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CblogRecaps avatar 12:08 AM on 03.20.2009  (server time)
Cblogs of 3-19-09 and Qalamarisms

I've been going through some of my older games lately, and had the urge to fire up my N64 and play one of the system's finer games in my opinion, The Legend of Zelda: Majora's Mask. It's basically the only triple-A title from the N64 that Nintendo has yet to release on the Virtual Console. I won't get into why I think it's a vastly underrated game right now, but I did notice something I thought the Dtoid community would find interesting.

Notice any... similarities?

That's right. I think Deku Link is a Helghast. From the glowing orange eyes to the gasmask over the schnozz, the resemblance struck me as uncanny. What do you guys think?

If you're wondering where ScottyG is, he and I have decided to switch days. Both of our work schedules recently changed. This way we can both continue to recap, so it works out well for everyone. We've also added a "Deals" category to GAMEtoid. It's hard being a gamer on a budget, and the recap crew has noticed you guys trying to look out for one another. When you see the $-, values are close at hand.

Lots of blogs today, so let's get those recaps rollin'.

*-Mr. Dillinger counts down some of the best game weapons of all time in this second installment of his Weapon of Choice series.
*-Blehman reacted to the Variety Article slamming RE5. I wish Maxvest and Blehman would write some articles together. Until then, this'll have to do.
*-Ygro Wok proves his retro cred beyond a shadow of a doubt with this review of the SC-3000 game Bank Panic, and this post explaining exactly what the SC-3000 is.

A-Suitcoat Avenger gives what is probably an electrical engineer's perspective on trying to catch lightning in a bottle. Bioshock 2 is also discussed.
A-SephirothX lets us know about five game franchises he thinks could use a good swift kick in the ass.
A-SoleSurvivor takes a look at some more upcoming 2-D fighters and shares some neat chiptunes at the end.
A-Guagloves got to play SF4 against a couple of folks from 1up. Here, he recounts the experience and includes a handy flowchart for playing Ken online.
S-Gemsi posted this week's EU releases for our friends in foreign lands.
M-Bwark-Kupo's Monthly Musing expands the universe of Banjo Tooie.
M-Dark Mark's Monthly Musing tackles the universes he'd prefer NOT to see expanded. Well worth a look.

C-SilverDragon1979 is now running a March Madness tournament bracket. Prize to be determined later...

D-SpinsEffingCool posted a collection of HAWP inspired looping .gifs, including the endless soaking of Rev on the terlet as referenced in Podtoid 91.
S-Dexter345 makes a triumphant return after passing his Ph. D candidacy. Welcome back!
S-Bwark-Kupo posts his game collection. Spoiler, he likes RPGs.
B- Happy Birthday, Samit! Dude's like the opposite of a leap year baby, has four birthdays every year.

N-Dexter brought some SCIENCE! back with him, as he posts about this underwater Virtual Reality setup. Sounds very cool.
N-Flaming Burrito lets us know that Battle.Net 2.0 has some new options... such as opting in to betas for tiny little arthouse games like Diablo 3. I'll be right back...
$-I get to make my first post using the "Deals" marker with this heads-up from TewDee. Zeno Clash is just $10 on Steam until Friday night.
N-Another day, another media outlet blaming video games for turning some already messed-up kid into a psychopath. BatThink has the story.
N-So I guess Fred Durst has an Xbox 360. As long as he plays that instead of putting out any more albums, that's cool by me.
N-DerrickH reports that Dead Pixel will be rating XBLA community games with something similar to the Good Housekeeping seal of approval. I suppose it's at least as trustworthy as the Official Nintendo Seal of Quality. Those basically said, "Yes. This sure is a Nintendo game, all right."
R-AskHerSerenity reviewed GTA: Chinatown Wars for the DS. There's so much good stuff coming out for the DS in the next couple of months it's scary.
R-This review of RE5 by PedroVay2003 is one of the best I've yet read.
R-AkitoScorpion posted a rewarmed blog about Square-Enix's Song Summoner for the iPhone and iPod touch.
R-AgainstBelief made a video review of Flower. Yup.
T-NihonTiger90 preferred the old Namco-Bandai to the new Scamco-Badbuy. He calls them out on their DLC bullcrap.
T- And this makes a good companion piece, as MechaYakuza essentially reams Capcom out for the same thing. I think Capcom's a little less blatant about it.
T-SnipeU2Day posted a list of ways to see if you might be a Redneck. Er, sorry, no. A 12-year-old online gamer.
T-LarkTenchi points out something interesting you can do with your PS3 exclusives that you may have missed.
T-The Grumbly Gamer would like a new Phantasy Star. Me, I'd like a Ferrari. I'm not sure who'll get what they want first.
T-SteveSan wrote some thoughts about the intersection between maturity and games, and whether perhaps we're expecting too much from our pastime of choice.

A-GrumpyTurtle's work doodles have quickly become one of my favorite things about checking out the Cblogs.
A-GamingGoddess is no slouch at slinging ink either. Her sketch of Ayla from Chrono Trigger makes me want to see the rest of the cast.
F-Da5StarRMD posted this movie poster for the upcoming Dragonball movie. Let's just move along.
L-Paul Soth previews a new Manga series about a hardcore otaku gamer and his leggy, abusive girlfriend.

R-This redefines random. Nothing has ever before been as random as this.
L-tentacle Grape is now my new favorite flavor. I don't care if it tastes like purple mop water, the name alone will sustain me.
R- RyanRab1 tried to find the commercial Jim Sterling was speaking about in the last episode of Podtoid. Jim, is this the same one?
V-The latest episode of HAWP sort of buys back the gratuitous violence in the preceding episode. It still left a bad taste in my mouth rewatching it, though.
C-It's not bad, but it's not great. A tasteless gerbil joke might have put it over the top.
?-"Next, I woke up, looked down, saw that my arms covered in blood, and began to scream." That's a pretty damn good cliffhanger.
C-This really would be more appropriate in the forums.
C-This should also be in the forums.
C-Blah blah blah forums blah blah blah.
C-Comparing Peggle to other, harder drugs is not in itself a recipe for hilarity. This is sort of like saying, "Heroin sure is addictive! Ha ha!"
C-I'm not big on people promoting other blogs in their blogs, but I figure you deserve a warning.
R-CTZ's reply caused me to What is this I don't even.

F-I'm confused. This started as a fail, but then there were waffles.

Ever seen Pong played with sheep? "Well, once, but I was hammered..."



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