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12 hours ago - 7:18 AM on 09.20.2014

Last week, I talked about a video game streaming channel that I really enjoyed, called Previously Recorded. After watching Jack stream some Risk of Rain and gush about it, I got the urge to start playing the game again myself. So that's basically what I've been doing all week!

I'm attempting to get 100% game completion, and I'm almost there! I've gotten all of the in-game achievements, and found all the items. I've also found all but the last artifact, so getting that last artifact is my current goal. However, 100% completion also means collecting all the Monster Logs for the rest of the bosses. I only need four more, but they're a huge pain to farm. Not sure if I'll ever find 'em all, but if the Monster Log is the only thing I don't complete, then that's no big deal.

Finding the artifacts has been a lot of fun though. I think they're a new addition to the game since the last time I played, because I don't remember seeing them before. Each artifact changes something about the gameplay if activated. For example, the one artifact that I always have enabled now is the Artifact of Glass, which grants you a whopping attack power bonus of 500%, but leaves you with only 10% of your health. I can't play without this artifact anymore, because even the weakest enemies seem to take way too many bullets to kill under normal circumstances. So now I can't take them down much faster, but I also have to be aware that some enemies can kill me in a single hit.

To get the final artifact, I have to beat the game with every other artifact enabled. It's pretty insane, and changes the way you play the game in some major ways. With all artifacts enabled, only one type of enemy will appear during each stage, but they'll always be elite level versions of those enemies. Also, there are no longer item chests, drones or shrines scattered across the levels. Instead, you can only find items by killing enemies, BUT you get to choose which item you receive!

This game also has some pretty terrific fan art!

It really puts your knowledge of the game to the test. You'll need to remember what each item does just by recognizing their icons, in order to make the best of your item drops, as there aren't any item descriptions until you choose one. You'll also want to memorize enemy behaviors, so you can use the terrain to your advantage, depending on which enemy you get. It's usually a lot of hanging on ropes while the teleporter timer runs down, but there are still enemies that can attack you while you're hanging (especially since they're elite enemies, a lot of elite mobs come packed with homing missiles!).

I haven't even managed to get to the Temple Ruins yet on an all-artifact run, but it's still a lot of fun. I've been alternating between the Engineer and Acrid, since they're my favorite characters, and they both have some useful tactics for taking out enemies while staying far away. I'm still trying to figure out which items will be the most useful to choose from, though. I usually go with my old favorites (crowbars, goat hooves, teddy bears, syringes, guardian hearts). Maybe I need to change up my item strategy, though, because it doesn't seem to be working.

The one thing I don't like about all-artifact runs, though, is that because only one type of enemy appears per level, you pretty much never get to fight bosses. It just feels weird not having to fight a boss at the end of each level. Although I did have one level where only Scavengers spawned... I tried to farm them for a Monster Log, but that ended pretty quickly!

Anyway, Risk of Rain is a fantastic game. I'd highly recommend it to fans of roguelikes if you haven't tried it yet!

* - SeymourDuncan is unable to choose a favorite game... there are just too many great games out there! I'm the same way, I have like five different all-time favorite games.

* - OpiumHerz's series on censorship continues with a peek at the Pokemon franchise, and not just the video games!

* - ShadeOfLight has been staying in the US for awhile now, and takes some time to share some of his thoughts and experiences with American food and some of the things he misses about Dutch food. It's not about video games, but still a fun read!

A - Terry 309 recounts all the save data he's lost over the years.

P - PStoid now has a new hosting site and an RSS feed. Congrats, guys!

F - Friday Night Fights on Playstation + HTML woes...

T - Drunk nanashi has been playing Minecraft and Fallout recently, and has some thoughts on what the devs could add to those games to make them even better.

$ - September 19th UK releases and bargains!

L - Hyper Lemon Buster Cannon wrote a cool short story, and encourages other Dtoiders to do the same!

C - AvtrSpirit provides a summary of what to expect from Dragon Age: Inquisition, based on the last two games. However, I was a little too distracted by the mass repetition of the games' names to really focus on what the article was saying. Not to mention DA:I looks a lot like DA:1, so I kept getting it mixed up with DA:O. Some colon consistency would be nice, too!

C - Zoel acquired a wireless Sega Saturn controller. Pretty cool, although watching a video of someone trying to use a controller with one hand is super awkward.

? - CaimDark is happy about something... what could it be?

No fails today! Huzzah!

- bbain


Photo Photo Photo

There were Shadeisms here about my experiments with American food. It's a blog now. Yes, I cheat; deal with it.

Other than that, what is there to talk about? Well, Smash Bros. obviously! Only two weeks left to go until it finally comes out and I can get my grubby little hands on all of my new and old favorites. It's gonna be a good time, count on it!

In the mean time, I've..."acquired" the 3DS Soundtrack, and there's some great stuff on here. But don't take my word for it, we've got blogs today that show exactly how excited we should all be for Smash and its music!

* - Resident music expert Oscarno weighs in on his favorite tracks from the Smash Bros. OST. It's so great you guys.

* - I can't emphasize enough how awesome Reinhold Hoffman's art project is. It's amazing to see so many artists come together to tackle basically all of Zelda ever.

A - Don't dismiss this blog for its title, because there's actually some thoughtful discussion on Destiny going on here.

A - XCKingBrent writes a retrospective of the Sonic franchise. From good to shit to "Why they hell aren't they making more games like Sonic Colors?!"

E - Script is excited about Smash Bros. Are you excited? Cuz I'm excited! Come share your Friend Code and then go back to practice in the demo!

F - Xbox FNF + You're hot then you're cold, you're yes then you're no.

R - Lexington reviews Theatrhythm Final Fantasy: Curtain Call. A great sequel with great music, what more could you want?!

T - SpaghettiOReilly has more than one favorite game. Considering that one of them is Symphony of the Night, it's easy to see why.

L - Brittany writes a beautiful blog on her life with Link and his adventures.

C - Estaban wants to try something new for a Borderlands review. I'd say just go for it and see if it works, but alright.

L - OpiumHerz blows all of the industry's conspiracies wide open. I'm particularly concerned about Andy Dixon's dick.

- ShadeOfLight
May you always find water and shade


Pretty light day for caps. Which is ok because Smash fever is in full swing 'round here.

You see, as a rich, snobby platinum Club Nintendo member, I was afforded the Smash 3DS demo last week. I've played it enough to earn 6.7k coins when the average payout from a fight is around 34 coins. I've played all five characters so much that I've gotten a handle of them inside and out. Well, except maybe Mega Man but the guy is an enigma that deserves further study.

Some people are ready to call Mega Man low tier. Others believe we need a true master to unlock the secrets of the blue bomber. Me personally, I just want to play with the full roster. Wario looks good, Jigglypuff needs exploration, Little Mac hits like a truck, nobody's giving Charizard or Greninja time, Robin looks like cool contender from Fire Emblem, and Toon Link has always had a unique edge and if Link is good now, what of Toon Link? Plus, I want to see how much they nerfed Metaknight while Fox and Falco seem fine in versus matches I've found. Marth seems a little iffy though but you can always play Duck Hunt, right?

My friends are already organizing a multiplayer party at the mall a week after launch. That also gives us time to explore the custom move set options. They look rad as hell. I'm really pumped to get the full version, not to mention it comes out the day before a date with my girlfriend so I can bring her the physical copy I reserved while I'd already downloaded the digital game off the eShop. It's hard to believe there's still a whole game to play when I've played the demo to death. Sure hope I can bring all these damn coins along to the full release. 6.5k will probably get me a lot of trophies.

Um, besides that, I can't really give anymore Striderisms. Besides this part where I say SoCal has been undergoing a brutal heat wave. Triple digits buddy, I mean how does Arizona do this everyday? And I work outdoors in this heat a lot. At Disney, we have a heat index that formally goes from 1 to 3 and Tuesday it went to extreme. Yes, it broke heat index 3 parameters and they called it heat index extreme. At that point, Disney stops caring about the show, about making employees keep up a charade of being perfect and polite hosts, and lets us slouch and chug water in a attempt to stave off the onset of heat stroke. It's been so, I did not get a wink of sleep last night. I literally worked 3 to 11pm yesterday, did some late night browsing, got in bed, didn't sleep, then got up to shower and brush my teeth to leave the house at 11am for a 12:30pm shift and here I am now after dinner, another shower, and recapping. 24 hours with no proper sleep in between. Just straight up awake and suffer oppressive heat for ingrate tourists. I downed two different Monster to stay conscious: Monster Cuba-Lima (Monster Lime flavored) and Java Monster. My mind was awake but my heart was replaced by a bomb and Keeanu Reeves had to keep it going above 50 MPH or else the bomb would explode.

I know kung fu or whatever.

So short of the long is: peace out. I need sleep.

* - Like Ape Escape. LOVE Ape Escape. You must love Ape Escape

* - Though I learned Street Fighter IV through Rufus, I always pick the grappler at least once and learn them. Makster muses on his connection to Sakura Kasugano

S - Box Collector, not Box Ghost, goes on his neverending jukebox quest with Wonderful 101

A - Who would you bring to help you move? Come to think of it, a Villager from Animal Crossing can pocket just about anything

I - PinkLisa is mysterious

V - Jornny Bunes plays Guilty Gear Isuka, EVO2015 LETS GO

~ Striderhoang



You know how I'm obsessed with MechWarrior Online and complain about it all the time? How I'm constantly disappointed by the bugs, developer lies/misinformation, the money gouging F2P schemes, and blatant pay-2-win cash grabs?

Well I've got some great news! The same developers are making a NEW GAME! It's an epic space-sim where player's immerse themselves into the universe, run the economy, and create the storylines/drama that makes things interesting. It's called Star Cit- er, TRANSVERSE!

Act now and pledge to the self-regulated crowd funding drive! Look at how happy all the MWO founders are with their purchases!

Honestly, it just left me speechless. I'm not the kind of person who likes to join internet hate brigades, or overly snark at developers, but the utter shamelessness involved here just floored me. MWO has been out for almost 3 years and has STILL failed to deliver even a fraction of the promised features and goals set out when they were looking for crowd funding dollars. Work on the game has stagnated, with new maps, game modes, bug fixes and the like seemingly put on the back burner indefinitely while the art team pumped out more $30+ hero mechs (with increasingly P2W set-ups) out to wrangle cash out of naive old men who grew up with these robots. PGI's top leadership has alternated between being passive-aggressive to outright insulting and hostile to the game's fans and funders for the last 3 years, and now they come hat in hand looking for money for a NEW IP to do the same thing to? At least we know where all the money made off the freshly released clan mechs packs has gone this past year.

It only gets worse when you look closer. At a funding target of just 500k, “stretch goals” for the game seem to be nothing more than basic features you'd expect. Hit a million for SPACE FLIGHT. Two million for the thrilling addition of adding GUNS ON THE SHIP. I mean, what are you expected to do if they don't reach those goals? Will the game just be about taxing the space ships around on a runway? Looking at them in a hanger? It's like the know that stretch goals are a thing that motivates fans, but were too chicken to commit to anything that would take extra work and just made the stretch goals the basic game systems.

- Little on the nose don't ya think?

Transverse immediately drew hostile attention not just from jaded MechWarriors such as myself, but from fans of Star Citizen who perused the near identical pledge pages of the two sites, and the disturbingly similar spacecraft designs, and quickly labeled Transverse a thinly disguised clone. It's hard to disagree with them looking at some of the evidence. It certainly seems in line with PGI's modus operandi of playing “follow the leader” and trying to bolt classic or popular franchises to an already established business model (MWO is basically a poorly rigged World of Tanks with robots for all intents and purposes).

Despite protests that Transverse aspires to be something more than a Star Citizen also-ran, there was a time early in the concept/development phase where they were closely considering the use of the Wing Commander license – Chris Roberts old and beloved series that Star Citizen draws much of its fan appeal from. EA still has the rights to WC, and offered the license to PGI. I can only assume that it either cost too much for PGI, or they thought it would draw too much fire.

In any case, they had a very public and very embarrassing PR disaster. PGI started an official Reddit channel that was instantly flooded with mockery and cat calling. Heavy duty moderation came down, deleting threads almost as fast as they were up and then eventually limited content creation to PGI moderators. All of this of course is completely against Reddit TOS, and the mods themselves were unilaterally banned off of Reddit, leaving the Transverse channel a ghost town.

Several days into the pledge drive and the game seems to have stalled out at a paltry $8,000. Nobody seems to be willing to trust PGI with their money anymore, or maybe they just don't see a reason to invest in Transverse when Star Citizen is offering so much more.

Schadenfreude is really unbecoming, but sometimes hard to resist. What a weird story.

* - Hell yes Deadly Premonition is your favorite game.

* - Sub-Zero and Noob Saibot make the top 5 MK character list, keeping it in the confusing-ninjitsu-undead family.

* - On the list of way's to ruin a video game, poorly concieved gimmick controls have to be at the very top. Reminds me of having to suffer through Silent Hills: Shattered Memories terrible action scenes on the Wii to enjoy the rest of that game's trippy goodness.

* - Anime girls in tanks, guys with epic beards hauling around lances – why haven't I played Valktria Chronicles yet?

* - This is how you do a YouTube blog! Fantastic advice for aspiring indie devs, and some interesting Inside Baseball for enthusiasts.

A - “The feminist craze” oohhh boy. Could tell this was going to be a joy to read.

P - Finally, a podcast that combines my love of shitty movies and sneeze related fatalities.

A - Fenriff isn't saying anything we haven't heard about Destiny already, but when you lay it all out like that you really have to wonder what Bungie was going for. It's like they set out to make three different games, and failed to make any of them worthwhile.

A - Rioux61 is going to be cutting out the game purchasing for the forseeable future, and I for one think it's a great idea. Not only does it sound like he's going through some personal stuff at the moment, but I think it's becoming more and more apparent that waiting on games is a great idea in general. Let the suckers pay full price to deal with bugs and incomplete features, swoop in months later on a Steam Sale or PS Network/Games for Gold freebie and enjoy a smoother experience for less cash.

A - This blog could have used an edit pass. All the same, I don't even get the whole “it's gone too far on both sides” refrain. I see death threats and rape fantasies coming out of one part of the internet, and people responding with shocked embarrassment that makes them feel like maybe they should distance themselves from “gamer culture” if this is what it wants to be about on the other “side”. There is clearly a bad guy here, and it's probably the people frothing over EVIL FEMINISTS and doxing people, not a handful of games writers making less than 18 grand a year to put up with all this.

S - Hoffmann's “But for me it was Tuesday” series continues, this time with amnesiac trauma and lustful nerds. Tuesdays get weird yo.

A - You know things are getting strange when conservatives are jumping to the games industries defense. Remember when these were the people that wanted to ban games in lieu of gun control? Top shelf irony abounds.

C - More caption contest goodness from Luckrequired!

C - Do you play Guild Wars 2? Want to get a Dtoid group thing going? (I say in my sleaziest voice)

R - GundamJeuty gives Tales of Xillia 2 an overall positive review, but Jesus, some of the stuff he talks about sounds less fun than adult circumcision.

R - Theatrhythm is still a thing? Apparently it is, and they brought A LOT of songs.

T - Some video thoughts about Destiny and how boring it is. Seems like the narrative is really getting ugly about that game. What a shame.

L - My therapist laughed when I told him about my very specific fetish. Well, who's laughing now!?

C - Kind of a flavorless Let's Play with some spammy links. I'd really appreciate a small blog post or some community interaction so I didn't feel like this was just a straight up dump and pump for views.

V - I'm the kind of PokeMaster who forgets to feed the poor things and has to scrape them out of the bottom of my capture balls.

R - What would I do with 2.5 billion? I think international super villain is pretty much the only option at that point.

F - Vile sorcery! This blog has been concealed by some heretical curse!






Photo Photo Photo

Ugh, college courses... why do you crush my dreams ever so!? So, if you checked out my previous recap, I told you that I was so close to the end of both Tales of Xillia 2 and Professor Layton vs Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney that I can almost taste it... but unforunately, my academic workload is getting a bit overwhelming from one class in particular, and I find myself having to trade precious gaming time to attending to my studies. See, I'm taking a Computer Programming class and though it is the basic one, it's all still gibberish to me, and I'm having trouble trying to understand how everything is formatted and why. It's even more difficult considering that I'm up a creek without a paddle: I haven't even purchased my textbook for this class yet and after the "tutorial", I'm to hit the ground running, and I'm not exactly sure what I'm supposed to be doing; not only that, but the course moves fast so while we may have two weeks to complete chapter 2 in our own time, we're immediately diving into chapter 3, and 4 onwards, and I fear that I will be falling behind. To be honest, if I'm having trouble this early in the game, I'm a bit freaking out on the challenges to come... and it sends shivers down my spine just thinking about it.

On the sole bright side of my semester (screw Theatre Appreciation...), I'm taking a Computer Animation class, and so far, it has been an absolute blast to attend to despite my apprehension with technology! The teacher is new to my "college" (long story short: it's community college that recently transitioned to a state college, but severely limited in degress... which makes me wonder why would he transfer to this school) but he's so enjoyable that I can't help but look forward to coming to class! He's really talented in what programs we're using like Maya and Adobe Premiere/ Photoshop, and it certainly helps that he seems to be a gamer as well: not only does he relate what we're learning to videogames like using sprites of Darkstalker characters to teach us about "squashing" animations, but he also shows us some videos to illustrate his points, like using an Asura's Wrath trailer to show us examples of people in angry poses... which, if you've played the game, you're bound to see every second Asura is on-screen! I'm focusing the majority of my energy trying to pass that class specifically because, as overwhelming as the other classes are, I don't really have a "stake" in them, so to speak... but for Computer Animation, I just find it interesting that, had I had the financial and academic means (let's just say I'm the complete opposite of dear Dtoider The Scholarly Gamer), this would be a career certainly worth pursuing!

I'm reminded about something that I once heard on an old television show that I'm sure you have seen, which is The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air: I'm referring to an episode when Will Smith takes a Western Philosophy class and drops it because he thought it would be difficult... only find out that the teacher is one cool dude and that he has a positive influence on Will. When he talks it over with his guardian Uncle Phil, Will is told that Uncle Phil believes that every student will find one teacher that will change their life, and so far, I kind of feel like my Computer Animation professor would be mine. Granted, the reality of the situation is that I simply can't afford to continue this course of classes... or any class for that matter, as my financial situation isn't exactly flourishing... but aside from having a pretty cool Physics teacher back in high school, I don't think I ever just sat down with the teacher after class and just chat about things... in addition to asking a ton of question on how to improve my projects rather than simply doing the bare minimum. Of course, I've only been in this semester for a couple of weeks, so things are always subject to change as the courses get harder and the teacher leaving us more to our own devices... but at this very moment, at least, I'm still anticipating returning to class once the weekend is over.

I would still very much like to finish Professor Layton vs Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney though: as I said last week, I've been feverishly been trying to play it whenever possible, and with the finale approaching and the tension rising up, I'm literally shaking my foot at booting up my 3DS and continue the trial. You remember how, when you were a child, that you had a videogame that you wanted to play so badly that you would have trouble concentrating on your homework because the console/ handheld is calling for you to turn it on? Yeah, old habits die hard, I guess, but it's such an apt metaphor that, if I could afford to, I would actually say "fuck it", play the game and finish it tonight, and then half-ass the assignment in the morning, just like I did throughout my years of school, from elementary/ grade to high school (in case you're wondering, I actually used to be an Honor Roll student, but I suspect it's because the teachers at my school went easy). I can not tell you how much I want to see the conclusion, and if you were as attached to this game as I am, and you made it to the final Witch Trial and saw that surprising turn of events, you'd be feeling the exact same way. The Super Smash Brothers 3DS demo coming next week is also motivation to finish, as I don't intend to waste a "use" by switching between the demo and this game: normally I don't mind the limit, as who's going to play it 30 times... but this is Smash, dammit!

* - Luckrequired certainly didn't require any luck making the Top Sauce: he talks about his favorite game God Hand (made from the people behind Clover Studios/ PlatinumGames) and why he loves it so! Don't know anything about the kooky characters, wacky scenarios, or interesting fighting moves? Then use your God Hand to click the link and find out why he gives this a 10 out of 10!

* - MeanderBot is peddling his prints, and they look like some pretty high quality stuff, so why don't you consider buying one? Don't think that this is merely a cash grab though: all the proceeds are going towards the funding of a family funeral courtesy of fellow Dtoider PhilKenSabben, who really needs our help right now. Best of luck to both of you!

M - Derek Pietras submits his entry for this month's Monthly Musing/ Bloggers Wanted by sharing with us why he enjoys Sonic 3 and Knuckles while briefly contemplating what response a game needs to give someone to make it their favorite. This game plants a smile across his face for its innovative change in formula, so why don't you stop by and see why?

C - Hosse stops by the cblogs section to give you a chance to win some of his demo codes for a little game called Super Smash Brothers for 3DS. All you need to do is scour the internet for some disturbing Smash fan art and post it here: no Sonic and must be completely safe for work, though! Kudos for anyone with the artistic chops to conjure up something of your own!

V - Johnny Burnes hits us up with another episode of his "Unpro Session" series of "Let's Play" videos with Part 7 of Fatal Frame! Nostalgia is often envoked by pictures, but when you're looking through the lens of an Camera Obscura, sometimes the memories are better left hidden away.


Photo Photo Photo

Hello everyone! I've had a pretty uneventful couple of weeks as far as video gaming goes. I got super burnt out on the internet recently (*cough*gamergate*cough*), so I've been trying to do other things rather than browsing Twitter and Cblogs and stuff, which basically resulted in watching a lot more video game streams and shows on Netflix than I normally do.

Scarritt introduced me to the Red Letter Media guys, who usually produce funny videos about terrible movies. Two of the guys from Red Letter Media, Rich Evans and Jack Packard, recently started doing some video reviews of games, as well as streaming games, on a channel called Previously Recorded. I've really been enjoying their streams! They're really entertaining to listen to; Jack is always very enthusiastic and high-spirited, while Rich often becomes super focused and quick to anger while still having a lot of fun. Plus they've been streaming a lot of really great games (Risk of Rain, FTL, XCOM, Dark Souls, Binding of Isaac, etc). I don't watch too many streamers, but these guys are always fun to watch.

Aside from watching other people play games, I didn't actually play too many myself. There was one game that I wanted to talk about though. One of the fan-made Mega Man Legends 3 games that have been going around has finally been released; the 2D demake of the demo that was supposed to come out, titled Mega Man Legends 3: The Prologue. It's really short, and I played through the whole thing in about 30 minutes (would have been way shorter, but I died a lot!).

I enjoyed it so much, though! It really was a joy just to see those characters again in a video game. The whole Legends universe is just fantastic, I really can't get enough of it. Seeing the Bonnes again, and the Servbots, and Roll, and even minor characters like Denise Marmalade, really brought a smile to my face! They even nailed the characters' personalities in their dialogue, like Teisel shouting, "H'alright!" (god I loved his voice actor). And the Reaverbots! I'd forgotten how much I love the designs for the Reaverbot enemies, they just look so cool. Plus they made chiptunes versions of some of the music from Legends, and it sounded awesome!

It makes me so happy that there are fans dedicated enough to make something like this. And they were able to display so much knowledge and appreciation of the series, so that other fans of the series would be sure to enjoy themselves. I really hope the other teams working on MML3 fan games end up finishing their projects as well. I'm still looking forward to the Unity version that one team is working on, that one looks very promising! At this point, we probably won't ever see an official Mega Man Legends 3 game, which is a shame, as it was something I'd always hoped would exist ever since I played the first two games. But at the very least, there are fans out there who are dedicated to seeing the series live on. Fan-made games are better than no games at all, in my opinion :)

* - RushJet1 taught his nieces how to play Super Mario Bros. on the NES! Watching someone learn to play video games for the first time is a really neat experience.

* - Paul McCartney may have graced Destiny with his music, but TitusGroan offers some better suggestions of pop songs that could be used in video games.

* - It's the third round of El Dango's Boss Fight Appreciation Zone series! Go share your favorite boss moments!

M - Gray Times' favorite game is Star Fox 64! A fine choice.

M - ponderingsloth's favorite game is his childhood favorite, Phantasy Star!

P - TheDustinThomas shares his podcast, where he talks about video games, food, and one-of-a-kind grocery stores with his friends!

P - Number8Axel also has some podcasts for you, if you're into that sort of thing.

P - PStoid episode 7! So many podcasts you guys!

E - Dtoid New England is hosting a NARP at Funspot! You know you wanna go!

F - Friday Night Fights on Xbox + Destiny!

$ - September 12th UK releases and bargains!

V - More videos from this UnPro guy. My question is, what exactly is an UnPro?

? - Didn't read this because of the title. I'm the patient type who doesn't need to seek out spoilers. I'll see all this stuff when I play it.

No fails today! Huzzah!

- bbain


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