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CblogRecaps avatar 12:41 AM on 08.14.2009  (server time)
Cblogs of 8/13/09 + Strykisms

Other than traveling through time and space, I also took a road trip to South Carolina. Last week, I attended a wedding and was unable to do the recaps. I want to thank Syk for taking care of business in my absence.

The drive up to Charleston took roughly eight hours, which was a relief for me since the drive to Clemson where I attended college was three hours longer. Every time I make one of these long-ass trips, I always convince myself that it's going to be a wonderful experience. Every time about five or six hours in, I ask myself what the hell was I thinking. On the drive up, that moment came as I entered Georgia and a solid sheet of water came crashing down. The rain was so thick that you literally could not see the vehicle fifteen feet in front of you. Emergency blinkers were flashing like lighthouse beacons in a thick mist. On the drive down, that moment came as I crossed into Florida and realized that my AC was starting to struggle and it was 95 degrees out and I still had four hours to go.

Another thing about those long drives, especially along a single stretch of interstate for several hundred miles, is that you are no longer aware that you are driving a death trap at 80 miles an hour. You are floating by formless blobs of color and the road is a track that your vehicle follows almost as if it were that goofy slot car track at Magic Kingdom. It's the oddest sensation.

But enough of that. You didn't come to hear me drone on and on. No, you came to listen to Jackie Chan singing on the Mulan soundtrack!

*- Wry Guy and Magnalon spend a day at the races... Mega Man X races!

*- BREAKING: Today is a day that will live in infamy. Dunkin' Donuts has discontinued the blueberry bagel. A moment of silence, please.

*- Oh, YOU GUYS! Electro Lemon and Zombutler have gotten into the schnapps again!

*- Boy, you better turn this into an actual Ratchet & Clank movie, so help me.

A- Freefall lists his top 10 women in gaming.
S- dTunes, the Mr. Dillinger remix, Day 4: Tool.
M- The-Excel, it takes a big man to face his inadequacies, but it takes a bigger man to admit that his favorite game is called Twinkle Star Sprites.
M- Monodi is torn between love and despair towards the point-and-click adventure.
M- Batthink needs to evolve in order to play bullet hell shooters.
M- For Stevil, a 70+ hour RPG can last him into his golden years... and that's not a good thing.
M- Bilar is like the kid who only plays with the goofy contraption in Mouse Trap instead of playing Mouse Trap.
M- It wasn't Maverick's fault that Goose died... it was TheDreadHawk's fault.
M- BluDesign is gonna get all the PS3 trophies ever and nothing you can do will stop him.
P- What song was that on this week's RFGO? Topher will let you know this and every other week.

And now in Cantonese!

S- Scary Womanizing Pig Mask scored himself a GP2X Wiz for NOT emulating, I'm sure!
S- Cadtalfryn scored a free DS then opened Pandora's Box by asking, "What do I get for it?"
S- wobblefunk's 360 is Jesus.
I- xX SnipeR Xx is obviously a joke account, but the comments are brought to life with Always Sunny references and other cheeky shenanigans.
H- Tanukitsune has quite the stash.

N- NihonTiger90 drops some deets on The Behemoth's Game #3.
N- I have no idea what this is all about. Perhaps a TF2 nut can explain it to me.
N- It's Thursday, so that means Gemsi brings us another European release list.
N- The TF2 classless update has hats. Lots of hats. Lots.
N- Army of Two: 40th Day release date brought to you by the joke account from above.
N- In case you aren't yet fully versed in the details of the TF2 classless update...
V- I like the Momohime Muramasa vid, but I don't like you.
V- New Rage trailer straight out of QuakeCon.
R- Knives wants Rockvillain and Aerox to get Killing Floor.
T- djayxero is all about dance games and making custom step charts of his own.
T- Too much rambling, but the thrust is that Sony needs to step up and that dogs screw in public.
T- Soul Calibur on the iPhone? Solid Squirrel thinks it can work.
T- Where's Sadness? In our hearts and dreams.
T- People hate Halo because it rented a party van and didn't invite them.
T- snoogans775 thinks Gitaroo Man is balls hard, then very briefly entertains the thought of a horror rhythm game.
T- A Monkey Island statue makes AndreG009 pine for more adventure games.
T- anti gravity racing.
T- Michael Pachter could learn to hold his tongue sometimes, but that's all I'll agree with you on.
T- The "Dig" achievement on Dig-Dug blows.
T- Hey! A TF2 blog that is about classes!
T- kefkaesque scoffs at "morality" in games like the upcoming Army of Two: The 40th Day.
T- prolifikstudio wants visible clothing damage in his next-gen games.
T- Patters relates his fighting game history.
T- Stop making me more antsy for Golden Sun DS!
T- Arkhon wants these songs in Rock Band. Some already are. Whoops!
D- GamingGoddess is a busy beaver, what with a game and a tie-in comic (or is it the other way around?) in the works.
$- A $300 160GB PS3 or a solid $600 laptop could be in your future!

A- SuitcoatAvenger enjoys a fine beverage and doodles Tiny Batman.
A- Namakubi has already made three movies in Flipnote Studio.
A- And here comes ryu89 with some Flipnote Studio work of his own!
A- Optimus Primeau pimps his friend's comic, Girls Donít Play Games, which actually isn't half-bad.
A- SuitcoatAvenger is such a tease. Must be playful after all that Rogue Dead Guy Ale.
M- Danzflor directs us to a creepy Silent Hill tribute album.
S- Win a TF2 medal... no, wait. They just ran out. Bummer.

R- michi has a thing for Zac Efron. I die a little inside.

F- Getting used to the site? Could've fooled me! You are a Destructoid pro!
F- Debates usually involve more than three sentences.
F- No, YOU'RE an asshole.
F- Ask in the forums. Forums are your friend.
F- I have issues too, but they aren't with MvC2.

[ m e g a S t r y k e ]


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