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CblogRecaps avatar 9:48 PM on 05.03.2009  (server time)
Cblogs of 5/2/09 and 5/3/09 + SilverDragonisms

Ladies and gentlemen, mainly gentlemen, I present to you the entire collection of this weekend's community blogs, all packaged for you in one convenient location. Today's Cblog recap is brought to commercial free and without any pesky interruptions by me, your local resident dragon. Let me just way that a WHOLE LOT of people posted their first blogs this weekend, introducing themselves to our notorious community. If you get a chance, go and say hello and welcome them to our crazy home away from reality. Just don't let them know what they have gotten themselves into yet. They should have to figure that out all on their own.

So this week I finally began playing the new Prince of Persia game. After about 3 or 4 hours of play, I am thoroughly convinced that this entire game is just one huge Quick Time Event. I mean I don't have to think at all when I play this game. I just hit the right button when I'm supposed to and all the correct moves and animations are done for me. Everything from moving around the levels, to the boss battles, are all scripted. Now it's all done in a way that makes you think you are playing the game, but really you aren't at all. You are just pushing all the right buttons, in the right order that the game tells you to, like a good little lab rat. It's very disturbing, yet I find myself very interested in by the game. I can't seem to put it down. It's still very much fun to play, even if I am just playing a huge Quick Time Event. Maybe I'm just in the mood for a nice easy relaxing game that requires me to not think and instead just push buttons when I'm told to do so.

Let's gone on with this weekend's recap shall we ....

*-The GHost deconstructs the Dtoid game "Runner" in a way you've never experienced before!

A*-Megatron0016 writes about the lack of inspiration in Wii game control schemes

A-Bwark-Kupo reposts a great story about how playing Zelda was a form of therapy
A-Discarded Couch Sandwich thought process wonders all over the place in this piece about how preconceptions in gaming can affect your view of a game
A-TheDRMaster tells us all how to survive a Swine Flu Zombie Outbreak!
A-Neldakid lists some really cool game mechanics that need to be put in more games
A-TheMizarkShow discusses why the motion control revolution isn't so revolutionary after all.
A-Analoge argues that the standards and integrity of the entertainment industry are at an all time low.
A-TheHRMaster lists the top 5 Semi-Hot Girls of Gaming
S-FalconReaper brings us Part 4 of his series on Video Game Bosses
A-Evil Chad returns with a rant about how people view the maturity of the gaming industry!
A-MrJohans0n doesn't think there is any real difference between a Mac and PC, but I beg to differ. PCs have games, and Macs do not!
S-Styles B LKV continues his series on the games that define him, this time talking about FF8 and how it started his love affair with games
M-Those About to Die: Time
M-Those About to Die: Every Gaming Character I've Controlled
P-The Backwards Compatible Podcast is recording tonight!

E-Information on the Unofficial Destructoid SD Comic-Con Meet-up presented by Aborto TheFetus
E-It wouldn't be a proper Saturday without ShiMuNi
S-Jack Maverick tells us all the 11 things he learned this week
S-Xenfinity applied for a job this week so he can buy more games
S-Coonskin05 shows off a bunch of new SNES games he bought
S-Jackal27 returns from his long hiatus and tells us what he's been up to.
S-Nilcam is working on a new Arcade Stick
S-Yojimbo went and did something he thought he would never do .... he bought a movie tie-in video game!!!
S-It's time for another weekly installment of Tubaticisms.
S-Styles B LKV goes to his local Play-n-Trade and walks away with a bundle of awesome stuff!
S-Archimedes17 just wanted to give a quick shout out to remind us why he loves Dtoid so much
S-Spectral just wanted to say he had an awesome time this weekend at the Baltimore NARP
I-Analoge introduces himself to the comunity
I-SniperXan introduces himself to the community
I-XIX Wolf introduces himself to the community
I-LMAO introduces himself to the community and lists the moments that defined him as a gamer
I-Blasto introduces himself to the community
I-Another introduction, this time from DTRiiX. Sheesh, I don't think I've ever seen this many people introduce themselves in one weekend!

N-Great Tiger and Piston Honda are confirmed for Punch Out
N-DaedHead8 would like you to try out his new gam, "Floyd's Tomb", and tell him what you think of it.
N-There's some speculation going around that a remake of Pokemon Gold/Silver is coming soon ...
V-Check out the first game trailer for "The Grudge"
V-Bioware releases another video documentary for Star Wars: The Old Republic
R-Wan Sum Dung reviews Donkey Kong Country 2 for the SNES
T-SpilledMilk shares his thoughts on The Punisher game
T-Rider Chop shares his thoughts on a bunch of random fighting games
T-Monodi discussesd why Link's Awakening on the Gameboy is so damn awesome!
T-Wam Sum Dung shares his thoughts on Star Ocean II
T-DocHaus thinks Wanted: Weapons of Fate is a good "My First Shooter" game

A-Faith shows off some of her new Full Throttle inspired bead art.
F-AhmetBeraty reviews the new Star Trek movie
F-AhmetBeraty reviews the new X-Men Origins: Wolverine movie
L-Chuck Palahniuk is apparently releasing a new book

R-eternalplayer2345 discusses why he doesn't really like the new Wheelman commercial
?-t3chn1k4l needs help getting better at Killzone 2 and wants people to play with online. Can anyone help him out?
?-Katanas + Wild West = Sukiyaki Western Django?
?-SuitCoatAvenger interviews The Henchman ... it's funny ... really it is ...

F-I might have failed this, but that doesn't mean I didn't laugh my ass off when I took a look at it!!!
F-I have to fail this too, but it's also fracking hilarious!
F-This one is just straight FAIL. There's nothing to see here folks. Move along.
F-This would get a lot more attention in the forums, which is where it belongs!



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