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2:01 AM on 04.30.2009 // CblogRecaps
Cblogs of 4/29/09 + Funkisms

Dag yo! It’s about to get FUNKY in here again! It’s your resident compulsive collector covering for NJSYKORA tonight! So, just my thoughts on something tonight. I’m not a fan of Forums under most circumstances and such, but I HIGHLY suggest if you’re looking into getting rid of some of your older stuff and are looking for particular games, visit the RetroforceGO!'s Great Game Trading Thread of Justice!! I’ve already got trades going down with Dyson and ScottyG, and it seems to be taking off pretty well. Still, regardless of your choice (you better go to that thread), on to the recaps!

*- GrumpyTurtle AND Togail teaming up for some art? How can’t it be Topsauce?

M- For Those About To Die: And you will know us by the trail of dead.

S- 20 Game Boy games in 20 Days - Day 7 – Terminator 2: Judgment Day.

S- Looks like dTunes is back! #78 featuring: Clutch.

W- Congratulations GOS-CPT-Stewart for winning Outrun Online from Vexed Alex’s contest!

E- JavTheGreat’s contest for an inFamous demo has a broken link.

S- drhqnril’s story of how Chrono Trigger DS helped him survive his illness.

I- Dregs’ first post on Destructoid gives some incite into some cool looking community games.

I- Nakedstud’s introduction could really be a bit more positive if you ask me.

C- Some random contemplations by Nilcam.

S- Nakedstud’s second post on the site, about discovering the NES, Game Boy and a . . . Super Famicon?

I- GBreaux has a good intro blog!

F- AgentMOO invites us to beta test AMMO tomorrow night.

T- Try not to just have links, but an IBM guy with thoughts about MMO Architecture.

N- Star Ocean: The Last Hope gets a release date for Europe.

T- Dragonzigg’s thoughts on what the PSP needs to change/keep the same.

T- Gregatron’s thoughts about graphics with 2D or not 2D?

R- Castle’s review on the SNES classic The Firemen.

T- CriticalHit’s thoughts on Marvel/Capcom/Street Fighter/X-Men “vs.” games and their oversized bosses.

N- Don’t know too much about BlazBlue, but it has a Collector’s Edition, so I’m probably going to buy it . . . -_-‘

T- NihonTiger90 asks “Can Punch Out!! deliver an uppercut to slumping Wii sales?”

S-Rawnewdlz’s makes an edible Pink Castle Crasher and wins a figure of it.

A- neldakid’s first Deviant Art posting. A bonus thanks to Y0j1mb0 for making it easier to view.

A- Geoff makes some . . . interesting pinatas.

R- Zen Albatross shows us an arcade stick you can play with AND store food in!

L- So IRC and Wolverine discussions turn interesting . . .

L- CWal37 found some hilarious fanboyism! Also . . . GLORY GLORY MAN UNITED!

R- Jedah Doma promotes his new podcast: Pixel Pill.

F- Either I’m missing something about button mashing or something, otherwise this is FAIL!

F- Goddamn I hate stoners!


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