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CblogRecaps avatar 1:21 AM on 04.14.2010  (server time)
Cblogs of 4/13/10 + HURFDURFGADFASisms


*- Everyone needs to check out Takeshi's amazing blog celebrating his time with the community.


*- I don't know what the fuck is going on here, but it seems just fucking awesome enough to warrant a spot up here.

*- Tonight's Tuesday Night Tea discussion involves game hype.

*- Look into the eyes of a video game master who will beat you at everything.

*- Check out this incredible, INCREDIBLE write-up Cadtalfryn did about an element of Far Cry 2 not many people think about.

*- Tonight, FAILCAST went down in a blaze of glory.

*- Jesus look at this incredible Samus tag!

*- Kirby eats the Dtoid community.

*- Wow, check out EightBitRob's awesome wedding cake.

*- This is gorgeous: check out odber's amazing art for a Cave Story soundtrack.

*- Wanna get a fancy badge-thingy for your forum account? Check out Mxyptlk's blog for the deets.


A- Alakaiser makes an interesting link between Mad Men and Mass Effect.

A- Super Saiyan talks about his obsession with achievements.

A- AlphaDeus writes about his problem with nonlinear games, and asks us about it.

S- NihonTiger asks us yet again What'd You Get?

M- E for Effort: Wait, Halo had a story?

M- E for Effort: What in the hell is .detuned?

P- As they are wont to do, the SEGA Addicts recorded their recent podcast episode tonight.

P- A new podcast called Podsumaki gives us a new episode to listen to.

E- Oh snap, the PAX meet-up group for PAX Prime is already ready for action.

R- Ol' Smitty gives us his review of Just Cause 2.

T- Talk of Splinter Cell games, as we all know, eventually leads to discussions about redheads.

T- RED1854 talks about the games he's excited for this year.

A- sheppy has a great idea to get back to his artistic roots.

?- Anyone who's up for it can help out Chris "Fascinating" Hu, a Street Fighter 4 master who recently lost his home in a fire.

F- Yeah, you really have no right to defend yourself.

F- NO.

F- And I hate shitty blog writers.

F- I'm 12 and what is this

F- The fuck?

F- There's a reason why this only has one comment...



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