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17 hours ago - 6:06 AM on 08.02.2015

Cblogs of 8/01/15 - Just let me sleep


This is usually the time where I talk about what video games I've been playing, what food I've been eating, what T.V. shows I've been watching, or any other random stuff going on in my life. If you know me at all, I'll talk about what the fuck ever. However, things have been emotionally rough for me lately, both online and off.

You may be wondering if my depression has anything to do with the forums and how people are choosing to leave the site entirely. Well... yes and no. What happened with the forums is the catalyst to everything because it brought out some feelings that were lingering deep within me that I didn't even know still existed because I spent so much will trying to shove it deep down.

Once my fears came to the surface, I broke down crying in my bed for a good while before falling asleep. It wasn't a pleasant experience, and even down I'm debating whether or not I really want to talk about it.

Again, it isn't about the forums: it really has to do with me, this community, and my place in it.

And all of this is in addition to the real life stuff that I've been dealing with.

At least Destructoid's got porn now, so that's been a bright side. :3 I never heard of Jane Marie before, but now I know who I'm fapping to once my penis starts working again. :D

I'm sorry to say that I don't really have the heart to talk much this week. I'm sure I'll be in better spirits soon. In the meantime, I still plan to get Comments of the Week up soon, and you can bet there's no downers in this week's edition!


* - Manchild may not know what's going on, but he has something to say about the people leaving Destructoid because of these recent developments, and he's speaking from experience.

* - OverlordZetta has his own blog about the same things: he may not understand what's going on, but he still thinks the people saying goodbye should hear his message.

* - StriderHoang knows that summer isn't always nice and breezy: sometimes things can get hot, hot, hot, so he wants to showcase a couple of his favorite hot levels from several videogames! I guess you could say he's burning with passion? :3


S - CblogRecaps is back with Podgasms for July 2015... but the problem is, not many of you guys have been recording last month :(.



C - KiiWy says farewell as she leaves Destructoid behind, where she'll still be around in spirit, but not able to interact with us.

C - Sephzilla, our Robocop, will be leaving Destructoid for the time being in order to recharge his batteries after being depleted. He intends to reboot and delete spam when he's ready, so this isn't a permanent shut down.

C - Josh Rivers just wants to talk about videogames, but since he doesn't understand what's going on with the forums, he wonders if he should be concerned since it's driving all the people away.


R - TheKodu reviews Haunt the House: Terrortown, a game where you're a ghost who wants to scare people away. Is this title worth getting goosebumps for, or should you run away scared?

T - Mike Wallace has been playing World of Warcraft for a good long time, but had to stop eventually. Curious, he logs back in to see if the game is better or worse, and he's sad to say that it's much more the latter. If you're planning to hop in, you better have a heavy wallet.

T - Nikoscho wants to talk about the little things about beloved videogame Shenmue, where it has a realistic portrayal of life and atmosphere with your interactions with the people and the world around you.




- Dreamweaver



8:44 PM on 08.01.2015

Cblog Recaps PODGASMS: July 2015

Another month, a new set of podcasts to listen to. For those that missed post #1, this is a complement to the new Monthly recaps but with podcasts. The best of the month out of the community that is applied directly to the ears. It really helps the various talented podcasters that Dtoid has to offer.

Dry July. This month was slower than the last and it seems as if podcast activity has slowed down by a bit. Don't worry though, these things fluctuate so I'm sure the community will see new blood sooner or later. For that reason I'll keep doing Podgasms month in month out. But until then, here is July's community podcast offerings.

As a disclaimer I’ve only included podcasts that have put up cblogs for their episodes, and for the future, please use the “podcast” tag with your blog to make sure I don’t miss it!

All recaps listed according to Alphabetical order:

P - Error Machine Podcast #58: Former Fatties Fitness

Dustin pokes his head back in to bring us the latest episode of the Error Machine as they push through getting old being gamers and remember Iwata.

P - PStoid #26: Free Book Suppository

Conor aka Jon Bloodspray joins the crew to talk all things playstation, pc games, partying and tangets. Oh and PKS shows his face that one time.

Also this month, PStoid posted its 27th episode: Because He's German


That's everything from July, look forward to one of these each month. Please Please Please, check out the podcasts that interest you and show them support so that the great people that put them out for you can keep up their labor of love.  

Thanks for reading and leave any feedback for this project in the comments!



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4:17 PM on 07.31.2015

Cblogs of 07/30/15 + No time-isms

12:53 AM on 07.31.2015

Cblog recaps of 7/29/15 and BINDING-isms


I managed to play two games this week amidst the apartment hunting craze: I got onto Binding of Isaac and got back into Splatoon. My fiance has been sending me applications all week as she hunts for rooms while I have to stay down due to work and school. I've filled out a few applications plus sent some resumes in order to stay on top of one process. Meanwhile in between, I mostly play Binding of Isaac: Rebirth, trying to unlock everything by beating the game multiple times. In case you don't know, beating the game results in unlocks but each run is guaranteed to be different each time. I like Azazel best due to the DPS of his mini Brimstone plus he comes with flight right out of the box. Flight is such a luxury since it lets you fly over everything that matters such as rocks, holes, trails of toxic creep, spikes, and more I guess. This is great because Azazel's main drawback is starting off with only 3 black hearts, meaning he depends on HP upgrading items or additional soul and black hearts to keep his health afloat. Being able to fly means he can reach additional items and upgrades with little effort. If I want to complete a run, I play Azazel.

Judas on the other hand, is interesting and ticks a lot of boxes I like, but is ultimately harder to use than Azazel. Judas is like Azazel, with high starting damage on regular tears, starting with the Book of Belial (temp damage up + guaranteed devil deal room spawns), but only 1 red heart to start. While it's a red heart so it can be refilled, only affording two hits before dying is tough. Also, normal tears are annoying to aim. I love starting with mini brimstone because it's a straight beam that's easy to use. A run with Judas is highly dependent on whether you get additional health, which can be a problem since he can't fly like Azazel.

I had one run as Judas fail because I got explosive tears but ultimately hurt myself more than my enemies. My latest run completed because instead of crazy explosive tears, I got rapid fire, homing tears (a running joke with Isaac fans is, "getting Cancer," or getting a trinket item that passively ratchets up your rate of fire dramatically). Homing tears were great since, once again, Satan turned invisible halfway through the fight. Before that, my game crashed (on the New 3DS). Luckily my game saves on floors so you can restart a floor if you need to back out. The game is a sometimes a glitchy mess on 3DS, which is has me at a two pronged surprise. On one hand, I'm not surprised a game from Ed McMillen probably has a few bugs to iron out. On the other hand, Nicalis was responsible for porting the game to 3DS, and those guys are pretty good at porting to 3DS with the last few games they've done.

Splatoon on the other hand is surprising me since it's the first time I've come back to the game since the Inkbrush came out. That item, which I wanted to try out despite dropping the game for a while after it came out, is quite hard to use effectively but good play with it does lead to quite a different experience. The inkbrush is like a spy or infiltration type role in my opinion. It's not meant to kill and is actually really bad at ganking. Even though you're not invisible while using it, painting with the inkbrush makes you incredibly fast and hard to pin down. You run as fast as you swim! When the map permits, you can slip around using its speed and change tactics on enemy reaction. If they notice and chase you, just dance around their territory with the brush and like a Scout in TF2, they can potentially waste time chasing you down while the rest of your team cleans up. If they don't chase you though, you can flick your brush around to cover more ground and steal territory.

Meanwhile I know I have to learn how to use other weapons as well. I've taken a liking to the Classic Squiffer, a charger that acts between the Splatcharger and the Splattershot. It lacks the range of the Splatcharger and the overall coverage of the Splattershot, but it can fire before a full charge unlike the Splatcharger, leading to easier midrange engagements. I find the awkward arcing of ink to be a huge annoyance to aiming in Splatoon, which is why I favor either rollers for their easy hitboxes or chargers for their pinpoint accuracy.



A - Limomaker has a list and checked it twice

A - Dead or Alive (Senran) Estival is starting up! Get hype for a cosplay/fighting contest of D proportions

A - Voltech looks cool and becomes a soldier of inky fortune in finding context for Splatoon






T - James peruses the old Star Wars Galaxies via emulator

R - Syndicate's review of Lost Dimension fails to mention how much like Fire Emblem Awakening it is

R - Kooram reviews Yahtzee's game, Consuming Shadows. It's FTL meets Eternal Shadows!




C - Hairybrains brings to you MECHS






5:56 AM on 07.30.2015

Cblogs of 7/27/2015 + Videogame Narrativisims

In the past decade or so, we have seen the importance of videogame narrative be increasingly emphasized. We have seen games celebrated for their narrative oomph, while other ridiculed for purely story related reasons. In the middle of all that, we have seen a number of videogames heralded as equal to movies or books in their narrative strength. Many argument about the validity of videogames as high art exploded when famed movie critic Roger Ebert (Rest his soul) challenged the idea that games can ever be considered narrative art. For the sake of argument, I am purposely constraining art to be something of narrative value.

Five years ago, I would have unequivocally considered Roger Ebert wrong. Videogames can have a unique narrative strength. The story of Shadow of the Colossus can only be delivered properly if the player themselves participated in the killing of the Colossi. Games like Okami and the Legend of Zelda offer a unique narrative experience by thrusting you in their unique worlds.

Games did their own thing, and thus had a unique way in which narrative and gameplay melded together.

Never a bad moment to talk about SotC

The first Bioshock constructed an entire world underwater, and it invested you the player through both the major choices regarding the girls, and the minor choices of HOW you are playing the game. Similarly, Mass Effect 2 gives you your own story to star in. You become the Shepard of your choice, and it gives you enough moments to truly feel connected to your team. In my opinion, Mass Effect 3 was garbage because it focused more on the universe than the actual characters, but ME2 was like a space spaghetti western.

However, lately, I have noticed that games tried more to mimic movies instead of being their own thing. The Last of Us got a lot of attention the year it came out. A movie could have done that story with no problems. Bioshock Infinite was a disappointment; there were neither major nor minor choices to be made. Of course, the worst offenders are games that completely try to be movies, as The Order 1889 (or something) tried to be.

I remember Jim Sterling saying that the videogame industry has a hard-on for the film industry. Unfortunately, if videogames try and be movies, they are simply not going to be better than the thing they are mimicking.

 Okami was like playing inside of a Japanese portrait

P- PStoid is planning to have a podcast with Jed. I expect this to go smoothly and without any incident in the comments section (who am I kidding?).

B- This royalty wannabe, Lord (who is he kidding) Spencer wrote about how Mega Man is better with age. Poor sod only got one coment out of it (Tears).

S- Are you intrested in Laserdisc games? OrochiLeaona is continuing with his Laserdisc reviews in a second installment focusing on Freedom Wars, a frankestein mess of a game.

Would have been better as film

E- The head honcho himself announces change is coming to Dtoid.

S- Hyper Orange Buster Handgun (HLBC) finally popped his confrence cherry. He share the experience graphicaly and invites you to do the same.

C- The Internet can be a scary place. TuxedoKnight looked at the abyss associated with Five Nights at Freddies, and he thinks it is just too much. Just a tip, if you look into the abyss it will stare right the fuck back, so just don't look at it.

C- Change is hard, change is difficult, yet it is sometime neccessary. KiiWy reflects on the concept and its relevance to both Dtoid and our Hobby.

T- If you are addicted to Monster Hunter 4, then a dose of addiction to the Binding of Isaac migt be the cure. So says the big boss StriderHoang.

T- What superhero would Rocksteady use next. Totally not Batman might change his name to Totally not Superman.

T- CorruptAI125 shares the notes used to write an earlier blog about the Mass Effect series.

T- TuxedoKnight jumps into the Wii U doom train. I can only say that Nintendo didn't give up on the Wii U, it just doesn't have a chance to make it much bigger than what it is. If the games are as good as they jave been, I am fine with that.

T- JoyfulSanity compares between two major MMOs, FFIV and the Elder Scrols Online, and find that they shouldn't be compared to each other. Makes me wonder who did so i nthe first place

T- Josh Rivers dreams about Beyond Good and Evil 2. With the way Ubi have been conducting buisness, he will probably dream longer still.

D- Crafting is an often used mechanic in videogames. James Internet Ego explores it through two Star Wars examples.

R- Streets of Rage 2 is now in 3D. Shinta thinks it makes it an even better game.

L- n0signal reviews Time of Contempt, another book in the Witcher Saga.

ME2 is basically a seven smaurai in space, except its more than seven

Would have been just as terrible as a movie

F- Esteban Sky Cuevas shares part 6 of his DMC diaries. Except, he never shared parts 1 through 5, and we have no context of what is going on.

You have seen many recaps from me this week. Which I hope is enough Lordisms to last your for a while until I am able to do this again. Reading your blogs and showcasing them is proving to be lots of fun, and I am happy to hear any comments or feedback from you.

-Lord Spencer



5:12 AM on 07.29.2015

Cblogs of 7/28/2015 + 50 Degrees Celsius and Counting

It’s hot here.

Other than the stifling heat, which is almost visible through the shimmering of the air, we also get unbearable humidity. Sometimes, it feels as if I am swimming on land. What’s worse, it is yet to get seriously bad. In the coming two weeks, we expect several days to hit temperatures above 50 degrees Celsius (that’s 122 F for you SI illiterates).

Just now, I am assigned to the Early Works part in upgrading an oil refinery (of course), and I am getting tormented by the heat despite being an engineer. I can only look with pity at the workers who suffer through Saudi Arabia’s modern brand of slavery. True, Saudi is actually the best country in the GCC in treating foreign workers, and much needed reform was passed to protect workers from our unforgiving sun.

This is your worst enemy

Yet, I come from a family that used to work the sun in the past, and toil in this heat. Most of them say it is hotter now than then. No longer do we get the thin shade of palm trees to hide under, nor are we even blessed with the sand that absorbs the sun’s anger.

Instead, we work under pillars of iron that radiate the heat outward, and on top of rivers of concrete that simply bounces the sun rays upward. Heat in the summer months is an almost tangible presence, a brand of energy that engulfs all of us, sapping our strength and stamina.

As I go to work, I am not worried about any pit stains. They are pit puddles now, the fabric is so drenched in sweat it doesn’t allow for more to pass through. Mere moments outside of air conditioned fortresses are enough to regress a smart-dressed man into a disheveled shell of a life-form panting for water and shelter.

Living with this heat all my life, I often wonder about how videogames try to incorporate the concept (often with desert themes) into their game. Often, games are lacking in that regard. Their protagonists rarely registering the facts of heat, despite many usually showing difference to the more familiar cold.

From the top of my head, I remember the desert sequence in Uncharted 3. Simply put, if you are ever stranded in the Empty Quarter desert, you are going to die. Not only will the heat suffocate you, but the quality of the sand is such that any movement is very difficult and more like walking against the surf. If you sleep, you are just going to get buried by moving mounds of sand.

Like a pretty US boy would survive in the desert with all that gear

Some RPG games try and show the effects of heat and desert conditions in their games. Often, deserts are shown as unnavigable labyrinths, with each screen leading to one you have been to before. Some like Secret of Evermore, which I recently completed, rob you of your health as you go through the desert.

Still, I am waiting for the game that captures the oppressive effects of heat. Effects that at once torture you and make you susceptible to more torture. Like a constant rope in the neck, that bites just enough to make you feel constant pain, without ever being able to get used to it.

TLDR, Its fucking Hot here.

*- AvtrSpirit finishes up his series on game critisicim with a bang. Talking about violence in games. Make sure to read his previous 3 entries as well. Great job.

A- What do you think about women bodies in videogames? In well thought out article, jtompkins notes that its not only an issue unique to video games. Also, men with the exception of fighting games suffere from it as well.

 Obviously, its not as hot in Lordran as in the Middle East

E- Our own resedint fairy outlines the direction the community have been going for, with more promotions and topics. Most importantly, she calls for more initiative if we want to continue the Band of Bloggers series.

T- I am not sure if only watching youtube videos qualifies someone to say that the final Five Nights at Freddies game is the best, but TrainerAmy thinks so.

T- This is not the first time I've seen it, but Mr Knives actually took it the blogs to defend Devil's Thrid right to exist as a terrible game. It might be atrocious, but it could still be fun.

T- Is the Newest Nintendo handheld iteration, the New 3DS worth buying? JohnPatChap weighs in his opinion.

T- TuxedoKnight jumps into the Wii U doom train. I can only say that Nintendo didn't give up on the Wii U, it just doesn't have a chance to make it much bigger than what it is. If the games are as good as they jave been, I am fine with that.

T- JoyfulSanity compares between two major MMOs, FFIV and the Elder Scrols Online, and find that they shouldn't be compared to each other. Makes me wonder who did so i nthe first place

T- Josh Rivers dreams about Beyond Good and Evil 2. With the way Ubi have been conducting buisness, he will probably dream longer still.

D- Note to developers, Bows make your games better, according to Totally not Batman. That's probably the Green Arrow talking.

R- New guy TWalken16 shares a review he wrote for another website. I feel that more context is needed about yourself to make the community care more.

That's me with my pet camel....... Not really

C- GamerFaith is rebooting her Pixilized Creations. Wouldn't more pictures and details better encourage people to visit your KS page?

F- I am not sure what Retrofraction was trying to do here, he called satire at the end which made me even more confused.

See that, there is no place to hide from the sun

That's it for this day, with a lot of articel in the Gametoid section. Probably, I will have to work in my sorting skills in the future. But for now, I will try to chill with a glass of cold ice water, in preperation for driving the hot oven known as my car.

-Lord Spencer



4:05 AM on 07.28.2015

Cblogs Of 7/26/15 + A Return Of The Salesman Pitch

Hey! You may remember a month or three back when I talked about an exciting way that Call Of Duty could revitalise the series: Through Call Of Duty: Zanzibar. That it would be an exciting real-time depiction of the Anglo-Zanzibar War. Well, this time I come in the form of a simple suggestion of a patch to Call Of Duty, or perhaps just a part of the up-and-coming Call Of Duty: Black Ops 3.

An on-going concern that has been raised time and time again about military shooters is the casual nature of them towards depictions of war. That they are fun multiplayer landscapes where you gleefully kill your friends as a sport, even sometimes being able to launch a nuclear strike on your own position (by the way, Modern Warfare's campaign mode should have told you why that's a bad idea). This lies in contrast to the grim reality of war where not only lives are lost but people are physically and mentally wounded by the havoc it wrecks upon body and mind.

So, I propose an easter egg to fix this.


The non-fun kind.


While trying to discuss the tragedy that is human injury may be too grim and complex for a Call Of Duty multiplayer setting, I feel it would be possible to impart on the player the tragic nature that is the lives lost by fighting. This would come in the form of an easter egg on the mode Search & Destroy, as the singular life system would allow the player to reflect upon their character's departure from the world.

While usually a player's death will lead to the usual sudden death rattle, I propose a rare chance for an alternative sound to be made. Something longer, desperate and grim. A final scream akin to the deaths in Red Orchestra 2.

 I would hope these are rare enough to be shocking and heart-tugging, without over-staying their welcome to an irritating or humorous level. It is possible the player will go on to lose the match, as they are too shocked to play to their fullest capacity, but I think in the defeat they will go on to face in the game they will walk away with a moral victory. That they have grown as human beings mentally in a similar way that Spec Ops: The Line allowed people to consider some interesting moral conundrums.

I think we need this, and I truly hope you agree with my nefarious plan to put into what is meant to be a fun game horrifying death-screams. As I believe it would help us grow as an industry in the process.

Anyway, on with the recaps.

* – KingSigy considers about what if, like his bass guitar teacher rambles about, video games are a waste of time. I personally can't help but think what is and what isn't a waste of time depends on your values. Like I cherish most things, even ones I don't like (like rap music actually), as most hobbies have the possibility to create happiness and a positive community. Which, to me, happiness and spreading happiness to others is one of the most important things in life. Although I'm sure some outlooks would depict video games as a waste of time.

A – You may remember Steam accounts getting hacked recently. TheKodu considers not only the actual hacking itself but also how the motivation behind the hacking may have been gambling related. It seems like the video game gambling scene may be in its infancy enough to be a somewhat unsafe place, but hey, it is a gamble I guess.

A – Do you know the name “Lawrence Holland”? What about Alien Syndrome? Flegma talks about both, as well as the various amounts of success of space flight sims.

S – Dreamweaver wants you to swallow his sexual innuendos, preferably in one gulp although it is quite the load, in this week's Comments Of The Week.


 If you have time on your hands, I HIGHLY recommend checking out Extra History's lead up to World War 1. It is by the same people as Extra Credits. Although I recommend watching it on Youtube as embedding here seems to cut off the top and bottom of the video, and I haven't quite worked out how to stop the auto-resizing thing C-blogs do these days for videos.

S – It is interesting I think to hear Pixie The Fairy talk about how she started a Knight Of The Old Republic playthrough trying to be nice to people and it quickly descended into being an absolute bitch to everyone. It is similar to what happened to me when I was playing Telltale's Game Of Thrones, how I started off trying to be nice to people and quickly turned into a skulduggery complete bastard. Anyway, hope you're feeling better from the allergies. 

S – Remember that green fella JoyfulSanity? Well, he's back and got a website to boot that he totally wants you to subscribe for and totally didn't pay me money to advertise how you should totally subscribe for it.

N – Jed Whitaker has spread news from the front page into the blogs by keeping people up-to-date about WWE 2K15's Hulk Hogan DLC. He even handily has a “view full story + comments” link to the same blog post. So that's nice.

T – So, when are we going to get a faithful Warhammer game? The type the resembles close to the rules, the large variation of sides (including Ogre Kingdoms) and maybe a Matt Ward tribute to frustrating fans. Mike Wallace wants to know.

T – Sonic429 talks about his experiences with the 6th gen of consoles, as well as his thoughts on the PS2, Gamecube and X-Box. 

A – Gamerfaith shows off some really awesome pixel-art cupcake toppers that she hopes to sell in her store on Etsy in the future. If you're really impressed, she has a Kickstarter going that you can buy some Perler and Hama bead pixel art work from.

? - Perd Hapley wants only one Nintendo console in their life, and needs you to help convince them which one to pick up.

V – So you may have heard about this game called Bears Can't Drift?! which is like a kart game but with bears. So, naturally, Scary Granules had to pop their head around the corner to give it a review. If it is bear-y good or bear-ly functional is something you'll have to see (sorry about the puns, I don't mean to inspire fur-y, just rather paws for thought). They also give Her Story a nice talking about. I recall having to review Her Story for another website and found it personally the most promising revival of the FMV game style currently going about.

F - Come on de BLOO, sell me on it. Tell me why I should buy Streets Of Rage 2 when Streets Of Rage is pretty damn awesome. I ain't buyin' your friendship.


 - Riobux



8:08 PM on 07.26.2015

Cblogs of 7-24-15 + Life Are Strange


I have not had good interactions with mowfuckas (TPB J-Rock inspired) lately. Let me take you through just a couple of instances one by one before we get to recaps:

Scene A-

One of the best skate spots around here is under a bridge, which I also found out the hard way is killer on the ear drums - seriously consider bringing plugs next time. So a lone skate-hobo decided to claim his spot down there and he apparently lives there now. That's all well and good. I don't want to talk shit about the homeless. Well it would be kind of easy if not for the fact that he kept a fire going, all day and mind you this is summer/he wasn't cooking anything on it. He was just setting random garbage he found on fire in a garbage can, to be a dick. It smelled pretty bad and prevented me from some good warming up on the side of the park with the small manny pads before I went on to the higher ones. It seems like a minor complaint but it kind of ruined my session. Skating is all well and good and even in the blistering heat of summer or under an roaring, echoing bridge, but skating when there are newspaper fumes everywhere sucks. It feels like all the air inside of my lungs disappears and becomes an old datsun.

On top of that the guy was just rude, he flipped me off when I told him I didn't have any money then he kept trying to bum cigarettes off of me (which I don't carry as I don't smoke) and he came up with this bit that was humorously sad and aggravating at the same time. He said that he's the troll that lives under the bridge and there's a toll to skate here a cigarette or a dollar. It's kind of cute and maybe I'd give him the dollar had he not turned the park into an upper respiratory hazard. So he said I better bring something for him next time or he'll punch me in the "fucking" face. I didn't start anything but I feel like my response didn't have any show of cowardice, just disinterest. I really wanted the interaction to be over. I don't want to come off like an asshole though, haven't been back to that park next time I'll get him back just as long as he lets me skate in peace.

Scene B - More skateboarding. Last week an awesome company toured down by my state and they threw together a demo. It was great. But there was no shortage of awkwardness and dealing with angry people. Couple pointers if you ever go to a skate demo - I honestly didn't know as it was my first time getting shit signed. 1) Don't bother them while they're skating, even if it's after the demo. It's just rude. Consider them in "no autographs" mode if feet are on board or they're in the skate area. 2) Have the fucking sharpie cap open when you hand them your marker. (Also have markers!) I didn't know that and it wasn't till later I realized why forty different people asked me to take off the cap. Now I'm thinking why would they say that, can't they just do it themselves? Well they want the process to go by quicker. So they can get to the next autograph. So a ready sharpie means they can get an autograph done in a few seconds, or at least a few seconds faster. Finally 3) If it's not a "seated" signing where everyone is at a table and they make everyone line up prepare for bullshit. You will have to go all around looking for the Pros you want to get your shit signed by and it will be annoying and you will also probably miss a few. I ended up not getting about five that I wanted. Still had a good ”haul" though.

I honestly didn't know some of those rules, which makes me wish I went to a signing before this, of a similar type, but of a brand and team I didn't care as much about, just so I could pick up these rules and be ready for this one. Because I've been waiting for this one for years now. Anyway the shittiest thing that happened here was when I broke rule number two and pissed off someone who I was most looking forward to meeting. Did not get his signature that's for sure and I'll have a different approach next time around, whenever that may be. One thing you do learn though is who the chill people are. Some of the team riders were super amped to sign my deck and talk, others didn't give a shit about the pen cap thing and one dude already had a marker so you didn't need one. I forgot so he was my first autograph. Then I borrowed a sharpie off of some random guy at the place. Sharpies are key.

Scene C - And finally this bucket of shit. (Sorry for all the expletive by the way, I think I should get a pass for these stories though). No list of horrible human interactions experienced would be complete without a mass transit story. So it's a good friend's birthday, we ate at some fairly upscale place where you end up hungrier than what you paid for, by quite a bit. I'm coming home by subway and it's crowded, as usual. I don't notice at first because of headphones cranked up but I keep bumping into some guy sitting down. And apparently I had done this five times throughout the hour we were both there. The awful part is the guy has a crutch with him, presumably it's not a handicap but for a temporary thing like a broken bone or whatever. At exactly one stop before mine, he gets up and is inches from my face and his mouth moved. For that initial second I wanted to do the subway taking thing where you kind of notice someone or something happening but then ignore it because whatever. But it wasn't that simple he was talking to me, I just didn't hear him. Okay he wanted his space. He didn't curse or anything but he was clearly quite pissed. At like midnight on the subway coming home from drinking at a friend's birthday I'm not looking for trouble. I said sorry at least once and two times told him I'd move away so it wouldn't happen again. He sat back down. Awkwardness ensues. It was nice that the next stop was mine but I couldn't help but feel to have just accidently been a part of a "scene" in public. Next time I'm on the bus or train or what the fuck ever I'll be sure to nightcrawler it up and suction cup my ass to the ceiling. That way I won't bump for a second into anybody.


That was my last week. Dealing with all sorts of strange interactions. I'm actually hoping to see something top all of these. Maybe next week I'll be sitting in the last pew at church and for a single moment every last head will turn towards me and then back again.

No theme this week, only random pictures.


[url=][b]*[/b] - I hope some of you can take a moment to go read this article and leave something, Forsakeneyes is dealing with the type of problem that no one should have to go through.[/url]

[url=][b]*[/b] - That dose of Occams you've been waiting for, it's here![/url]

[url=][b]*[/b] - Gaj does that thing I like, which is screenshot blog-let's plays, in his entry for the better with age blogger's wanted assignment.[/url]


[url=][b]S[/b] - Strider dashes on by to tells us about ninjas and shit. Oh and to sell me on this game I kinda feel bad about missing out on now.[/url]

[url=][b]A[/b] - It's always cool to see someone go back and replay one of their favorite games and try to critique it, hold it up to the great lenses of time and see if it aged well or not. This blog should've probably been under the "Better With Age" Banner :P[/url]

[url=][b]S[/b] - Adam P brings us another edition of his blog Challenger Approaching in which the challenger this time around is Xenoblade Chronicles characters.[/url]

[url=][b]A[/b] - Kazama is back to teach us more history on Fighting Games. Honestly I had to skim some parts as the technical detail go way way WAY over my head and I'm simply content with sitting in the comfort of my own home, facing a television screen and waggling a stick on my lap (for fighting games). But here Kazama talks about the honest to god importance of having the right version of a fighting game for a tourney.[/url]

[url=][b]A[/b] - If you ever wanted to see a bunch of different Wii games categorized according to how they employ use of the Motion function, Felgma has you covered![/url]

[url=][b]P[/b] - My Podcast did a thing, go check it out, or don't but you might miss out![/url]



[url=][b]F[/b] - WE came WE saw WE CON-solequered!! - Playstation FNF.[/url]


[url=][b]R[/b] - Lord Spencer Reviews MadWorld, a game that I have heard so much about and wanted so badly but already abandonded any love for Nintendo and it's Wii by that point.[/url]

[url=][b]T[/b] - Mike Wallace shares a video talking about Gaben's ultimate trump card Half Life 3 and some reasons it may not have been released yet. Personally I think it's time to move on.[/url]


[url=][b]A[/b] - CO Jakyl shows us his art and a cool tool to make pixel art with.[/url]



No fails this week except for me!




2:50 AM on 07.26.2015

Cblogs of 7/25/2015 + Origins of Lord Spencer and Username-isms

So this is my first attempt at a recap, and its actually 3 days earlier than it should have been. Thus is life in the Reservist shed; we are the paramedics of the recap team. Which is not bad at all, because it allows us to keep the Recap machine well oiled and running, all so that you guys can see what's happening in the C-blogs; the real reason you stay in Dtoid.

I always found user names in websites to be an interesting mystery; the choice of which reveals a lot of about each poster. Someone should do a study on that, pronto. Invariably, my own user name has its story and importance for me. When I first joined an online forum, the name "Lord Spencer" immediately jumped to mind. At that stage, the memories of the name have long became irrelevant, yet the name strongly suggested itself to me as my online persona.

So who is Lord Spencer?

To understand who Lord Spencer is, we first must understand where he came from. A long while back, I used to play a game with my cousins using Legos, we called it playing Kings. In that game, we basically used all of our Legos to craft a world that can only be described as a three-person MMO. It was a cutthroat world influenced by everything we knew, from family affairs to cowboy movies. In each era, one of use controlled the king character, and the game world flipped on its head.

In the beginning there was a tyrant, who was deposed by a popular revolution. The popular king tried to expand the influence of his "republic" and he invaded other countries, only to be invaded himself by the monarch of a large empire. The monarch installed his son, who's only goal in life was to die on the tunes of One Winged Angel (seriously, that was his goal) as he rebelled against his father. This paved the way for the lawless gangster era, which came to an end when Vikings came in and installed order in the land. However, the Vikings proved to be weird tyrants, who exiled anyone who did not have facial hair, and they were deposed by another popular revolution. This time, the kingdom thrived under the new king, and continued to expand, only to fall in civil war after the great king died. From the ashes of the Civil war came another great king, who finally made the country into a global force, only to fail to invade Japan, his homeland. After the last king's death, the country became a true republic, with voting rights and political parties. Then, we grew up, the Legos started to break, and the game fell under its own enormous weight as more complexities made it difficult to change.

This was the castle we used. That Ball was used to assasinate a few people

In this world Lord Spencer was born.

The central conceit of the character is in his name; his mother named him Lord because she wanted to push the idea of greatness in his mind, and that being a Lord is not only a birthright. Lord Spencer realized early on that only through money and connections does he stand a chance of fulfilling his namesake. I don't what attracts me to Lord Spencer to this day; perhaps because he is my opposite in many way. A lot of things which I feel are important and decent are only obstacles to Lord, who feels loyalty, compassion, and integrity are only obstacles to his goal. Yet, because I controlled him, wouldn't he have some of that buried in?

By the end of the game, Lord Spencer became such a powerful entity in the game's universe that I couldn't play as him anymore. He simply was too powerful, and thus I had to let him go. In the end, he sailed into the golden sunset, sailing in a golden boat.

I like to think that it wasn't retirement. In the end, Lord Spencer did not care about the money, nor about power. He really wanted to just put one over other's heads. He wanted to win the chess match more so than the reward. No, Lord Spencer would live on, being a conman until he dies, probably because Karma finally caught on with him. Or maybe he manages to pull one over Karma itself.

This really Lord Spencer with a hook for a hand.

That is my name. What is yours?

*- James Internet Ego shares his most satisfactory moments in gmaing, and asks you for yours.

This was the dice of fate. It controlled the outcome of everything.


Isn't this a guy you would trust with your life?

If you got conned, its really for fault.

T- Isn't that something, NinjaSpped talks about Metroid Federation Force with some hope instead of anger

D- Do you want to know how to completely ruin your Kickstarter campaig, darrenhupke has your back. Not at all related to Red Ash.

In super saiyan mode.

C- GamerFaith is rebooting her Pixilized Creations. Wouldn't more pictures and details better encourage people to visit your KS page?

I didn't want to start my first Recap with a fail blog included. I also didn't want to start it with the LEAST amount of blogs recorded this month.

Anyway, I look forward to writing other recaps. Here is for more blogs in the future though.

-Lord Spencer



6:30 AM on 07.25.2015

Cblogs of 7/20/15 + Social Media, Schmocial Schmedia

Ah ha! Despite it not being Sunday at all, I'm here to do an intro (or, as they call it in the Destructoid community blog recapping industry, an “ism”). So, let's talk about something fun. Let's talk about social media.

I admit social media is probably my least favourite part of trying to be a games journalist, as I consider myself a somewhat private person (despite being open as well, oddly). I dislike putting myself on the public centre stage and screaming out to the masses various one-liners. Especially as said one-liners are often not allowed enough characters to create a sense of “okay, this is what I think, but if you think otherwise that is okay”. Usually you have to be blunt and to the point, like the worst knife that rips and tears rather than cuts and slices.

This has led me to keep my more odder ideas safely tucked away deeper in my head and to keep in mind particular phrases never to use (e.g. never, EVER, bring up ANYTHING to do with feminism, BAD!) as I wouldn't have the characters to say “but no, wait, I didn't mean to offend a huge chunk of people” and doing it in another post may lead to said post being missed. I feel okay sharing the stranger conclusions I have arrived to to you (e.g. videogame portrayal of female sexuality is weird, especially in games with a pre-built main character, as they seem to either be non-sexually inclined or lesbians, at at least bisexuals), because I trust you not to look at what I say with the gravest intentions and with a certainty I definitely lack.

I'm not even certain about my lack of certainty or the extent of it.

I trust you Destructoid to challenge me, and not look down on me for being wrong (e.g. “What about games such as Valkyria Chronicles where the main female character clearly falls in love with the main male character? Also, consider the amount of males without a show of sexuality, why is this necessarily a bad thing considering sexuality is often not relevant to the game? Like for example in a war game like Call Of Duty?”). However, once you utter something that can be construed as a bit off on Twitter, well, good luck because that is a stain as long as it exists undeleted and it seems someone will one day dig it up to show how much of an idiotic awful person you are.

That last part, well, perhaps I wouldn't mind if I was regular weird me with my bag of odd tricks (“Yes? Sometimes I'm wrong. I'd rather speak out and be corrected than stay quiet and ignorant.”), but games journalism seems a field where you're meant to show who you are. Well, most of it, except the parts that people would look upon in ire and disgust. Audiences often want a sense of a real you rather than an uncanny valley version of a personality, which is fine... Up to the point where you reveal too much of you (e.g. half-baked ideas you don't mind being corrected on) and offend the masses. Which the idea of a “simulation of you” is forever an unsettling concept to me, like comedians who are told “I liked you more when you were funny” when they stop trying to make people laugh and lift down the performance mask (which is more disgusting when you consider how many comedians learned humour in the first place so people would actually like them, as they grew up miserable and socially isolated).

What is even more awkward to me about social media generally, specifically to a field like games journalism, is self-promotion. You really have to go out there and sell yourself by doing weird small summaries of reviews, while linking in the developer so they may hopefully retweet it for their followers. That hopefully you get more traffic than you would have anyway to what you just wrote. After all, even if you're not currently getting paid in page views, you still need to make a name for yourself. Which what gets retweeted and what lies cold and unnoticed is, well, a bit unpredictable.

Self-promotion feels roughly as narcisistic as it sounds.

For example, despite all the heavy praise and excitement I've thrown at Telltale Games (even a Game Of The Year declaration) and how prevalent they feature on Twitter, I have never had a favourite or a retweet by them. For added context, I personally have reviewed every single Game Of Thrones and Tales From The Borderlands episode to date with high praise (well, mostly anyway).

In contrast to this, a day or two ago at this point (when your sleep pattern can be boiled down to “SOMETIMES I TIRED, FALL DOWN, SLEEP!” days mush together), I tweeted a review I did of The Red Solstice. It was the type of tweet where I was in an unnecessarily-snarky mood. It read “The land of red, black, brown and no other colours, @TheRedSolstice is still a fantastic co-op multiplayer.” along with the review address below. It was retweeted by not only the developer but also the publisher.

Perhaps (read as: likely is) it is a size problem, with Telltale Games being a huge towering juggernaut that doesn't notice the puny website I work for, or potentially something else I haven't noticed. It still disappoints me to not even get a hat-tip in recognition (i.e. a message or a quick “favourite”) if not a retweet, but perhaps it just hurts more because of my love of Telltale...

Anyway, to Luna with the recaps (explanation below).

- Riobux

The usual facilities offered by a net cafe. More so if MOBAs are involved.

A - Kratos282 lists his 4 favorite Western/Cowboy games. Ever! Interesting choices on what some would count under the genre.

Wrong image on the Harvest Moon entry. That's from Farmville 2.

A - Pixie is back on her "Post-game Juggling Act" of trying to decide what to play next by playing everything.

S - I was quite fond of Virtual Kazama's "History of EVO" series of blogs. Today, he gives us some additional moments mentioned by readers and some highlights from the recently concluded EVO 2015.

B - Nikosho spends his first blog telling why Shadow Hearts: Covenant gets better with age.

Some spacing errors with quotation and punctuation marks.

C - Jed clarifies on an old video and character he made, which appear to have been brought up once more and used against him by some of his detractors.

R - Dinosir grew up with Jet Set Radio Future and has become one of his go-to games. Repeated playthroughs has made him appreciate how wonderfully silly it is.

R - n0signal's wife stops by an shares her glowing review of "Hipster Simulator Game" Life is Strange.

D - CO Jakyl can't seem to get that jumping animation right for his game, Tales of Riva. At least the controller support is working fine.

F - Manchild is filled with fond memories of Kung Fu Rascals, as he gets reacquainted with the schlock B movie of his childhood, now available on YouTube.

Wanna know what else is internet sufferring? Editing a blog, writing additional content, uploading and inserting images, and transferring everything over from the draft to a new blog, on a phone, while in a moving vehicle. Perhaps the most harrowing experience you can make for yourself in this blogging space. The editor is simply not designed for it. Had do some improvising with embedding images since the "copy" button in the images list does not show up (I found out that you can edit the URL of the thumbnail slightly to get the full image) Also, if you happen to press a button such as the "view source code" button while in the wrong orientation, you're gone. No exiting that menu anymore since the buttons go past the screen. Add all of those to the blog's tendency to bug out sometimes when saving your progress.

I ain't no Kazuma Kiryu.

I'll be the failtoid again. I am very sorry for the late recap post again. 5 days late, that's unacceptable. The recap portion was already done back in Wednesday, but I am still having difficulties coming up with something interesting to write for that "isms" portion of the blog, which is why I got Rio to work on that instead. The next time around, I'll only "call dibs" on a Monday when I already have an "isms" ready to go. There is another blog I'm working on. Hopefully, I can get it done this weekend, also as a small way to make it up for all of you.

- Luna Sy @l_unaSy
Image source: これはこれであり | kounog [pixiv]



12:11 PM on 07.24.2015

Cblogs of 07/23/15 + Equivalent Exchange of Trump Cards

I've been a bit absent from Dtoid this week. In fact it's safe to say I've been a lot absent. Now I'd like to tell you that I had a perfectly valid reason for not being around, and frankly I should have had a valid reason.

But the truth is, I watched Akame ga Kill! and Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood. Yes, both. From start to finish. I blame this entirely on Nekro and extatix.

- Okay, so perhaps not blame per se.

I've mentioned this a long time ago (almost two years if you want to be specific), but I adore disturbing dark anime. I realize how unhinged this is going to make me sound, but there's just something about characters dying in droves or going completely off their rocker (and then killing the still sane characters in droves) that gets me completely invested in a series. It doesn't just have to be gore either, dark mysteries and horrifying revelations also work for me. Give me eldritch abominations, heads exploding, limbs being cut off, desperation, the works. I particularly love what I've dubbed 'the crazy-face'. That one face anime characters pull when they've gone waaaaaay off the deep end

I'm talking about series like Hellsing, Deadman Wonderland (patron saint of the crazy-face), Attack on Titan, Dangan Ronpa, Future Diary and From the New World.

- It's okay, he's the good guy...for a certain definition of 'good'.

So now that you know that, it should come as no surprise that I loved Akame ga Kill! and Fullmetal Alchemist

Akame ga Kill! depicts what is probably the most corrupt government this side of Star Wars. Those with power loot, pillage and kill indescriminately while those without power can't do anything other than shut up and take it. The protagonists are a group of assassins with ridiculous combat skills, superpowered weapons, and zero mercy. You know the famous sword Murasame (Muramasa's counterpart), the legendary demon sword that kills anyone with just one cut? The protagonist has it. She doesn't rely on it too much though; while a cut on someone's finger would be enough to kill them, she likes to decapitate people for good measure. Just to know they're really dead.

Meanwhile the primary antagonist enjoys torture just a little too much and later puts together her own anti-assassin team. The members of which aren't necessarily what one would call 'sane'.

- This dude with a big-ass flamethrower and creepy mask? He's the friendly one.

And then there's Fullmetal Alchemist. While this series also has plenty of gore, the dark disturbing part also comes from a heaping helping of horrific implications. Perhaps more so than any other series I've seen. I only have to say "Nina" and I'm sure that everyone who's watched the show will grimace in horror. Poor, poor Nina. :(

Even apart from the inherently gripping qualities of dark disturbing anime, I liked this series a heck of a lot. There's some really great character development in here, to the point that even characters I disliked at first (Ling) ended up being cool and contributing to the plot. And then there's Roy Mustang, who is up there with Alucard and Esdeath as far as "stupidly overpowered" goes. Gotta love the stupidly overpowered ones. The combat is great too, and it's nice to see how even the normals keep on pulling their weight even though there's what may as well be magic afoot.

One thing I will say against this series is that I don't like Edward (the main protagonist) at all. I have this a lot, usually the main character is the least interesting person to me if I don't outright hate them. I didn't like Tatsumi very much in Akame ga Kill! and I didn't like Edward here. He's just way too much of a hot-head, which is a character trait he keeps even after his heaps of character development kick in. I thought Alphonse was a much more interesting character. He's a lot more stable despite being the one with the most trauma to go through. He's also a lot more heroic than Edward is; he always seems to be sacrificing himself to save someone else. Being a living suit of armor kinda helps with that.

At the end of the day, I enjoyed both series a lot. I wouldn't call Fullmetal Alchemist the best anime ever like some people seem to do, but it's still pretty high up on the list. Akame ga Kill! wasn't as good per se, but I still found it highly enjoyable in its own right. Either way, both were nicely disturbing in their own unique ways.

As for now I'm out of things to watch, but I hear Berserk gets pretty horrifying...

- Cat girl and midriff? Best girl confirmed.

S - Part 2 of the ads for Nintendo Gamecube games, back from when we still had video game magazines. And yes, Baten Kaitos IS interesting.

A - Will Steam refunds be enough to keep Valve on the straight and narrow, or will it take more than that to prevent crap releases?

A - Mad Max: Fury Road did the post-apocalyptic setting right where the Fallout series falters.

I - You can ask Lord Spencer anything about what it's like being a new reserve recapper!

F - PC FNF + New city, new everything.

T - The new Dragon Quest game is a lot like Minecraft...and maybe that's just fine.

P - Theo & Lizzy looks and sounds like a game that's right up my alley. You can give me VVVVVV-esque gravity mechanics anyday.

T - Link Narukami is getting deep into Heroes of the Storm.

A - Jinx made pretty pictures for Steam's grid view. Go check them out!

C - I think we can all agree that we need a new Primal Rage, but the formatting in this blog needs work and it's a copy from another site.

- ShadeOfLight
May you always find water and shade



12:14 AM on 07.24.2015

Cblog Recaps of 7/22/15 and STRIDERISMS

I'm waiting for Binding of Isaac: Rebirth to download to my New 3DS right. I'm just not a true PC gamer, with access to hundreds of games on Steam and deep discounts yet I can't treat my machine (not a machine, a laptop, so that's a factor) as an actual gaming machine. I mean, yeah, it's a laptop, so it can't play a large majority of games. I did finish Steamworld Dig on Steam though, which makes my 3DS copy of it irrelevant mostly. But I have BoI on Steam but never got into it. I'm thankful to Steam for letting my relive Psychonauts, which is a Double Fine game from an era of goodwill game design, before the era of Kickstarters. But I do most of my gaming on dedicate consoles. It's just how I"m hardwired as I grew up playing consoles.

Steam is also poisoning the well when it comes to actually purchasing games. Everyone has a mentality of, "buy it when it goes on sale," now. I'm surprised indie developers make any profit in this environment. But thrive they do, I guess. But what do I know? I play Monster Hunter obsessively, unlike a lot of Dtoiders who couldn't get into it. I'm an online gamer now, and hearing people complain about a lack of local multiplayer and co-op is likewhite noise on my brain. You trudge through it and deal with it.

That's what makes Seth Killian's new game, Rising Thunder, sound appealing. A game built from the ground up to be online. Rising Thunder is a dream team of fighting game legends of the west coming together to solve many problems inherent to the design of a fighting game. Like, I scoff at people who say they can't do fireballs or other special moves? Are you kidding me? No, you aren't, because those skills are muscle memory in me now, like a basketball player throwing a pass blind or a football player running his route (thanks Eyeshield 21!). Rising Thunder blends elements of fighting games and MOBAs together to form something uniquely fighting game, while also bringing the Cannon brothers' new GGPO3 netcode to the battlefield, and I love me GGPO. Basically, any game that doesn't describe their netcode in depth is a sign that you're going to hate its online. Capcom never discussed Marvel 3's online and when we get our hands on it, we ride through peaks and valleys. Third Strike Online though, paraded the much lauded GGPO and we know how that handles and we know the online will be pretty servicable. Rising Thunder is promising a new age of netcode with GGPO3, much like how developers talk about Unreal Engine 3 and moving on to Unreal 4. And speaking of the MOBA flavorings, special moves are cross between Smash and League: one button to do a special move, three different special move buttons, no additional input needed, moves are on a cooldown to prevent spamming.

Ideally, this creates an environment where beginners from both fighting game legacies and complete scrubs can push through the initial barrier faster and get down to the real brass tacks of competitive fighting: mind games. Will he DP on wake up now? Will he throw the fireball again after this one? Is his jump in a meaty aerial or an empty jump?

This is exciting to me. I know fighting games. I love listening to Super Best Friend Cast's fighting game dissecting tangents where a lot of listeners may be sending in mail criticizing their jargon tangents. I love following talk on how viable a character is because he's good at controlling space with zoning and reversals and normals. But that doesn't mean I'm perfect with my own execution. I still get flashes of my time in SFIV vanilla when I'd go for ultra and see a DP come out instead because I rushed my execution (for Rufus, I go for Space Opera Symphony and get Snake Strike instead). Distilling gameplay to just the one-on-one mind games sounds thrilling. Like, playing any grappler is a great deal of mind games, trying to figure out patterns to get pasting zoning and mentally guard break your opponent once you get in with your own brand of pressure. But doing 360s and other inputs in the heat of the moment, a moment which is hard earned, can be daunting.

Rising Thunder is an F2P fighting game coming to Steam soon with a beta. F2P runs the gamut of serviceable to scummy, but here's hoping I can play it.

Speaking fighting games, I may be the only recapper to mention EVO (I think) but this deserves a mention.

If you want a basic rundown of what made EVO, EVO this year, this is a fairly good place to digest. I agree that KaneBlueRiver's victory at Marvel was a double pronged celebration as both a victory for players with character loyalty to low tier characters and the first Chilean to take home 1st place at EVO.  KBR's dedication and execution of such misunderstood and problematic characters (Hulk/Haggar/Sent) was a sight to behold. Gamerbee's heartbreaking loss despite Momochi's sketchy looking controller unplugging redeemed by his melancholy embrace with his fiance (rumor has it Momochi had his stick unplugged in order to snap Gamerbee out of his concentration, throwing him off despite handing him a round). And so, so many displays of arrogance and failure on several fronts, including the Guilty Gear Xrd moment which may go down as a new EVO moment to demonstrate the folly of arrogance.

BTW everyone, this is the year of waiting for localization announcements. Still waiting on Dai Gyakuten Saiban and Monster Hunter Cross localization news.

* - The story of a man, his daughter, and D&D along with Bobgoblin the half-orc

* - Understand, truly understand, the history of the videogame crash of the 80s

A - What's next for Kojima. I sure hope it's movies

A - What is it about certain games that make us want to replay them? Overlord Zetta also admits to sucking at Monster Hunter

I - Now that we have Spencer's blood, he categorizes the woe that is his blog

R - Doopy's non-doopy review of Arkham Knight

R - NOsignal reviews Journey but decides to use promo art since screenshots don't PROJECT JUSTICE

F - Mike is concerned for Bob on the controversial movie, Pixels

C - What is Fallout Shelter? It's a game. It has features. Cool.




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