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Cblogs of 12/20/14 - Sick in Both Senses of the Word
10:03 AM on 12.21.2014
Cblogs of 12/19/14 + Theisms: Cookies and Die Hard Edition
5:31 AM on 12.20.2014
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3:11 AM on 12.19.2014
Cblogs of 12/16/2014 + Harry Potter and The Hobbit spoilers
7:29 AM on 12.18.2014
Cblogs of 12-14-2014 + Superheroine-isms!
8:14 PM on 12.15.2014

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I just had sex with an old woman to help the Inquistion.

Okay, let me explain the context.

In Dragon Age: Inquistion, there's a side-quest that requires you to gain the help of a noble. However, the woman doesn't initially want to help you because she doesn't like the favor of what you're asking her to do. So, she asks you what can you offer her, and I said the help of the Inquistion. She says she's going to need more than a vague promise, and that she's too old for me to attempt to charm her. Naturally, as a BioWare game, there's an option to flirt with her, and as the goofy guy that I am (role-playing or otherwise), I decide to do so. I meant to say it as a joke, and there's actually an option to say that it was... but I wanted to see what would happen if I persist.

Well, guess where that curiosity got me? Yep, her bedroom.

Now, you don't get to see what she looks like (nobles in that game wear these ceramic-looking masks), but judging by her voice and dialogue, it hints that she's old, and she even asks for pillows during the (thankfully?) off-camera romance scene. Knowing what happened, I reloaded as soon as possible, since I save like every 5 minutes or so... but I found the turn of events so amusing, and so strangely arousing, that I decided to keep it and share the story with you. Consider it a spoiler, or a PSA, in case you're like me and you're curious as to how far you'll take a joke. Honestly? Worth it.

I wish I could say I did much gaming this week, but I didn't. I wish I could say that I did a lot of blogging, but as you can see, I didn't. Now, to be fair, I did write a three-part fanfiction regarding the Ice Climbers characters, but it took me much longer than I thought. I plan to post it soon, but the thing is, do I really wanna post it during Christmas week, considering no one will be around to read it? I worked pretty hard on it, so I'd hate to see it ignored. Either way, I also didn't write any of the other blogs I had in mind despite being out of school and unemployed. So, what happened? I guess I got a little sick: I didn't notice it earlier in the week, but I had those moments where you felt so cold that you'd hide under the covers in bed, but then end up staying there for rest the night because you feel warm and the cold is too intense. At first, I just written it off as being lazy, maybe depressed (let's not go into that) because I felt fine in the mornings... but I did it again for a couple of days afterwards, and I didn't understand how bad it was until I felt too weak to get water for my throat, which was so dry that I couldn't speak.

I've gotten better though, and actually spent three hours yesterday midnight typing up a "Top 10 Games of 2014" blog to post later today (it still isn't done)!

I also got a chance to play a couple of Gears of War 3 multiplayer matches with (not against) The Scholarly Gamer though! We chainsawed some cocky Gnasher users and Scholarly totally won this chainsaw duel! I also went a couple of rounds of Tekken Tag Tournament 2 against Sonic429's Raven and Sebastion with my King and Kunimitsu. I tell ya, he may have lost some rounds, but rarely the match!

So what else did I do during my downtime? I decided to watch a couple of movies that I probably would've have watched otherwise, so I'll share with you what I thought of them. First up was Night at the Museum 2: Battle of the Smithsonian, which I thought would hopefully be good, considering how much I liked the first movie, but it wasn't as great. It feels too much like a spin-off, considering how little it has to do with the original movie and cast, and I was disappointed to see how characters like Teddy Roosevelt (R.I.P. Robin Williams) get only brief, cameo-like appearances when he was a central character in the first. The film is fine on its own, but it feels like it was so far removed from the original that it might as well have been its own separate movie. Don't get me wrong though, there were some great and funny moments throughout the adventure as well as a goofy villain, but I was slightly disappointed overall. I saw some of the commericals for the third movie, and they don't look good (which is a fail for a trailer), but if it's the end of the trilogy, I might catch it if I have a chance. After all, Madagascar 3 was my favorite of the trio.

The second movie I saw was Hotel Transylvania, which was something of a surprising treat! While the plot is pretty non-existent, there's a good amount of weird hijinks that ensue, and the exagerrated animations of the characters are so goofy and great! The voice cast is relatively nice to hear, even though a few get a good amount of screen time, but with so many characters, it's to be expected. The movie has some pretty artistic direction though, with some imaginative scenary and decent camera angles! It's not exactly holiday appropriate though, which makes its TV airing a little awkward. Why not show The Nightmare Before Christmas instead? I never got a chance to see it. Anyway, I can't wait until next week to watch some of my favorite Christmas movies and specials! I got some of them recorded on my DVR so, if things go well, I'll be watching them!

Happy Holidays, folks! Sorry this recap isn't Christmas-themed: I had plans to write about my favorite Christmas specials like "Girl Meets World" and the Powerpuff Girls episode, but we'll see what happens over the next couple of days.

* - Ready for round two after playing Kim Kardashian's Hollywood, SpielerDad plays another celebrity mobile game called Lindsay Lohan's The Price of Fame so you don't have to! Don't let his sacrifice be in vain; the price is apparently too damn high!

* - Pixielated wants to follow in Margaret's footsteps and have her own Compendium of Sub-Personas provided by the Destructoid community! She provides step-by-step instructions on how you can share your creations and hopes that you'll treat her Personas well!

* - Think Princess Peach is the best Princess to come out of a Nintendo game? Well, The Emolga Editorial is about to tell you about the tragic story of Fire Emblem: Awakening's Lucina, and why she deserves to have a place in your heart!

T - Laura Kate Dale played the recent Pokemon: Omega Ruby/ Alpha Sapphire and has some thoughts to share about the Eon Flute, which allows one less burden to the "HM Slave" by tying the move Fly to an item. Could this be the start of a revolutionary new mechanic in the series?

T - The GentleGamer has so much to say about the most loved Final Fantasy VI that he gives us part one of his blog series dedicated to it! In this version, he talks about what makes this entry unique from other JRPGs, from its Esper system to its interesting cast of characters and music!

T - Chist recently purchased Dragon Age: Inquisition for the Playstation 3, and he makes it through the prologue relatively unscathed. Are you thinking about getting it but don't have a shiny current generation console? Read here for his early impressions of the game!

T - Forgotten Bastion couldn't forget (dear Goddess, this is the third time I've used that line) one of his favorite boss bouts against King K Rool in the original Donkey Kong Country on the SNES, and decides to share his memories of the awesome music and the challenging, yet fair, fight!

C - What started off as a blog about TheKodu talking about a Greenlit oddity Seedscape eventually turns into a blog about GamersGate and how people are saying the game shouldn't be supported because of the lead artist's stance on the movement. Shame, because I would've loved to hear more about the title.

F - JaryZaidi here's to let you know that the Sony Playstation is now 20 years old and... not much else. Next time, try giving us some of your thoughts on this special occasion! Don't be remembered as the one who brought down changes to the blog policy!

- Dreamweaver


Photo Photo Photo

Oh man...I'm so excited, and I just can't hide it. Christmas is only five days away. FIVE. DAYS. AWAY! I may be a physically gigantic man, but the way I get around Christmas makes me seem like a elementary school child. I get almost giddy. It's such a magical time and I get so excited that I could vomit.

I say that both figuratively and literally, as there's always a plentiful bounty of food surrounding me on Christmas. I'm going to have to hit the gym pretty hard the day before and the day after (and the day of if possible) as a way to make sure this girlish figure stays bangin'. Seriously though, I eat a lot of junk food during Christmas. Christmas cookies are around every corner, and I can't resist. Cookies have always been my junk food of choice, and Christmas has always been my favorite holiday, so it's only fitting that the two go hand-in-hand.

Don't get me wrong, I love most junk foods. Cake, pie, brownies, fudge, ice cream, I love them all, but I'll always take a hot plate of cookies with a tall glass of ice cold milk over anything else. I don't discriminate, either, it doesn't matter to me if they're fresh and homemade or mass produced and out of a package (peanut butter Oreos FTW).

You know what other food I love around Christmas time? The 3-popcorn Christmas tins. I don't know what the deal is with those things, it's just three different types of popcorn: butter, cheese, and caramel, all in one big tin. It doesn't make sense why they only sell those around Christmas, because I would seriously buy one every week if they were available year round.

These things are basically the same as having sex.

Of course, I can't talk about Christmas without talking about Christmas movies. I've already talked about my favorite things to watch in my weekly top 5 this week, but I need to address something. I expected comments about how I neglected to include Die Hard on my list, and the easiest way to explain it is that I don't consider Die Hard to be a Christmas movie, nor does it resonate me around Christmas time.

Don't get it twisted, Die Hard is a standout action film in an era filled to the brim with stuff like The Terminator, First Blood, Total Recall, RoboCop, Bloodsport, Predator, and about ten more Arnold Schwarzenegger movies. Oftentimes I actually call Bruce Willis by the name of John McClain because he's so synonymous with the character.

But a Christmas movie, it is not. At least, not to me. My opinion is that just because a movie takes place around Christmas, that doesn't make it a Christmas movie. The fight between Rocky and Ivan Drago in Rocky IV takes place on Christmas day, but no one considers it a Christmas movie. Batman Returns takes place during the Christmas season, but no one considers it a Christmas movie. So why does Die Hard get the nod and not the other ones?

Avenging Apollo's death was Rocky's Christmas gift to us all.

That being said, I would like to conclude this by saying: Die Hard is friggin' awesome.

I haven't played anything recently that I haven't already written about in past recaps, but that should change next week, as there's undoubtedly some games under the tree for me. However, I did add to my NES collection. I cleaned out a giant tub full of random cords and controllers, along with some DVDs I had doubles of or had upgraded to the Blu Ray version, and came away with a few bucks in store credit at a local retro game shop.

I picked up Ghostbusters II, Renegade, and Captain Skyhawk (which I actually already had but didn't have marked on the list I keep on my phone). After taking careful inventory of my collection, the number now sits at 387. According to Wikipedia, there are 709 licensed NES games, which puts me a little over the halfway mark. That sounds pretty awesome, but it's gotten to the point that it's really hard for me to find games that I don't already have. When I do find something, it's sitting in the cases at overpriced retro game stores, and it can be a bit frustrating.

I don't intend on having a “complete” NES collection, mainly because if by some miracle I ever come across an NES Championships cartridge, that thing is going on eBay immdiately, because money. But what I am striving for is a complete collection of licensed/non-exclusive NES games. So stuff like The Flintstones: Surprise at Dinosaur Peak, which was a Blockbuster rental exclusive and not widely distributed, I'm not too worried about. I would love to find it, and if I did it would be a prize of my collection, but if I never come across it, I won't beat myself up about it.

I don't even care...sigh.

And that was your “Dustin's Collection” recap, now let's get to the Friday Destructoid Community Blog recap.

* - The Scholarly Gamer gives us a quick update on both his life and his backlog. I personally think he needs to change his name to “Your Best Bud” because his writing always sounds like he's your best friend. I just want to squeeze him. Is that weird? That's weird, isn't it?

* - They may not all be Christmas songs, but Nanashi is in the holiday spirit with a few songs that he loves to listen to during this, the most awesome time of year.

* - Our Cblog general, Occams, also gives us his favorite Christmas songs. Although I'm very disheartened by his lack of Mariah Carey's “All I Want For Christmas Is You.”

P - If you like podcasts, then I know a dude with a really sexy beard who hosts one. The latest episode is the conclusion of their PSone retrospective.

A - MsSuperMario wrote her first Cblog detailing GTA V: Remastered. Welcome to the club, your membership package is in the mail. It comes with a $10 gift card to Blockbuster and a copy of Ride to Hell: Retribution

I - The prodigal song has returned. Everyone welcome Blindfire back to the Dtoid community.

F - Why do we always have to fight (on the Xbox) on Christmas?

F - And no, fighting on the Playstation doesn't make it better. It's still Christmas.

T - Videogames have come a loooooooong way.

A - Enjoy some Tekken art, courtesy of Mr. Hoffman

? - FlanxLycanth is way too young to be on Destructoid, but not too young to visit a hot spring, apparently.

Either you guys are always awesome, or the terrible ones avoid writing on Fridays. That's three weeks in a row without a fail. Keep up the good work. You get a star.

Everyone have an awesome weekend!



Photo Photo Photo

Not a lot to talk about this week I'm afraid. It's been pretty uneventful. Last Tuesday at 7PM I finished my final exam here at George Washington U. It was a 24 take-home exam that I worked on for about 18. I slept for a while inbetween, sure, but otherwise it was almost non-stop typing away for 18 hours. I had almost 7500 words on paper by the end of it; it's not something I would wish on anyone.

But like I said, that was the last thing that I still had to do, and the days after I filled with what I like to call "doing exactly bugger-all". I played some games, including a great one gifted to me by my Secret Santa, I watched some movies, I took some naps...

And I said some goodbyes.
Now that the semester is over, people are steadily leaving DC for greener pastures. Some of them are just visting home for Christmas, others were exchange-students like me who are not coming back. I've already had to say goodbye to a Canadian friend, two Germans and one Italian. It's pretty rough sometimes, because with such a diverse international representation the chances of us ever seeing each other again aren't all that high. I mean, Holland to Germany is doable, but I can't say for sure whether I will ever be able to make it to Canada. So then goodbye might very well be goodbye. 

I actually have a very personal blog about this kind of stuff in the works, although I can't promise that I'll ever post it. It kind of depends on my mood going forward. So far I'm holding up pretty well, because I've only had to do a few goodbyes, most of which with Germans who are comparatively visitable. But it's going to be early January a couple of weeks from now, and that's going to be hard times. That's going to be the time when I'll have to say goodbye to some of my best friends here who aren't quite as visitable. The US, India and Canada are big places far away, after all.

On the one hand I look forward to going home. I look forward to seeing my family, my friends, and my cat. I look forward to being able to speak Dutch all day again and not having to worry about awkard accents. I look forward to eating frikandellen. I look forward to playing my WiiU; playing Hyrule Warriors, Bayonetta 2, Super Smash Bros WiiU, the Mario Kart 8 DLC, and possibly more!
On the other hand, I've met some amazing people here that I'd love nothing better than to take with me. Such is life, I suppose.

I'm ending on a downer again, I should stop doing that. You know what'll cheer me up? Video game music! With Christmas being so close upon us, let's make today's theme 'winter'. There's more of that than you'd think!

* - Who the fuck is Laura Kate Dale?

* - Alphadeus got a lot of help for the Dtoid community; good job folks! In fact, he wants to write thank-you music, which is a thing I wish more people did.

A - Triad Gamer looks at licensed video games and sees bright days ahead. Possibly.

P - We're getting double the podcasting goodness, so send in double the questions!

A - Ubisoft's 2014...wasn't great.

A - Lots of censorship going around these days...

T - AsHouses experencied deeper moral choices in Return to Castle Wolfenstein than I thought possible.

L - Solar Pony Django gives us his thoughts on a bunch of comics he picked up. Unfortunately I don't remember most of it because I went into unexplained fits and seizures right when he mentioned the words "Tails Doll".

V - Capcom is running dry of cool people, so where could they go next?

C - Le Smee appreciates that Ubisoft is not EA, which is about the kindest thing one can say.

- ShadeOLight
May you always find water and shade


Ho ho ho, the sweet release of death

The holidays are truly upon me now. In a week, I'll be up until at least 3:30AM closing Disney California Adventure, I'll be Christmas shopping, receiving gifts, driving everywhere, and generally be slow on sleep. Maybe every now and then I'll get to play some games, especially with everyone entering that GOTY kind of mood. But my problem is that a lot of the games I played this year were actually from 2013. I mean, Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance? It feels like it came out in late 2012 but it came out in February 2013? But it was so good, it deserves to be on another list in a new year! I sort of miss it even though I'd already beaten it on my 360. I wish I could play it on my Wii U...

It's awkward having a Wii U towards the end of 2014. There are so many games to catch up for 2014 and it'd be shame to not give so many great games their worthwhile time when I'm catching up so suddenly so late. Bayonetta 2, Mario Kart 8, Hyrule Warriors, and more. But that's the fate of someone who jumps on late I guess. I mean, speaking of jumping on late, I'm amazed there's any room for complaints on the Wii U considering how strong its lineup is. I mean sure, you ain't getting third-party support or diversity in developers, but when you've played one Assassin's Creed, you've played them all, right?

So we have holidays eating my time and late game playing chewing away too. You know what we can really use to strike a mortal blow on my free time while I'm down?


Goddamn amiibo has slowly consumed my life. I"m not even dedicated all that much in collecting and I think the Smash designs are ok. What I really want are real Nintendo portraits as amiibo like Mario Kart, an Arwing, or Captain Toad running in place. Right now we just have the character portraits from Smash in statue form. I mean, Samus is one boring pose. And yet why am I always taking an extra 10 minutes making a stop off GameStop to check their amiibo stock? Or making detours to Target to check their amiibo stock? Or casually setting foot in Best Buy to futilely check their amiibo? Only for each and every one of these moments has ended in disappointment accept for one: when I managed to get a Zelda from one of the last five Zeldas from the wave 2 distribution, with nary a Mac in sight. Just remember that I fucking called it: Little Mac was going out the door first. I was already planning on getting Zelda in the first place because it comes to Smash amiibo, I wanted figures of my mains (and Villager is super sold out of course). But a figure of the controversally powerful Mac or agile Diddy Kong are next to impossible, not to mention Marth, Villager, and hell, I had my chance for Wii Fit Trainer but I skipped it. Not that I actually wanted Wii Fit Trainer.

Seeing Zelda more and more often thanks to amiibo helped me realize just how regal and beautiful the princess is in HD. I have a friend with a brutally powerful Pikachu named Akachu and a Samus that's mildly easier to deal with. I named my Kirby Starfy, who doesn't seem too competitive but my Zelda, Bonnibel, consistently wins matches. I've nearly unlocked all her moves at least on the 3DS version, which I still play because of course what else will I do at work at 11PM while I ignore the rapidly depleting stock?


Well, I talk up my Zelda but in reality, I'm still working on it. I couldn't beat one of my friend's friends and I didn't feel like playing my Greninja main. I lost to his Toon Link twice with my Zelda and Villager but of course I end up beating my main friend and his brother handily with a very aggressive Greninja. I guess I should pre-order Greninja but its hard to believe people are actually looking forward to him besides pure collectors.

More motivation to get Hyrule Warriors I guess. Play as Zelda! Stab moblins! Blast fools! Be sexy!Be cute! Rule the kingdom with a just but powerful hand! Destroy the king of evil!

* - Love that 3rd gen Pokemon legacy

* - Top 5 Christmas watchables

* - Le Smee has a short blog about positive teampay mechanics but it should resonate with anyone familiar with playing with asshole randoms and how a simple thing like giving points on revives is such a game changing mechanic on influencing player behavior.


* - Cannibalball Steven's top 10 YOU FUCKING KNOW WHAT? RICKY AND MORTY.

* - North Korea has won, how about some games?

C - Free bear hugs with purchase of feel good lessons of the industry

My princess can't be this cute...



Photo Photo Photo

Note: This blog contains spoilers for both the Harry Potter series and The Hobbit

After many years, I have finally read the last Harry Potter book.

This has been quite a long journey, as being an adult in my early twenties, I naturally grew up with the Harry Potter universe, watching the movies and reading the books. When the last movie was released, I decided to read the last book first so I didn’t spoil the story for myself by watching a subpar adaptation. For some reason, I never really got to reading it until last week, when I decided to sit down and finally read the conclusion to the series.

So, what did I think of it? I enjoyed it! Naturally there were parts that had me questioning a few things (and I will discuss those things in a moment), but overall, it was a fitting conclusion for the saga. Harry and his friends are a bit more mature, and they all have their moments. Except Rony, that is. Rony is just fucking stupid most of the time. Even Neville proves to be more useful than Rony, as he decapitates Nagini right after narrowing escape being burned alive! Truly a badass, that Neville.

Some of the twists were predictable (ohhh, Snape is actually a good guy! Who would have guessed?), and I have to say Voldemort is slightly disappointing as a villain. He’s pure evil, but he doesn’t seem to have much of a brain. Or even all that powerful. I guess that’s how it has to be, so the three seventeen-year olds can outsmart him. But for supposedly being the most powerful wizard there is, so terrifying that people are even afraid of saying his name, Voldemort really doesn’t his title justice. The only spell he ever uses is “Avada Kedavra”, a spell that kills anyone instantaneously, but that only targets a single person and that any dark wizard worth his name can do. Even Crabbe had a chance to conjure up a more impressive and destructive spell than that – why didn’t Voldemort show similar destructive powers when he was facing multiple opponents at the same time? Also, why does he have such a hard time capturing Harry? The dialogue Harry has with Voldemort at the end is almost laughable, because of how naïve it makes Voldemort sound.

I’m also not sure what to think of Harry’s death and rebirth at the end. It was definitely interesting and heart-warming, and maybe a necessary addition so Dumbledore could have a chance to have only last conversation with Harry, but part of me thinks it undermines the deaths of some of the characters. After all, dying in the Harry Potter universe doesn’t seem so bad, you reunite with your folks and live in a place anything you think of materializes right before your eyes, like in the Matrix. I’m of the opinion that there is no after-life, that there is nothing after you die. That when you die you just… cease to exist. Maybe that’s a depressing view, but I have a hard time believing in the existence of heaven or hell. Either way, we’re never going to be sure if there’s something after death - and maybe it’s better if we don’t. Imagine if we could somehow prove the existence of a life after death, wouldn’t some people kill themselves when they were depressed if they knew they could go to a happier place? But I digress.

It feels satisfying to have finally read all of the books. They’re good books, with good mysteries and characters. The movies are just okay, and in my opinion they got progressively worse after Prisoners of Azkaban. The actors grew up but their acting skills did not. The stories in the books got more complex but the movies got shorter. The action sequences that were intense in the book felt flat in the movies. You get the picture.

Speaking about movies, I also saw part 3 of The Hobbit! After part 2 I was expecting it to be bad, but it was actually pretty cool. It feels like a prolonged conclusion to the events of the first two movies, yet it doesn’t get boring. If you like flashy action and long battle sequences, then boy, are you in for a treat.

There is still the made up romance of Kili and what’s-her-name, but its tragic conclusion makes this subplot feel a bit more meaningful than it was in the second movie. Thorin is an ass, though he also saves face by the end of the movie. Bilbo is a nice character and definitely a better Hobbit than Frodo, though he’s still not as cool as Sam. Frodo was just a little bitch, but Sam was much wiser, fiercely loyal, focused and courageous. Bilbo has some of those qualities, despite having a comedic/goofy demeanor which I’m not sure I like.

Oh, I also have to mention that I loved the 3D and higher framerate of this movie. In the theater I watched, it looked great! I disagree with people that think higher framerates than 24fps for movies take something away from the experience. For a movie that uses heavy CGI and 3D effects like The Hobbit, the higher framerate makes the action look fantastic. I hope in the future we get more movies that break this norm.

Anyway, that’s enough from me for today. It’s recapping time!

* - Gray Times had a tough time growing up, but video games provided him with a form of escapism, helping him overcome the obstacles in his way. His is a story I’m sure many people gamers can relate to.

* - SpielerDad goes on a rant about precocious kids that behaves like adults and he remembers old educational games.

* - Alphadeus is a well-known member of the community that has been writing music for free for years, even making two albums based on Destructoid members. Now he’s in a bit of a bad spot, and he would greatly appreciate if you could spare him a few dollars.

A - bmg123 is disappointed with the way PlayStation is celebrating its 20th anniversary. Can’t you see people want to give you their money, Sony?

A - Hatred was removed from Steam Greenlight. TheGentleGamer gives his opinion on the matter.

R - TheKodu reviews Shaqdown2, and it’s not the best thing after sliced bread.

T - Bro, you should totally check out eightbitssamurai’s thoughts on Broforce.

M - Listen to these great fan-made videogame albums, they’re all Hoffmann approved.

Here's Spock singing about Bilbo Baggins in the weirdest video you will see today

No fails this Tuesday! See you next week!



Photo Photo Photo

As I type this today, I am trying to solve the mystery of how I keep cutting my left index finger on things. It happened a few times in the same day and I don't know how and its making typing this mildly frustrating, to be honest. I suspect it might have been the cap of a 2-liter bottle of Cranberry Ginger Ale, but upon inspection there was no evidence of sharp, plastic, cutty protrusions on it. 

It's still possible that due to holiday demand in recent years that Cranberry Ginger Ale bottles have evolved defense mechanisms such as plastic slicey burrs to ward off nimrods who think they are only produced for the holidays. Seriously, that stuff is made and stocked year-round where I live, but its only around Thanksgiving and Christmas that it becomes harder to get at my local store. I'm really not much about this idea that particular food and drink only happen around certain holidays. I think creamed corn and baked maccaroni and cheese should be a year-round thing... though more people could stand to bake jalapenos into the latter. 

Then again, I stick those on pizza, burgers and anything else I can justify. I had a Hawaiian style pizza with jalapenos and barbeque sauce from Domino's last week. It was glorious. 

Anyway. now that I've likely made you crave food and drinks, you should probably go get some of that and come back.

I'll wait. 

Now that you're probably back or stuffing your face, let's talk about video games! Sadly not much to say about Persona Q right here today. I'll get to that later.

I recently finished Freedom Wars' main story campaign. Well, truth be told, I did the final boss early in a random online co-op game over two weeks ago. You get a little certificate stating you can skip a story mission in single player if you already beat it online. I sat on it until last Wednesday because of pride and wanting to beat the mission solo but after several tries I gave in and used my certificate with no shame.

Now I can upgrade my weapons sufficiently to go back later and kick that boss' ass myself. The story does seem to continue past the credits and so my quest for bigger, better knives, autocanons and submachine guns will continue, though probably at a more relaxed pace. I still have tons to do there and I've got like 793,803 years left to work off on my sentence. I save the New York Panopticon from destruction and even that is not good enough to wipe the slate clean and let me become a proper citizen. That's gratitude for you.

Then again, all I know of being a citizen is saving them from Abductors. That and even with Ripley being the tiniest character I could make, she's still slighly taller than a citizen. Apparently citizens are people that are small, smart and get kidnapped by robots a lot. Some of them have real nerve talking down to sinners. 

Not all, but some are certainly jerks.

That said I have attained what I believe is Ripley's final form. I was going for "badass cutie" with it. She looks like a very sexy 70's/80's comicbook superheroine. A little Vixen, a little Domino.

Crimson sometimes cosplays as Margaret from Persona 4, Nemissa from Soul Hackers, Elena from Final Fantasy VII and others but she's usually in her own sexy new jumpsuit.

The endgame stuff in Freedim Wars is really clusterfucky at times and if you've yet to play, you'll learn as early as later Code-2 missions that the game will overwhelm you and that the best defense to just get out of the robo-beast's way half of the time. Equipping defense augmentation does not do much to save you from getting squished.

Suffice to say, the endgame content has made me seriously step up my evasion game and I'm now starting to be able to zip around environments and robobeasts more effectively. That's no small feat considering I'm using the Hunter control scheme (AKA "The Claw) which moves camera control to the D-Pad. At first, this switch was made because my right stick is messed up, but it proved to be the better option. You see, to saw off Abductor limbs, heads, wings, legs and such you have to mash Circle and that makes it impossible to pan the camera to check for other potential threats, so having the camera moved to the D-Pad ends up being an asset and lets me look around.

I've managed to lop off both of an Abductor's arms and its head before touching the ground again. Its pretty exhilarating once you get the hang of it. I've also taken to using submachine guns since I can cling to a wall and shoot. It lets me often avoid damage, get a better view of the area and take out some infantry from above. Then, I hop down and chop off giant robot limbs with my Ea's Knife. I don't stay up shooting from walls for long because I like dismembering things.

I'm going to ease off Freedom Wars a little to focus on other games. Probably gonna juggle Persona Q, Etrian Odyssey Untold and Dragon's Crown for a bit. Or maybe do Parasite Eve, never really played it, but it has been sitting in my PSN library forever.

I'm only a little ways into the third dungeon of Persona Q, but it's because I ended up doing what I was doing in Persona 3 Portable. I get a little obsessed with padding out the Persona compendium, I guess, so I end up grinding for a bit too long and end up being really overpowered for later areas. Persona Q is less forgiving than Persona 3 and 4 are in terms of combat, but I've made some lovely personas of late that will be useful as I progress.

I have a couple Persona Q-related blogs prepped for this week. Lots of thoughts on that one, but too many for this blog, so we'll save those for later and get on these recaps!

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