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21 hours ago - 6:46 AM on 11.28.2015

Cblogs of 11/27/15 - Life is Strange, and Sad

Well hello there. Yesterday I made either the best or worst decision in months: buying Life is Strange. I don’t regret buying the game, not at all, I played all 5 episodes in one sitting and got the most thought provoking e...   read

4:52 PM on 11.27.2015

Cblogs of 11/26/15 + Combat Heropon-isms

Are you feeling the hype for Xenoblade Chronicles X? Are you really feeling it? Well I certainly am! Just one more week to go before I get my grubby little paws on Transformers, a distinct lack of boob sliders, and the world...   read

12:59 PM on 11.26.2015

Cblogs of 11/25/15 + Turkey N Stuff

I think that it would be remiss of me to not mention Thanksgiving. Over here in Americaland, Thanksgiving is a big ol’ celebration, where families and friends get together and eat turkey while drinking and slowly devolving ...   read

7:32 AM on 11.25.2015

Cblogs of 11/24/15 + Big Ass Fort

Seeing a game you like get a new map is a bit like opening a Secret Santa present, you don’t quite know what it’s going to be, but you have high hopes. Sometimes you get a Nuketown, sometimes you get something blatantly t...   read

12:08 PM on 11.24.2015

Cblogs of 11/23/2015 + Sexuality in Videogames

Sexuality is an important part of our identity. No longer do we view human sex urges in binary poles. With LGBT awareness rising sharply in the last three decades, we are also realizing that Sexuality goes beyond even tho...   read

3:14 PM on 11.23.2015

Cblogs of 11/22/2015 + Aw, man

This is a recap that has been a long long long time coming I think, one that may explain the various recaps of late (which have either been insanely short or just drab). I admit I'm still not particularly sure what I'm hoping...   read

9:13 AM on 11.22.2015

Cblogs of 11/21/15 - Slow laptops, Digimon Tamers, and Fallout 4

Don't miss the last recap blog!Since only two people blogged my day, I assume either people just aren't in the blogging mood (I'm backed up on Comments of the Week, so excuse the shortness... again), or they're still playing ...   read

10:30 AM on 11.21.2015

Cblogs of 11/19/15 + Tyopman and dissapointmnet

I was really excited for Typoman, no joke. I watched the trailers and played the demo, and based on that I thought it looked like an incredibly clever game. So when dear old bbain went and gave it a 3.5, my heart sank. Still,...   read

2:58 PM on 11.20.2015

Cblog recaps of 11/18/15 and STRIDERISMS

It's been a while since I played Hyrule Warriors. That game was a such a great love letter to the Legend of Zelda, watching Link throw around the power gloves and iron ball or Zelda conduct deadly wind storms with the Wind ...   read

12:54 PM on 11.18.2015

Cblogs of 11/17/15 - Clam in the Front

Hey Destructoid, it’s me, Wutangclam, writing to you for the first time ever as an omnipotent and omnipresent Cblog Recapper. I’m excited and eager to be helping out with these recaps and I hope I don’t much things up t...   read

10:42 AM on 11.17.2015

Cblogs of 11/17/15 + Another Awkward Floundering In The Wind

Ha ha! It is time again for a recap by me! Well, this is awkward really. My recent recaps have either been long-winded analytical pieces that seemed to just die silently or, when I'm out of ideas, just enough writing to convi...   read

6:55 AM on 11.17.2015

Cblogs of 11/16/2015 + How Limitations make a Game

Bethesda just released Fallout 4 to very high acclaim, nearly rivaling the praise Skyrim got. By now, we see that it is clearly a financial success, and gamers far and wide are enjoying it without finding much fault. Sure, th...   read

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