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Cblog recaps of 03/04/15 and STRIDERISMS
11:27 AM on 03.05.2015
Community Blog Analytics for February 2015
1:30 AM on 03.05.2015
The Dtoid community's best blogs of February 2015!
12:32 AM on 03.05.2015
Cblogs of 03/03/15 + On-Time Scriptisms
6:11 PM on 03.04.2015
Cblogs of 02/02/2015 + I don't wanna write recaps on my birthday-isms!
11:30 AM on 03.04.2015
Cblogs of 3-1-2015 + Mr. Spock-isms!
8:26 PM on 03.02.2015

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5 hours ago - 11:27 AM on 03.05.2015

My birthday month is finally here! While I have no particular affinity for anything else happening in March, I was born in this month so I feel a bit Irish just for being born in March. So I might as well treat myself a little right? I just ordered Mario & Luigi: Dream Team, I plan on getting Wind Waker HD, and through Club Nintendo I used my leftover points to get Kid Icarus: Uprising and want to get a few more points to get Earthbound. I mean, they're all things I could get myself, compared to Doc Louis' Punch-Out!! or Ecoshooter which are exclusive and probably won't be returning in any capacity soon. And speaking of Earthbound on the Wii U, the newly announced indie titles are like, 90% games I already own on Steam but haven't played because they're on my computer but will definitely pay for again and play on a Nintendo platform like Don't Starve. That game I've owned forever but never played but now that it's coming to Nintendo Wii U, I will definitely play it. Like Earthbound, I could emulate it and probably should for my budget. But like someone points out in the forums, you're not just paying for the game but also convenience. Off-screen play for a long term JRPG sounds good to me.

Haha, I even got my tax refund so I just need to pay off my credit cards (which has my Wii U purchase in there somewhere) and I'm all set for the year!

Except March is also when I have to pay my car insurance.


I've also been experimenting a lot more in Smash, figuring out combos and set ups for characters like Jiggs, Zelda, and Villager. I mean, my Greninja is as far as I can take it as it is, so it's useful to learn some extra stuff with Zelda like what works after a standing neutral A, which I used to think was a useless jab. Now I know it's actually a decent poke to use defensively, and its a true combo to side tilt at low percents and sets up for Phantom Slash at higher percents, especially since standing A always pops them up and away but never knocks down. All important information, like in a Villager v. Ness or Pac-Man match, I can just drop off and Pocket their shit when they try recovering with their up B, completely and effortlessly gimping them while Villager's Balloon Trip lets him recover from just about anything.

Corduroy Turtle hates Jiggs though, but that doesn't mean there aren't match ups I absolutely hate. In order, it's Rosalina, Sonic, and Duck Hunt. Rosalina's support with Luma is absolutely maddening with extra range and zoning and spacing. Sonic's spin dash charge is annoying to stop with most of my characters since most except Greninja are slow (I'd imagine if I played more Falco that I'd abuse his reflector as a poke to stop it). And Duck Hunt's area control with all its projectile is just flat out annoying.

Well fuck you too buddy

But fuck Sonic, seriously. Rosalina and Duck Hunt are far and few between due to their niche strategies. Sonic is popular for his speed, legacy, and the fact that spin dash charge has caught on as being annoyingly simple but effective in online communities.

* - The wonder of Xenoblade absolutely mesmerizing and unique settings

* - Dango-dango's top all important commandments for making Doom 4

* - What type of gamer are you? I'm equal parts explorer/achiever

* - Who would you invite to dinner? Imagine Little Mac coming to dinner with his gloves on

* - Nanashi's PAX East avatar adoption is go!

A - Celebrate Wayforward's also anniversary with sales on all their greatest games!

A - Hoffman celebrates PS2's 15 birthday with a great history and favorites list

P - PStoid 19 records/ed

A - Original Super Gangster Vault explores the possibilities of learning history through games

V - Troybustnuts visually reviews Majora's Mask

I still need to watch Rolling Girls on Hulu




Photo Photo Photo

15 hours ago - 1:30 AM on 03.05.2015

About three years ago, some brave soul decided to take up the arduous task of creating analytics for the community blogs. It lasted until August of the same year and no one has picked up the mantle ever since. Because who in the right mind would agree to the prospect of having to manually count all the necessary data required from every single blog that gets published from then on out.

Sometimes, I'm not in the right mind.

So long as time permits, we're bringing back the monthly Cblog analytics, if only to sate one's curiosity on how well the Cblogs have been faring, especially compared to how it was in the past, considering all the (hopefully mostly positive) changes that have happened and are happening as of late. I tried my best to cover as much information as I possibly can given all the other responsibilities I must attend to, and hopefully, as we go through more iterations of these, the process of making these can be made less stressful and more efficient. And hopefully involving more than just one person.

A total of 341 blogs were posted this month!
At the time this post went up, 16 of those blogs have been promoted to the front page!
- That's more than last month's 311 blogs & 8 promoted blogs.
- 14 were promoted this month, the other 2 were promoted on the month after.
- 1 blog from January was promoted during this month.

(Consult the monthly recaps for the list of promoted blogs: The Dtoid community's best blogs of February 2015!)

The Cblog Recap team was able to post 28 recaps this month!
- Recaps, along with this very blog post are not included in the total number of blogs and all the other stats that follow.
- For curiosity's sake, the 28 recaps have accumulated a total of 374 comments and 333 faps.

136 unique members posted a blog this month!
- That's less than last month's 149.

Among those members, may we congratulate Mr. Hoffmann for posting the most number of blogs at 11 blogs!
- That's less than TheKodu's total of 12 last month.
- That's the same number as KFC's secret herbs and spices.

Other top bloggers of this month (as determined solely by post count):

10 - Johnny Burnes
10 - TheDustinThomas
9 - Dreamweaver
8 - Chist
8 - SeymorDuncan17
8 - The Drunken Crow 
7 - Nanashi
7 - OverlordZetta
7 - Pixielated
7 - The Scholarly Gamer

There were no monthly musings or any community assignments of any sort for the month of January. This month, we had 3 monthly musings topics, prompting 32 blogs to be written!

Monthly Musings: "I love..."  - 7
Band of Bloggers: Fallout 3/New Vegas - 7
Destructoid's 9th Anniversary: 9 Dtoiders - 18 (plus 6 forum posts)

(Consult the monthly recaps for the list of monthly musings blogs: The Dtoid community's best blogs of February 2015!)

Note: I'm not yet entirely sure how to handle the promoted blogs so unless there's any oppositions or suggestions on how to make it better, I shall display stats that both include and exclude the promoted blogs, with the latter being the "default". For the former, the promoted blogs will be documented as part of the day it was originally published.

The most blogged day was Monday the 2nd, with 22 blogs!

The least blogged days were Thursday the 12th and Sunday the 15th, with 6 blogs :[

On average, there were about 11 blogs a day!
- 12 if you count promoted blogs.

First post of the month: GTA V on PS3 is not Outdated

Last post of the month: A View From the Middle

A total of 5697 comments were posted on the Cblogs this month!
- 6838 if you count promoted blogs.

The most commented day was Tuesday the 2nd, with 479 comments!

The least commented day was Sunday the 15th, with 40 comments :[

On average, there were about 203 comments a day!
- 244 if you count promoted blogs.

15 blogs received no comments :[

The most commented blog was My Top 9 Dtoiders. And a few more. Just a few. Kinda. by gajknight, with 137 comments!

In total, the Dtoid community fapped 2809 times!
- 3212 if you count promoted blogs.

The most fapped day was Tuesday the 24th, with 204 faps!

The least fapped day was Sunday the 15th, with 25 faps :[

On average, there were about 100 faps a day!
- 140 if you count promoted blogs.

18 blogs went through the month fap-free :[

The sluttiest blog was The Official Shade List of Cool People: I got 99 Dtoiders and you are one! by ShadeOfLight, with 50 faps!

The highest number of faps in a single blog is much lower than last month's (with Hamza's goodbye blog raking in 72 faps). However, 55 blogs (including promoted ones) received at least 20 faps this month! To put things into perspective, last month, only 24 blogs reached 20 faps and above.

Other most fapped blogs of this month:

Note: In the interest of saving on space, we're only listing down the blogs that received 30 faps or more. We'll change the minimum according to what's appropriate for that month.

48 - My Top 9 Dtoiders. And a few more. Just a few. Kinda.
41* - Comments of the Week: Rhyme for Reasons
38* - Comments of the Week: Number five has arrived!
33 - Nintendo in Hot Water After Controversial Tweet
33 - 2 years of Dtoid
31* - The Dtoid community's best blogs of January 2015
31 - 9 inspirational true life stories on this week's episode of Destructoid
31 - The Nine Best Dtoiders Ever
31 -  My Top 9(ish) Nutcrackers
30* - Comments of the Week: Oh, dream maker.. you heart breaker
30* - Destructoid Forums: The Diabolical Truth
30 -  Strider's top 9 Dtoid rivalries


Note: Keep in mind the the tally for the number of comments and faps may not be 100% accurate. The data for each day are recorded every weekend or when all the blogs for that day are pushed to the next page (which usually takes about 2 - 3 days). Naturally, when a blog is very popular or gets promoted, it may continue to gain additional comments and faps after theirs have been recorded. I do try to check back on these older blogs as much as I can to make the data as accurate as possible.

If I were to make an observation, and this is sorely my personal opinion, I think this has been quite an impressive month. With our only point of reference being those 2012 analytics, when comparing it to that year's "best" month (April 2012), you can notice that most of the equivalent stats for this month are almost close or even much better. There are certainly much less blogs being posted nowadays, but the level of activity within those blogs are much greater. There's a higher concentration of faps and comments and less blogs are left unnoticed. Though you could say that with there being less blogs, each blog is naturally given much more time in the spotlight before newer blogs come around and push them down the shared space and into obscurity. I for one think that the increase in activity still overpowers the decrease in the number of blogs. Do take note that both these months enjoyed a sudden surge in activity due to some topic that's bound to bring in lots of love from the community ("10 things about me" for Apr 2012, "Dtoid's 9th anniversary" for Feb 2015). 

These are all statistics and are of course not necessarily representative of the actual quality of the blogs. But nevertheless, you did great this month, blogging community. Keep it up ♪

これはこれであり | kounog [pixiv]

- Luna Sy

Photo Photo Photo

A wave of exhaustion hit me as I prepared to assemble the February Cblog recap and within my dreams the community blogs became a sprawling open-world city. The avatars and personas of the bloggers here at Destructoid came to life and occupied it. 

In Cblog City, many of the avatars did battle. TheKodu challenged Zombie Orwell to a battle or wits. Bad idea since zombies love brains. Thankfully, Zombie Orwell does not find fairies all that filling and let me be. I also found TheDustinThomas by the city docks where he was suplexing dolphins.

Then I flew back into the city and found StriderHoang as, well, Strider and Nanashi as Travis Touchdown. They were dueling on the city hall rooftop. Let's just say there was a lot of Wiimote waggle on Nanashi's side of it and he couldn't break Strider's defenses. It was fun to watch. Also, Dreamweaver ran by as Gumball and Luna Sy tried to catch him in a pokeball.

Later I found myself with ShadeOfLight and Meanderbot under a tree drinking root beer. 

I guess that was my brain's way of telling me what the recap team also knew - February was a very productive month for the cblogs and the cblog community has energy to spare. We actually had slightly more activity in February than January and many more promoted blogs. Whether its Monthly Musings, Band of Bloggers, trends the community invents or topics you come up with on your own, it's often done with enthusiasm.

Sadly, I don't think January's recap was condensed as well as it could have been and with more content from February, we've had to change the format to monthy recaps substantially and make some cuts to eliminate bulk and repetition. I'm going to explain the changes as we go.

- Pixielated

Promoted Blogs

This is a simple listing of all promoted blogs.

Gush about things you love this month by Luna Sy
Comments of the Week: Rhyme for Reasons by Dreamweaver
Monthly Musing: I Love Arcades by LuckRequired
*How historically accurate is Skyrim? Part 4 by RedHeadPeak
Videogames and military recruitment: Part 1 by The Scholarly Gamer
Kickstarter launched for spiritual successor to EarthBound, Mach Rider, Sim Earth by It's About To Get Gay In Here
I made my own gaming magazine and I need feedback! by Caspian Whistler
The Dtoid community's best blogs of January 2015 by CblogRecaps
Disabled Gaming: The time of the Wheelchair Warrior Comes by Claire Sharkey
Comments of the Week: Oh, dream maker.. you heart breaker by Dreamweaver
It's not Game Over if you select Continue by Tad
Year of the Goat: goats/sheep/rams in videogames by Luna Sy
Comments of the Week: Number five has arrived! by Dreamweaver
Destructoid Forums: The Diabolical Truth by Orlion
Binding of Isaac: 10 tips for making The Lost playthrough easier by Corduroy Turtle
**How historically accurate is Skyrim? Part 5 by RedHeadPeak
**Comments of the Week: Better check the clock... by Dreamweaver

*Originally published in January
**Promoted in March

Monthly Musings: "I Love..."

Since musings, Band of Bloggers and meme-like trending topics are one-shot topics of a common subject, we're alphabetizing each contribution by user and linking their submission. For Monthly Musings click the blogger's subject, in other sections, just click on their name

Nicole Watterson (Dreamweaver, NSFW), Super Mario Galaxy (GoofierBrute), Arcades (LuckRequired, Promoted), Imagination (Riobux), Shadow of the Colossus (Scrustle), Shoji Meguro (SeymourDuncan17), Wasting money (The Drunken Crow)

Band of Bloggers: Fallout 3/New Vegas

DreamweaverFenriffLuckRequiredNanashiRetrofractionRiobuxThe Scholarly Gamer

Dtoid 9th Anniversary: 9 Dtoiders

BrowneyeWinkin*, CaltySlitorousChistClaire SharkeyCorduroy Turtle*, El DangoFullmetalJGajKnightGlowBear*, GoofierBruteLuckRequiredMarche100*, Mighty Hatman*, Mix*, NanashiNic RowenPanzadolphin56RetrofractionSeymourDuncan17,  ShadeOfLightStriderHoangTheDefenestratorThe Scholarly GamerZyk

*Forum post from this thread: Dtoid’s 9th anniversary thread: Birthday time is here again!

Recap Team Favorites

Here is where our Topsauce gloryhogs go. Maybe one recapper Topsauced someone more than once, or the blog was a favorite between recappers. Either way, we put them here I'll add a bit of context to why each are here in brief paragraph form.

Keeping this all rather alphabetical, Badbadleeroybrown did a scary thing - he sold his entire game collection and explains how he did it. It was for a good cause, though, he wants to teach English in Vietnam!

Bardley has been serving up some videogame ad nostalgia this month, ranging from the early 1980's to the mid-90's with the SNES! He also told us that he fell for Mjoll the Lioness in Skyrim. D'aww.

Calty Slitorous gave us a near-Let's Play sort of blog with his experiences with Nihilumbra. Nanashi quite enjoyed that! He also tried out the PC gaming life, which apparently didn't go well.

While many of us were excited about the release of The Legend of Zelda: Majora's Mask 3D, Goofierbrute did a rather brave thing - he talked about why he struggled with the game and why he's less fond of it than others are. He was pretty classy about it, too. We put the torches and pitchforks down.

It's About To Get Gay In Here brought us his usual brand of humor, this time pertaining to Madden playcalling and Nintendo's social media problems. Then JoyfulSanity reviewed a Bacon Club Cheeseburger!

Luna Sy couldn't stop watching Game Center CX and brought us another installment of Google Playgiarism. That really wasn't Street Fighter IV at all.

Nihil began interviewing Dtoiders about their jobs. One such guy was pretty wry.

Our resident resplendant black grandmother, Occams Electric Toothbrush, discussed the future of Monthly Musings and shared some things lining the shelves at home.

Before birthing the latest cblog trend, OpiumHerz opened an Amiibo dealership.

Pedrovay2003 shared some of his parent's drawings.

Pixielated had agendas. Wait, that's me. I had agendas. For one, I found out I could gain superpowers by playing League of Legends. Then I talked about some feminists that frequently obsess about the male gays and Bayonetta. Later, after a hot interview with Princess Zelda, I learned the power of Bioware's panda rings weren't at all what I was promised.

Riobux wrote about why scores seldom fall below 5. and offers some ideas on how to improve reviews.

The Scholarly Gamer sang the praises of Dying Light, then ended up debating himself in regards to his promoted blog.

SeymourDuncan17 has a thing for Midna (maybe NSFW). Not the humanoid one, either. That little impy version of her. He also shared his fetishes (NSFW). Giantess Chie Satonaka eating people is a thing on the internet. He also talked about videogames, though, and showed us some classic videogame pre-rolls! He also told Neiro “We love you, Dtoid, just the way you are.”

Sometimes the less violent the game, the better it is for it. Shibboleth feels that way about Okami. I seem to remember some brown and gold attacks that were rather harsh, though.

StriderHoang talks about his new role as community manager assistant and gives us a tour of the Destructoid forums!

Last, but certainly not least, Voltech is really feeling Xenoblade. Still, similar to Shibboleth, he feels not all games need to be about copious bodycounts and violence.

Whew. That was a lot. We still have some Topsauce left to cover, though!

The rest of the Topsauce!

These blogs and bloggers only accumulated one mention in Topsauce this month but they're still some of the best, so enjoy!

Like Riobux, CynricCyning has his own ideas about how reviews should change, partly by doing away with decimals in review scores.

Dimmujed saw some games getting a new lease on life and wonders why we don't just more of that with other classics.

Mr. Andy Dixon honors Leonard Nimoy. LLAP.

TheDustinThomas shows off his sweet gaming collection.

Who the heck is Jason Faulkner? Welcome, new guy!

Pyramid Head might be iconic within Silent Hill, but Forgetton Bastion quite clearly remembers the Abstract Daddy!

Handy feels these eight things need to go away in games. 

LordSpencer writes a very nice review for Super Castlevania IV.

Meanderbot returns with a comic and enthusiasm for Metro 2033. He likes all those fancy, creative guns it has - so much he does away with discretion after a while.

OverlordZetta talks about gaming burnout and his experience with it. Meanwhile, Roberto Plankton wants to collect all the things and RedHeadPeak explores and discusses the many ways we die in games.

Segastardust looks at the weird and sordid history of DDI since Ninjabread Man. SnesTalks talks about a unique trip to Seattle and SpielerDad advises us to not spend Valentine’s Day at GameStop.

Tarmack looks at the problems of promises and Peter Molyneux.

Brittany Vincent also stopped by the community blogs to to make some hentai suggestions and Zombie Orwell told us how Destructoid would end. I guess it's all over now.

And that’s a wrap!

-The Cblog Recap Team

Photo Photo Photo

22 hours ago - 6:11 PM on 03.04.2015

Well, dang. It seems every time I begin writing my isms, I either run out of time or decide what I am writing about is better suited to be posted on my personal blog. I was going to talk about the Metroidvania of 3D Platformers, but I can’t bring myself to publish it without doing some heavy editing first. Writing blogs is hard, man. I’m not the type of person that can sit down for an hour and write a great, organized blog. I’m the type of person that walks around the house in circles thinking of a hundred ideas for blogs and how to write them, then sits down, writes for 20 minutes, and takes a break. Then later when I come back to it, I realize my thoughts are a mess and I need to do some heavy editing, but I often do not feel like it. It’s discouraging. I like to write, but I feel like I have a strong mental block that makes writing a proper blog a struggle. Every single blog I have ever written I have had to “push” myself to publish them, otherwise they would be sitting in a word document, half-written, like so many others over the years.

Part of the reason I joined the Recap team was to oblige myself to blog weekly. I can make excuses for myself, but not when there are others involved. In one way or another, I have to bring these up, even if I am not completely satisfied with what I wrote. In a way, it has worked, because now I find myself sitting here, writing this isms at 9 PM, dead set at publishing this recap today. Fuck if I don’t have a particularly great blog to post along with it, what is truly important is the recap itself, and I’m going to do them on a timely manner. There are so many members that write interesting blogs, and I hope these recaps helps the community not miss any of them, and also feel some sense of acknowledgement seeing their blogs listed. Unlike many here, I have no intention of becoming a writer or part of the Destructoid staff, so I don’t know why I care much about my blogs in the first place. I’m only here for the fun of talking about something you like with a community that shares some of your interests.

Hmm, now that wasn’t so bad. Glancing over what I just wrote it seems I can articulate ideas well enough. And this time it didn’t take me much time to do it. I don’t even think I made many typos. Funny how this stuff works sometimes.

Gotta publish this before it gets away!

* - Carlogan feels people these days buy too many games and do not properly appreciate them. Agreed man, it’s the reason I’m trying to buy fewer games.

* - Voltech talks about his feelings on Dragon Age 3, but more than that he discusses how characters and their interactions, both with the player and with themselves, are what really hooks him to RPGs.

* - Mike “PhilKenSebben” Martin writes a great, heartfelt list of cool Dtoiders!

* - Cold William a.k.a. Chilly Billy a.k.a. Bill Platt also writes a great, heartfelt list of cool Dtoiders!

A - SEGA means a lot to Nanashi, so the news that they might be focusing more on mobile titles has him worried about the future of the company.

A - A couple of internet trolls got what they deserved after harassing the daughter of a former 38 Studios founder. Gotta love Dad justice.

A - What’s your feelings on cutscenes in games? Charlietime shares his on this blog.

S - This week The Dustin Thomas writes about his top five open world games. His list might surprise you.

Got to have that British pontuality, wouldn't you agree, Professor Layton?

Better than Uncharted

R - Kooram usually does not like Tower Defense games, but Dungeon of the Endless is a special case.

R - The Druken Crow gives his assessment of Resident Evil Revelations 2: Episode 2

A - Persona fans rejoice. Seymour has travelled across the internet to bring you some of the best Persona 5 fan-art. There’s even some NSFW stuff in there.

L - Extra extra, Nintendo is finally joining the modern times. Pre-order your copy of ‘Popular Game: Remastered: Remastered’ today!


- Script



I was supposed post this sometime yesterday but got sidetracked, working on a little something for you guys, from every one of us in the recap team (which should go up really soon). Among other things.

It's well past midnight right now, March 5, 2015. No, shut up though, it's March 5 now. Right now.

And it's my birthday.

Now, if you'll excuse me, I'm going to bed.

FYI, unless I absolutely feel that a blog belongs here or in another category, topsauces for my recap days are mostly determined by you, the reader, by virtue of which blogs you loved (and expressed love to *masturbation joke*) most. Oh don't you feel so special right now, yes you do.

* - Chist tackles the Justin Bieber film duology on this episode of "The Shit Box". Foodfight! is coming up next.

* - Dtoiders have jobs too! Get to know more about Scield's career as a policeman.

A - Being but a tie-in game to a TV spin-off, we should not be quick to assume that Sonic Boom spells doom for the franchise. No need to feel too gloom, there's still hope for Sonic to bloom once more.

M - Preposterous Whitey proclaims this month as "Majora's March". Hijacking the monthly musings assignment duties. That's a thing we do now.

M - Yet on this very same day, the Band of Bloggers team assigns the entire Zelda series as this month's topic.

Well tough luck, because I'm combining the two. Say hello to "Band of Bloggers: Majora's March". Go play some Zelda games (any of ‘em) and write about them now would ya.

M - Somehow, Agent9 got his musings entry out just a few hours later.

Can you read my mind?

P - PStoid questions go!

P - How many podcasts can you guys make? Django sets up his own. This one's about comic books.

C - Try(ne) your luck and get a chance to win Trine-related prizes in Shade's 6-week long series of weekly contests!

I was originally going to use this recap to talk about Kingsman: The Secret Service, which I watched last Sunday. Couldn't really manage to expound much on what I thought of the film, but I certainly enjoyed watching it. Didn't even know it was a thing until the moment I stepped into the cinema and was told "Hey, let's watch this", and so I did. For a two-hour film, it really didn't feel like two hours with so much stuff going on, showing the entire process of the main character's transformation from some crummy kid to a full-fledged super spy who must save the world. I did find it a little bit predictable. I pretty much guessed my way through its twists and plot contrivances. But it's all well worth it for its execution; very outrageous, well choreographed, quite violent at times, and in loving tribute to classic spy films, especially Bond films.

The main villain's "boss character" second-in-command has sword legs.

V - Dustin and the Error machine crew plays the "Smash Potato" minigame in Smash Bros.

T - saking91's top ten game franchises.

Notice the similarities and differences between the two posters. The contrasting colors of the silhouettes, the way it faces opposite directions. This is to represent the changes that Bieber has undergone through the years, the different directions he has taken. However, certain things remain the same, not only in these two posters, but in his life and being as a whole. You have to believe. That despite these changes, he can still be the Bieber you grew up and fell in love with. Never say never. He will forever have a place in your heart.

C - You can watch someone's mom play Skyrim on Twitch if you want to. Could use a little bit more convincing on why we should though.

You know the drill.

これはこれであり | kounog [pixiv]

- Luna Sy


Photo Photo

The news about Leonard Nimoy passing away wasn't something that met me with great sadness. When he announced that he was retiring from voice work a while back with Kingdom Hearts: Birth By Sleep, I was cool with that. He had given us so much over the years - what more could I have possibly expected from the guy?

He helped define a genre for TV, shaped things I would watch, games I would one day play, he helped make conventions where adults play dress-up and do nerdy shit cool, he directed movies, wrote books, lent his voice to tons of stuff - in fact, he was a leader in the grand tradition of Star Trek actors going into voice work.

When I played Dragon Age: Origins and met Flemeth, I knew that was Kate Mulgrew. I knew right away Marcus in Fallout New Vegas was Michael Dorn and Mr. House was Rene Auberjonois. These people, like Nimoy, have played characters so iconic and nuanced that you just feel like you know them, so how could I not know Nimoy was Master Xehanort in Kingdom Hearts?

I'm not even someone that gets starstruck. Usually, if I see someone famous my instinct is to just leave them be. We're all just people, after all, and they're far more busy than me. If I came across a Trek actor, though, I'd probably lose my shit and fall all over myself to get an autograph. Hell, I feel like I owe some of these people money just for getting to follow them on Twitter. 

I think much of it comes from the fact that so many of them grew to embrace their part of a phenomenon, which is what makes Nimoy's book I Am Spock such a fascinating read. For a while, he very much struggled with being mostly known as Spock. In fact, he also once wrote a book called I Am Not Spock when he was still struggling it. I Am Spock shows you how he matured, accepted his impact and there are some really great stories in there about his days recording the show at Desilu - especially the pranks Shatner pulled. 

I don't know if I Am Spock is in print anymore, perhaps it's available digitally, but if not, I would definately suggest going to a library to check it out.

I also found out recently that he went to bat for Nichelle Nicols to ensure Desilu paid her fairly. Starting out, she was being paid less than other supporting cast members such as Geroge Takei. Nimoy was a pretty reserved and distant fellow at the time, too, so for him to go out of his way to set that right showed his dedication to equality and his passion for the messages Star Trek sent. 

There's a lot we wouldn't have today in gaming and technology today without characters like Nimoy's and worlds like Gene Rodenberry's to inspire it. Games like Mass Effect and Infinite Space owe a great deal to Star Trek.

It's kind of puzzling that we have games that can do part of Star Trek right, but we've never had one that fully got it right. Mass Effect gets the deep characterization, moral dilemmas and gunfights mostly right; Infinite Space also does good character interaction but does the space battles really well. Make a game with all that in there, maybe throw in some FTL and we might finally have a proper Star Trek video game. . 

The Star Trek MMO was pretty decent about nailing many of the aspects of Trek, but I was always hoping for a full crew of players managing each ship, filling the various roles you saw on TV, such as Chief Engineer, Doctor, Science Officer, Pilot or manning Tactical.

Captain, too, its just not the only thing that should be important. Then again, the multiplayer community being what it is perhaps my vision of it would just constantly lead to mutiny and you'd have to set the game in the Mirror Universe where that's a regular, normal thing. Plus I doubt I could expect anyone to maintain the level of technobabble required to stay in character when Dwarves on RP servers in WoW are all "Dude, where's Ironforge? LOL."

Maybe a more Mass Effect-like game would just have the roles at Captain, Doctor and Science Officer - the classic trinity of Star Trek roles - and leave it at that. I could live with that, I guess. 

I would be Vulcan doctor with a cordial bedside manner. Doctors have the power to cancel the captain out and force them to step down if they feel their health is compromised. I would never abuse such power. My reasons for dethroning the captain would always be logical. 

I'd have a pixie cut like T'Pol and tell humans they smell. I'd also permanently deactivate that narcissistic Emergency Medical Hologram.

Any any rate, Leonard Nimoy had a tremendous hand in helping inspire the imaginations of generations of writers, actors, creators and gamers. He will be missed, but not forgotten. 

May he live long and prosper in our hearts. 

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