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CblogRecaps avatar 10:10 AM on 09.17.2009  (server time)
Cblogs of 9-12-09 and 9-13-09 + Strykisms (Taking Care of Business, Act I)

This was not a good week for Recaponia. The weekend recaps never materialized, the Monday recap went up a full 24 hours late, and the Tuesday recap was conspicuously absent. Some people were swamped with other duties, some were under the weather, and some just didn't punch in for work. As a result, the recaps are a mess. It's time to clean up.

I've mentioned before, I can't stand to see work go undone. Even if it seems like a pointless endeavor, I can't rest until it's finished. After I post these weekend recaps, I'll get Tuesday's done. Later tonight, I'll put up my usual Thursday stuff. How do I have time to do four days worth of recaps? Well, I didn't start today, first of all. Second, I've been recovering from my own illness. It's nothing as serious as the the Black Death you cats contracted at PAX, but I've been taking it easy in the house all week because of it. Might as well do something to kill the time.

Let's try not to let affairs go out of control in future, k? Now, on to business!

*- Jimbo wants to play the role of villain. Not an anti-hero. Not a misguided hero. A baby-killing, World War III-initiating, cold-blooded bastard supreme.

*- The upgrades keep coming! You can now link a whole mess of game network IDs to your blog profile, not just XBL Gamertag anymore!

*- PAX doodles! PAX doodles! Come spot yourself in Cutie Honey's PAX doodles!

*- Burch's rant on sexy heroines has resulted in some excellent responses in the blogs. Here is Ace Flibble's take.

*- It's official! Jim Sterling is less than the crusty dog doo on the heel of JOURNALISM.

A- Ha ha! It's "Ready to Friday" reflections on a Saturday!
A- Scion of Mogo penned a clever counter-argument to the "longer games mean better value" debate.
S- This week on Canti-sama's Top Ten Saturday, the bosses of Metal Gear Solid!
S- He actually did it. Genki-JAM showed his special cut of Dragonball Evolution.
S- On this installment of Handheld Hotel, flamecondor reviews Donkey Kong for the Game Boy.
S- Wryview time, children! Have some Beyond Good & Evil!
S- Canti-sama certainly stays busy! For Overrated/Underrated Sunday, it's women in gaming!
M- Trebz hasn't forgotten about Cubivore.
M- Freefall hasn't forgotten about No One Lives Forever 2.
M- Dr Light ate your Magicite hasn't forgotten World Court Tennis.
P- A cute puppy announced that Backwards Compatible Podcast was recording.

W- Winner, winner, chicken dinner! Justice won the DestructoidArtisans Dreamcast 10th anniversay art contest.
E- The King of Dtoiders goes gold! Dun dun dun!
E- Day 1 of The King of Dtoiders OVAAAA!

E- Memphis becomes a little less sucky on October 1st. It's NARP time!
E- These are the crews who will assault your eardrums at MAGFest.
F- Saturday's PS3 SRK schedule. I guess it makes no sense to mention this at this point, but eh.
F- The PS3 Saturday night shooter. Again, kinda pointless to bring it up half a week later.
F- Aaaand the 360 SRK.
D- Uncovered footage of Mr. Destructoid from E3 2007! Ain't she a beaut?
S- This backwater subway ad for the newest Layton game was facepalm-worthy for RoccoAnthony.
S- TheLegendaryMan found a treasure trove in his basement, but where is the photographic proof?
S- You people and your PAX love-a-thons. Stop being so happy, dammit! Here. Hamza was gifted some stuff.
S- tehuberone's pal got a tatoo featuring a collection of Super Mario mushrooms.
S- Are we going to have to hear about PAX all the way until the next one? It's becoming as intrusive as Christmas in October.
I- I'll cut RComBly some slack this time, but short stuff like is a no-no.
I- Oh no! Anonymous has attacked Destructoid! We will all be... oh... ah! Anonymouse! False alarm, guys!
I- Welcome obeliskofaxum into our inner sanctum!
I- I guess this is technically an introduction. In that case... hello, THEJOHN3!
B- I guess we a celebrating Dreamcast's unbirthdays now.
B- Does grrlaction still come around here? Happy birthday to her regardless!

N- As we know by now, this Scribblenauts word list is not complete. Still, I'm not looking at it.
N- Saturday, September 12, 2009. This is your PC and gaming industry week in review.
N- You have until October 2nd to go play Shaiya and possibly win an Alienware laptop.
V- New footage of Final Fantasy Ecks Eye Eye Eye.
R- Goodness me! A review of Mega Man? As in the first one? Umm... k.
R- The triggers on the PS3 controller are bullshit. Here, by these attachments to make those triggers less shitty.
P- garison rocked some Bit.Trip Void while at PAX.
T- KoKoO Psy happened across his Scribblenauts copy some days early by totally legit means, I'm sure.
T- vexed alex cried over The Beatles: Rock Band when he thought no one was looking.
T- Here's king kong five's opinions on the Bethesda-Interplay kerfuffle.
T- It's nintendoll's turn to ride the love train for The Beatles: Rock Band.
T- gcwright90's top ten most memorable video game moments.
T- Are gamers elitist? Is the sky blue? Is water wet?
T- UncleMilkshake bought and rebought a PSP. Seller's remorse is a bitch, ain't it?
T- Cadtalfryn examined totalitarianism within Mirror's Edge.
T- SovietMudkipz didn't like the ending to The Beatles: Rock Band. Pitchforks were raised.
T- Scrapbrain likes to watch TV. Specifically, he likes to watch in-game television programs. Don't you just love those little nuggets?
T- And now Jack Maverick talks Beatles with us.
T- Jonathan Holmes had a brain fart.
T- DaedHead8 wonders if games can be both fun and educational.
T- Here are PsychoSoldier's picks for gaming beefcakes.
T- unstoppablejuggernaut is all mad and shit.
T- Beware the Coalition of Men with Small Wieners.
$- It pays to inspect the endcaps facing the walls of the electronics department. You never know what you'll find on the cheap.

A- garganroo made some nifty digital sketches of Kid from Chrono Cross and Edea from Final Fantasy VIII.
M- If FFVII were a musical, GamingGoddess would choose these songs as character themes.
M- A Tron tribute video featuring Daft Punk jams.
M- The Pokémon HeartGold/SoulSilver OST has been leaked. Have some tunes.

L- chronoswing helped out with the Steam card linking on the site... BIG BOOBS! WHOOOOOOAAAAA!
R- Confessions of a 4chan troll.
?- My head hurts.

F- Double posting! Hide that shit!

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