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CblogRecaps avatar 2:48 AM on 07.31.2009  (server time)
Cblogs of 7/29/09 and 7/30/09 + Strykisms

Hello everybody! Look who's come to ruin the mustard! I'm going to try my hand at this recap thing, maybe get noticed by a scout, then move my way up the minor circuit until the day I make the starting lineup for your Florida Marlins! Afterward, I'll develop a serious drug habit and come crawling back to you guys, begging for your compassion and understanding, hoping you will welcome me back with open arms. Then you'll slam the door in my face. Jerks.

This is my first night and what a night it was. Not only did I completely underestimate the amount of work this requires, I also had the foolish notion to cover for Syk who happened to miss yesterday's recap. So I did two night's work. Smooth move, right? What was I thinking? Not to worry, because one day on the job and I'm already requesting vacation time. I'll be attending a wedding next week, so Syk will take over that Thursday. See? Balance.

As for tonight's double dose, I still need to get a feel for the format. The tags may not be accurate, I may not have read as thoroughly as I should have, and I may not have given some posts the proper respect. But despite it all, I managed to squeeze in two Austin Powers references, so go me. I know how to better manage my time next time, so I'll just chalk up this up as a lesson learned and get to bed. It's after 4 and I am a moron for staying up this late.

I'll sign off with "I2I" from A Goofy Movie.

*- My blog, I know, but dammit! I spent a long time on this Mega Man Game History chart and you will love it.

*- Well, pendelton, I personally would BEAT THE MUTHAFUCKA'S ASS! But that's just me.

*- Monodi defeats video games with SCIENCE!

*- BulletMagnet breaks down KoF XII into a fine powder and snorts it all up in a single inhalation.

*- Topsauced because I can't wait until the day I scrounge enough dough to build my own sweet rig!

*- Hear ye, hear ye! The evolution of yonder Bonerquest, verily!

*- Topsauced to balance out all of the negative vibes coming from a certain someone. This is how you honor the art of game collecting, okay "someone"?

*- Blindfire wants to chat with you every week about narrative in video games. Let's see where this goes!

*- Aww, snap! Tales of a QA Tester! This is just the prologue, so don't grab that bucket of popcorn just yet.

S- Aniwednesday is like Big Boy restaurant. It never really left. It's always offered the same high-quality meals at competitive prices.
M- chuck shoulda stuck around for the donuts.

C- Win aborto's Comic-Con swag by blogging about your favorite MvC 2 tag team.
E- First up to the plate: Tattoojoe3rd.
E- kauza wants you to wear his shirt, remember?

E- Toadster hit up the Intel LANFest and whipped up this little montage.
E- There's gonna be some awesome music playing in Richmond next month, all you Virgina Dtoiders!
S- RetroforceGO! made this man buy a Dreamcast and... hey, an episode of It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia!
S- PSTriple in the house!
S- RetroforceGO! once again helps the disenchanted regain a piece of childhood.
I- Hi, Cubetom!
I- Hi, TheSinatraHandShakeCode! (Wow! That's a mouthful!)
B- Ben PerLee loves the cock!
R- Hoborg is gone. Everybody mambo!

N- Fedor Emelianenko will be the poster boy for EA Sports MMA.
N- Here is this week's yummy Euro release list.
N- The block in the Silicon Knights logo is a shield made of silicon? That's news to me!
N- Initial Monster Hunter 3 shipment exceeds... ONE MILLION DOLLARS!
N- Back of the line, Dark Void.
V- The upcoming AvP game is by default better than the films, but here's some extra convincing if you need it.
V- Oh, those loveable viral-marketing scamps at Activision...
V- SWE3tMadness links us to more music videos for the songs in the upcoming Guitar Hero 5.
V- Sessler's Soapbox: Why Indie Games Are Important.
V- A peek at the third Call of Duty: World at War map pack.
R- covah is overwhelmed by the MAAAAAHVAL, BABEEEE!
R- Andrew will play Fallout 3 'til the world ends.
R- nilcam wants you to buy the KoF XII guide and to welcome the fighting genre's resurgence.
R- Even more details about Knights in the Nightmare yet it still confuses the hell out of me.
R- walkyourpath gives Red Faction: Guerilla a good once-over.
R- I guess you could say it was quite a... Croc. Ha ha! Right? Anybody? No?
R- Sonic and the Secret Rings definitely did some things right. Shame Black Knight had to go screw the pooch.
R- VVVGamer reviews Outrun Online Arcade.
R- covah just played Fat Princess.
R- Novakaine reviews Madden 10... the demo!
T- The Crash is coming! The Crash is coming! Maybe... kinda... I guess?
T- Ali D loves a good side quest, and ya know what? So do I!
T- Hey! Not all fighting games are bad... wait. Oh. Oooooh. You sly devil you.
T- New guy Cubetom (hello again!) has some thoughts for the next Zelda game.
T- And Cubetom keeps the idea train rolling!
T- I wouldn't say the industry is bombing, but it just seems that way because previous years were so awesome.
T- I wish I was in the Persona club. I feel so left out.
T- Day 3 of altered's playthrough of Pathologic (Part I).
T- AdamBlue hates roadblocks in otherwise good games. Be more elaborate next time, 'K?
T- GrumpyTurtle wonders where the funny is in video games today. I wonder when he's going to do more neato drawlings.
T- Booerns has some thoughts on MvC 2's online play.
T- AdamBlue thinks Sonic justs needs a little spit-shine.
T- I want to taste Lara Croft.
T- "Supersimming" sounds like something out of a cookbook: "Let the soup supersim for on low heat for about a year and a half for maximum flavor potential."
T- Kingdom Hearts 3, the RIGHT way.
T- People still play In the Groove? Here some songs you should try out if you do.
T- There's no 'I' in Battlefield 1943, EA. Wait... yes there is. Damn.
T- kezin wants to change his PS3.
D- A one-stop spot for gaming polls? Not bad. Also, formatting.

A- The fansub discussion panel at this year's Otakon.
A- It's Baby Link! Everybody say D'AWWWWWWW!
F- Those clowns in Hollywood are ready to ruin another classic. This week's victim: The Secret of NIMH.
F- Dragonzigg reviews Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children Complete.
S- Well, I suppose free shit is good shit, as you always say.
S- Dreamcast and NES papercraft! Yay!

L- Oh, michi. I'll give it to ya this time.
R- I teared up, Elsa. I really did. The rest of you, show some damn responsibility!
R- All hail The Empire of TurboKill!
R- The English language once beat me up in high school!
V- Didn't watch the vids because they were too long and the sound quality was too poor, but I'm sure they're alright.
V- Da5StarRMD wants to go to the VMAs! Only YOU have to power to fulfill his dream or shatter it in an instant!
V- Barcode's reaction to some tool who needs to get laid.

F- Don't encourage another fatal1ty.
F- A fail of sorts.
F- Hi, lunareclpse! Great intro!


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