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Cblogs of 3-1-2015 + Mr. Spock-isms!
8:26 PM on 03.02.2015
Cblogs of 2/28/15 - LoL at Steven Universe
12:05 PM on 03.01.2015
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1:05 AM on 03.01.2015

For those of you that have yet to hear the news, a nerd culture legend has passed away. While I'm not going to sit here and pretend like I know a lot of about Leonard Nimoy's career, I know that his work was beloved by millions of people throughout several generations. I never saw Star Wars, so I never got to see him in his legendary role as Chewbacca (calm down, nerds, I'm joking). In all seriousness, though, I really never have watched Star Trek, but I loved Leonard Nimoy for his cameo appearances in two of the best episodes of The Simpsons: “Marge vs. the Monorail” and “The Springfield Files,” which is an X-Files spoof.

I checked it out from work and no longer have it in my possession, but I'm sure I'll play it more thoroughly when it gets cheap, but Dying Light didn't wow me the way I was hoping it would.

Anyway, since I won't be here next week, enjoy this picture of my beard wearing a tux and holding a pocketwatch.

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5:42 AM on 02.28.2015
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7:15 PM on 02.27.2015
Cblogs of 02/26/15 + Aye Sir!-isms
10:11 AM on 02.27.2015

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The news about Leonard Nimoy passing away wasn't something that met me with great sadness. When he announced that he was retiring from voice work a while back with Kingdom Hearts: Birth By Sleep, I was cool with that. He had given us so much over the years - what more could I have possibly expected from the guy?

He helped define a genre for TV, shaped things I would watch, games I would one day play, he helped make conventions where adults play dress-up and do nerdy shit cool, he directed movies, wrote books, lent his voice to tons of stuff - in fact, he was a leader in the grand tradition of Star Trek actors going into voice work.

When I played Dragon Age: Origins and met Flemeth, I knew that was Kate Mulgrew. I knew right away Marcus in Fallout New Vegas was Michael Dorn and Mr. House was Rene Auberjonois. These people, like Nimoy, have played characters so iconic and nuanced that you just feel like you know them, so how could I not know Nimoy was Master Xehanort in Kingdom Hearts?

I'm not even someone that gets starstruck. Usually, if I see someone famous my instinct is to just leave them be. We're all just people, after all, and they're far more busy than me. If I came across a Trek actor, though, I'd probably lose my shit and fall all over myself to get an autograph. Hell, I feel like I owe some of these people money just for getting to follow them on Twitter. 

I think much of it comes from the fact that so many of them grew to embrace their part of a phenomenon, which is what makes Nimoy's book I Am Spock such a fascinating read. For a while, he very much struggled with being mostly known as Spock. In fact, he also once wrote a book called I Am Not Spock when he was still struggling it. I Am Spock shows you how he matured, accepted his impact and there are some really great stories in there about his days recording the show at Desilu - especially the pranks Shatner pulled. 

I don't know if I Am Spock is in print anymore, perhaps it's available digitally, but if not, I would definately suggest going to a library to check it out.

I also found out recently that he went to bat for Nichelle Nicols to ensure Desilu paid her fairly. Starting out, she was being paid less than other supporting cast members such as Geroge Takei. Nimoy was a pretty reserved and distant fellow at the time, too, so for him to go out of his way to set that right showed his dedication to equality and his passion for the messages Star Trek sent. 

There's a lot we wouldn't have today in gaming and technology today without characters like Nimoy's and worlds like Gene Rodenberry's to inspire it. Games like Mass Effect and Infinite Space owe a great deal to Star Trek.

It's kind of puzzling that we have games that can do part of Star Trek right, but we've never had one that fully got it right. Mass Effect gets the deep characterization, moral dilemmas and gunfights mostly right; Infinite Space also does good character interaction but does the space battles really well. Make a game with all that in there, maybe throw in some FTL and we might finally have a proper Star Trek video game. . 

The Star Trek MMO was pretty decent about nailing many of the aspects of Trek, but I was always hoping for a full crew of players managing each ship, filling the various roles you saw on TV, such as Chief Engineer, Doctor, Science Officer, Pilot or manning Tactical.

Captain, too, its just not the only thing that should be important. Then again, the multiplayer community being what it is perhaps my vision of it would just constantly lead to mutiny and you'd have to set the game in the Mirror Universe where that's a regular, normal thing. Plus I doubt I could expect anyone to maintain the level of technobabble required to stay in character when Dwarves on RP servers in WoW are all "Dude, where's Ironforge? LOL."

Maybe a more Mass Effect-like game would just have the roles at Captain, Doctor and Science Officer - the classic trinity of Star Trek roles - and leave it at that. I could live with that, I guess. 

I would be Vulcan doctor with a cordial bedside manner. Doctors have the power to cancel the captain out and force them to step down if they feel their health is compromised. I would never abuse such power. My reasons for dethroning the captain would always be logical. 

I'd have a pixie cut like T'Pol and tell humans they smell. I'd also permanently deactivate that narcissistic Emergency Medical Hologram.

Any any rate, Leonard Nimoy had a tremendous hand in helping inspire the imaginations of generations of writers, actors, creators and gamers. He will be missed, but not forgotten. 

May he live long and prosper in our hearts. 

*- Emuishere is a bit late to the "love" musings, but many enjoyed the celebration of The Legend of Dragoon all the same.

*- TheGwailo inroduces himself and shows us how games can help a classroom.

*- 9 out of 10 Pailico Doctors agree you should immunize your little monsters against the Frenzy virus.

*- JohnMasterLee shares a clip from Xcar.

P- A recap of February podcasts within a recap! Recapception!

A- Seymour rambles for a bit.

C- More caption fun with Luckrequired.

T- Troy shares some more Amiibo ideas.

R- Terry reviews Eternal Sonata

T- Titannel talks up video game noir.

C- The return of Invader Zim.

A- Hoff shares some February fanart with us!

C- Honestly, I think competitive DoA players want to be taken seriously and DoA is getting in the way of that.

No fails.


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Yay, I actually did some actual gaming for once! For the strangest reason, I've feel compelled to play League of Legends, which is a MOBA that many are aware of but mostly avoid, and with good reason: it's a heavy team-based game witha toxic community, and that can make the game really unenjoyable. However, to me, the mechanics of the game is still pretty sound, and that's really the main reason why I continue to play it: it can be so addictive to kill minions, engage in team fights, and make awesome plays, that it's well worth trying out if you play it like you're trying to win because on the surface, it's rather simplistic... but well within is a deeply nuanced game that ultimately rewards skill, timing, micro-managing, and outplaying your opponents. It's been a long time since I last booted it up, so after an update, I got to play as my favorite champions again, but new mechanics changed one of my favorite positions to play: the Jungler.

For context, let me briefly explain (I've always wanted to write a "primer" for how to "start" League of Legends but I doubt many of you would be interested) what a "Jungler" is. See, this game uses a 5 man team, and each one has a specific role not unlike Evolve: a Top-Laner who takes the top lane (as a melee), a Mid-Laner who takes the middle (mostly mages), and two characters both run the bottom lane (Support and ADC, which is fancy talk for "Attack Damage Carry", which is fancy talk for the "damage dealer"). The fifth character, the Jungler, is the wild card of the group: they take the space between the lanes, and instead of killing weak little minions for EXP and gold, the Junglers must fight bigger, stronger monsters and earn their level-ups there. However, with the updates, Jungling is even more difficult than it used to be: the monsters hit harder and it feels like you can die way too easily to even a seemingly easy-to-kill target. This is a bit of a pickle because in the early stages of the game, everyone is trying to amass as much EXP and gold as they can, and since Junglers are practically solely dependent on clearing monster camps, if they have a harder time killing at low levels, then they'll be slower in matching their levels with everyone.

However, other than that, the game is still as fun and addicting as ever, which is good since matches can last for upwards of 40 minutes, and MORE.

Just one match in League actually lasted longer than my time spent back in Demon's Souls though: listen, I love From Software's Souls series, and former Recapper but well-deserving contributor Ben Davis's article on Demon's Souls made me pop it in to play it again, but after about 30 minutes, I just gave up. Yeah, I know it's not supposed to be easy, but the game is simply too unforgiven to me: that damn armored spider boss (yeah, THAT early in the game) is too rough; if I'm not dying from his web shot/ fireball combo, I'm dying to his fricking AOE fire blast. And I know there's other areas to explore, but I tried them all and can't beat any of them: it's like Angry Video Game Nerd and his time with Silver Surfer on NES.

And that's sad because I really love the game: the atmosphere is perfect, the game feels so much more smoother than Dark Souls (I'm absolutely addicted to parrying and riposte/ backstabbing here), the dedicated servers meant that they could do some interesting ideas (like world tendacies), and there's so much more cool stuff according to Ben Davis that I'll never see. The problem with hard games is that you need skill in order to progress, and I'm a self-admitted sucky gamer: I love easy games (at the very least, an easy difficulty that is actually EASY) because I can worry more about the other things of the game like exploring locales, meeting new characters, fighting awesome looking bosses. That's not to say I WANT Souls games to be easy (beating Dark Souls II was no accomplishment to me), but I missed out on 90% of Demon's Souls.

THAT BEING SAID, I really, really, REALLY need to play htoL#NiQ: The Firefly Diary, and I won't lie, I'm literally staring at a purchase screen (at the time of this writing, which is 3 in the morning... which is horrible considering how affected my judgement is) in order to buy the limited edition and I don't even have a PS Vita or a PS TV. That means I can't play it until then (I always wanted to get one or the other to play titles like Freedom Wars after all of Pixielated blogs on it, as well as Danganronpa and Persona 4: Golden) but I am absolutely enamored with that title anyway: the graphics, whether it's the anime-styled 2D drawings or the pixel art for the flashback scenes, looks absolutely amazing, and every review I've read praises the story, which is a big deal to me. Sure, the game is difficult, but I think I might actually be willing to steel myself for it: I feel determined to face whatever this game wants to throw at me if it means seeing a story worth seeing, all for that little girl. I'm absolutely in love with her character design, and I don't care how weird that makes me sound: if I had a daughter as cute looking as her, I would become something like The Governor if it means protecting her.

But, like, the TV show's version of the character, not The Walking Dead comics. That dude's a dick, and not in the fun way we call each other.

Also, speaking of difficult games, Bloodborne is coming out soon, and I'm very tempted to spend money I really shouldn't be spending to get a PS4. As in, I have money for it, but without a job or steady income, I don't want to drop that huge amount with no way of getting it back. I mean, I've consider it because I plan to get one eventually when Final Fantasy XV and... some other title I really, really want but can't recall (Metal Gear Solid V? Silent Hills?) and I doubt there'll be a price drop soon. Plus, Best Buy's promotion for the free PS TV means I'll essentially have TWO new gaming platforms... but again, I'm very stingy with my savings.

It's pretty damn apparent that I love The Amazing World of Gumball: I've seen it for years and I still watch reruns to this day, I wrote multiple blogs on it, and Nicole Watterson has not only been my crush, but also my motivation to attempt drawing after years of neglect. However, one show on Cartoon Network I wasn't interested in was recently brought to my attention: someone in Destructoid (I don't remember who, sorry) told me to watch Steven Universe, and I decided to honor his recommendation. At first, I was skeptical because, from the commericals I've seen, it seems like a pretty stupid show. However, all it took was a couple of pretty good episodes ("Winter Forecast" and "On the Run" were two stand-outs) to pique my curiosity, and another extremely well-done episode ("An Indirect Kiss", which was amazingly dramatic for a kid's show) to make me a fan! Although it was recommended that I watch the episodes in order due to its narrative (kind of like How I Met Your Mother in terms of recurring jokes), I gotta say that I'm pretty addicted to the show, and I really try to watch it whenever it's on TV: it mixes drama and humor is a pretty great way, and when the drama hits, it does it without being overwrought yet still poigant.

One thing I dislike about these two shows on Cartoon Network is how they handled the home media: rather than actual Season sets like Regular Show and Adventure Time, both The Amazing World of Gumball and Steven Universe only got "volumes" of randomly-ordered episodes, and it's a damn shame to not have a proper release. Here's hoping it changes.

* - Nothing says "influential" like a rivalry! StriderHoang's version of the "Top 9 Dtoiders" blog is a list of people that he considers to be his rivals!

* - You know those videos that appears at the very beginning of a game when you boot it up? Well, SeymourDuncan17 wants to "see more" of those, and lists 10 videogame pre-rolls that he would watch over and over again!

A - Nerd culture celebrity Leonard Nimoy recently passed away, but that's not the only thing making SpielerDad distraught: Microsoft is attempting to profit from his passing by giving people a chance to buy his movies.

C - After Leonard Nimoy's passing at 83, GigaMach starts contemplating about his middle age, and looks back at his early experiences with videogames, how thankful he is for what he has, and the future of games he can't wait to see.

T - A Dragonball fan, Hammer Brah recently got his hands on Dragonball Xenoverse and gives us the good, the okay, and the bad aspects of it. Is the Xenoverse excellent, or merely just a drag?

T - The Drunken Crow dubs the Nintendo 3DS eShop game Ironfall: Invasion as a "Gears of War game on the go" that looks like a "Nintendo 64 game running at 60 FPS". Should you download it, or does the iron fall too short?

T - Nanashi doesn't necessarily hate free-to-play titles, and he's willing to give the benefit of the doubt to a spin-off of a beloved series, but he has nothing good to say about Fat Princess: Piece of Cake. The Princess is hungry for something, but it isn't for cake. Also cocks.

T - El Dango decides to write about his Secret Santa gifts from Cannibal Steven, and the one he chose to play was Legacy of Kain: Defiance. Does the legacy live up to its name, or does it cause outright defiance?

R - In response to March being the release month for From Software's newest title Bloodborne, n0Signal revised and re-releases not one, not two, but all three of his reviews for the Souls series. Does From Software deliver, or should you return to sender?


- Dreamweaver


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Yo Dtoid and welcome back to “Podgasms” two months strong! For those that missed post #1, this is a complement to the new Monthly recaps but with podcasts. The best of the month out of the community that is applied directly to the ears. It really helps the various talented podcasters that Dtoid has to offer.

Since we last brought you a months worth of Destructoid community podcasts, another whole month has gone by. February. Bleh, puts a bad taste in my mouth. But my ears, friends, have been greatly pleased. January was actually a really hard month to follow, we had 10 new episodes from 7 unique podcasts released. Well February came really close, just short of two we basically had a month equal in fortitude. Really makes me proud to be putting in the work to recap these. Without further ado, here they are!

As a disclaimer I’ve only included podcasts that have put up cblogs for their episodes, and for the future, please use the “podcast” tag with your blog to make sure I don’t miss it!

All recaps listed according to Alphabetical order:

P - Cblog Fapcast #19: High as a robot with Lemon Buster

For this episode of the Fapcast, Mike and Strider have on Hyper Lemon Buster Cannon and he might turn out to be a pretty cool guy if you haven’t heard him before!

Also this month: The Fapcast posted its 20th episode: I can’t believe it’s not pisstoid with Nanashi!

P - Error Machine Podcast #43: Origins of the Dirty Diaper

The EM crew, down a man, cover Resident Evil Revelations, Batman Arkham Knight, Ocarina of Time 3D, Dying Light and more!

Also this month: The Error Machine Podcast posted its 42nd episode: Johnny Quest’s Jewish Cousin

P - Ménage à Toid #3: I’m just a wimmen in gaming

Join 7 dtoiders in their journey watching the Law and Order GamerGate episode. Oh god, how I wish I was there.

P - PStoid #18: Hamburger Hipster

The PStoid crew goes pretty deep into current events gaming wise with this latest episode, not really par for the course for them.

Also this month: PStoid posted its 17th episode: Disconnected Robot Chicken

P - Scary Granules #27: Peter Molyneux’s pants are on fire

Among other things, this episode of SG goes into depth on Peter Molyneux, his lies and his games. Also Evolve and Scary stuff!


That's everything from February, look forward to one of these each month. Please Please Please, check out the podcasts that interest you and show them support so that the great people that put them out for you can keep up their labor of love.  

Thanks for reading and leave any feedback for this project in the comments!


For those of you that have yet to hear the news, a nerd culture legend has passed away. While I'm not going to sit here and pretend like I know a lot of about Leonard Nimoy's career, I know that his work was beloved by millions of people throughout several generations. I never saw Star Wars, so I never got to see him in his legendary role as Chewbacca (calm down, nerds, I'm joking). In all seriousness, though, I really never have watched Star Trek, but I loved Leonard Nimoy for his cameo appearances in two of the best episodes of The Simpsons: “Marge vs. the Monorail” and “The Springfield Files,” which is an X-Files spoof.

Rest in peace, Spock.

Hopefully you guys get your fix of me and my beard—er, my beard and I—this week, because next week I won't be able to bring you the Friday recaps, as my wife and I will be taking our annual vacation to Pax East.

We choose to drive every year as a cost saving measure, and I know the snow has been stupid up there recently, so there's a good chance that our normally 13 hour drive turns into a much lengthier endeavor. Nevertheless, it won't be enough to stop the Thomas clan. You kids be good while I'm gone. No gambling or devil-worship. K? Speaking of Pax East, if you're going to be there, let me know, we'll meet up and I'll let buy me a Red Bull and touch my beard.

Just touch the tip.

A lot of you probably know that I work at the Mothership, GameStop. It's not the best gig, but it does have its perks, and something awesome happened yesterday. My store is the busiest in our district, and we received the last of our district's stock of Playstation 2 games. The majority of them don't have cases and are just sitting unloved in those yellow sleeves, and for the most part you're not going to find anything amazing, but we're selling them 10 for $10, and I managed to find 10 pretty decent PS2 games.

I was hoping we'd have classics like Silent Hill 2 and 3, Ratchet & Clank, Gradius V, and some of the hard to find titles like Haunting Ground and Gitaroo Man. Well, we had a whole lot of Guitar Hero and Madden 08, but after I sifted through all the filler, I snagged copies of games like Oni, Psi-Ops, Summoner, and Rise of the Kasai. But out of all of them, the one I was most excited to find was God Hand.

I've heard for years how good God Hand is, and it's one of those games I've always meant to pick up, but if there's one thing I've learned from my time at the flea markets, it's patience. You can't beat God Hand for $1, even if it doesn't have a case. So I intend to play that in the near future.

But when it comes to things I actually did play this week, I finally got around to playing some Dying Light. I'm not going to sit here and lie to you guys, I only managed to get a few hours in, but based on those few hours, I enjoyed Dead Island a lot more. Dying Light looks a lot better and certainly plays a lot better, but a lot of the stuff I was doing just felt tedious.

Again, I'm still very early on, I just got past the prologue, enabling friends to join my game, which I already know would make the game more enjoyable. I'm also not a fan of the serious tone. Part of the reason I really liked Dead Island was because it felt like a dark comedy at times, sort of like Shaun of the Dead. I mean, how can you start the game with that song and expect me not to laugh?

I checked it out from work and no longer have it in my possession, but I'm sure I'll play it more thoroughly when it gets cheap, but Dying Light didn't wow me the way I was hoping it would.

Anyway, since I won't be here next week, enjoy this picture of my beard wearing a tux and holding a pocketwatch.

* - Using Weird Al as a musical aid to your Band of Bloggers post ensures it a Topsauce spot.

* - Mr. Andy Dixon gives a short but sweet goodbye to a pop culture icon.

* - Nostalgia speaks to every little piece of my heart, and Pedrovay reminiscing about his childhood made me happy in weird ways.

A - If you're like me and have no idea what the whole net neutrality thing is or does, Tarmack has your back, both in written and video form. Lots of good information here.

M - Riobux takes the Band of Bloggers theme for the month and twists it up a bit. I'd watch a Fallout television show (it'd probably be better than playing the games. OOOOOOOOOO!).

A - We all have a love-hate relationship with certain games, and Terry309 has five of them for your face! Also, you have to have goals, and my new goal is to make it onto the Cblog Legends list.

A - TheKodu puts our minds at ease and explains why the core videogame console is in no danger of dying. But video did kill the radio star, if that song is to be believed.

M - Fenriff's greatest enemies in Fallout: New Vegas weren't mutated people or crazy post-apocalyptic vermin. His greatest enemies were logic and gravity.


F - Play Smash Bros. with some Dtoiders on Friday Night Fights

F - What! You guys played Gears 3 Horde mode on the Xbox FNF? I need to get in on some of that.

F - A new challenger emerges in the form of and EU Friday Night Fights.

T - Cue that Pharrell song that I hate, because CrazEboy7 lives up to his name and talks to you about Happy-ness.

N - Charlietime breaks down the idea of the annual franchise. Also, shower that man in sluts and cash.

V - The UnPro Session of RE:Revelations 2 is worth your time.

R - I'm a Resident Evil fanboy, so I choose to believe that The Drunken Cow's poor first impressions of Revelations 2 are true even though I haven't played the game yet, because that's how fanboyism works.

T - An interesting idea from AvtrSpirit about how we critique and criticize games, and what we can do to change it.

V - As someone who recently got into video creation, do me a solid and watch the trailer that CaffeineFree made for Dying Light and let him know what you thought.

C - Enjoy this picture of things you can't buy.



Do something good for someone else today!



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What up, you beautiful bastards?

This week Scriptisms comes a little later than usual. Once again. But do not fret. I haven’t grow tired of you. I am just going through a phase in my life where I’m trying to find my footing. I’ve realized I have wasted too much time of my life idling around, waiting for things to get better, when I could have been preparing myself to take advantage of the opportunities that are now appearing. Thank God for parents – they know all this stuff and they usually try to make you understand how important it is. And yet all you do is lock yourself in your room and listen to Linkin Park all day.



Though this current state of affairs has left me a little overwhelmed and confused, making writing blogs harder than usual (this is actually my third shot at writing this isms), it’s also kind of an excuse. I was busy before as I had to study for a bunch of tests, but now I am temporarily free from that obligation. I have plenty of free time now. This blog is coming late because I am disorganized and still trying to sort out my routine. You might have noticed my last isms was a little bit short. It happens to the best of us sometimes. I can guarantee you one thing though – even if it comes late, I will still do the recap (unless I really can’t), and I will always read your blogs in its entirety to give it a fair assessment. So keep ‘em coming.

What’s the topic this week? There’s lots of stuff I could talk about, some of them I will save for future blogs and some are not worth mentioning at the moment. No silly love story today. Let’s talk about Game of Thrones instead.

Warning: Starting here, there will be unmarked spoilers for the Game of Thrones series. Tread with caution.

Yes, that popular TV series that is loved by many and shunned by more. You probably already know it is getting a fifth season soon. Fans are curious to see it as the show has been deviating more from the books with each season. I’m excited as well as it marks a turning point for two of my favorite characters: Tyrion and Arya.

Tyrion is out of King’s Landing for good as murdering his father only helped cement his image as a public enemy. He’s more hated than ever by his peers, but he also found new allies, mainly Spider and his brother James. It will be interesting to see what he will do know that he has lost all the privileges and comfort his family name brought him before. Tyrion is one of the few characters with a brain and a good heart in Game of Thrones, but his recent experience of murdering his own father and traitorous wife probably didn’t come without consequences for his psychological well-being. I don’t think he will turn “evil” and start killing people or something, but he clearly doesn’t hold a lot of love for the population of King’s Landing anymore. This series being how it is, he might do some questionable things. In fact, murdering his father is already questionable enough, despite everything Tywin did to him. At the end of the day, Tyrion probably will continue being the closest thing we have to a hero character.

Arya is tired of being dragged around by people bigger than her since Season 1 and she is finally going to Bravos to learn how to kick ass and chew bubble gum dispense some sweet justice. Or should I say dispense some vengeance? Is there a difference? Arya is one of the characters you can really connect with because of all the shit she has gone through. You feel for her and root for her victory. But she is walking a fine line between “good” and “evil”, “sane” and “insane”. Her motivations are clear, but if she goes too far she might become a ruthless, psychopathic killer. Jaqen, the assassin she met in the second season, is a pretty ambiguous character (if I were a bigger nerd I would say he is Neutral Chaos. Or Neutal Neutral? Or Chaos Neutral… ack, I don’t know this stuff!), and he will clearly be an influence to Arya. So it will be interesting to see how she will develop and if her inherent good character will prevalence.

At the end of Season 4, The Hound plead her to kill him. He was on the verge of death, and he knew Arya hated him for killing her friend in King’s Landing. Despite getting the chance to cross off a name on her list, Arya decided to not kill him and just leave him there, which made for an interesting situation. Why exactly did she not kill him? Did she want him to suffer by not giving him the satisfaction of quick death? Or did she grow a little attached to him because of their time together and just couldn’t bring herself to do it? Or maybe she simply decided to let fate choose his destiny, much like Beric did when he captured him, as there is a small chance he could survive? Perhaps Arya is not even sure of the reason herself. In real life, we are not always entirely sure of what motivates our decisions. This kind of open interpretation is what makes Arya a good character in my eyes, as it stops her from being one-dimensional.

One of my favorite scenes in the series is when The Hound and Arya arrive at The Eyrie. Clegane previously tried to bring Arya to her brother and mother in The Twins to claim a reward, but when they arrived there, the Red Wedding happened. With most of her family dead, her aunt Lysa was the only relative she had left, her only hope of finding a home (not that she cares much) and Clegane’s only hope of getting a reward for delivering her. Can you guess what happens when they arrive at The Eyrie? They find out that Lysa died just a few days prior. Their reaction to this news is what makes this scene special. The Hound has a dumbfounded look on his face, and Arya bursts into a crazy laughter! She’s laughing because of the delicious irony of the situation. After travelling hundreds of miles (which amounted for two entire seasons), Clegane is once again denied his reward as unexpected tragic events always seem to occur just as they arrive at their destinations! She’s also laughing because of her own misfortune, as every time she comes close to get reunited with her family members, they die. It’s a dark irony, and her laughter is very fitting for the situation. I know I have reacted the same way to similar (but not nearly as tragic) situations in my life. Sometimes when you are pushed too far, your emotional response isn’t to cry, but to laugh! I hope you never get to a state where you have that reaction though, because it is a sign you’re past your breaking point and stepping dangerously close to crazy land.

Speaking about that, I know some of you are not well at the moment, so I wish you the warmest of hugs and I sincerely hope things get better for you soon! Remember that, no matter what happens, life is worth living, if only to have a laugh at it.

Enjoy your weekends, everyone!

* - Panzadolphin56 gives a shout out to his Destructoid peeps! There’s just no way I’m not going to Topsauce this and other “9 Dtoiders I love” blogs. They all feel very genuine and are a joy to read. Even if you never appear in any of them. HINT HINT, PEOPLE. (I’m just joking!)

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W - Quick, think of a Dtoid member that loves Shin Megami Tensei games. If you thought Pixielated, then you will surely agree with me that she deserved this win. Congrats!

Don’t laugh too much at life though or you will become this guy. Sometimes you gotta be serious like The Batman, kids.

R - Lord Spencer brings up another great SNES review, this time for Super Punch Out!!.

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A - Today feels like a good day to look at fan art of videogame villains. You should check out Reinhold’s blog!

C - Another GamerGate related blog, this could be better because it lacks context for people out of the loop and it is biased towards one side. The author of this blog claims ‘SJWs’ are now threatening Rankowski, yet the BuzzFeed article that was linked states Rankowski has actually been receiving threats from forums like 4chan, and that he has a new appreciation for the women that have been targets of threats. It makes me wonder if the author of this blog even bothered reading the article he linked.

You know what I think? The whole GamerGate/SJW thing has become waaay too much of a clusterfuck to be taken seriously, even if there was a shred of honest purpose behind it. Why do people still associate themselves with GamerGate? Why not start a new movement that has a clear positioning and mission instead of desperately trying to fix the image of a disorganized hash tag movement?

This video gave me some good laughs. Maybe it will make you laugh, too.




This week, let’s change things up a little bit. The previous two weeks I just went ‘oh hey guys I did some Bayonetta and IRL things’ and called it a day. What’s worse, there’s not a lot to say about this week either, because once again I didn’t have too much time to play video games. I’m expecting to get a new WiiU game in the mail today though, so look forward to my –isms on that next week. One of you already knows what it is, the rest must live in suspense.

But you know what I haven’t talked about in a while? Anime. I remember that throughout 2013 and 2014 I used to talk about anime I’d been watching every once in a while, but I feel like I haven’t done that in ages. And that’s not for lack of material either! During my semester in DC I watched things like Soul Eater, Future Diary, From the New World, a little bit of Monster and a bunch of other things. In addition, over the past weeks back in Holland I watched Neon Genesis Evangelion and although it’s not technically anime I gave The Legend of Korra another shot after I abandoned it the first time I tried.

None of those I’m going to talk about right now. Although you should seriously consider giving From the New World a look. You heard me, Strider. Do it.

Instead, I’m going to talk about one of my new favorites. If you’ve been paying attention to my comments you might have seen me referencing this one a couple of times lately.

Fairy Tail.

- Aye sir!

This is a famous one and the premise is pretty clichéd, but it still managed to get me mad hooked. Basically, the story works like X-men, One Piece and all that other good stuff. All the main characters are Wizards, but in the world of Fairy Tail each wizard only gets one particular type of magic. At the end of the day we’re pretty much dealing with mutant powers here, though with less homosexuality parallels.

For the main cast, powers include:
Natsu, the main character who learned fire magic from his dragon adoptive father.
Gray, who has “Ice Make” magic, meaning that he can spawn any kind of object from ice.
Lucy, who is a summoner. Her spirits are pretty weird though and they definitely have a will of their own, so she needs to get creative every once in a while.
Erza, who does ‘requiping’, which lets her change her weapons and armor on the fly. That may not sound like much, but she’s OP as fuck.

Beyond the main four, there are a TON of sidecharacters, who also have their own abilities. Shape shifting, super speed, waterbending, gravity manipulation, metal magic taught by the Metal Dragon, lightning, rune casting, straight-up explosions, the list just goes on and on!

And then there’s Cana, who is Cana.

I’m pretty far into the anime by now (which is huge, fair warning) and I’m really digging it. The sheer number of different kinds of magic on display is quite amazing, and the show goes out of its way to give even the sidecharacters their chance to shine. It’s not uncommon for a sidecharacter to become a main either, and many villains turn out to be not so bad after all. At the end of the day you’ve got a great many powers colliding in spectacular ways, and it gets more and more spectacular as the show goes on.

Another thing that I really like about this show is that it takes ‘the power of friendship nakama’ and runs with it. Stop me if this sounds familiar: main character is a happy goodhearted idiot with a superpower that’s decent but not all that special in his universe, but when you hurt this guy’s friends he goes completely serious and lays the smack down on whoever’s responsible no matter how out of his league they may be. Bonus points if the bad guy tossed him around just minutes earlier so that he can barely stand anymore, but he’s so determined to protect his friends that he continues fighting anyway (and wins).

Did I just describe One Piece or Fairy Tail? Who’s to say? You can call it clichéd if you want, but I’ve always been really partial to this kind of thing. I loooooove that moment where the main character is lying there defeated, the bad guy is just feeding him the good stuff about how all his friends are about to die, and the main character stands up with the most pissed-off look ever on his face. “Oooooh boy, someone is about to get their ass kicked!”

- Prepare your anus.

The great thing about Fairy Tail is that it’s not just Natsu who pulls this. All of the main characters and a whole bunch of sidecharacters also get in on the action. Erza is particularly susceptible to this, and she’s already a god among men to start with. The show does these moments incredibly well too, possibly better even than One Piece. It doesn’t feel like a cop-out but is just sheer cool.

So yeah, gotta love this shit. My favorite characters so far are probably Erza and sidecharacters Mystogan and Makarov for pure asskicking power. I’m also a big fan of Gajeel, who seems stoic and uninterested but has a much bigger heart than you’d give him credit for. He also has metal magic, which is wicked cool. The dude turns his arms into chainsaws for fuck’s sake, it’s great.

And then there’s Cana, obviously. Because she’s Cana.

The final thing I have to say about this show is that this is one of the few anime I’ve ever watched where the music is one of the stand-outs for me. You guys know how much I like game soundtracks, but movies and series usually don’t do a lot for me. This one though? It’s great! This is only the second anime ever which got me to look for its OST, and that’s quite the achievement. For the record, the first one was Attack on Titan, so you know those are big shoes to fill. There’s some really inspirational stuff in here, and that recurring theme really gets me ‘all fired up’ as Natsu would say.

Long story short, Fairy Tail is a great show and if you’re anything like me you should give it a shot.

Oh, and did I mention Cana? Because, well, Cana.

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A - I considered failing DustinThomas for including Prince of Persia 2008 in his list of best endings while leaving Portal 2 out, but since this was a fun read I'm giving it a pass. I'm watching you though, don't make the same mistake twice!

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F - PS FNF and Workin' in a coal mine, goin' down, down, down; Workin' in a coal mine, whoops, about to slip down.

T - That spoony Bardley lists some games that are not in development, but should be. I'd be all over Fire Emblem: Mars.

A - I'm doing these caps at work so I can't read Dreamweaver's no doubt MASSIVELY NSFW blog on Gumball porn. Knowing him though, it's bound to be...inspirational. In that it inspires furious fapping. 

C - Being poor has few upsides, but one of them is that the hunt for cheap games gave Charliaison World in Conflict.

- ShadeOfLight
May you always find water and shade