone and 80% of the reason I chose my gym was because it had member's wifi. 15% was hydro massage and the last 5% was the pool. I can also stream from my laptop if I feel like being a chump. Streaming from the Xbox 360 has the perk of watching from my television but the charm of an entire console reduced to streaming because I don't feel like playing its console games is feeling... redundant.

I've finished most of the games I wanted to finish on it. Revengance was the last big one. I can hardly slog through Asura's Wrath and man was buying The Simpson's Game a tremendous mistake. For every clever joke I enjoy, there's 5 more minutes of boring running and platforming. If there's one game I can't work up the nerve to finish, it's Tales of Vesperia. Unfortunately, I haven't played my save in so long, I hardly know the context of where I am anymore. I know I'm a guy with long hair, my dog smokes from a bitching pipe, I have a healer, and a tsundere scientist. That's about it. Most of my time is spent on a 3DS, a system that's decidedly as advanced to the new generation of consoles as a goat is to a luxury sports car. But here I am, looking forward to Alpha Sapphire of the Pokemon 3rd Gen Remakes and all the buzz Destructoid constantly gives to Shantae has me morbidly curious on this game that Wayforward must've done before Wayforward was associated with a reputation of doing games no one pays attention to. So basically Wayforward before Wayforward became Wayforward-er.

The Wii burned me bad. I felt jilted. I only got to play a few games on it in the year I had it. I spent time browsing the damn voting channel in an effort to do something with it when I wasn't playing Twilight Princess or Brawl. The Wii U is far ahead enough where even if it objectively has a smaller library, I have a lot of catching up choices to pick from. Not to mention it is backward compatible so I can play the Wii games I missed like the Wii port of Okami or like 90% of the virtual console catalogue that I wish was just on the 3DS. Like seriously, you're telling me I can play Dillon's Rolling Western but not Advance Wars on this thing? But despite this incessant nostalgia cockblocking, I still love my 3DS to pieces. Link Between Worlds, Triple Deluxe, New Leaf, SMASH. FUCKING SMASH.

These days on Smash, I'm playing Little Mac with less stigma. I don't care if you think Mac is OP or is a poseur, if you beat me as Mac, you beat me as Mac. People who complain he's OP certainly have never tried knocking him off the stage have they? It's not like Mac can effectively counter-grab you because his grab range is shit. I like to play my pocket Mac first in sets because he's fun and so satisfries (which Burger King has axed from their menu by the way, a sad day).

Still bad in the air, yup

Playing a game where you can't even get hate mail on a game that will likely rankle you nerves if you take it seriously is certainly a weird feeling. All I have are assumptions from the choices my opponent is making. If he stays in despite the skill gap, he's obviously like me and doesn't care. If they pick a second character they want a runback. If they pick Mac too, THEY ARE SALTY AS FUCK. I assume they think Mac is OP and decide to level the playing field by mirror matching me and 80% of the time, they still lose because I pay careful attention to Mac's footsie game. And by pay attention to footsies, I mean use D tilt and F tilt as if I'm going to win a prize and plow through their dumbass poking strategy. Taunting is supposed to be this accepted thing amongst Smash players. Like, they need 3 seconds to fully fly away in a Star KO, I might as well show'em the Kirby Shuffle. But I feel bad doing that now. As if my time on other fighting games has rubbed off and poisoned the Smash well for me. I'm playing a boxer though, so let's fight like gentlemen. Only let's not because usually you're going to camp the ledge because of course you are that's Mac's weakness.

It was a rollercoaster of emotions recently. I played a best to 3 set with on Glory (at least in my mind it's best to three). He beat me with Kirby and I beat him when he switched to C. Falcon and he beat me again as Kirby. So that's two out of three, so I have a right to switch characters (in my mind). So I switch to Greninja and proceed to do things I can only describe as wreck his self-esteem. I literally drove him to self-destruct by plummeting off the stage with the Stone attack. I ruined someone the other day folks. Absolutely ruined someone.

But as for Parasyte, it's pretty much the sole gem in my TV watching experience right now. Akame Ga Kill is still good but it's been in the running for a while. I can't wait to see all the arcs that transform Shinichi from a normal, somewhat cowardly high school student into a badass who's seemingly lost his humanity, to someone who's seen both sides of what it means to be a living organism on Earth.

* - Dusty Hoffles top 5: Castles of Vania

* - The loss of trainer customization was a deal breaker for an atmospherist like Carlton Carlson. Me, I'm big on battles and competitive analysis. My story run team is nostalgic but has nothing on my Mega Pinsir sweep team.

* - Eminem plays Smash

* - Luna Sy and the wacky world of plagiarized art assets

P - PStoid isn't PSItoid. It's PStoid and it's pastifying your podcasts with some past nastification

S - A Donkey Kong 64 music post?On my Wednesday? Agent9's choice for his ongoing creeppy music series is oh right I already said it

M - Acapella horror!



Photo Photo Photo

When you apply for a job, you usually know what to expect: an exercise that evaluates your skills, a group dynamic, a formal interview with the employer… and, sometimes, a personality test.

The personality test is a way for the companies you’re applying for to get to know you without actually getting to know you. Since interviewers don’t have time to hang out with you and become your best friend, they often rely on these types of tests to see if you are a good fit for the company. And that is perfectly fine, because after all, psychology is a science and these tests are based on years of empirical research, so they can very accurately describe your personality. Right? 

Well, I’ve been asking myself just how effective these personality tests really are. There are multiple versions of them, but they all pretend to deconstruct your entire psyche in fifteen minutes.

By far the test that bothers me the most, and the one that prompted me to write about this, is one I had to do on a job interview recently.  You have to draw small vertical lines on a blank piece of paper, one after another, as straight as possible and as fast as you can, until they tell you to stop. During the period of the test they might give you a verbal sign, your cue to immediately draw a small horizontal line and then continue stroking the vertical lines.

Simple, right? What could psychologists possibly infer about you from a bunch of strokes you made on a piece of paper? As it turns out, EVERYTHING.

“You like your coffee black? I can tell you’re confident, smart, productive and that you want to do your mother.”

Spacing between the strokes, angle of the strokes, their intensity, quality, direction, size, number, rhythm, indent of the paragraphs, distance between the paragraphs, organization, order… The psychologists take all of this and more in consideration when evaluating your profile. And from these things, they can (supposedly) tell anything about you.

I wasn’t able to find information about this in English, only in Portuguese, but I translated a part of it that explains the meaning behind the size of the strokes (using Google Translate, because I’m super lazy):

  • Normal or Medium: Indicates affective balance and self-adapting with ease to the environment in which it lies. It also presents the constancy tasks it performs.
  • Increased or large: It means expansiveness and security in yourself. Able to possess any inconvenience attitudes regarding the environment that surrounds addition to revealing certain egotism, vanity, and ambition with no critical sense.
  • Much increased or very large: Reveals state of euphoria and immense satisfaction to himself, common after depression. Indicates vital need to draw attention to themselves as well as surprised by the extravagance if this trait is not the result of signs of aggression or uncontrolled motor discharge.
  • Decreased or Small: Reveals introverted and shy, meticulous personality. When not connected to cultural aspects, may mask feelings of inferiority and may also represent a limited ability to adapt to the environment.
  • Much reduced or too small: Indicates inhibition exacerbated thoroughness of concealing a lack of self-confidence and sense of inferiority. This applies in cases where the tiny feature is not due to physical factors such as fatigue, cold, myopia, or linked to cultural aspect.
  • Irregular: Reveals the influence of emotional factors during performance of tasks. Denotes impulsivity and inadequate control.
  • Large and Small alternate: Reveals insecurity and ignorance of their own ability in facing new challenges.
  • Growing: Indicates lack of critical sense and logic with tendencies to exaggerate the facts, complicate, fantasize and take disproportionate attitudes.
  • Down: Indicates ability to adjust their work to the time available when this decrease is not due to premature fatigue or tiredness. Can also reveal concealed, critical, anxious behavior.

Yep, they can tell that much about you, just from looking at the size of your strokes. The other aspects they look at, like spacing, can tell them even more, ranging from your interpersonal relationships to your energy potential.

"Vegeta, what does the strokes say about his power level?"

I find amazing the depth of what they presume to know about someone just from looking at a bunch of vertical lines. Do they even take in consideration external factors like how nervous or tired the person is during the test, the natural writing quirks people have or if any of the candidates have knowledge on what they are evaluating? Because now that I have access to their material, I could supposedly manipulate the test to make myself look like Mr. Perfect.

To be fair, there must be some scientific base to this test, and it’s not like this is the only test that you have to do when applying for a job. They evaluate you in other ways too, and they often use other psychology tests. Ever heard of Myer-Briggs or the Big Five? They at least seem to have some more substance to their methods, but I still believe no psychology test can truly explore the complexity that is a human’s identity, maybe only give a little insight into it. I could write much more about this, but I’m running short on time and this Scriptism is getting big enough as it is.  

If you are curious about these tests, you can easily find information about them on the internet and on psychology books. Personally, I don’t like the Big Five. It seems to classify your traits as either “You’re awesome!” or “Sucks to be you”. At least the Myer-Briggs method makes everyone happy. The INFP description makes me feel like the next Madre Teresa or something.

* - Strider writes an insightful blog about his experience with Super Smash Bros. for 3DS.

M - El Dango totally pooped his pants playing Hunter Hunted.

M - I totally pooped my pants playing F.E.A.R. Nader Ghazi briefly talks about his favorite moment in the game.

A - Kyle MacGregor talks about his favorite SPPPPOOOORRRRTTTSSS team. Oh, Americans and their baseballs!

A - Luke Oliveira wonders why the PS4 is winning the console race.

S - Agent9 writes about a creepy Pokemon song. No, it’s not Lavender Town!

S - Another Tuesday, another Hoffmann blog.  Tune in next week, same Hoff-time, same Hoff-channel!

S - Luckrequired wants your creative juices to flow like a river. Go caption that picture!

P - TheDustinThomas and his friends do a Castlevania retrospective in their latest Podcast. They’re also doing an Extra Live gaming marathon.


V - Johnny Burnes brings us a playthrough of Legend of Korra.

R - Hoffmann takes a nostalgic look back at a Spider-Man arcade game, while I wonder why he never justifies the text.

R - Thecomputerizer reviews The Sims 4 in his first blog.

T - As a big fan of Borderlands, Seymour seems to be quite satisfied with the Pre-Sequel.



Photo Photo Photo

Good to see you again. Since I took a sabbatical, there's been a couple of changes around here. Mostly for the better! Have you said hello to our newest Recap team members? If not, watch for their CAPS. It feels good to read your lovely writings once again, and I hope to keep doing it until I'm kicked out. (most likely :P) Apparently, the C-blog editor also got updated? Hooray even though I'm slightly lost here.
I certainly picked a weird day to come back, what with a few of our own leaving. So, goodbye to Everyday Legend and Dale North, and anyone else who's going.

To anyone sticking around, I'll do my best to make it worthwhile. <3
!PAC s'teL

* - The Scholarly Gamer reminds us all why we started Friday Night Fights! Nothing better than playing together, folks.

* - SpaghettiOReilly makes a top 10 list of voice clips in fighting games. One of the best top tens I've seen in a while.

* - RainsOpacity,a somewhat jaded horror fan, shares some of her favorite moments from Silent Hill 3 and tells us why it's stuck with her

* - Sometimes you just need to say it, because it isn't said enough.

* - Handy learns the futility of human endeavor.

A - Shinta's great blog taking a look at the psychology of the GamerGate movement, and why it happened in the first place.

A - ThatMan's thoughts on Sony's next confusing, probably under-selling piece of hardware that's not a home console, really, the Playstation TV.

A - TheKodu types a lot of words about mass appeal, Gone Home, and exploring what we already have.

C - Everyday Legend will be making other websites a Better Place from now on. Destructoid community, please say goodbye, or at least get some contact info from, Everyday Legend. Good luck, brother. :)

F - shadow2398 has the updates for Dtoid's TF2 server.

S - Retrofraction unforturnately is going to have to sell some of his gaming treaures. Sadface.

T - Fenriff is both pleased and disappointed with The Evil Within.

D - Long John is working in games now! Doing some music for a game called Iron Fire. (Bonus points for having Rick Rubin in your blog.)

T - Benny Disco has some thoughts on reviews and reactions in general, and specifically about Arthur Gies' somewhat puzzling Bayonetta 2 review.

M - Agent9 continues his 31 days of creepy music for October. This one is a goodie.

L - Destructoid's staff changes and Chris Carter's questionable 'human' status.


Photo Photo

Well, I set out to get a PS3 the other day and then I found a killer deal on a used slim PS Vita for $130 with an 8GB card! The used PS3s were all sitting well out of my budget, so I got the Vita instead and went ahead and picked up a new copy of Final Fantasy X/X-2 HD Collection to go with that.

This puts off my goal of having a run through the Dragon Age series by a few weeks. Given all the jobs I'm juggling right now, I'd only have time for portable stuff anyway. I'll dry my tears by playing Pokémon X, Borderlands 2, Super Smash Bros. or Dragon's Crown in the coming weeks. Hopefully by the end of November I'll have a PS3.

There's lots to look forward to in the weeks to come as well as catching up on Vita stuff! On 3DS there's Fantasy Life, Shantae & The Pirate's Curse, Pokémon Omega Ruby and Persona Q. On Vita I want to grab Spelunky, Rouge Legacy, Counterspy, Lone Survivor, Don't Starve, rebuy Persona 4 Golden and round up all the HD Collections I can.

Anyway, in FFX I am now at that part where I must endure Blitzball. It is a minigame I like in concept, but hate in execution so much I'll probably skip the additional trophies tied to it. That is, unless the International version improved it in some substantial way. Blitzball wasn't improved in FFX-2, so I'm not expecting much here on the Blitzball front.

I'm enjoying it otherwise. I think it's been eight years since I played FFX and much of it is a welcome return. That said, Atlus, Nintendo, Bethesda and Bioware's and lack of hand-holding tutorials may have spoiled me a bit. I know just past this Blitzball game is where I pick up Rikku and much of the tutorial and expositional padding ends, so I'm very much looking forward to getting past that.

In Etrian Odyssey Untold, I've hit the 15th floor. There's something exciting about having a new floor to map out, then coming to dread the new threats of each floor and finally reaching the end. It helps to be rewarded with a fast travel option for completing much of each floor and Atlus is pretty damn good about iterating these small improvements into remakes that make an RPG less of a time vampire

The other cycle is getting new gear and you'd think with all the business I've been giving Shelika she'd finally be able to afford some clothes for herself. Maybe she's just cozy with that underboob showing, though.

As for what else I'm playing, I'll let this give you a hint.

Now on to the recaps and letting SE teach me how to blitz!

* - BBain wants to find all the things!

* - Bardley talks about how sound was integral to Silent Hill 2.

M - n0signal reminds us friends don't let friends co-op drunk and play pianos.

C - Tonich seeks comrades on Steam for wasteland looting and bank heists.

I - Get reacquainted with Manasteel88!

N - Dr. Hutxtable weighs in on Hatred.

V - Chi-Guy plays F.E.A.R Online with his cousin. How bad can it be? Pretty bad.

T - bmg123 wants to know your Vib Ribbon playlist. I'd have one, but the Vita version doesn't do MP3s.

V - Batter up... or is that smasher up?

R - Kodu reviews magical thighs that are slightly filling.

R - bmg123 reviews a generation of games.

F - Saul gets blue and ruinous.

M - Agent9, a lonely survivalist, goes Home

F - Needs some formatting and BBC code badly.


So, I got to try out the first couple of chapters of the PS4 version's of Shinji Mikami's new game The Evil Within because my cousin let me try it out, and it's pretty cool from what little I played! While the graphics are nice, with the real star being the lighting effects, the game gives off an unsettling atmosphere that really tenses you up, but never scares you: it's kind of like the Village scene in Resident Evil 4 where the atmosphere, sense of dread, and numerous enemies trying to kill you makes you uneasy... even more so when you have half-health, four bullets in a revolver, and limited stamina to run away with. Now, again, I've only played up to Chapter 3, I believe, so there's a majority of the game left to run through... but it's promising so far, and I wouldn't mind picking up a copy for myself later down the line: while many people don't dig the new "action-esque" horror games coming out, I personally find them fun and appealing because they feel like familiar territory, but with a different tone where you're not shooting them in the head because you can... but because you need to save ammo by killing them with as few bullets as possible.

Speaking of headshots, this game kind of makes me lust for blood (which is a horrible mentality in a game like this) whenever I land them: while headshots in Call of Duty are just there for bragging rights since a couple bullets anywhere kills you, some games like Gears of War, where a Longbow bullet to the brain splatters the head like a balloon filled with Kool-Aid, makes scoring a headshot ever so addicting... and in The Evil Within, a headshot could split open the person's cranium, allowing you to see how much damage a high-powered revolver could really do to these guys! I also appreciate how it could still not be enough to kill them, so whenever I tore through their skull yet they come back fo mo' (trying to rhyme is harder in print), and they creep up to you with a side of their head lopping to the side, it really adds to the tension! I saw some terrifying encounters in the trailers so I hope that I'll make it far enough to experience some of these myself: while I don't really get too scared in videogames (at worst, my heart will skip a beat for an unexpected jump scare), I can get so caught up into what I'm playing that I might as well be in the game!

We also rented a movie called Oculus, which is probably one of the better psychological thrillers I've seen: it's essentially about a mirror that can mess with your mind and have you seeing, hearing, and even imagining horrible things... but instead of using it to scare the viewer, it trolls the people within the movie, and gets the watchers to question which events are actually happening, and what is simply the results of the mirror. The movie is very well done, if my opinion counts for anything, because the premise and plot is just so engaging: the precautions one of the characters take in order to prevent the mirror from influencing themselves to suicide is so thought out and so detailed that there's seemingly no flaw to her logic... seemingly. Like all movies of this nature, of course things go wrong, but how it's done was surprisingly fresh to me, and like I said, you'll be wondering what's happening on-screen and what's actually happening in the context of the film; I especially love how they edited the "past" and "present" part of the plot, and how it all comes together in the end was nice! The ending itself is a bit hit-or-miss, and there's some events that you saw coming a mile away... but I enjoyed the ride!

Last week, AMC's The Walking Dead came back for another season, and I can see why it was immediately renewed for another: it was a spectacular episode, quite possibly one of the best ones I've seen! For point of reference, my favorite episodes have been Season 2's "18 Miles Out", Season 3's "Clear", Season's 4's "The Grove", and any episode prominently featuring The Governor, who is among one of my favorite villians in any form of entertainment (that Southern charm yet drastic, deranged, and demented personality makes him an awesome antagonist, much better than his comic book counterpart). Anyway, anyone who complains that the general pacing of the show is too slow would get a kick out of the constant action going about, and the revelation of grim reality of the situation is disturbingly good: if you thought the "farm" in TellTale Game's The Walking Dead (speaking of which, I still haven't played Season 2: how is it?) was fucked up, you haven't seen anything yet! When I first came to Destructoid, I noticed that a lot of people didn't like the show, and while I don't know what the common consensus is now (it was around Season 2 or 3 when I first asked, so it was pretty uneventful), I quite enjoy watching it, and admittedly, I enjoy the slower, more human moments, like Rick wanting to be a farmer, than I do the actual zombie slaying... though I'm usually up for a bloodbath if it happens!

Oh, not completely unrelated (because the premise still kind of creeps me out), but I saw My Little Pony: Equestria Girls - Rainbow Rocks, and while it wasn't as charming the first go around, it was still quite enjoyable! The music was pretty good, although a little disappointing that it isn't catchy, and cameos were pretty hilariously done well: seeing alternate versions of beloved characters is one thing, but seeing their quirks translate to the human realm makes a fan of the series like me giddy; when they did a literal "drop the mic", I laughed my ass off!

I think one of the main reason I enjoyed the film, other than being a part of the My Little Pony canon, is because I'm a sucker for character stories, and my favorite part of the sequel is the characterization of Sunset Shimmer, the reformed antagonist from the prior film: I thought it was kind of cool to dedicate an arc to Sunset's feelings on what it's like to be despised, despite her attempts to show everyone that she changed, and how one's reputation can follow them around (the scene between her and Twilight Sparkle about expectations in the middle of the night was my highlight of the feature). While we're on character highlights, I must admit that Sonata Dusk is probably one of my new favorite side characters: she's so ditzy and cute, and if she wasn't such a baddie, she's be the perfect waifu... which means I'm expecting tons and tons of porn of her, and I will be refreshing the My Little Pony Rule 34 page until I see pictures of her naked.


Well, that didn't take long.

* - CleverName's makes a contribution to the Monthly Musing "Fangs for the Memories" by writing his first time experiencing System Shock 2 with his friend Bryan "Bake" Baker. While I think the blog is in rough shape, I think the content inside makes this one worth reading: there's tons of buddy-buddy commentary, and it shows a lot of heart!

A - Michael Hendry decides to make his first blog about his Top 10 videogame weapons, and I think he has some good ones on the list! With several spots being Gears of War's Lancer and Kingdom Heart's Keyblade, did your favorite weapon make it in?

A - Love videogames, but don't have the time to play them? Stevesan has an interesting solution: why don't developers release a cheaper, abridged version of a game that cuts out all the filler and leave only the important bits?

A - Terry 309, having been inspired by LiquidOctarine's blog about the difference in storytelling methods between Bioshock Infinite and Remember Me, decides to write about a piece about how limited traditional storytelling can only go so far, and uses games like Valkyrie Profile and Warcraft 3 to illustrate his point.

A - TheKodu figures, with all the commentary about the controversial videogame Hatred, where you play as a man killing innocent civilians for the sake of it, to weigh in himself! He compares the game to Postal 2 and talks not about whether this game should exist, but whether it's worth existing in the first place.

S - Agent9 continues his 31 Days of creepy videogame music with "Strains of Insanity" from the much beloved Chrono Trigger!

I - For n0signal's first blog, he revives an old article about his Top 25 PS3 games (originally posted in 2013) so we could get a sense of what kind of games he likes. With titles like Valkyria Chronicles, Uncharted 2: Among Thieves, and Journey on the list, I can vouch that he has some excellent taste!

R - N0signal also reviews Shadow of Mordor for the Playstation 4 after hearing all the rave praise about it, but does he feel the same way about this game as the others do, or is it just like all the other cruddy Lord of the Ring videogames?

T - Derek Pietras needs something to play before Bayonetta 2 comes out, so he picks up the Wii version of the popular Resident Evil 4 to see what all the fuss is about: needless to say, he is certainly a believer from what he has played so far!

T - Keeperxiii wonders what the Naked Gun of videogames could be after playing Jazzpunk: he admits that it's qute the humorous game, but he comments on how he feels that it's less like a game and more like a gallery of jokes and easter eggs to find.

D - Sven Wohl is writing the story for a rogue-like game called Ralin - The Dwarf Wars, which interestingly enough, features a post-apocalyptic fantasy world in which the surviving races must live underground! If you wanna see what it looks like, there's a short video on the alpha version of the game inside.

V - Needs tips on how to dominate the Home-Run Contest for Super Smash Brothers for 3DS? How about trying to take down at least four fighters in Cruel Melee? Well, TroyFullbuster is here to help you with these video guides!

V - Johnny Burnes releases Part 2 of his playthrough of The Evil Within for his UnPro Session series!

V - Inspired by 1UP's Broken Pixels and Gametrailers' The Final Bossman's First Fifteen, Number8Axel's We Play Terrible Games dives into the bargain bin to play Beowulf on the Playstation 3! I'd hate to BE that WULF, hey-O!

A - Reinhold Hoffmann's here to let us know that he's planning another art collaboration for his site, Game-Art-HQ.com, with the theme being about videogame crossovers! He hopes to see some Dtoiders enter their works, so if you think you got what it takes, represent this fine community!

M - Rowdy rhod is able to use his telepathy to receive the newest Nintendo Direct, which reveals that Nintendo's music, like Star Fox 64's Corneria and Super Mario 64's End credits, is perfect for making love to that special someone!

? - Zombie Orwell is here in the midst of all the scandals to share with us the most important thing on the internet: comedy, and the formualic equation one needs to make it.

C - Esteban Sky Cuevas writes his 3rd, and possibly final, impressions of Borderlands 2, which briefly mentions his online experience and how much better this game is when you're playing with a friend and communicating with each other. This could be better because while there's no need for filler, there isn't much being said either.

F - Gamefant wants to recommend Chibi Warriors, another game that takes place during Romance of the Three Kingdoms, but it sounds like he's simply reciting the information that would be printed on the back of the box. It's also not very enticing from what little I hear.

F - Pato Zazzini has no problems becoming a Huge member... except for this problem he decides to write to Niero about. I'll be honest: I have no idea what this blog is about, and it doesn't help that it's a mess.

- Dreamweaver


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Hello everyone!

I'm a little sad to say, but today's recaps will be my final bbainisms, at least as a regular recapper. I've been doing the Friday recaps for over three years now (my very first recap was August 5, 2011!), and I think it's time for a break. I took over for GamesAreArt way back when the recaps team was completely different, comprised of the legendary team of SilverDragon, Qalamari, ScottyG, Funktastic, and Beyamor. I've watched the team change a lot over the years, as all of those guys left to be replaced by other awesome people. I got to work with a wonderfully dedicated team of people over the years. Wrenchfarm, Strider, Smurfee, Phil, Shade and I have been recap staples for quite a while, and I feel like we've formed a tight bond while working together the past few years. I'll always cherish the time we spent together, cracking jokes and trying to get our shit together when we started to fall behind.

Thou hast established a genuine bond.

It seems the core team that I spent the most time with is gradually starting to move on to other things, while newer faces have begun to emerge and form an all new, kick-ass team of next-gen recappers! Dreamweaver, Pixielated, and Script have already been rocking it, and I definitely have high hopes for the person replacing me next week (hint: he has a really awesome beard!).

Even though I'm stepping down from the recaps team, though, I definitely have no intention of leaving the community anytime soon, so worry not! I still have plenty of ideas for blogs to write, and I still have every intention of checking the Cblogs daily to see what my friends have posted. The Cblogs have been a special haven for me ever since I joined Destructoid back in 2009, and I've made too many friends here to leave just yet, so I'll be sticking around here as long as you guys do the same!

It's truly been a honor working for the recaps team. I got to know so many of you through your writing, and even though some days may have been bogged down by some not-so-great blogs, the truly wonderful, personal, informative, and excitement-fueled blogs that this amazing community has continually created definitely made it all worth it! You guys keep doing what you're doing, you're amazing!

It's been fun recapping for you guys, and telling you all about what games I've been playing (or not playing) every week in my bbainisms, but I think it's time to give somebody else a shot. Be sure to give the new Friday recapper a warm welcome next week, and I'll see you all around the site!

No topsauce on my final day... kinda sad :(

A - It's not OK to say that a game is not OK!

A - Procyon is very dedicated to the video game walkthrough site, StrategyWiki, and hopes others might think about contributing too.

A - Xeo really loves his Vita!

A - walterwoods learns some (not so great) parenting tips from Skyrim!

P - Radio Destructoid episode 047 is out now for your ears!

P - PStoid episode 9 is also out now for you to listen to!

See ya!

F - Friday Night Fights on Xbox + Apologies...

F - Friday Night Fights on Playstation + Busy, busy, busy...

T - Esteban gave the Zelda series a second chance, particularly Wind Waker, and now he really loves the series!

D - IronFire is a game you can donate to on Kickstarter if you want.

$ - October 17th UK releases and bargains!

F - TitusGroan thinks Robocop 2 is OK!

M - Agent9 continues his series on spooky video game music with a song from Paper Mario: The Thousand-Year Door.

? - Luckrequired confesses his sins to Wrenchfarm (?) in this personal blog about a childhood regret.

R - Luna Sy was planning on showing us how to get Wasteland 1 for free, but the offer apparently expired right before the blog was posted. Oh well...

L - Did you want to get your hands on a Kinect for some reason? Better go seek out this landfill in New Mexico!

F - Pokespam? Lame...

- bbain


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